Project XIII App is in the ITunes App store

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Project XIII App is in the ITunes App store

Published on American Kabuki, on September 5, 2013


[people have been writing in to say they can’t find app. If you do it from your iPhone search for Project XIII, if on the web from tablet etc   ]


Project XIII is now available for the iPhone in addition to the Windows phone! You can download it via the iTunes App store.  You will need to tell others your Id to talk to friends. But that’s just a matter of an email or telephone call.

The app is free for 60 days, and 99 cents a month thereafter to cover network expenses and new development.  I purchased 12 months of subscription, then added another 12 months to that.  The more cash that flows into Caleb the sooner we get voice over IP functionality like Skype has.  I’d really like to dump Skype soon.

This is a really neat little app, seems to work well, but this is the first release and there’s more functionality to come in subsequent updates.

PS: It also seems to work just fine on the iPad according to reports.



10 Responses to “Project XIII App is in the ITunes App store”

  1. Josef says : Reply

    I can’t find it???

  2. Carlos says : Reply

    yeahp it is there just search for the app in the app store use the following search string:project.

  3. richard says : Reply

    Congrats to the team P13 on the i-phone app and desktop release. I thought I saw a post by Caleb a while back that a BlackBerry app would be available..does anyone have a time line for this release?

  4. Glen says : Reply

    Thanks P13 team for creating a sensation app for the iPhone and desktop that gives us much needed privacy as users to have full control of our information…Hoo-rah!

    BTW Caleb, looking forward to the voice over IP functionality so much so I decided to get the 12 month subscription! Looking forward to dumping apps like Skype also…

  5. Elaine says : Reply

    It’s great that the iTunes app is now available. I heard Caleb saying that the desktop app is now also available but I can’t find it anywhere. Does anybody have an update on this?

  6. noel says : Reply

    Hi Elaine, if you go look at D’s site, { Removing the shackles } you will find some info there. cheers Noel

  7. Thank you Caleb.

    I have been attempting to create a new account as instructed and I keeping running into the following road block;
    “Looks like your internet is down. The application needs the interne connection to be up to complete this step.”
    I obviously have internet connection or how would I send this to you? I must be missing something in the translation…
    Thank you,


  8. Faith says : Reply

    I have the project xiii app on my IPad now. Any one want to connect? Never used Facebook so I guess my age is showing. Just learning.

    Username is faohorse

    Thank you Caleb!


  9. Peter says : Reply

    Does anyone know where the online payment link is for projectxlll app. My free 60 days is almost up?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      You pay for the app through the platform that you downloaded the app from.

      So on Windows phone or I phone click the link and choose the length of time you want and then use that gateway.

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