Rachel Jones: How I Got Out of My Head (and into my heart!)

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How I Got Out of My Head (and into my heart!)


I am not what you might call a financially minded individual; bank statements bring me out in a cold sweat and I have always found using money a disagreeable necessity. The only things I like about banks are the free pens, of which I have large collection.

I have only undertaken unpaid or voluntary work since 1995 and, on the odd occasion when payment has happened, receiving remuneration made me rather queasy. I am the kind of person who will clean your kitchen every Tuesday because you need some help but will only take payment in a cup of tea and a nice chat. Money, to me, is the expression of something unpleasant and dishonest.

For years, I tried to reconcile my unease with matters pecuniary. I gave money away, pledged it to worthy causes, and used money to buy things for those who were in need – but could never really rid myself of it. Eventually I stopped accepting payment for design or advisory work that I was doing and only accepted food or books. I felt that this was a more honest exchange mechanism, leaving me feeling decidedly less grubby.

So, this is my background; blissfully ignorant of financial matters, not the holder of a mortgage, not a tax payer or a benefit claimant – just me. I earn my keep by running my happy home, supporting my family emotionally and generally putting my whole self into the ledger book.

Why would someone like me with my lack of interest in the stock market, corporate affairs, finance and global industry come to be part of something like the OPPT (The One People)?

It’s quite simple really, it just feels right.

I followed the Collective Imagination from December 2012, having stumbled down the rabbit hole looking for more information on Chris Thomas. I really enjoyed the shows and loved the energy of the participants; I felt that I had found a place where I was very comfortable.

In January 2013, when we were first introduced to the OPPT and the concept of the system being dismantled, I was intrigued. I followed the release of each document and struggled with the language. I tried so hard to think it into clarity that it would give me a headache. In fact, the language baffled and bedazzled me; but it felt right to me – so I kept on following the story.

It was not until the release of the document called “The Proper Wording to the UCC filings” at the beginning of March that I got my own “Eureka!” moment.

Once I had read that document, which said that I had done all I needed to do, fulfilled all of my obligations and was now free to remember, I wept. Truly wept.

I felt like I had been in the dentist’s chair for the whole of my life and he had finally said, “You can sit up, now. It’s all over.”

It took me a few days to recover from the power of that experience as it had shaken me so much.

I continued following the information, watched as people went from strength to strength and became the real versions of themselves. I learned how to interpret Heather’s input with my heart not my head and rolled with the truth as Caleb told it. I never sent a courtesy notice, having no interactions that it could apply to, but I did send out the foreclosure flyer to local government departments, credit card companies and the administrators of the Australian electoral register.

My guide in all of this has been my heart; I have felt the truth of what was being done and the transparency with which it was displayed. I have never doubted the Absolute Truth of the matter. It is so very simple to me.

My story has taken an interesting turn in the past month. I recently had the opportunity to rent a space at a “Mind, Body, Spirit” event in my little town for only $25. It seemed a cheap way to spend a Sunday afternoon and, as I used to give psychic readings for friends years ago, I thought I might do the same for strangers. Why not?

I decided, however, that I was not going to be an average psychic reader who would take your dollars in return for some intuitive ramblings of intermittent quality. No, I was going to go and tell people that they were free, beautiful and everything that they needed to know was inside of themselves. Kind of an anti-guru, I suppose!

I took some OPPT flyers, a box full of stones with random words written on, a set of Russian dolls and a pile of messages that I had prepared the night before and sealed in blank envelopes. I was determined not to take money, ask for money or even suggest money should change hands.

I did a little flyer that was titled “Energy Exchange”, I shared some facts about awakening to yourself and how you should not feel alone or scared. I enclosed some poetry, some encouragement and some further reading information.

People came to me and said, “What are you selling?” to which I would reply, “Nothing, I’m just here to remind you how wonderful you are”. This took many people by surprise and they asked again, “what are you offering?” to which I said, “my time”. We then got into conversation about awakening, being absent limits, creating realities and so on.

I also did half a dozen energy readings that were a lot of fun and hit the spot in all cases. One ended up in a long and emotional conversation with an older woman about a rape that had happened to her 60 years previously. For some reason I was there in front of her, with what she needed at the time – which was the news that she was free now; free to heal, free to change, free to laugh and free to move on. She wanted to pay me for my time and, in the end, we agreed on a big mug of soup. (This was $5 worth of yumminess!)

I met some lovely people, had some great soup, laughed a lot and got a booking to go and address a group to talk about energy and how it can be used in exchange for the things we need.

As I was packing away my stones, I found a $20 note that someone had surreptitiously hidden under the box as a payment. This meant that I had not spent a cent on my table rental. With the $20 and the soup, I had exactly broken even.

