Pants Can Change The World!



Who Made Your Pants?

By Sophia Love, Published August 4, 2013



Becky John loves lingerie with the equal amount of enthusiasm she holds for helping marginalized women.  This combination, with a good bit of passion and originality led her to launch “Who Made your Pants?”  Since 2008, this socially responsible, Southampton, UK company has successfully produced high end lingerie that benefits entire communities while making a profit.

Becky has been a member of Amnesty International since the age of 15.  Her company recycles lace, the leftovers from larger lingerie companies, and employs refugees.  Each piece is made by hand, by workers who are individually trained and supported.  Becky has created a new way of doing business, one in which the profits reach far beyond the tally sheet.



The result is a beautiful product representing two things – amazing pants and amazing women.  The website says it all: “We really do believe that pants can change the world – do you?”







A long time advocate for unity and peace, Sophia believes that we get the world we believe.  She is a voice for agape; loving yourself unconditionally.  She’s opened an alternative school, home schools her children, is a writer, teacher and video producer.  Find her books and blogs at