Remote Viewing January 2017: Time-Cross Predictions

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Remote Viewing January 2017: Time-Cross Predictions

Remote Viewing January 2017 Time-Cross Predictions

Published on Dec 31, 2016

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One Response to “Remote Viewing January 2017: Time-Cross Predictions”

  1. TRON says : Reply

    The video aint worth the time!
    I have watched these ppl before. I consider watching them a waste of time for these reasons:
    1) It seems that their completely general and obscure expressions validate and point to nothing. BUT hey, they are enthusiastic about it !
    2) No validation of “past hits”.
    3) Using their imaginary events and tying them to factual observations is NOT proof of their “abilities” to remotely view, nor indication of anything tangible.

    Watch this instead:

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