TaKeTiNa – Music That Heals



TaKeTiNa – Healing Rhythms

by Sophia Love, July 12, 2013



If you’ve ever participated in a drumming circle, you understand the benefits of TaKeTiNa (pronounced ta-kay-tee-na). What looks and sounds like random chanting, drumming and rocking turns out to be a focused effort that “allows us to regain the voice we have lost for thousands of years”. The process is shamanic. And it’s fun. Successfully used in hospitals, prisons and schools, TaKeTiNa is scientifically proven to heal our bodies and our hearts.


At the age of 20, Reinhard Flatischler founded the TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process as a healing modality.  An asthmatic and an accomplished musician, he discovered early in life the benefits of music to physical health, and set out to make them accessible to everyone.  TaKeTiNa does the work of “transcending the dichotomy of polarity.” It does so by reaching into our energetic roots, using rhythm, something we are all born with, as our teacher and guide.

Born in Vienna in 1950, Reinhard began playing piano at the age of four.  He moved into percussion because he “found that rhythm is the most reduced musical form, and it’s the most effective, it’s like the substructure of everything.” He devoted 25 years studying with master drummers and shamans of Korea, Brazil, Cuba, Africa, Japan and Indonesia.



Reinhard’s aim is to re-introduce this primal archetype into western culture in order to bring awareness, consciousness and inner change because “only inner change will bring outer change.” These are the waves that are created underneath the audible music.  Reinhard explains our universal 9 month journey in the womb as the connecting pulse and interval we all understand, the sound that “guides us into a world full of rhythm and polarity.”


Taketina6TaKeTiNa takes us into a world beyond “my standpoint vs. your standpoint”.  It “allows two contradicting states to be there at the same time”.  It does so by inviting us to play with both chaos and order without judging either as good or bad.  There is no blame and no praise here, everything is merely an invitation.


Both European and North American sites are places to begin this journey into rhythm, unity and inner peace.






A long time advocate for unity and peace, Sophia believes that we get the world we believe.  She is a voice for agape; loving yourself unconditionally.  She’s opened an alternative school, home schools her children, is a writer, teacher and video producer.  Find her books and blogs at www.sophialove.org.