Seed Diversity and FoodForests


Heirloom Seed, a critical link between Human Sovereignty and Freedom.

by Noha, Published September 16, 2013

Seed and seed diversity have been one of the keys to the evolution of Humanity, the biological marvel that makes our Planet so special, magnificent and beautiful. The symbiosis, wonder and nourishment human beings gain from diverse thriving ecologies directly effects our health, attitudes and perceptions. Biological diversity unites humanity with the bounty of life, a connection that generates well-BEing and well-DOing, love and the feeling of Oneness.

The key to resolving the current attempt to control the world’s food and seed supply, headed by chemical tech giant Monsanto, is to grow, save and share natural organic seed. Diversity is essential as biological abundance depends upon our commitment to protect our natural biological rights and inheritance, to preserve and protect life for future generations.

EthiopianSeedsVandana Shiva, a biodiversity campaigner and founder of Naydanya, a network of seed keepers and organic producers in India, says, “Not only does living organic seed have more quality, nutrition and taste but farming systems that are based on biodiversity produce more nutrition and ‘health per acre.’ Seed freedom can be the answer to hunger and malnutrition. One billion people today are hungry and two billion are obese because agriculture is out of balance with nature. Half of humanity is denied wellbeing through food.”

To find liberation from the old world systems of control and reckless abuse of power, it is important for us all to understand “The Law Of the Seed,” a concept developed by leaders in the seed diversity movement. “The Law Of The Seed” is designed to protect not just seed diversity but draw on principles of jurisprudence of human rights, public goods and the commons.

LAW OF THE SEED White Paper excerpt: “The ecological and biological laws of the seed draw upon the perennial laws of nature and evolution based on diversity, adaptation, resilience and openness. In contrast, the dominant legislation today, related to seed, is in total violation of the Law of the Seed and democratic processes without any basis in jurisprudence or science. An arsenal of legal instruments are steadily being invented and imposed that criminalize age-old farmers’ seed breeding, seed saving and seed sharing. And this arsenal is being shaped by the handful of corporations who first introduced toxic chemicals into agriculture, and are now controlling the seed through genetic engineering and patents.”


“Seed freedom is Earth Rights … it is the right of the seed in all its diversity and self organization to evolve into the future.” Dr. Vandana Shiva, Rio+20 Earth Summit 2012


forestgardenFood Forests can be seen as the next re-evolution towards a healthy and vibrant planet and humanity, replacing chemical/industrial agriculture, and the ownership/patent and control of seed and food. In Rome, May 2013, the International Conference on Forests for Food Security and Nutrition was held. The conference background papers and documents highlight the integral importance of food forest systems, and sustainable diets. The papers provide valuable information towards reclaiming our Divine Sovereign Rights and Freedoms to live in harmony and abundance with nature and each other.

Here is one background paper example from the conference:

Background paper 1: Forests, food security and gender – linkages, disparities and priorities for action

Others include:

  • Promoting decent employment in forestry for improved nutrition and food security
  • A right to food based approach to enhance the contribution of non-wood forest products to food security and nutrition
  • Agroforestry, food and nutritional security
  • The contribution of forests to sustainable diets
  • Food security policies: making the ecosystem connections
  • Bouncing back: forests, trees and resilient households


Just as Cuba and Russia have shown the world what small scale organic gardening can do to revitalise community, busting the myth that industrial monocultures provide more food, we now realise the power in our own hands and the Earth beneath us. The Ringing Cedar book series and Anastasia have inspired many people to live in harmonic relationship with ourselves and the natural living world around us, planting gardens, honouring ecosystems and our intimate connection with natural cycles, natural food, water, air, habitat. The artificial electromagnetic soup that most towns and cities now suffer, the chemtrails, GMO food and seed, toxic water, radioactive waste from Fukushima, war and fear, are all manifestations of where we as a human collective are prepared to leave behind. Like the miracle of Natural Living Seeds – the possibility and infinity within – we have the opportunity to choose life in abundance and diversity.


Noha Noha

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