Project XIII Update and App Demo by Caleb Skinner

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Project XIII Update and App Demo by Caleb Skinner







15 Responses to “Project XIII Update and App Demo by Caleb Skinner”

  1. JOEL B says : Reply

    How do i get the project x111 ap? thanks

  2. Ines says : Reply

    Hello, I have downloaded and installed the app. I filled in my data and said “Agree With User Agreement” – than I saved, but the Key is not automatically filled in and so I can not login.
    What can I do?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Ines, Caleb says the key is supposed to auto fill, watch the video it describes that. If it does not work for you, click on the contact us tab on the project XIII website and send him an email detailing the problem. this is also the email

      • Ines says : Reply

        Hello everyone, I just spoke with Caleb Skinner on skype :-)))) It was a bug. This bug has been fixed. The fix will be out in a couple days. It will be a couple days before MS approves it.
        WOW ♥ Thank you so much, Caleb!!!
        And thank you I M Power for your answer and help!
        You are all great ♥

  3. Andreas says : Reply

    AES KEY not working

  4. rockville2 says : Reply

    I await the Apple 4s ap of XIII to be released. Blessings

  5. Caleb Skinner says : Reply


    If you are having any troubles please contact me… Skype: caleb.skinner [please make sure you are clear in your Skype request that you have a tech problem/ question about Project XII]

    Do not hesitate…


    • Ines says : Reply

      and here once again: thank you very much for your help, Caleb!
      You did and you do so great work for all the people all over the word – big, big hug ;-))

  6. Tiffany Conniff says : Reply

    I have the app, but I can not get signed in. I am excited still to have it.

  7. Carlos says : Reply

    When is the projected date that the iphone app will be out.

  8. Hi Guys !
    When can we see P13 for android — phone and tab. ?
    Thanks for everything !
    God bless !
    Warmest Regards !
    00353 – 868236688.

  9. Barbara Price says : Reply

    If I only have a 3G ATT cell phone, should I be waiting for a desktop app?

  10. Tiffany Conniff says : Reply

    I have Project XIII on my windows phone. It is going to be awesome when I have some buddies to play with on it. Oh, and Caleb has been nothing but awesome with helping to fix issues that arise.

  11. Ines says : Reply

    Hey there,

    do you get my document at email? Email to you: “Project XIII Guide for Windows Phone 8”
    I can’t see the Guide on your website. Caleb said, I may ask you, what’s going on?

    Thank you – Regards

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