Paradoxes and Unity in Oblivion….

by / Monday, 24 July 2017 / Published in Eternal Essence Embodied

Paradoxes and Unity in Oblivion….

by Ollie, published on I Uvsweden, on July 24, 2017


There has been lots of amazing data shared recently concerning unfeathered access to our TDA accounts. But with it there has also been data revealed about agendas behind the curtain linked to Trump/Putin and others… 

​I think I have an open mind to things in general.. but still I had a belief that I was on the “right side of the fence” when receiving data from part of my heritage the Andromedans these past two years. ​(I happen to know I’m a hybrid from different places Andromeda being one of them…) ​They are not good nor bad.. but some have agendas and others don’t!

​Somehow I thought they were the “good” guys in all the insanity we have to experience here at earth. I reluctantly looked at other data sets linked to Demiurg, Agarthans, The One, The GE’s etc and thought I had a handle on these things. Cause this is generally how my mind operates, I want to know and move as close as I can towards the source of information to be able to assess what is happening..

​It is like I new my mission in a broader sense .. and suddenly detected I know nothing/everything on the same time????!!!!
I admit I feel deceived when I should be happy as can be since we are getting close to the point of unfeathered freedom on many levels!

​I’ve often said “there are ‘eggs’ everywhere.. in every organization as are there people doing good deeds..”! As would be apparent .. there are all kind of guys having their agenda which is coming to the fore…

Now judging can be easy and since having the whole context of this experience seems to be more or less impossible.. BUT I’m getting that no matter alleged polarization/agenda with Blue Avians, Ashtar Command, Andromedans, Pleiadians, Sirians… Dracos, Reptilians, Arcturians.. HUMANS… etc… this is our show down here for the most part. We did choose to come here not somebody else who seems to guide us..

​… essentially there are no sides.. and only UNITY at the end as I see it… still it did get to my ‘ego’ a bit having these data dump experiences and revelations..  I’ve said it before.. this is more about VISIBILITY then money.. like a paradox.

​I’m currently ‘babysitting’ a wonderful little fellow.. with four feet.. he is singing along while I’m playing below song in the background.. <3

​It feels weird today but yes all is good.. and let us get this party on the road… and be open minded since nothing is as it seems.. <3 No more oblivion but full steam ahead to memories.. allegedly lost..

​Hugs Ollie


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  1. Tina Mason says : Reply

    Yes i feel the same way. I started reading the channeled messages in 2010 after i had a sighting in nyc i was sitting in my boyfriends chair in his room drinking a beer looking out the window i suddenly felt this great blissful feeling and saw several round white balls shining with white light
    low in the night sky facing the window they hovered and moved slowly in a group i stared and felt a beautiful feeling of love and friendship.
    I later had a dream i was in a house standing in the dinning room and a young woman with several blonde men all around her walked in.
    She was looking down her hair was a light brown with blonde highlights as she walked into the dinning room she looked up at me and i it was me! With lighter hair she was an enlightened version of me. The men were angelic they looked just like the blondes on Lord of the Rings movies. Then she went into a small room and there was another person sitting on a sofa i think it was a man and , i walked into her and we became one! Sitting on the sofa i felt happy and was smiling. It was a great dream that felt was real. I have had several experiences of beings in my apartment and saw one he was standing in front of the wall glowing with white light and smiling at me he looked like an Angel. Life is a mystery and its getting better all the time.

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