Release the Victim- Go Out of Your Mind in An Upshifting…Transformation

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Release the Victim- Go Out of Your Mind in An Upshifting…Transformation

produced on Conscious Conversation Central, recorded on Friday February 16, 2018




Come play in the conversation with Sheila Corona, Lisa Rush, and BZ Riger

Are you being a victim, are you swapping your victim stories using ascension as the leading perpetrator… using “ascension symptoms”, changes in your body, collapsing realities… notice your languaging what is the energetic frequency vibration of specific word(s) you are choosing?

“You are going out of your ego mind To your higher mind, you’re loosing your mind, releasing relinquishing the hold that your lower ego mind has on you. The controller the thwarter of the heart space, the thwarter of the intrinsic knowing and innate resonance that you feel with things that are truly  a vibrational match to the truth of who you are…

In that transcending you are upshifting from the ego mind to the higher mind. As which it is incredibly valuable and very, very powerful and a delicious asset… I needed it I wanted it and I appreciated it, but for the truth of what it really was, and how it served and the role that it played. Which was in partnership and support in very wonderful and very specific ways that aided the heart that was leading all of it… ” ~ BZ Riger

“Never FELT right about killing or dissolving ANY part of me. Transformation FEELS totally different!” ~ Sheila Corona







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7 Responses to “Release the Victim- Go Out of Your Mind in An Upshifting…Transformation”

  1. Carmen says : Reply

    I would like to know if this refers to resisting to become sovereign or a national. My thoughts are that if we do that we are validating the powers that were. Please correct me id I am going in the wrong direction. Thank you for all your energy.

    • Joshua says : Reply

      No I think it’s representing being called upon by the higher forces that be.

    • Candice says : Reply

      More often than not I feel I’m on the right track. Today I started feeling those icky 3D feelings creeping up, I know who I am and that I am the creator however when functioning in the current world structure it’s sometimes difficult to weed through the BS. I had an appointment at the bank today, my local fed pull through credit union. I went in confident with my findings and value, I was giving a form to claim the trust and told to file an EIN to claim my trust. Something doesn’t feel right to me about that step, plus it’s $200 to file that. If anyone has advice with this can you please email me at, I have done so much research in the past year and with things changing so much I feel my head is full, I need help! Every place I go I get contradictory information, do this, do that, no don’t do that now and all that’s been done and filed already??? I don’t want to waste time on unnesserary steps, plus these unnesserary steps are costly. I know I am close, I just want to make sure I not settling or getting tricked into excepting less than my value? I do have power of attorney, executor of estate, factualized trust, deceleration of value so on and so on, is all this still required? Is it now just a quick and easy transition? Call fed and transfer to an accepted fed pull through location? Bank wants me to file an ilrevocatble trust?

  2. Daniel says : Reply

    choosing is as much a part of this ego thing you are referring to that you say needs to be let go of… cant choose to let go…if you do you are not really letting go of anything …..its just more of the same concept based neurosis reacting engrammically to the traumatised predicament that we ….as spirit embodied…are all caught in…..

    the most authentic response we can make right now is to get angry at the predicament….disgustedly angry….mot at anyone …..just at the predicament….and i mean berserker style angry….expressed at no one but the ethers….that is the most authentic form of revoking consent short of killing oneself.

  3. Carmen says : Reply

    Bz what are your thoughts on National citizen Consular of courts ME Amexem and O T Bey on facwbook?
    Is it a distraction another Harvey Dent thinggy…

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