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Now is your chance to share your stories of experiences with our friends in ‘High Places’.


Simply fill in the following fields with as much information as you can.  Your stories will help to expand the awareness other entities and BE’ings are here to guide, teach and integrate new technologies and ways of BE’ing.  The energy and knowing will exponentially and globally, bring each of us a new vision and confidence of our place in this wonderous universe.


Carl Sagan said: “I believe our future depends powerfully on how well we understand this Cosmos in which we float like a mote of dust in the morning sky.”


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  1. I have seen their ships.

    Back in 2000 (location-Victoria Australia) a few of us saw heaps of ships at high altitude flying around in crazy ways and speed. They appeared at about the same size and intensity as an average star would look like. We all watched them for ages as they zipped around until they could not be seen anymore. There were about 10 or more.

    Recently was the best experience I have ever had.

    18 March 2013 Location-Newcastle Australia.
    I was sitting out on the back verandah at 8pm and I noticed an aircraft which appeared to be a helicopter coming in from off the coast. Nothing unusual as I live near a military airbase with an airport as well as an emergency helipad nearby.
    So I watched the aircraft coming in and noticed that it was coming in slow with a bright searchlight activated, which is why I thought it was a helicopter even though it was too far out to hear it at that time. I watched it come in closer and hoped to work out what it was. Then all of a sudden this huge unknown craft just faded into view on the port-side of this other aircraft (helicopter)! It was huge, completely dwarfed the supposed helicopter! This unknown craft was circular in profile and seemed to be tilted up on the side facing me and had 4 large dome shaped lighter areas underneath in a semi-cicular arrangement. It was breathtaking to see it suddenly appear and then fade away.
    The other aircraft must have noticed this huge craft as it took evasive action and veered off away from this craft. It was almost like the large unknown craft was warning the smaller aircraft the steer clear. A very strange event to see unfold. I watched for a while longer and did not see the larger unknown craft appear again and the small conventional aircraft flew around in a wide arc and flew away back towards the military airbase. I did not see any reports of this event show up online in any of the UFO sights or on Twitter.

  2. This is a solo performance piece that I recorded and posted last month. Not sure if it fits with your intent here. I am a lifetime contactee/experiencer.

    Thank you for creating this beautiful new site!

    • Linda Mauer says : Reply

      Hi Eileen
      That is fantastic. Thank you for posting your recording. Just loved it. When you present your stage production I will teleport over from Australia. Thanks again.
      Love Linda

  3. ElveTwelve says : Reply
  4. ElveTwelve says : Reply

    News from Friends in High Places. Fantastic unbeliefable beautifull picures from the moon. Nasa own footage seen through a ‘high definition’camera. Enjoy! Disclosure.

  5. jayne says : Reply

    Interesting. Is this a sign of things to come? I hope we see more and more of this everyday. It looks like there was local news coverage on it too!

  6. jayne says : Reply

    Here’s something else that’s getting the mainstream heading in the right direction too

    It’s telling how unfair the tax rate is in the US, showing a graphic of the little individual people (not corporations) footing hte bill. A great way to start the discovery process leading the masses to understand that this is all foreclosed corporations that have had their way with the people waaaay too long. 🙂 It’s great to have so many hints at all the great changes that are already happening. Bring on the transition!!!!

  7. Jody says : Reply

    I have had 3 sightings of ships and have felt the “presence” of my space kin on several occasions. I have also had visions of another world where I believe I have lived before. Each time I have either seen a ship or felt their energy I have felt such an overwhelming love and bliss that is impossible to put into words. I love them so very much and cannot wait until we can have ongoing contact with their beautiful energy.

    Thank you Julian, Chris and Bob for all you DO and for bringing us information regarding these amazing BEings!

  8. kimarie says : Reply

    ((( InLak’ech )))

  9. claudia (aka canei) britt says : Reply

    Since I made my Declaration on this site earlier this year, I knew it was safe to come out of secrecy and share part of my DOings thus far.

    I have been having encounters of the non worldly kind since my body was that of a small child. I later realized that I didn’t ‘quack like all the other ducks in the pond’. I had to grow into acceptance that I was not quite human. Before it was popular and saturated over the internet, I was aware of markings and things on my body. Some of the markings have changed as the body has aged.

    As I child I discovered that I could do amazing things. Things that most of the time got me in trouble with my family and friends. I would sneak away for various periods of time after I learned to traversed portals while in the physical body of the child. I have been shielded by some of the beings not of this planet since childhood. I witnessed crafts then and now from time to time.

    I had more of the ability to talk to them in the flesh as a child. They would speak to me telepathically and I would answer audibly. Now they communicate with me intuitively and visually. Recently, when I made the decision to sculpt some of the images, I was bombarded with beings from everywhere wanting to be represented. Some came with information others just simply came. I have been creating them as fast as I can in order to provide an introduction of these beings that I have encountered over the years. And I am doing this through my sculptures, paintings, and stories. I have an alternative email address for this project which is I am in the midst of creating a website that will be dedicated to my projects..

