How The One People Can Get Their Mojo Back!

Principles of Eternal Essence

by Holly Tucker, Nova Earth News Editor, Published August 6, 2013

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
– Buckminster Fuller


Since the worldwide awakening prompted by the One People’s Public Trust, it’s become clear to many there’s a new “operating system” for humanity to consider as we move away from old paradigm tenets of control, hierarchy and separateness. Whether you’re a banker or a borrower, these tenets have become obsolete, no longer serving the One People.

Tenets or principles are defined as basic truths or fundamentals. If our new operating system is to function as fully conscious beings, what might new principles look like that reflect the mirrored essence we are learning to see in our selves and others. How do we transition from the old standards into new principles that support unity, self-responsibility and personal liability?


World Harmony Foundation is one organization whose mission is to assist in this transition, recognizing what Buckminster Fuller stated, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Based out of Perth, Australia, the foundation, through it’s World Harmony Network, has gathered together individuals, groups and organizations of high consciousness, who want to create a parallel new society that supports peace and harmony. They envision new systems of energy, health agriculture, educational, communication, transportation and more – all in accordance with New Paradigm Principles.


According to Trevor Osborne, originator of the World Harmony Foundation, “These New Paradigm Principles are there as the basis, the fundamentals and the foundation of the New Society we all say we want. Please understand these ‘Principles’ in no way take away free-will… how we ‘play this new game’ is up to us but if we want to play it, then it is easiest if we understand how it works and what skills we need to play it.”



Through a global process of Consensus Agreement prompted by World Harmony, new principles are being developed. The working draft of these principles is included below. Unlike majority voting where a close vote can disenfranchise many, consensus agreement requires there be no objections for a principle to be included. According to Diana Christian, co-author of Encyclopedia of Community, people either give their consent to the principle, stand aside from the decision, or block the principle altogether. Says Christian, “Consensus generates a different dynamic than majority-rule. With the latter, competing factions usually try to win converts to their position by criticizing the other position, creating an us-versus-them dynamic. But consensus induces supporters of the proposal to seek out those who disagree with them, to attempt to understand their objections and then to modify the proposal to incorporate their concerns.”


In the present draft of the New Paradigm Principles, and open for the One People to discuss, is a primary tenet described as Principle-Based Leadership. Birthed by Stephen Covey, this style of leadership avoids the hierarchical personality-based leadership the One People see as antiquated and divisive. As the draft states, “The idea is that when a number of fundamental principles are agreed upon by a group then they become, in a sense, the ‘guiding light’ – the basis upon which that group will live and function without the need of ‘enforcement or control’.


Another draft principle, titled WIN/WIN, is a unifying fundamental for humanity. Operating with this tenet, a society wouldn’t have rewards or penalties but rather mutual benefits. An example is the farmer who uses natural fertilizers versus chemical. The former solution offers improved soil and healthier plants – the latter, with the WIN/LOSE solution, offers reduced soil fertility and the potential to affect others indirectly. Another example might be the use of certain synthetic drugs and the side effects that result versus a more holistic approach to healing. According to World Harmony, the key to this principle is understanding WIN/WIN creates more solutions, WIN/LOSE more problems.

The WIN/WIN principle and it’s application in a parallel society is already beginning to manifest in the One People’s effort to revise banking practices through the establishment of declared Universal Value. The former centralized banking system, deemed fraudulent and unwieldy, could give way to new practices, such as transaction fees given to banks for moving money, instead of systems of counterfeiting and collusion.


The draft principles also include One Is All – All Is One. Here one will find the concepts of unity, cooperation and group consciousness considered missing in our present society but essential to humanity’s survival.

Viewers of Nova Earth News are encouraged to participate in building these New Paradigm Principles. You can find the working draft evolving on the World Harmony Foundation website where comments are welcome HERE.

If we choose to remove ourselves from a system of values that no longer serve us, instead choosing to shape our future as DOing and BEing in harmony with ourselves and nature, we must begin with fundamentals. Through this consensus process in building principles of Eternal Essence, the One People have an opportunity to create change in direct accordance with that essence.


[Editor’s Note: The upcoming OPAL Inaugural Event (16, 17, & 18 August), at Lake Conjola, New South Wales, Australia, will be an opportunity to participate in discussions about these principles as well as details of a new society prototype.



Working Draft 28 July, 2013

 The principles described below are the fundamentals of life itself. They provide an understanding of the foundation upon which a world living in harmony with nature, All-That-Is may be created and function.

All that is necessary for this to come about is for individuals to know, feel, understand and LIVE these principles which, incidentally is perceived as humanity’s first nature, not its second nature.

