Lake Conjola – Pictures from the Weekend

Lake Conjola: A Wish for Ascended Living

Published by Holly Tucker, Editor, Nova Earth News, August 26, 2013

An invitation to visit Australia was an extraordinary opportunity. Certainly I would have traveled far more than the 20,000 roundtrip miles from South Florida to my destination of Lake Conjola given the One People Ascended Living Inaugural weekend was magic waiting to happen. The Universe conspired to gather a collage of Eternal Essence Beings to a parcel of paradise in coastal New South Wales as a demonstration of enlightened living. And with the usual ease and grace, Universe did not disappoint.


Twenty four adults collected their consciousness around a beautiful saltwater lake…


…surrounded by views of Conjola National Park


…only a stone’s throw to aquamarine ocean waters and soft sandy beaches.




A 35-acre waterfront bounty, the OPAL Global Village was birthed by caretakers Joe and Vanessa Bragg. With their respectiveVanessaBeautiful visions of a conference center and metaphysical waypoint, they blended in the OPPT message of Eternal Essence to create a retreat village with the intention of enlightened awareness. Joe, his son, and the help of visitors have worked diligently to complete infrastructure on the property including 6 comfortable cabins with 13 more to follow. The CabinCloseupproperty also includes a manager’s residence, a large shed, a planned reception and meeting room as well as a lake side community building.

OPAL is actually designed not for permanent community living but rather as a transition center – to help people learn and discover.

“It felt like it was a transition center for people to come in and through – learn, BE, participate, DO, imagine – and move on, taking with them that kind of energy,” said Vanessa on the Repurposing Show (Aug 18/19).

And that’s exactly what transpired for the Inaugural event.

With no agenda, the weekend was fueled by impassioned hugs and mindful conversation, with delightful distractions from children and puppies playing. Guided by the gentle facilitation of Joe and Vanessa, everyone was provided with a supportive energetic space to disengage from any control or hierarchal mechanisms left behind, to instead discover the physical and nonphysical process of unifying ourselves.

But first some fun to clear the mind…




The Pontoon Express





Rappin’ Trevor…

















From the moment bread was broken, mindful discussions began pouring forth.

Inspired conversations filled the conference shed including humanitarian projects for increased global food security and environmental stewardship, as well as social architecture to bring people together naturally. The impassioned exchanges all resonated with one theme: technologies exist NOW to create free energy, repair ecological disasters, feed the hungry without GMOs and convert waste to make both sterile products and fuel for medium scale power plants. And that was just over dinner!

The formation of numerous One People groups around the Continent were discussed and what actions were planned or in play to affect change and expansion in around the country. Already active is The One People Gold Coast, along with TOP Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Byron Shire, Geelong, Darwin, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart and the Sunshine Coast. No doubt Aussies are serious movers and shakers.



Prompted and facilitated by Vanessa Braggs, the group determined the importance of setting a consensus intention for the weekend. Utilizing a board game called The Wish as our guide, mini groups were formed to explore ourselves and our motivations for ascended living.

One participant, Stina Kerans, had this response from The Wish: ”

The playing of ‘the wish’ game as a group entity, was a powerful experience for me – being ‘responsible’ (able to respond) for my part of the whole, made it important for me to move through my blockages with such support.”

What The Wish provoked was a masterful demonstration of living in purpose. Not just in building the stated intention but the process itself. Indeed that process was a symbol of the entire weekend. A group of individuals came together from different parts of the planet, without structure or hierarchy in the time spent together, yet all BEing and DOing was done with mindfulness and purpose. Every conversation, every quiet moment, every action, every reaction was done with a high intensity of awareness. When it was time to bring together each group’s desires and motivations for the weekend, a unified statement of intention, or wish, was created in mere moments as we were clearly speaking the same language. The wish read: “We are here to access our highest potential to achieve Absolute clarity in creation of a limitless, loving universe.”

So let’s play!



A Drumming Circle…






































…and Fire Makers!





Dan and Liss







World Harmony Foundation’s founder Trevor Osborne attended the OPAL event, taking time to introduce attendees to principles for new paradigm living he has gathered from 30 years of research into harmonious living. Under an umbrellaCircleSharing of self governance, the principles or guidelines included transparency, non-judgment, and the tenet, “one-is-all, all-is-one.” Some participants resonated with the idea of adopting principles – others saw them as unnecessary or too constricting. When withheld comments opposing the principles surfaced after the weekend, rather than during the initial discussion, it was a beautiful demonstration of how important transparency and integrity, amongst other principles, can be. The principles seem easy to understand, however the implementation of them in mindful living may be more challenging than first blush. This lesson was, perhaps, the most important from the weekend whereby love and understanding ultimately prevailed rather than separateness.












The Bragg children were keen to symbolize unity through their creation of a decorated circle of reflection to be utilized for an evening Spiral Walk. Holding candles around and within the circle, each CrystalFairyparticipant took a journey to their self center, sharing their light with others, unifying our essence of love and support. The sounds of Vanessa’s Tibetan bowl throughout the ceremony was mesmerizing.









The warm fire circle helped take away the winter chill and nurture the group unity through laughter and storytelling…











Before making the transition out of the OPAL Village, Vanessa wisely arranged for a Chakra Dancer to further assist in the free flow of energies as those who felt inspired moved to meditative music. The sounds of the billabong, the warmth of the sun and the free expressions made the impending departure just a little easier.












The reflections of the weekend seemed deep for all who participated.

“The biggest joy of my weekend at Lake Conjola was seeing those who gathered, ” said Mark Hoza from Coffs Harbour, NSW. “Let’s work together to clean up this planet and make it a nicer place to live,” he said.

Certainly, ascended living means many things but to find any meaning requires walking through a doorway to self. Once inside, we discover our soul selves are all made from the same Eternal Essence, simply desiring to love and be loved. With a nurturing environment like the OPAL Village, we can realize the power of our unity through the collective consciousness of our BEINGS.
















DIGITAL CAMERAI want to thank all the loving hearts I met on my journey down under. I imagined Australians to be a polite bunch, but reality far exceeded imagination, as Aussies are without agenda, trusting and loving in their manner. I especially want to thank Spirit and Jason for making the trip possible. – Holly







[Can’t bloody well have a story about Australia without a Roo picture or two!]