Friends in ‘High’ Places



Friends In ‘High’ Places

Even a modest amount of reflection regarding our place in the Universe, plants the seed we may not be alone floating within the infinite sea of space.  If there exist benevolent Galactic BE’ings in our midst, what might be their intent? Could they teach us unity and the acknowledgement of Oneness? Could they help us open our minds and hearts, manifesting ‘heaven on earth?’

Here you will find information to further your understanding of our Star Family and how they are communicating with us. Now is the time to accept the invitation of our steadfast and sincere Galactic friends who have been ‘waiting in the wings’ for millennia, to reveal themselves to us and gently guide us through the next phase of our evolution as human BE’ings.

You know you have been waiting for this moment all your life.  AND SO IT IS.

Galactic Conversations

Below are a range of conversations BE’ing held around the world, as we speak.   Choose something that resonates with you and begin there. In these conversations you’ll hear exchanges between eternal hearts on earth and our galactic friends who are involved in the calls. You’ll notice their language of Oneness spoken and the absence of hierarchy in their group thought. From here it will become clear, our ‘world’ and consciousness are now uniting with those of our Star Families.

Introducing Julien Wells

Julien is an ‘eternal heart’ who has discovered a way to connect with star being collectives.  Julien believes energy precedes reality so looking beyond or outside the information received from his five senses, he has learned to trust the non-physical information coming to him.

He does not ‘channel’ the star beings but speaks in his own words and understanding, from his awareness of them.  As he says, “I am able to see what they are allowing me to see.”  More importantly Julien is clear the contact is possible because of his intentions to share it.


Enjoy the conversations:

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“If The Congress Won’t Do It’s Job, The People Will ” April 29 – May 3, 2013 Click here

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Paige: Is That an Effing Ship?… “Keep Your Eyes on the Skies” Click here

Watch the movie Sirius online   ‘The Sirius film is a portal date…a date in which a lot of people ‘get the memo.’ ~ Julien Wells   Click here

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Coming Soon: A photo section of images provided by viewers demonstrating the presence of our Friends.


27 Responses to “Friends in ‘High’ Places”

  1. Rene'e Buchanan says :

    Thanx to Julien, Chris and Friends here and in High Places. Awesome shows and info.Thanks and Blessings to the OPPT Trustee’s for their Loving Hearts. I AM FREE!!!! and spreading the news in every way I can. :))

  2. Philip Wolf says :

    When? or Will the “boys upstairs” correct our knowledge database? Like our history. Like our science. Like everything.
    Thanks Phil

    • Bronny NZ says :

      I think it’s happening all the time. Especially at THIS time on Earth. btw. I don’t think they prefer labels that pigeon-hole or delineate, such as gender references. They appear androgynous for a reason, ie: not by chance. They are self-created, just as Earth humans are self-created, but we are addicted to ‘form’ and ‘individuation’. For many of the Sky Races, ‘There is no separation’, nor do they seek spectacular ‘difference’ between each other, which they tell me is a manifestation of the ego. Humans enjoy manifesting their ego in their material form. Sky children don’t have that desire, as we do. Of course there are genders, but it’s often not very obvious, because they DON’T WANT to create a ‘separation’ or a ‘difference’, as this might disturb the energy-field in which they greatly value equanimous relationships. They’re not homogeneous either… but they prefer to show their energy signatures in ways other than in their material ‘forms’. btw. They’re not asking humanity (on Earth) to be or become this way. They accept us as we are… and ‘enjoy’ us as we are, in fact… but this is what many of the Sky Races have chosen, For example my friends, the Arcturian light BEings don’t have obvious differences between the genders (more than 2 btw), But it’s really not an issue for them. They don’t have to ‘choose’ to be any particular ‘thing’ to be… They just Are. They’re non-attached to form. Plus, they’re around 60% light/ etheric in ‘substance’… so it’s entirely another way of BEing : ) In these realms… there is no ‘time’ : ) If you think about being in the bosom of the Eternal Infinite…. is there a clock in this place telling us when all things must occur? No. Of course not. Events happen when they are ready to happen <3 Be at peace… All is well. Every human can see or hear these things. You just need to decide that it's possible. And tell them you are ready. Then they will show you all kinds of things in your dreams… and sometimes in your waking life when the 'veil' becomes a little thinner : ) btw. Arcturians can't 'come through' because our environment is too dense… but they can certainly 'appear' to us in the etheric plane of our mind and visioning… and they can give us physical sensations too, to let us know they are present : )