    Thank you for allowing me a platform to share. More to follow

  10. Tusen tak for at Dere gir meg en plass til å dele mine opplevelser.
    Jeg vet ikke om det passer seg å skrive om min historie fra barndommen her, men håber med dette å få svar
    på noen grunnleggende spørsmål vedrørende min opplevelse / opplevelser.

    Jeg var ca. 4 – 5 år da dette skjedde.
    Jeg lekte i sannkassen som min far hadde lavet.
    Da dette skjedde, så bodde vi et godt stykke inne på skogen.
    Mon far og mor eide fire mål skog.
    Det var kun en liten grusveg opp til oss den gangen.
    Jeg hadde spist frokost og lekte i sannkassen, men fikk en høy pipetone i begge mine ører.
    Av en eller annen grund så kom jeg til å se rett opp, og fikk se noe som lignet på et 200 liters fat som
    kom flyvende i tretopp høyde å bråstoppet like ved et høyt grantre som sto like ved siden av sannkassen.
    Pluttselig senket dette seg noen meter å ble stående helt stille ved grantre.
    Jeg var jo bare en liten gutt og hadde ikke peiling på hva dette var.
    I klokketid, så hang dette ved grantre’et i ca. 5 minutter.
    Pluttselig forsvant tingen rett opp så grantre’et svaiet frem og tilbake.
    Den høye pipetonen ble borte da dette forsvant.
    Etter denne opplevelsen, så følte jeg som om jeg hadde fått influensa.
    Hode mitt var ikke der det skulle være. Fikk mange rare drømmer etter dette.
    Det hele varte i ca. 3 – 4 dager.
    Etter alt dette, så har jeg altid følt at noe eller noen er like ved min side.
    Det ble litt skremende i begynnelsen, men dette har jeg vent meg til.
    Jeg kan bare ikke se hva det er, men bare føle å merke det.
    Dette opplever jeg hver gang jeg er ute avlene på en åpen slette.
    Mitt spørsmål er: Har dette hvert en form for programering?
    Er det noen som har hatt samme opplevelse som meg?

    Venlig Hilsen: Jan Leidecker.

  11. Ceilings for giving a space to share my experience.

    I was aged 4 or 5 years old when this happened to me.
    I always used to play outside in the woods on an open plain as this get me.
    Suddenly, I heard high beeps in both my ears could not believe how beeping came from.
    For some reason as I saw what looked like a round barrel that came
    flying at the height of the trees and stood quite quietly up close to where I was playing.
    I did not understand what this was, but I was very concentrated on this as I saw.
    This thing fell a few feet next to a tall tree.
    This thing was not completely quiet, but moved back and forth and without sound.
    Suddenly disappeared this thing right up against a blue sky and disappeared.
    The beep I had ears were gone.
    A few hours after this, so I felt quite strange.
    It was like the whirring in my head.
    This lasted the whole week.
    This I have not seen before or since.
    Things like this never forgets a child.
    After this experience, I have never felt alone anywhere.

    This is my story that I wanted to share with others.

  12. Themba says : Reply

    I’ve had a couple of profound dreams recently.

    In the first I remember being in what I think was a room. There was a man
    standing in front of me. I had a feeling he was an extraterrestrial or maybe
    my “higher self.” He was definitely some sort of higher dimensional being.
    I don’t know how he did it, but I got the feeling he was going to show me
    what it was like to fully remember who I am. There are no words to even
    begin to describe what I experienced next. Just complete awe. Then like
    that it was over and I woke up.

    In the second dream, I was in this dark place and I believe I was somewhat
    immobilized. I knew that something was being done to me energetically
    and by beings that were not from earth. I remember being a little worried
    or unsure of how it was going to affect me. The next thing I know its over
    and I’m in a bright place walking with a man. I’m not sure where we were.
    He was coaching me through reaching out with my spirit and kind
    of melding with things and feeling them. I could sort of send emotions to
    whatever I set my intent on. I started doing it with inanimate objects and
    then to living things. I definitely remember melding with a beetle (I think
    a scarab beetle) and some sort of wild pig. Towards the end of the dream
    I could feel myself waking up and I was overcome with the feeling that the
    reason I was learning this was because I was supposed to pilot a ship and
    it was done by emotionally melding with a craft and then I woke up.

    These dreams were about a week apart. Soon after I was having a soul memory discovery session and told the practitioner about the dreams. We asked my spirit guides a few questions about the dreams
    and they told me that it was the same man in both dreams and he was Pleiadian.

    Has anyone else been having “contact” dreams?

  13. Angie says : Reply

    I paid several bills successfully but my electric and federal school loan’s kept saying routing number invalid. Dose anyone know how I can fix this

  14. June Louise holder says : Reply

    I always knew that I had to be in another deminsion. Ive always loved n cared for the sick. Im trying to learn how to meditate. Since the eclipse I seem to experience more consiouseness. I seem to need Abit guidance. Can you give me advice.

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