Also, it is advisable for the reader to bear in mind that when studying any new subject or activity they will glean a more comprehensive understanding if they first obtain a thorough grasp of the fundamental principles upon which that subject or activity is based. Without this understanding they are likely to experience difficulties in utilising the information. Conversely, when they have a full grasp of the fundamental principles they are then able to operate quite effortlessly from the confidence that only comes from true understanding. This concept cannot be over emphasised.



Principle Based Leadership does not suffer from the limitations and problems that arise from the old hierarchical personality-based leadership. The idea is that when a number of fundamental principles are agreed upon by a group then they become, in a sense, the “guiding light” – the basis upon which that group will live and function without the need of “enforcement or control”. Below are a number of such Principles that are up for discussion, acceptance, modification, fine-tuned, added to, or whatever is deemed to feel/be correct. It is important that there is a 100% CONSENSUS agreement before they ARE adopted.



This Principle is so simple yet some people have a hard time grasping it. One way to explain this concept is by way of an analogy; that of the human body.

The human body is ONE thing, yet it is made up of ALL the pieces that go to make it up. For example, the whole body represents The ALL, i.e. GOD (All-That-Is). The cells represent us (you, me). So you could say that each of us are “a cell in the body of God”. Each cell contains (in the DNA) the information and potential of the whole body. Likewise we all contain the information, potential and qualities of The ALL, God (made in the image of God). Therefore, we are all mini-creators, co-creators with each other and with the whole (God). Then there are the organs of the body that represent group (collective) consciousness. The heart could represent Earth human consciousness, whereas the lungs could represent Pleaidian humanoid consciousness. Parts of the heart could represent the Five Human Races… all of which contain cells – individual humans.



Integrity comes from the word “integral” – meaning – “ being part of a whole” (ONE).

Integration, oneness, wholeness, completeness are all related concepts.

Human integrity is “the recognition that one is an integral part of humanity”. Being part of humanity, doesn’t mean one is going to lose their individuality, quite the opposite. For one to be an “integral” part of a whole, means they have to be the most complete individual they can be – their individual, “whole-self”. In other words they are “integrated” beings.

For the process of integration (becoming whole) to work, one has to be willing to share openly, honestly and unconditionally (no strings attached). Integrity is also the recognition and understanding that we each have everything we need to be “who and what we are” without having to force ourselves upon anyone else.


SYNCHRONICITY (synchronicity” is coined from the words “synchronous harmony).

It is vitally important to understand what synchronicity IS because everything happens through synchronicity.

There is positive synchronicity and there is negative synchronicity. We all know about negative synchronicity – it is what we call Murphy’s Law – everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Positive synchronicity on the other hand, is not so familiar to us. We might want to refer to positive synchronicity as Paddy’s Law – everything goes right that can go right! It manifests as being in the right place, at the right time, meeting the right people and receiving what is needed in that moment to be who and what you are being at that time – all very harmoniously.

Synchronicity also involves the phenomenon of coincidences – those situations that seem to defy any logical explanation – again, being in the right place, at the right time, meeting exactly the right people for what is  needed in any and every given moment. Sometimes a coincidence defies the odds by billions to one – and for some people it happens all the time.


There is a formula for creating synchronicity. It has to do with following what inspires and/or excites us the most, with integrity. In other words, synchronicity occurs when we follow our “heart’s desire”. When one does this the “universe” (God – All-That-Is) provides us opportunities that, when acted upon with integrity, love and trust creates more synchronicity (co-incidents) with new opportunities, and so on, ad-infinitum. In other words, as long as we keep following our excitement with integrity, wonderful things seem to just to happen, quite magically, quite effortlessly – all the time!

Also, when we trust ourselves and know that we are operating from integrity, with love in our hearts, we will simply attract all the right resources to support us in the things that inspire and excite us in a never ending sequence of joyful, ecstatic events. The knack is to just trust this process in order to create our desired reality. It is what many of us have been dreaming about, but not really believing could come true. But it can. It is not just a dream – this formula actually works in the physical world!



It is important that we recognise that all situations and circumstances are intrinsically NEUTRAL and have no built-in meaning. The meaning (positive or negative) we give any situation or circumstance determines the experience we have in any and every given moment.



The notion of Win-Win-Win is being expressed quite a lot nowadays. But how many people really understand the principle of Win-Win-Win and how it differs from the old Win-Lose way of life?