      • Bronny NZ says :

        Shall we call this, ‘some small corrections of the database’ ?? … happening just a minute or two ago as you were reading the above post ; ) btw. they have a very good sense of humour… very ‘dry’ and very funny : ) They like giving you unexpected little surprises in what they say that take you a few moments to work out. The ‘words’ of course are telepathic. Don’t worry, you won’t enter any delusional or schizophrenic states as a consequence of developing relationships with Arcturians : ) btw. they’re very tall (7 ft) and their light ships are luminescent spheres. They’re beautiful : ) They’re some of the original Biblical ‘angels’ : )

    • noel says :

      like wikipedia

  3. ElveTwelve says :

    To our Friends in ‘High Places’

    Welcome to the One People of Planet Earth. Thank you for your guidance to the transition.
    We Love you. We ‘re Sorry. Please forgive Us. Thank you.
    Ho óponopono.

    • Anoka Shiva says :

      I ‘second’ that. Well-come (!!) to THE ONE PEOPLE starting to get our act together – taking full and total response-ability for our work and what WE need to BE and DO – and appreciative of whatever help we may be given ! thank you !

    • Bronny NZ says :

      Heartfelt. Thank you. There’s nothing to ‘forgive’. Every thing is in order : )

  4. Shakti says :

    Saying that you are “talking” with other entities does not necessarily make it so just because you say so. It is still activity in the ming of the one talking. This is no different that all the people in the past claiming that “god” talking to them. I acknowledge the wisdom in the words, but it is Julien’s wisdom and experience, for it is his energy which is manifesting it.. Sanity is being able to understand the world as it is, not what you think it is. The power of the human brain is in its ability to form abstractions, which means it can make things up that are not present in real life. This ability is also what we use to solve problems, for it is the ability to form abstract concepts that allows us to do that. The animals cannot so that in the same way humans do. When we have physical evidence that these entities are here it will be true, until then it I someone’s thought bubble.

    There is only 1% DNA different from us and the apes, and the best an ape can do is like a 5 year old child. If the aliens are only 1% different to us in the same manner as we are to the apes, they will not be able to communicate with us. It would be like you trying to communicate to a worm. All the anthropomorphisation that we do has no reflection on what an alien may do.

    • Shakti says :

      “ming” is supposed to be “mind”

      • Anoka Shiva says :

        …. not a reasonable analogy or supposition, dear Shakti. That’s like pointing out that an ape cannot communicate with a dog, or with a butterfly for that matter.

        Once a creature is self aware and self-reflective with a consciousness that can communicate in a whole variety of languages, abstract concepts and very sophisticated mathematics, codes and symbolism — any ‘higher intelligence’ would/will/does not have any difficulty in communication, at the appropriate level !!


  5. Sue says :

    Anoka –

    Agreed! Taking this a step further, tho –

    If one listens with ALL ears, and sees with ALL eyes, and then interprets with ALL heart, understanding comes as naturally as you or I would share the “English” language.

    That said, I’ve seen that inter-species communication is incredibly effective here on Gaia, be it between a cat and dog (who I’ve often said are both in “species denial”!), a gorilla and a kitten as well as a gorilla and a human child, or even a lizard and its human companion.

    Fortunately, so-called “lower” animals are far more patient, forgiving and understanding than most humans I’ve met – and that shows all too often when I get the message wrong, lol!

    With proper intention and insight, the plant and animal (even human) kingdoms effectively communicate as well. Scientifically this can be proven, and books are in print on the various experiments. We humans seem to have the most problems due to our unnatural affinity with making things far more confusing and difficult than they really are.

    If you PAY attention (and have the INtention), you will inDEED get the message! Why would interplanetary, or even inter-dimensional communications be any different?

