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  1. M. Gatzke says : Reply

    I gave a police officer a courtesy notice for harassing.A charge was laid by me against a person who threatened my body and property. The police stayed this charge and are now going after me. I guess that I will give notices to judge,bailiff and the crown now. It is sick.

    • noel says : Reply

      M. Gatzke Hi, can you let us know what happened after you gave them all a Courtesy Notice, we can all learn by what is been done cheers man.

  2. Aloha, I would like to know more. Does this include the US Military who has been illegally occupying our country since 1893? At the time you all filed the UCC, we filed complaints to the UN and are investigating the judges etc. for war crimes, and all of their attorneys, clerks, security and various police for NOT doing their jobs.

    Please go to website address; for all the facts and please get back to me, because I like the ideas here, that need to expand more for example, we also face chemtrails, military rail project, Monsanto, drugs, prisons and over development. Is there room to unite here? I think there is, since your suit filed affects the world…I am all for that and do not mind coordinating efforts in Hawaii to make sure it is done right here…where crimes are where the State makes their money, abusing our lands, water, air space, mineral rights, our children and all the people of these lands.

    I wait to here from someone regarding our issues and how we can work together…we also have trusts, monarchy and other issues we are trying to work out now…for myself, a Hawaiian woman, I have no problems agreeing to put my g.g.g.g.g.g.g. cousins trust into the OPPT and to end the idea of a monarchy, which I agree is not progressive and has to end.

    Thank you to all who made this work and it looks good…sounds great from legal perspective and a breath of fresh air.

    Mahalo Piha,
    Kawehi Kanui,
    Waimanalo, Oahu

  3. awumdah says : Reply

    Hello all!!! I recently disconnected from the system, stop using my drivers license, and did not register my car, so no insurance company would give me insurance. I was stopped on 8/8/13 made a special appearance in court on 8/22/13 because I signed the citation All Rights Reserved, the judge ruled he had no jurisdiction and the case was closed. I was stopped again last night for the same thing, I want my day in court but don’t know how to do this considering the people have in fact abolished our government by tactic silence after Heather filled the UCC fillings unrebutted. I served the forecloser in court the last time in went on the 22nd, the judge passed t off as not pertaining to his court, not being a forecloser court. The millions of home owners were not foreclosure homes, but were still foreclosed on. This time I feel I should serve the arrest warrant but to demand the gov system arrest itself is a bit difficult. The officer wanted to know what I would do if I had an accident without insurance and I said they would have to contact my trustees at OPPT. Not sure exactly how that would work but I AM officially Sovereign and want a public trial on media to settle this matter of the forecloser so we can get on with co-creating a world that works for everyone. My Sovereign Authority is filled in the county and states that there is a $250,000 fee per violation and $250,000 per every 15min there after. The judge chased the courier down to return my bill after he opened it and read it. They seem to do what ever they want but who enforces our inalienable right? I’d like a public trial and to sopena Heather as the UCC consultant and an advisor in how to take this all public. The judge did offer me a trial if I was willing to give him jurisdiction I’d just like my team of Trustee’s to help me set things up so we can go for it once and for all!!! What say you? I don’t have internet so I have a problem staying in touch I try to keep all informed.much love Awumdah

    • David says : Reply

      Why do you want what you refer to as your trustees to set this up ?
      Everyone is looking for a magic wand a magic piece of paper that says you are free well you need no wand or paper you are free all that you need to do now is Be and Do :;-)

    • Bindi says : Reply

      Hi can you tell me did they take your car from you when you did not re register your car ?? Thank you and good on you for standing in your truth <3

  4. Carolina says : Reply

    Mis saludos a td@s
    Referente a los doc. OPPT emitidos por Tucci Jarraf
    Hay mucha documentación, pero no sabemos hacer uso de ella. Ahora deberían de explicar cómo nos vamos a desenvolver en el viejo sistema
    haciendo uso del UCC. Por ejemplo ¿qué alternativa hay a nuestros permisos de conducir, documentos de identidad, etc.,? ¿Qué alegaciones presentas si vas a un juicio ya que no es necesario abogado?………..

    My greetings to td @ s
    Referring to the doc. OPPT issued by Tucci Jarraf
    There are a lot of documentation, but do not know to use it. Now we should explain how we will develop in the old system
    making use of the UCC. For example what is the alternative to our driving licenses, identity cards, etc..,? What arguments show if you go to trial and you do not need a lawyer? ………..