Following is a comparison chart between the competitive Win-Lose and inter-cooperative Win-Win-Win Lifestyles:

Winners and Losers No Losers – Everyone Benefits (win-win-win)
Solutions that create more problems Solutions that create more solutions
Competing and/or Opposing Forces, Conflicts Cooperation and Inter-Cooperation
Rigid ideas, beliefs, structures Flexible ideas, beliefs, structures
Rewards and Penalties Mutual Benefits
Rules and Regulations Guidance and Assistance
Unconsciously Creating one’s own Reality Consciously Creating one’s own Reality
Domination / Victimhood, Dis-empowered Self-empowered, Mutually-empowered
Boundaries and Barriers, Restrictions Freedom, Autonomy, Self-determination
Parasitism (take and no give) Symbiosis (mutual give and receive)
Struggle, Sorrow and Pain Joy, Effortlessness, Play, Ecstasy and Fun
Dependence and Co-dependence Independence and Inter-dependence
Self perpetuating Conflicts Cooperation, Agreements and Sharing
Closed, Dishonest, Dysfunctional Relationships Open, Honest, Functional, Fulfilling Relationships
Scarcities and Surpluses Abundance for All (sharing)
Path of Pain, Suffering & Obligations Path of Excitement, Conviction and Commitment
Dis-integration, Separation Integration (integrity), Connection, Unification
Living in the Past and the Future Living in the ‘Now Moment’ with an eye to the future
Conditional Love Unconditional Love
Disharmony – Conquering (destroying)  Nature Harmony – Living in Unison with Nature



It is important to understand that there are two types of solutions, each having very different results.

a)     Win-win solutions create MORE SOLUTIONS

b)     Win-lose solutions create MORE PROBLEMS

A win-win solution usually address the cause of a problem and in doing so most often not only resolved the initial problem but others that were associated with the problem. For example, when a farmer improves his soil by adding natural ingredients like mineral rock dust (from ground up volcanic rock) that the plants not only grow bigger and better they also become more healthy (resisting disease), taste better, are more nutritious, the soil becomes ‘alive’ to the degree that earth-worms return, improves the soil structure which aerates the soil and produces better drainage, etc.

On the other hand an example of a win-lose solution is when a farmer simply adds chemical fertilizer to get more production (win) and in doing so reduces the natural fertility of the soil, killing vital micro-organisms that break down organic matter into humus (which hold nutrients and moisture). Earth-worms also disappear. They are important as they keep the soil open – by burrowing and help decompose organic matter in unison with the microbes. There are many, many more examples.



Judgement is the mechanism that we use to create and perpetuate separation, segregation negativity and limitations for ourselves. In our 3rd Density world have ingrained the mechanism of judgement into our lives so well that it has become “second nature” to us, so we hardly realise when we are being judgemental. However, our “first nature” (our natural self) is one of being non‑judgemental – a state that can be tapped into by those who are ready to make the shift back to this state of being.

Therefore, understanding this mechanism, how it works, and more importantly, how its effects can be re-versed (re-defined) can be of prime importance in learning how to create a fulfilling life of peace, cooperation, harmony. However, having said that it is recognised that some people will already be intuitively be doing this.


Validation is the recognition that every creation exists for a reason. Non-judgement allows equality, integration, unity and harmony to manifest.



“What you put out is what you get back” is the modern version of “What ye sow, so shall ye reap”. What this principle means is that “we each create our own experiences in life”. What we experience is but a “reflection” of what we put out and thus all we experience is our own creation.

Knowing this puts us  squarely in the “driver’s seat” of our lives. When we “own” our creations, then, and only then, can we TAKE CHARGE OF OUR LIVES. Taking charge of our lives gives us the freedom to “be who and what we truly are” – without having to hurt ourselves or anyone else in order to be it and live it!

When this principle is fully understood and lived, one realises that it is impossible to be responsible for someone else – one can try, but can’t actually do it. However, they can be responsible TO others by being the best example they can of “who and what they truly are”.

It is therefore suggested that all individuals are held responsible for their own words and actions – thereby keeping them honest and integral (wholesome).



The idea of a mutual support system is that ‘the whole supports the one and the one supports the whole’. This concept can be seen widely in nature (see the analogy below). World Harmony is similarly designed – with individuals, associates, affiliates and service centres all being autonomous, yet inter-connected and mutually supportive.

At first inspection one may ask is this is another form of communism?  Actually, it is a combination of the best of both communism and capitalism and a good example of the this and that principle mentioned above. Communism provided for the collective (one for all) at the expense of the individual and capitalism (all for one, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer). All For One, and One For All is a combination of both concepts and supports both the individual and the collective in perfect balance, the way nature does.



Anyone who has grown strawberries will be aware that once a strawberry plant is established it starts to put out runners. These runners are technically known as ‘stolons’. As these stolons grow, knuckle-like-joints called ‘nodes’ form every few inches along them. As the plant continues to grow, something quite magical happens to these nodes. They start to put down roots and grow leaves and quite soon there is another little strawberry plant growing there. They are supplied with nourishment by the parent plant until they are established. Once it becomes independent this new plant also starts to produce stolons, and so on, and so on.