In reality, I figure I’d ended the day in profit, because my heart was full of love for all of the beautiful hearts that I had interacted with during that time.

I was humbled and inspired to continue sharing love and encouragement everywhere I can.

My message is, “You are now absent limits. Create your own new reality. You are Eternal Essence Embodied and your contract is fulfilled. Now, let’s have some fun!”

So I see myself through my heart and not my head; I’m a beautiful tall ship heading towards new adventures and exciting, unexplored lands.

Thank you to all of my One People family; you are the wind in my sails.



14 Responses to “Rachel Jones: How I Got Out of My Head (and into my heart!)”

  1. nbakay says : Reply

    Thank you…

  2. Oortjies says : Reply

    Rachel, well done Sister. All labor of love is never in vain as you know, but will be for the blessing of many souls and thereby also to/for yourself. You are an exemplary example.

  3. Mia says : Reply

    Rachel, your words are BEautiful BEyond BElief, and so to are U! Thank you for sharing; I certainly enjoyed reading.
    From my eternal ♡ ➤ your eternal heart.

  4. Journey says : Reply

    So Beautiful Rachel! I am inspired by your words.
    In Peace,

  5. nontaxpayer says : Reply

    That is an awesome story Rachel. Soon everyone will awaken to the beauty of DO’ing and BE’ing what makes us happy and we can all be a blessing to others as you are. Keep it up my sister.

    todd from uSA

  6. Gee says : Reply

    This is soooo beautiful and it feels sooo true, it rings a lot of bells with me and I know, feel and admit that this is the life I always have (in between my life in the flesh) and want to have during my life in the flesh too.

    I want to do this kind of things and every time my head is saying: yeahhh great but…….you have to buy (with money) your petrol, your shoes, your …., your…. etc.
    ….my head is asking me….where did the 25 dollar came from?
    How do I do that without any money and with all the obligations that I have in this world right now??
    I do already what I can but for me it is not the real paradise yet.

    Till this time I can’t wrap my head around this point and I am feeling a prisoner of my head.

  7. Hans Majestet says : Reply

    That is so beautiful! YOU are beautiful!! Thank you for the insight into your loving BEing!!

  8. Philip Wolf says : Reply

    Rachel, I am an INTP, which means Introverted, Intuitive, thinking, perceiver, which means scientific, designer, engineer, programmer. I sometimes wish for the skill of communication and dealing with people. For the most part I am a hermit type, keeping to my self. Can you give me a shove in the right direction. I think I have lived in my head for so long that my heart is quiet. What can I do to wake up my heart? Thanks Love Phil

  9. simen says : Reply

    I’m crying, of hapiness. I’m so happy for you all! love ~

  10. Shakti says : Reply

    I do know what you mean by using the metaphor of using the heart, however I do not think there is any evidence that any thought process actually happens there. All the spiritual references are symbolic and not actual. There heart just pumps blood. Yes this is very important, but thinking is done with neurones and synapses, not muscle. Yes there is left brain and right brain, but wether one is using the left brain or right brain they are still using the brain.

    I really feel that it is very important to be connected to reality if you want to make a difference. I know the poetic value of all these references, however If you do not have a thought process that resembles the way life actually works, you will not be able to view it with sanity. The process of learning to be sane needs to be on the table for the mind has the ability to create abstractions totally absent of life. This is the distortion we are wanting to be free from. Thinking something is real does not make it so. Life has no morals or ethics, it operates totally in the realm of the chaos of infinity. It is up to us to learn to be sane and act with responsibility so we can create a harmonious existence. The universe will allow us to play here for as long a it chooses, not us.

  11. Mamma G says : Reply

    That’s a beautiful and gracious way to DO and BE, Rachel. Wonderful, wonderful ♥ ♥ ♥

  12. Myron says : Reply

    Hi Rachel,
    You mention breaking even. I believe we both know everyone (certainly you) benefited by your honesty, truth and sincere good intentions to share and communicate. A fine example for us all and thank you.

  13. Thaddeus says : Reply

    I think you are a wonderful person and from my perspective… You lived from the heart from the start and never the mind. I live in the mind and know what that feels like. The harshness of judgement and emotional issues is an ego damnation. Feeling disconnected from a financial structure that causes greed is perfectly normal. I think you were blessed with a beautiful personality and soul and that is wonderful. I struggle a lot with the bad sides of the ego. Often I don’t even notice. I am looking for answers on how to “loosen up” and how to “not be in control of everything” and other things to that liking. I guess everyone can say that they struggle with things like this. I just wanted to say all this because I was so surprised how far I am away from a being like you and how much I wish to have what you have in the center of my being.

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