  5. noel says : Reply

    Carolina Hi, We all have to learn how to use the documents first, if you don’t know then you may end up in jail. For the time been keep using your license and ID cards. Don’t go into their Courts, give everyone involved a flyer and Courtesy Notice with your terms and conditions, every time they respond invoice them, keep records of registered letters, dates, amounts. Do not CONSENT to anything and do not answer to your CORPORATE CAPITAL LETTER NAME your name is Caroline only. Read Mary Crofts book she is fantastic at it, you will find her somewhere on the I/uv site here somewhere cheers.

  6. Carolina says : Reply

    Gracias Noel por tus sugerencias. Todo lleva su tiempo, hay mucha documentación al respecto
    Yo por mi parte ya he enviado varias notificaciones de cortesía acompañando a varios recuros, ¡y con éxito!
    Espero que el traductor de google exprese en inglés la traducción correcta.

    Thanks Noel for your suggestions. Everything takes time, a lot of documentation to
    For my part I have sent several notices accompanying several recuros courtesy, and successful!
    I hope google translator expresses the correct translation in English


    How can the I-UV moderators be contacted via email about important developments such as this? Both of the emails B.Z. Riger gave me over two years ago now seem inoperative!

  8. Sidney says : Reply

    Just found this info.. I have many questions!! How do I use the documents to get out of my debt?! And what does this mean for living in this society? And I read somewhere that each of us has $10,000,000,000 owed to us, is that true? And where on the Internet can I find the filings on the UCC website so my husband believes me..?

  9. james-osbourne, house of holmes says : Reply

    Thank you bz and all for making this site happen, and providing the valuable info, documents, and procedures available for the Me.
    I have been studying and applying Anna’s documents. After seeing Heather’s work, I find it to be much less complex to implement and having a much broader effectiveness.

    My studies have led to two questions. I searched the web, and referred to Black’s 4th but cannot find the definitions.
    1. What does “Factualized”, the word alone, and “Factualized Trust” mean?
    2. What does “praetera pretera” mean, and what is the power and effect of the words?

    What do Heather and her students understand of who Anna is, and what are her goals.
    My present understanding is that she is accepting the de facto as real, to itself, and setting up dejure along side of it. I prefer seeing that that it simply does not exist in reality and law.

    Please comment and advise.
    Love to and from the One.

    I am looking for kindred spirits in the Santa Fe New Mexico area, or anyone in state. i began my studies with Jeff Thayer and Richard Mcdonald. I was a member of the New Mexico militia…the People… and I served as Constable of the failed Santa Fe Township in 1994.

    i have a small video studio with 4 broadcast quality cameras, good lighting, good sound equipment and professional editing capabilities. I am very skilled at everything but editing; there I am a novice, but can slowly do a good job. I can write scripts and I think—- like many a fool, that my scripts are good. The studio has green screen capability.

    Me and my gear are available at no cost to anyone who wants to produce good stuff.. Good is true and understandable. i do not have a crew, but I can work effectively with non-professional people with minimal technical skills. I am not contributing funds because I live on about 1,400/ Month. Hopefully, that will change in the near future. I tried the Acceptance bit, and failed. I just paid about 400 the the power company and got my power turned back onl

    My studio is a garage at the somewhat subsidized senior complex where I live. I will do location work for the external costs of production; travel, shipping and such. . My charge is non-toxic board and a dry place roll out my bag.

    Love and care,

    james-osbourne, house of holmes
    505 470-4277

  10. Last Minute says : Reply

    I just want to say, Thanks Heather and Roger for standing up for all our rights around the world. I hate the fact that you were jailed for all the wrong reasons wen I first heard of your situation you were released within a couple days. I begin praying for you once I found out why you were arrested and I begin looking through your I-UV site and reading as much as I could absorb before my eyes and brains went lax on mo which is what happens whenever I stare at this screen for hours. I just want to thank you for showing me about setting up the trust and getting it notirized. I got that done and I’m now looking for the social security certificate. I’m trying to get everything that needs to be notirized before I go on to the rest. I’m prayfully happy that you have been released so that you can get on with your daily life. The blessing and grace of the Lord be upon you all the days of your life. I will be in touch.

  11. Bonnie-Lee; Boden says : Reply

    Can someone help me, please? I can’t remember the name of the letter that we need so that our cars do not belong to the government right after we purchase them. What is the name of the form/rule/paperwork we need to retrieve so that our cars are wholly ours?
    You know, get back the paperwork that allows the corps to tow or confiscate our property/automobile…
    Thanking you in advance <3

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