Quantum Playground: #HATJ #POTUS : “Universal Clean Up” & “Universal Backdoor”

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Quantum Playground: #HATJ #POTUS : “Universal Clean Up” & “Universal Backdoor”



People have been asking for #releasethememo, and other forms of transparency.

Here you have Universal Transparency-

To see the documents, all of the timeline and events, all in The Public Record on The I UV
visit- https://i-uv.com/hatj-rkb-pacer-1-22-18-praecipe-declaration-of-due-cause-and-judgment-and-order-of-dismissal-doc-98/


Whether You Know it or Not, Whether You Believe it or Not, Whether You Understand it or not. You are A Creator Being-

Now All will be made visible-

Much Love BZ


p.s. Spread the expansion get the word out through #HATJ  #POTUS  #UNIVERSALCLEANUP  #UNIVERSALBACKDOOR








17 Responses to “Quantum Playground: #HATJ #POTUS : “Universal Clean Up” & “Universal Backdoor””

  1. Oliver says : Reply

    TY for sharing Bz… it’s beautiful!

    Hugs Ollie

  2. Adam says : Reply

    Wow,to get an executive order,geez that’s somewhat of a coup.well done.
    Lots of love,Light and peace to all.congratulations.

  3. Neil Wolfe says : Reply

    LOL- Awesome- fun fun fun fun fun- once again beating them at their own game. They’ve set this up against innocent beings across the galaxy many times before and many times before and once again we have succeeded in bringing them to their knees. Now sit back and enjoy the respite that is the complete unravelling and collapse of their unholy systems of control.

    Everyone reading this is on the team and has been for a very long time liberating planets throughout the galaxy where this very same sort of financial tyranny has been used time and time again to enslave/subjugate. Once again, and all working together, sometimes consciously unaware of our roles, they have been exposed, revealed, and shown to not be as clever and cunning as they always think they are.

    Great work everyone- enjoy the fireworks- the grand galactic finale that’s occurring here on Earth right now makes what at times seems to be an unbearable 3-d experience, all so worthwhile- honored to be a part of the team and love you all!

    • Cynthia says : Reply

      Same to you Neil!!! Well said! I have followed your posts the entire time!! This is so exciting I can hardly contain myself!!!! Thank you!!!

    • Edwin Roman says : Reply

      Thank you! Neil; and the same to you. God bless you! and May many angels cóme your presents were ever you go!

  4. Magnificent DOings !!! Deeply enjoying … feeling grateful… for you now being able to share the context of Heather’s saying “All is Perfect and Perfectly Done”! WOW This is MEGA … MEGA good news 4 ALL <3

  5. Cynthia says : Reply

    Thank you BZ!!!!!!

  6. Tallison says : Reply

    A dream come true! Let’s play!

  7. Beccacat8930 says : Reply

    Just this week found this website. Don’t even remember how I found it, but I am amazed at Heather’s courage and wisdom as she fights this battle for all of us. I pray for her and Keith as they continue on the march towards freedom. Blessings to all of you.

  8. I AM KEN says : Reply

    Thank you to all the Wanderers, Light Workers, and newly awakening souls who have come from all places through time and space to be in this present 3D to serve in the name of PEACE, LOVE, and LIGHT! May the ONE DIVINE and INFINITE CREATOR, and all things pure in LOVE & LIGHT, shine down upon you all today and every day giving you the strength and courage to continue the fight while also illuminating your path to personal growth, peace, and enlightenment granting you Equanimity!! I cannot thank every Warrior of the Light enough, but I can learn from you, and I have, and I will fight with you forever more through all space and time. WE ARE ONE IN LOVE AND LIGHT AND WE WILL ALWAYS VANQUISH THE DARKNESS !! ॐ NAMASTE ॐ

  9. Diane says : Reply

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?????THANK YOU ALL?

  10. Jeanie says : Reply

    WOW!!! This is SO EXCITING!!! Thank you for all you are DOing and BEing!!!


  11. Official Original says : Reply

    Wow!! This is better than I expected. HATJ continues to exceed expectations. I am happy to have participated in the July 2017 TDA events. I had several significant successes that proved the accounts exist and functioned great until they started “trying to put the tooth paste back in the tube”!

    I can feel the vibrational energy rising more everyday. Enjoying the Universal Creation.

    BZ, thank you for sharing your love, joy, and happiness. It is contagious.

    Sending love and light to you all. Every day.

  12. There are two great quotes that come to mind in historical, universal moments that have never-ever been like this, in that it creates the “largest paradigm shift that humanity has ever experienced through-out our existence!”
    “These times they are a changin’.”
    –Bob Dylan
    “What are you lookin’ at Hockey Puck?”
    –Don Rickles

  13. Michael DePaola says : Reply

    Bravo to Heather and Randy, What that Praecipe will do. That was exactly what she was planning on doing, also prepared to do.
    I can’t thank everyone that I have been blessed to connect with through this device called the internet. I think this will be a big part of reset, NESARA, RV whatever the words will be that we will be using. I would like to find out where I can get a copy of that Praecipe.

    Love and Gratitude to everyone


  14. Edwin Roman says : Reply

    May, HATJ and RB… always walk and be covered with the presence of the Almighty. Bless them both and may God keep giving her the words to fill her mouth at the right time all the time God bless guys!

  15. Dee Ess Double Ewe says : Reply

    When is sentencing? So sorry they have to sit in that shit hole prison in the mean time!
    I hope they figure out a way to beat those bastards and be set free!

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