Potent Galactic New Year Frequency Shift Beginning July 26, 2017!

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Potent Galactic New Year Frequency Shift Beginning July 26, 2017!


Potent Galactic New Year Frequency Shift Beginning July 26, 2017!









The Galactic New Year Frequency Shift

Beginning July 26, 2017! Yellow Crystal Seed


Today July 25th is a Blessed “Day Out Of Time.” According to the Mayan Calendar which follows the moon cycles allowing for 13 months of 28 days with one extra day which EQUALS the same number of days as the awkwardly contrived Gregorian 52 week calendar! This one extra day is called the “day out of time” and falls on July 25th! The Day Out of Time is an official holiday in over 70 Brazilian cities! It’s a day that promotes themes of forgiveness, atonement, celebration of life and community


There are tremendous changes happening in our world as well as in our lives at this time. Seems that we are moving through the challenges, being given the opportunity to transform what is occurring.


There are certainly some celestial energies triggering these challenges and changes.  I have been aware of and am using The Galactic Calendar which is a transmission of the Dreamspell, an advanced system of time-keeping brought to life by Dr. Jose Arguelles. The Dreamspell is based on decades of research into the profound knowledge and cosmic code underlying the calendar system of the ancient Maya.


It seems, according to this calendar, that July 26th is a potent galactic New Year frequency. I have included a website and video later in this newsletter for those who would like more information. This past year has been influenced by Blue Spectral Storm, which influenced the chaos of transformation, letting go of structure, and breaking down to breakthrough. This coming year is influenced by the Yellow Crystal Seed, which invites us to plant the seeds of a new reality with our words, actions and intentions, which are all living seeds.







We are Moving out of The Storm ~ Time to Plant Seeds of the New & Thrive! Learn what this Galactic Energy Shift has in store for us… Message from Eden Sky, Author of The Galactic Calendar ~ http://13moon.com ~ New Calendars for The Yellow Crystal Seed Year Now Available! TIME IS ART ~ LIFE IS ART!




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  1. BeeDee says : Reply

    Very awesome I feel big changes already under way and I’m excited for the new creations!

  2. Randy Sharp says : Reply

    I am one who believes that all around us is an illusion that is breaking down and giving way to a new and proper reality.

  3. adam says : Reply

    Lets not forget the health field !! add Dr. Morse on the unveiling !! <3 🙂

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