  6. Bronny NZ says :

    I’m feeling a little concerned today for the OPPT-crew in North Africa. I’ve been able to keep an ‘eye’ on them. Yesterday went blank… It was a ‘dust-storm’…. Last night was a deep purging of global pain, especially Lisa was involved in this – a night fire ceremony… Today in the day light, Brian laying on the sand on his back… regenerating… but also some FAR OUT stuff happening and the body just needs to revitalise. Please help AK. with beams of yellow-white light. I don’t think he’s doing that well in the heat. They’re all ok. It’s a hell of a time for some of them physically. Please continue to send nurturing vibes and reassurance. They WILL come back CHANGED, each one… physically as well as through their entire BE’ings xxx

    • Bronny NZ says :

      …. And why on this page, Friends in High Places ?? Coz that’s Who they’re with …

    • Aspentree says :

      They have come to my mind the last two days too, I have been consciously directing Love and Light there, like you I feel like they are transforming their bodies to deal with the IM_Powerment. I also sensed rather than saw the massive beings surrounding them for protection. There have been touch and go moments but I know that no matter what the major machines are noisily grinding to a halt. I remember that they are all Eternal Essence Embodied without limits.
      I think a lot of us are there with them in Dreamtime too.
      Love and Peace

      • Bronny NZ says :

        Thank you Aspentree. Thank you for your reassurances. I know they’re going to be ok too… but interesting how you say ‘touch and go moments’. That may be part of the cause of my dis-ease… or it could just be ‘separation anxiety’ ; ) Peace with you also <3

      • Bronny NZ says :

        Aspentree: I saw the flash of a large feline (lion) a rare sight in the northern desert… running in from the left to bisect with the caravan. Very unusual… They’re supposed to be extinct up there now. Perhaps he’s in spirit : ) At the end of you post: “… without limits” immediately came the words “The Roar of the Lion” (ie: the desert lion) and the words “The Hearts of Lions”. They have : ) Please add or comment if there’s more…. : ) <3

        • Aspentree says :

          I have been seeing a lot of Lions lately (in clouds, etc) and thinking about Sirius where the cat or lion people (Pashat?)sp) are and also the constellation Leo but for no good reason yet. Damn this veil, lol.
          I associate Egypt with all of the above.

          • Bronny NZ says :

            Yes. I got Egypt too after seeing the ‘big cat’. He was running powerfully at them, at full speed. It had just been another day in the desert ~ more silence, blue sky and sand, then out from Absolutely nowhere, this huge tawny lion (young male) came over the crest of a small sand dune and ran at the jeeps, coming in leaps at them from NNW – they were travelling ESE. Everyone got a huge fright, but it also woke them all up out of the lull the heat pulls you into.

  7. Bronny NZ says :

    Today, the thick rubber Jeep tyres kick up dust and sand as they travel further into the desert, across the head of Africa…. What are they looking for ?? (answer): Lay lines…. meridian fields, like on a human body. Points where healing can be sent directly into Mother very quickly and with great effectiveness by the OPPT-crew… Circle healings at lay line convergence points. Good work done in efficiently fast time. God speed you on your safe journey friends. Hang in there AK. It’s gonna be OK buddy.

  8. Bronny NZ says :

    Aspentree & BZ: Is there a place we can to share the images that the ‘remote viewers’ in our community are having? I have got many more i’d like to share with people and i’ve got the feel that you do too Aspentree : ) I don’t know this site very well, but i’m feeling it would be good to keep the integrity of the “Friends in High Places” page, so is there a better/ different place we can go to discuss/ share these things?

    BZ: Any suggestions or creative solutions hun ??

    Also, i’m wondering if people want to join together in a ‘circle of prayer’ around the world, with the central point (where the stone dropped in to the ‘water’ as it were) is the central Saharan desert, ie: where the borders of Nigeria, Libya and Algeria meet (google: map sahara). This means that i’m in one of the very far away ‘ripples’ here in New Zealand. But i’m imagining my very far away ripple and all of the smaller ripple circles closer to the Sahara, and i’m wondering if we can make an energy tower to help sustain the travellers… or a tower of light… or a tower of coolness… (it’s all starting to sound very Moses/ Exodus-like now) ; ) ~ or something like this. What do you think Aspentree and other Co-creators/ light workers? ~ And where on this site or another site can we go? : ) btw. I’m thinking ‘remote viewing’ specifically rather than ‘channelling’ per se as that can get a bit ‘messy’ :-/

    I thought about our travellers this morning and I got the words “Three weeks”. Wow… (long time). The last radio show I heard Lisa on was 28/29 May “Collective Imagination” radio show, so it’s been around 10 days since The Crew left Tangier, Morocco… let’s say on around Saturday 1st June 2013. Can we “keep the home fires burning” as it were, and do something on the ‘ground’ while they’re away? ~ This is just a suggestion… and what’s the feeling/ consensus on this ??

