The Sulha Peace Project




Sulha Peace Project

The Sulha Peace Project is a grassroots organisation for the healing and reconciliation of the people in Israel and Palestine. Their work is rooted in the spirit of the prophetic voices from the Holy Land. Members are Jews, Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians, embodying a language of peace and developing a culture of coexistence inspired by the Middle Eastern indigenous process of mediation, Sulha.


Sulha’s Values

“In contrast to the current atmosphere of distrust, cynicism and despair, we stand for the possibility of cooperation, shared responsibility, and hope. While our societies demonize those on the other side, we humanize them. Through our common efforts, we create interaction between our peoples while others alienate. While we avoid polarizing political declarations, we know that any political future must address the human needs of both sides, and we stand on the front lines of the struggle to return decency and compassion to our shared land.”