The beauty of this system is that the new plant is supported by the whole patch until it is self supporting. It then starts to furnish nourishment to the whole patch as part of the mutual support system where nourishment simply flows to wherever it is needed. One of the plants could have its roots chewed off by a bug and it wouldn’t die. It would simply draw nourishment from the “patch” until it was self-sufficient once again.

World Harmony is currently like the strawberry plant that has just been planted. It is dependent – requiring support and nourishment. Once independence is established it will start to support other like minded, like hearted people to become independent too – and so on, to create an inter-dependent, mutual support system.

World Harmony is therefore about the ‘individual’ and the ‘whole human family’ – the strawberry plant and the whole patch.

World Harmony’s Blueprint is about being, creating or supporting:-

¬   A Mutual Support System

¬   A Facilitator for a New Conscious Awareness

¬   A Global Community Service Provider

¬   A Catalyst for Change

¬   A New Foundation to build upon

¬   A Transformational Vehicle to assist those in need

¬   An opportunity for those who have something constructive to offer

¬   A promoter of Self Discovery, Positive Growth and Expanded Consciousness

¬   Appreciative of Creation in Loving and Joyful ways

¬   A Global Network of independent people.  And much, much more.

World Harmony is also about linking and sharing with all those who are already operating from the ‘Win-Win-Win’ paradigm of integrity, love, peace, openness, trust and harmony. Everyone can help in this process by joining in with this activity and contributing in their own way, without being “controlled”.



The concept of ‘time’ is changing to one of TIMING. Time is fixed. Timing is flexible. What this means is, that when things and people are in place then, and only then, can an event take place. It cannot take place a moment before or a moment after.

For example, a car engine will only start when it is mechanically and electrically complete, there is fuel in the tank, the battery is charged and someone turns the key. If any one of those components is not present it won’t start and when they are, it will. Imagine what would happen if, for example, the battery is flat, or there is a fuel blockage. That’s right, no go. It is the same in our lives – every component has to be in place before a specific event can or will occur. Thus, trying to ‘force’ a situation to fit just slows it down – just like the piece in a jig-saw – when you get the right piece, it just falls into place, effortlessly!  So we can do things the easy way, or the hard way, it is up to us.

However, we CAN speed up the process by understanding and working with this principle not against it. To do so, one simply needs to ‘tune-in to the feeling’ associated with the idea of the project as often as possible, preferably together with their team mates (if it is a team project). For example, if your focus is on ‘free energy’ – get a group of people together who are also focussed on clean energy. Encourage them to explore the idea in their imagination, how free energy could be used, what type of equipment could be driven, what projects would be possible, eg. desalination of sea water on a huge scale for irrigation purposes.

Another point that will help things go easier and faster is the understanding that everything IS going to plan. That the timing IS perfect because no one can miss a date with destiny – by definition. Our destiny is that we WILL create the world we say we now, desire. We have all decided this even though it may be an unconsciously decision, for most. Understanding and trusting this, takes the frustration away. But some may still believe we have to let things get worse before they get better. And that is often the quickest way – but not the most pleasant. Again, either way works. World Harmony prefers to do it the easy way – smoothing the way gently and easily for others to join in, if they so wish.



World Harmony encourages individuals to:-

a) Follow their heart, excitement, passion and preferences with integrity, joy, trust and love.

b) Be responsible FOR themselves.

c) Be responsible TO others by being who and what they truly are.

d) Realise that everything exists for a valid reason that serves them in some way.

e) Be open and honest in all things.

f) Strive for independence and inter-dependence without compromising their integrity.

g) Operate from the Win-Win-Win paradigm of Inter-cooperation.

h) Be discerning with what and with whom they interact and respond to them from their heart.

i) Be objective, understanding, allowing and unconditional in relationships.

j) Include this and that in their dealings – by acting inclusively rather than exclusively.

k) Be true to their own feelings with compassion.

l) Endeavour to grow in positive directions

m) Share their knowledge and resources with others as long as it feels comfortable to do so.

n) Understand and trust they will be provided for when they live these principles.



This portion of the World Harmony Blueprint has been designed to provide the Fundamental Principles upon which a flexible global civilization may be established and lived. However, to obtain a fuller understanding of this booklet one would be advised to read it in conjunction with the other two parts i.e. The Constitution and The Master Plan.

It is recognised that not everything and all eventualities are covered in this booklet and that it will need to be up-dated from time to time to include other principles and/or guide-lines.

It is also understood that those who have contributed in formulating this Blueprint may NOT be the ones who establish or operate this new model. Accordingly, it is trusted that the spirit of intention contained with these pages will be maintained and may even be expanded upon throughout the years to come. Finally, don’t buy into the trap that this is “all too good to be true”. That is one of the mechanisms that has been used to keep one limited and suppressed for a very long time.