Quantum Playground: What’s Next… What role are You Focused On?

by / Thursday, 11 January 2018 / Published in Eternal Essence Embodied, Quantum Playground



What’s Next… What role are You Focused On?

by BZ Riger, published on The I UV, on January 11, 2018



Playing with BZ Riger on the powerful expansive energies of the 1.11.18  Portal in this 11 energy frequency year.


I wanted to connect and play with what’s next, what are you creating your focus and your BEing and DOing vibrational energy and physical actions on…


Have you felt into what role you are focused on, where you are bringing your gifts and your vibrational frequency to focus on?
3 clear paths of flow are lighting up as all unfolds:
Actively bringing down the close of the old, the linear false construct.

Being a conduit, helping people step out of the rubble and notice the sun IS shining

Expanding the foundation and creating the new full on.



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