Jessica Ainscough – The Wellness Warrior


Jessica Ainscough – The Wellness Warrior

In her own words, Jessica was a “22-year old champagne-guzzling, drug-poppin’, sleep-deprived, perpetually hungover party girl,” and for that she got the wake-up call of her life.

By Holly Tucker, Published June 27, 2013


Diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called epithelioid sarcoma, Jessica Ainscough was advised by physicians to have her left arm and shoulder amputated if she wanted to live. She decided to ignore her physicians advice and become her own healthcare advocate. Guided by her inner knowing, Jessica began to awaken to new possibilities and different choices. As she puts it:

“I discovered that wellness isn’t a destination, but a loving (and unconditionally forgiving) relationship with your own body…I radicalized my diet and systematically detoxified my body and mind…I realized I was more than a ‘cancer success story’ — I was a leader, a role model, an educator, and a champion.”

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