“Breakthrough Energy Conference” Coming This October 2013

Breakthrough Energy Movement Hosting Conference 10th-12th October, Boulder, Colorado, USA

Published Sept 9, 2013

[Excerpts from the BEM site…]


The Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (BEM) is hosting a three day conference with 30 notable scientists, industry insiders, and creative thinkers. The BEM program integrates the science, implications, and future directions for the implementation of Free Energy solutions.

This year’s conference will be held at the University of Colorado in Boulder, where we have reserved three conference rooms for presentations, one room to showcase movies related to BE technology, and another room to display technology and provide information about other organization related to this work. Technologies to be discussed include zero point, magnetic, hydro, plasma, and cold fusion LENR. Panel discussions will allow participants to formulate strategies for the sharing of research, rolling out prototypes, and funding the large scale manufacturing of BE products.

The public is demanding for decentralization of resources such as energy, medicine, food, water, media, and education. Conscious objectors from countries like Greece and Spain have launched public demonstrations in the millions who echo the sentiments of the global occupation movement.

Several speakers will be sharing resources for do-it-yourself BE projects in an open source format. The message of the BEM conference is balanced to empower participants with knowledge.

“I support The BEM Conference and its roster of many of my heroes.” –Foster Gamble, energy activist and producer of ‘Thrive’

At the conclusion of the Breakthrough Energy Conference last year, Sacha Stone addressed international ‘leadership’ with a powerful and eloquent monologue. He touches upon topics that were discussed during the three days of presentations as well as topics that should be discussed.

Click HERE for more audios/videos from last year’s conference.