Pacer Record of Filling and Doc# 64, 65, 66

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2Pacer Record of Filling and Doc# 64, 65, 66




 Doc# 66 – HATJ DOR, NO RECEIPT & SERVICE 11-30-17

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Doc# 66 - HATJ DOR, NO RECEIPT & SERVICE 11-30-17


Doc# 65 – HATJ DORWD 11-30-17

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Doc# 65 - HATJ DORWD 11-30-17


Doc# 64 – HATJ DORWD 11-30-17

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Doc# 64 - HATJ DORWD 11-30-17


Doc# 63 – RKB Request To Join 113017

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Doc# 63 - RKB Request To Join 113017


Pacer Filing History – 12-01-17

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Pacer Filing History - 12-01-17





16 Responses to “Pacer Record of Filling and Doc# 64, 65, 66”

  1. Cynthia says : Reply

    BZ- There it is! Heather rocks. I can hear Judge Shirley complaining about Heather writing all over the documents. LOL! Thank you for sharing. P. S. I am not able to download #66 No receipt doc. the little “click here” is grayed out. The rest work great.

  2. Jeffrey says : Reply

    You can’t “reject” stuff by writing rejected on it. This is just sad now.

    • Joey says : Reply

      Hi Jeff

      Can you provide context on why you think you cannot reject a legal document?

      Thanks Joey!

      • Jeffrey says : Reply

        Same reason given by Judge Shirley. If that were allowed, you could murder someone then simply reject the indictment.

      • Bill T. says : Reply

        You can write whatever you want on a document. But I don’t think the court is going to simply say, “OK, she rejected the criminal charges against her so we’ll just have to let her go then.” If that really worked, why hasn’t anyone done that before?

        If even a couple of people were successful with that before, then the word would get around. Every defense lawyer wants to get their clients off, so every lawyer in the world would want a foolproof technique to do it. So absolutely everyone would just “reject” the criminal charges against them and nobody would ever have to go to jail.

        Or is Heather the first one to be able to get this to work because she’s got all this quantum magical BEing and DOing stuff figured out and that’s the real reason that it will work for her when it’s never worked for anyone else before? And if mastery of harmonic frequencies is the reason Heather thinks she’ll be the first to be able to reject criminal charges and walk free, then if her rejection idea doesn’t work, then does that mean the BEing and DOing stuff doesn’t work either?

        • Fidel says : Reply

          “why hasn’t anyone done that before?”

          Because no one has done what Heather has done before.
          Because there is a lien put on the BAR associations by a multitude of Lien Claimants in violation of 15 USC 1 & 2 for a total monetary penalty of SIX-HUNDRED MILLION ($600,000,000) that resulted in an “Asset Forfeiture & Seizure” of “Accounts Payable” of TWO-HUNDRED-SEVENTY-NINE TRILLION ($279,000,000,000,000) US GOLD DOLLARS for not having replied within the timeframe of 90 days. (see docs : ;

          So, this is done NOW by Heather, because NOW is the TIME!!!

          • Bill T. says :

            If Heather is the first one to have tried this, how can she be sure it’s going to work?

            I looked up some more information about the $279 trillion lien. That was filed in 2015, and it was perfected in January 2016, nearly two years ago. I’m not sure what “perfected” means but it sounds like it means the lien is bulletproof because nobody disputed it within the comment period.

            Judge Anna said sometime after that that there was a 20% bounty to be paid to anyone who actually went and collected it. That means someone could make almost 60 trillion dollars if they went to the BAR association and collected it. That’s a lot more money than I can imagine. Yet there’s no record of anyone announcing on Facebook or someplace like that, they were on their way to the BAR association office to collect, and no record that they actually did collect anything. With that big a prize, why did nobody take it on themselves to go for it? It sounds like someone who is handed the guaranteed winning lottery ticket but won’t go to the store to try and redeem it.

            And I’m not sure how this uncollected lien means that Heather can get out of trouble by just writing “rejected” on the court papers. I’m really trying to understand but I don’t see the connection. Maybe I’m missing something.

          • Jake says :

            Fidel, the problem with the internet is that it is impossible to discern if you are being sarcastic or serious.

          • Fidel says :

            Since when do we wait to know for sure the outcome of a situation before we go for it? Do you wait for the person concerned to requite your love before you give it to them so you know you are sure it works? It does not always work! Some people have lost their lives trying to save others (fire, drowning, etc.); it did not work! Some people started business ventures: some succeeded, some did not. It does not always work! Is that a reason never to try?

            No body collected the 20% bonus because like you people are waiting for it to happen: they are observers instead of being actors. No body went to the BAR accompanied by a Sheriff and a dozen of armed cops to say “Hand me the money now, you are done!”… because, just like you, they do not dare. Have you spoken to your sheriff about this issue? You are concerned by this issue… What have you done about it apart from waiting for it to happen? It won’t happen without you…

            You say “With that big a prize, why did nobody take it on themselves to go for it?” and you are yourself giving the answer here in your post: because everyone is doing just like you: waiting for others to do it.

            What you must understand about Heather in this case is that she has declined an offer to contract. It’s all about commercial contracts. Maybe there is something you should learn about that. There is no justice to be had in this case or other cases and in this system. Never. It’s all about MONEY. It’s all about getting your consent to access your trust account for personal enrichment. And Heather just happened to say “NO, I will not grant you access to my account to grab money off me, off my value.”

          • Fidel says :

            To Jake : make a guess…

    • noel says : Reply

      Jeffrey, You can reject anything that you are offered. We are dealing with Corporations in Commerce everything is a Contract, if you reject their offer,…. you do not consent…. it has to be in writing though. That is what I have been taught.
      A lot can be learnt here.

      • Joey says : Reply


        Thank you that was what I was getting at. Lets all play and think together….everything is changing and Heather is writing the law as it always should have been back to prime.

        Also don’t forget we have been inslaved for MANY many years, thus why so much murder and hate is going on. This too will pass …you will see less and less hate, crime and dark energy as we move to prime law UCC as it was meant.

        Luv Joey!

      • Jeffrey says : Reply

        The judge already made it clear that they are not a corporation. Heathers basis for believing the United States was a corporation was a misreading of a statute. She is dealing with a federal government court, not a corporation.

        • james says : Reply

          The Administrator being said judge absolutely is telling stories, every branch is a corporation including the BAR Association, they have a Dun & Bradstreet corporate number, the FBI DOJ FEDERAL UNITED STATES, United States, United States of America, U.S. every one of them have a corporate number, if that was not the case we would be receiving our inheritance for the resource payments long overdue for 240 some years now.

  3. noel says : Reply

    Hey guy’s, Just found this, from Common Law Judge Anna Von Reitz, more proof that THE UNITED STATES INC. has no AUTHORITY.

    • Joey says : Reply

      Hi Noel

      This a good read for context, however if everyone really dives into the vibration that HATJ is getting to when she peaks to us, which I hear this every time she talks is “EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED” what was is not and what IS is NOT. HATJ is telling us, YOU are in control, YOU have the Power to CoCreate and NO other entity on this plant has a right to pass judgement on you (regardless of any situation) H is providing us a Rosetta Stone, THE Template that is PRIME and cannot be rebutted. This was ALL scripted, and many of the intellectuals such as Anna V know this, however when you have such vast knowledge of the old it sometimes very hard to put that book down and see what WAS is NOT and what IS was false

      Thanks for read!

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