Project XIII: Update From Mark Hoza’s Perspective

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Project XIII: Update From Mark Hoza’s Perspective




This is an update posted in the Skype room; from Mark’s Perspective

I’m heading home from Morocco to Australia today.  I am very tired and a little sick, but will give a short update that Caleb sent the Project 13 app to Microsoft yesterday.  Yes, it took longer than expected.

It is new and nothing like it has been done before.  It will make secure communications over the internet possible in a way that could not be conceived of only weeks ago.  It is incredible, if you understand the significance of that.  Even N=S=A will not have access to what you put through it.  It is a beautiful thing.

Project 13 will be free until Caleb gets the payment facility working.  He wants it to go viral and get used.

It will start used on Windows Mobile Phones until the iPhone App launches July 1.  Silverlight version for Mac and PC will be available when he finishes that, which looks to be maybe around first of July as well.  We thought he could launch Windows and iPhone Apps 1June, but that didn’t happen, obviously. is Caleb’s little declaration of his “Virtual Extension of Selves Protocol” that is what he checks all his work against now. is the Project xiii site where you’ll be able to download the Silverlight version when it comes out and where you’ll be able to get new accounts.  I don’t know exactly when that will be working, sorry.

Everything there is being done in the new I/UV Exchange way of working, including the contract to extablish the project.  I don’t have time to explain in detail.  Need to fly out in about 2 hours and have to finish getting packed.

Heather is working on the I / UV Exchange tools so that people have examples of how they can access their value.  They already could if they knew what to do, but now it’s time to Impower people with tools.  I’m hoping for a short update from her next week.

Sorry that the show yesterday was so much about the “Crew’s” journey and so little about what we can now do.  I feel the hunger for a better life that you/we all have.  A sould searching trip for a small group doesn’t quite cut it, but the work that was done on that trip has helped in ways that may never be grasped.  It was important, but I really don’t think that just hearing about that was enough.  But that’s my point of view (reason for this room).

Tools are being created and they aren’t fully formed up, yet.  I wanted to talk about them in the show last night, but I don’t fully understand them, yet.  Heather is in the middle of creating them.  I am closely working with her, but she is really stretching me.  This is new ground for me and I will share as I come to understandings.

Must go now, but please know that there is work being done to give all of us access to our value in a way that anyone can do.  It is a beautiful thing.  The details of this are not quite yet understood by those doing the blogtalk shows and so they aren’t talking about details.  I’m hopeful that we will get sharing details before the listener base gives up in frustration.  As usable tools are made available it will get very, very exciting.



47 Responses to “Project XIII: Update From Mark Hoza’s Perspective”

  1. curt says : Reply

    Thanks for update.

  2. Attila says : Reply

    Thank you, Mark!

  3. John says : Reply

    If NSA doesn’t have access, Microsoft will not put it on their app store. Microsoft has been giving NSA total access for years. Why do you think that would change?

    • Gerard says : Reply

      How would Microsoft be able to justify not allowing the app in the App Store? Don’t you think that would ruin their already crappy reputation? Plus even if they didnt allow it he would be able to put it through a third party App Store so those of us with jailbroken iPhones would still be able to get it. However I think it’s smarter to try the App Store first so that all iPhone users can have access to it.

      • Alsteria says : Reply

        also it doesnt say nsa isnt entitled to try to excess it lol the website said it has no back doors and deletes all comments and what not every 3 days so that is a pretty secure system in it self 😛

  4. kenrick says : Reply

    Know what you mean. Thank You. Mark

  5. Patricko says : Reply

    Thank you for the update Mark, hope your trip home is safe and enjoyable!

  6. John says : Reply

    I think it a little strange that Caleb is trying to distribute his applications from the app stores of foreclosed corporations. Why not just distribute them himself?

  7. emma brewin says : Reply

    thanks mark, excellent to know what going on, that info helps me to go and do and be in peace until everything gets going…. am very excited… trying to contain meself….big love… xxx emma

  8. kenrick says : Reply

    Hello Mark, I know that you are aware of the NSA Surveillance Scandal that is taking place. Isn’t it an ideal time to launch Project X111. You can plainly see the demand for service and the cause of it .
    I also cant understand the relationship with the foreclosed corporation as Microsoft .Do they not belonging to the people? What are their current status, and under what Law are they operating?

    • Gerard says : Reply

      I think these corporations are hoping that we will go back to sleep. They are functioning illegally and they are able to do so because the majority of the people are still not aware of the new legal framework. However, the people are waking up so fast now and not only will they wake up to the corruption but they will also wake up to all the solutions that we have for everything

  9. Linda Livesay says : Reply

    Dearest Mark, sounds like some “ME” time is in order for you. I sense that you are stressed and feeling pressured to hurry up and DO something. Everything is exactly as it is supposed to be and in the time that is best for ALL. Please, take a deep breath and let yourself refresh and feel the harmony of the Universe. We love you so much for your tireless efforts.

