One People Ascended Living Inaugural Event Mid-August 2013



OPAL Communities Inaugural Event – 16, 17, 18 August 2013

by Holly Tucker, Nova Earth News Editor



The vision of a One People’s demonstration center focused on sustainable, enlightened living is closer to reality. Organizers and visionaries plan to assemble mid-August at a possible location for the center on Lake Conjola – part of a lake front village nestled into the beautiful New South Wales southern coast of Australia.

Designated as the first One People’s Ascended Living or OPAL facility, the purpose of the center will be to express Eternal Essence through teaching, demonstrating and facilitating paradigm shifts in agriculture, technology, spirituality and healing.

“This event is shaping up as the One People’s first boots-on-the-ground event in Australia if not the World,” said Chris Hales, a Victoria-based pioneer organizer for the One People.


















Owners of the Lake Conjola property – Joe and Vanessa Bragg – contacted Hales through his Repurposing radio show on July 15, offering the 35 acre OPAL site. Located two hours drive south of Sydney, Lake Conjola is situated 3 kms from the ocean, thus a popular holiday location for surfing, fishing, swimming, kayaking and water skiing. The village site currently contains 19 dwellings including 6 completed cabins along with ancillary facilities, with potential development for 71 cabins and 26 camp sites.

Alongside the Braggs for the inaugural event will be Trevor Osborne, founder of the World Harmony Foundation based out of Perth, Australia. Osborne has spent over 25 years developing the Foundation’s vision of a new society utilizing principle’s familiar to the One People: integrity, responsibility and synchronicity, or the recognition that everything is connected to everything else.

Osborne, who calls himself a “new paradigm architect” has spent a life time acquiring knowledge of advanced technologiesBeachNearLakeConjola including zero point energy, gravity control systems, sustainable building materials and green agricultural practices. He hopes to implement these concepts through the development of Harmony Servicing Centers , similar to OPAL Global Village concept.

“The objective is to design, build, test and fine-tune this prototype society as a working model that can then be replicated elsewhere,” said Osborne. “These will be places where people can come to ‘learn and practice’ the skills of living in the new paradigm.”

Indeed synchronicity served to guide the Braggs and Trevor Osborne to converging paths in developing centers for ascended and harmonious living. If you’d like to participate in this inaugural event, or want more information on how to contribute to this vision of enlightened living, contact the World Harmony Foundation or the OPAL Global Villages.