  10. RSTNM says : Reply

    Finally an update on the situation. John, I’m brewing with similar questions, but I’m thinking let’s see where they take this. I’m not telling you to hush, as I would still very much like to see your questions answered. Now they set a new date, let’s see what turns up (If anything). But at least they give an update to the large group of people waiting for one, albeit it being 11 days after the project was expected to be going live. Thank you.

  11. SheriLynn says : Reply

    Hey Mark,
    I’ll echo some of the messages here by saying, yes, please take some time to rest! I know you want every tool to be accessible asap. They will be. We’re all at our best when we’ve allowed ourselves to heal in whatever way that might be. Get a couple good nights of sleep. Much of the “repairing” happens there. Know that you are supported around the globe. None of us are doing it alone. We’re with ya!

  12. Dee says : Reply

    Thank you, Mark.

  13. Sam says : Reply

    Absolute respect to you Mark for taking the time to engage with people on a level they understand. See – an itty bitty email goes SUCH a long way. I couldn’t even bring myself to listen to the show because i had a feeling it would be just as you hint at above so i’m guessing there has been some fallout – kudos to you for picking up the slack. Your work is appreciated. Thank you.

  14. Thank you, Mark!
    Love _()_ _()_

  15. Suntones says : Reply

    Mark, sending you energy deposits. I feel you feeling us and just want to say thank you!

  16. Project 13 will be free until Caleb gets the payment facility working. He wants it to go viral and get used.

    What currency is accepted the same one thats foreclosed?

  17. Aspentree says : Reply

    Thanks, Mark for a timely update.Bless you for your participation. I was actually thrilled to hear from the crew (including you) as we all have been surrounding these people in love and light and know how much they are being and doing for all of us.

    I’m perfectly comfortable with Caleb taking as long as he needs to get it right. The whole NSA thing makes it even more evident that we need something outside the box rather than in a box. I’m sure it will be spectacular and maybe the delay with Caleb due to illness has a timing reason. It’s easy to forget the years these guys and gals have already put in to get to this point.

    Now go get some rest! Love and Light

  18. Andrew Duddy says : Reply

    Thank you Mark for the update. My only comment on Project XIII and the IUV is that when giving dates and time frames – especially for something we have all been hoping for for months- it is best to let people know when dates will not be kept. It is just like any other software platform in the world; if you miss dates and provide no or unclear updates then people will lose faith and interest.
    I think we all agree that the time is NOW. We have real momentum and we must keep it going. So if you guys are struggling and need help you should ask the community for support – even if it is just moral support – perhaps there are some developers out here that can help…. just be transparent and forward and we have nothing to fret over. WE ARE THE ONE PEOPLE.
    Much Love Mark and the crew.

  19. I think the time and effort each being spent learning growing is of equal value and I thought we were moving beyond currency?

    Don’t turn this into a gimmick for a business for profit.

  20. core trek says : Reply

    Yes, thank you for the update it’s very much appreciated. I also am wondering why the software can’t be distributed outside of the app stores. I’m sure many of us already know how to install software on our phones from 3rd party download locations, especially if we have them rooted (which many people do). Why not release the software independently and let us all beta test it for you with real user scenarios?

  21. Tiffany Conniff says : Reply

    Thank you, for the update. Feel better.

  22. Mamma G says : Reply

    Love and blessings to you, Mark. You sound exhausted. As mentioned by a few above – take some time out to re-energise yourself ….. your health is of paramount importance ♥ I didn’t realise you live in Australia ….. welcome home 😀 …I live in Queensland. You have been DOing amazingly. Big hugs xx G xx

  23. Todd says : Reply

    Thank you for the update Mark and also for saying what many of us have been thinking as we made numerous pleas for updates this past week with nothing but silence as a response. I understand they are doing everything they can to get this done but giving an update periodically sure does help keep the wolves at bay. Thanks again for all your help with what they are doing and I hope you’re feeling better. I just got over a 4 day bout with something I pray no one else gets.

  24. Jane says : Reply

    Hi Mark
    Travel well home. Thank you for your update. I appreciate you care for us.
    I had a strange feeling (real discontent) after this weeks collective imagination show and couldn’t quite pin point when it had come in. After lots of searching I realised something had been transmitted in the gaps where we couldn’t hear D or Bob speaking. As soon as I spotted it and told it I did NOT consent – we had no contract. It disappeared and my heart immediately softened. I then felt a small pain in my third eye. Again said I did NOT consent – we had no contract. It went also. On this weeks One People show, Chris mentioned psychic attack symptoms come on with sudden unexplained mood changes and I’d also read an article on time tearing.
    Any one else feel this?

  25. Papa Joe says : Reply

    I will be looking for back doors in any app apple approves and releases and Caleb should also. Sorry but trust is an issue with anything Microsoft or Apple is connected to. If approval has to be done by the crooks then EXPECT a back door and L@@k for it Caleb!

  26. Adrian Hicks says : Reply

    Mark, you have a very large community of open source / free software people worldwide. Many I’m sure would be happy to contribute to the systems that you’re talking about. If you know anything about IT you’ll know how to get in contact with them.

  27. This is very exciting and it is moving fast n seemingly smoothly ..I am a BC (before computers) so I so hope that I am able to download and get the right settings etc etc…lol… but great stuff ..I’m impressed and intend changing networks if poss.I know google skype and such keep tabs…BUT..not that there is anything i’m not prepared to share ..its My right to have privacy …..

  28. Lyn says : Reply

    Thank you so much for the work that everyone has been Do’ing. Big hugs to ALL.

  29. John says : Reply

    I think the biggest problem here is that Caleb is way over his head with this project. Caleb is not a computer security expert. His whole career has been working with companies on Customer Relations Management (CRM) software, and primarily Microsoft stuff. He is trying to use what he knows, which is why the whole Microsoft Silverlight business for PC’s. Silverlight is a dead technology. Even Microsoft has abandoned it as embedded technology on all but the Windows Phone, and they are quickly moving everything to HTML5 and Flash on that platform. Silverlight is no more secure than Flash, and is constantly being patched to try and plug new security holes.

    In general, it is easy to espouse big ideas, but far more difficult to make them reality. I don’t think Caleb has really thought completely through what he is trying to do.

  30. John says : Reply

    Sometimes, what is made visible is designed only to dazzle the observer.

  31. John says : Reply

    By the way, just checked on the Windows Phone developers site, and it is currently taking two to three days to get approval and get a Windows Phone app in the app store.

  32. lol who has microsoft phones? One or two people. You guys lost your goal…

    • John says : Reply

      Yeah, that’s a problem!

      Caleb should also explain for complete transparency that as part of the Apple Store approval process, he has to provide Apple with an account on his app, so they don’t have to sign up to use it! Giving the foreclosed corporation an account on his secure app. Hmmm.

  33. Wayne says : Reply

    Enjoy your well earned rest Mark
    More power to you,

  34. Ron Murphy says : Reply

    Thank you Mark. Its exciting news. I appreciate everything that you are doing as I am sure that all others do also. Breaking new ground is never easy and always takes longer than envisaged at the start.. Don’t worry too much,, get well, recover, regain your strength and then crack on..I for one am happily waiting with an infinite patience. Blessings Blessings many Blessings.

  35. Bev Lang says : Reply

    Safe journey home Mark & thanks for making the time to give us an update. Please guys before you trash all the hard work let’s wait and see how it turns out, be a bit more positive!

  36. Jesse says : Reply

    I read Brian’s update on the sojourn to Morrocco ? Did heather accomplish any of her goals about the IUV ? She should be a fortune teller not an ex banker? Everyone got a free trip to the sand dunes ill take maimi beach anytime over Africa
    Good luck bridge crew not much accomplished or planned

  37. noel says : Reply

    Hi guy’s, Thanks Mark you make things a lot clearer for us with your explanations, maybe you could release a book called oppt for dummies, I think I need it ! ha! ha! Uwe Shafer could use some monetary support to help fight his Foreclosure case, he wants to show the public how bank loans are fraud and how the criminal Courts in Australia protect the banks interest. So can we get the word out to other sister sites for some support even 50 cents each would really be appreciated. Go to, Free Speech Australia site to donate. thanks to all you BEings’, let’s spread the word, that’s DOing, DOing, DOing. stay positive, cheers.

  38. Jesse says : Reply

    Hi Mark

    How do you know that the IUV can be done now if we have the tools? Has heather or anyone ever accesses their value before ? Back it up up with facts not idle statements

    Prove that it can be done now? Has heather ever done it before and why has she not given us the absolute truth with absolute data? Waitng for project 13 is so that Caleb can get his investment back if it doesnot work ? Prove to us what you say
    Thank you with love

  39. Carlos says : Reply

    I am wandering are there any issues with Apple accepting the project 13 app because I am not able to find in the App Store. any comments would be appreciated.

    • Mia says : Reply

      Hi Carlos
      I believe you’ll find that none of this is launched just yet. We just need to practise a little patience. (I understand that Caleb was delayed a little due to illness and other challenges.) When the time is right, we’ll be get the info. we need. Following the shows on [Mon. & Tues.’s] may help and you’ll hear what’s being launched and when.
      Any birthing process needs to follow the natural course of events for the best outcome.
      From my eternal ♡ ➤ your eternal ♡

  40. Max Tobin says : Reply

    Blessings to all.
    DRM is “OLD SCHOOL” and the OPENED to SOURCE community is all around and inter-twined with the BEING’s whom are pre-sent yet vibrating in absence of HEART knowing AT ONE MENT.

    Galactic Butterfly flaps its wings and we are the dust that rises. Is it a COR rising or a MIND ascending/decending? It Matters not to the Mother, she patiently awaits our AWAKENING in the unity field of her embrace with Galactic Energetix.

    A sample drm tool for secure communication s to follow, it has been uploaded awaiting approval from Shareware ebooks. Link to follow, drm has been an issue for those in the know since internet opened to public data, so tools have been developed and can with appropriate enthusiasm (tickle our palms is one expression) be made available to ALL to empower and ensure content is secure. Just not the face-book or twit-ter format.
    Secure chain letters? Collaborative writing projects, limited only by I AM MAGE IN THE NATION. so let us take the MAGE of pre-sent HEART and fix all that appear to be appart.


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