    Please leave your reply on this post so I get your e-mail notifications. Thanks everyone for activating you “Collective Imagination” on this. Much appreciated. Let’s get something DOne today ; ) xx Bron

    • Caroline says :

      Bron, I am happy to participate in a meditation. The group in Morocco have not been in my consciousness of late (have my own focus), but if you provide specifics, I will apply myself. Blessings, Caroline

      • Bronny NZ says :

        Hi Caroline ~ Just BE and DO hun whatever your heart leads you to do in your meditation. If you want to join with me in the “ripple” prayer circle, so be it. Detail above 🙂 Thanks. I just send this out at different times during the day when I happen to think of them over there 🙂

  9. Bronny NZ says :

    Listen from 31:00 The cleansing, purging fire… I saw Lisa in this fire ritual/ celebration 2 nights ago, ie: Fri/Sat 7/8 June… a week into their journey.

  10. Bronny NZ says :

    Artcurian Dream
    For a sceptic and unbeliever generally of there being such a ‘thing’ as ‘alien contactees’ and of the whole UFO ‘thing’, it was a very unexpected surprise that I seem to have been contacted !!! I’m “open” to such things, but i’ve never really been a 100% believer… I’ve read on a couple of the sites (linked below) that people most usually go to the Arcturian ships during their sleep time. This seems to fit fairly well for what happened to me.

    Dream 16 November 2012: Arcturian Light Ship. Mother Earth’s transition: Imminent.

    In my dream I was watching a YouTube video. It was fairly innocuous. It was about UFO/ space craft. The difference was that the video was not taken from an Earth perspective. It was footage taken in space by one of the NASA satellites – from the ISS or one of the ‘Stereo Ahead or Behind’ platforms, or similar. I ‘heard’ a voice behind me from the empty room, “Take note of this video… this is ‘the one’.” I looked closer at the video (in my dream) but could see nothing special about the video. I then clicked through a number of other UFO vids from an outer space perspective, and then ‘saw’ how the one i’d been referred to was the ‘centrepiece’ or ‘hub’ that made the other UFO vids ‘make sense’.The video was of a line of white glowing speres that looked like they were held together as one long horizontal craft. It seemed to be made of of 5 huge spheres. The craft was moving towards the planet Earth.

    There was nothing spectacular about the video – but all the other videos were given a greater depth of meaning because of this one. It seemed to be a ‘key’ with which to unlock the others.

    I was suddenly aware that I was now standing on one of the ‘viewing platforms’ of this craft looking out into dark space. I was looking at Earth some 100,000 miles in front of us. It all felt very natural at the time. I didn’t question it. The sphere I was inside of was one of 5 identical spheres all joined together, huge and glowing white in the darkness of space. I looked out to the right and could see 3 spheres and one to the left. I must have been in the sphere second from the left. I had thought the spheres were in a straight line… but apparently, they were joined together in a slight arc facing forwards… otherwise I wouldn’t have seen the 3 spheres to the right. I later estimated that the diameter of each sphere was around 70 meters or around 80 yards. They were huge. I was on one of 4 decks, I was told. Each ‘deck’ was divided into 3 floors and each deck served a different purpose. I remained in the viewing platform for the entirely of my dream. I requested some of the information as I was writing the dream into my notebook when I woke up. The information that came to me fits perfectly with what I subsequently read.

    There was Planet Earth hanging in space in front of the craft. The thing I really noticed about Earth was that she was shining luminously in blue-white !! It was as though she was shining with an inner energy that was her own. “The Earth is Alive!!!” I realised I had never quite believed this before until I saw the presence and essence of her aliveness in my dream. “The Mother is living !! A persona. An entity.” The ‘aura’ around the earth was very thick (much thicker than in these images) like a radiant mist. It took me by surprise how vibrant and alive our Earth is !! She is actually a Living Being !! I looked and marvelled…

    As I stood there marvelling in my dream, I had a ‘knowing’ (perhaps telepathically transmitted) that this craft was only one of very many coming to Earth right now to observe and assist – but mainly to observe, because a lot of intervention/ assistance is not going to be necessary. The planet is going to/ is able to right herself and her energies at this point in time. I was told that the “mechanics” of the planet had now been repaired and balanced to a point where Mother Earth’s self-repair is now possible. Much work has been done to re-calibrate Mother Earth and make her ready for the events to come.

    I felt that this 5-sphere ship, while it is not as large as some, is none-the-less a command ship. I later got the word “Arcturians” when I asked whose ship I was on. I knew nothing about Arcturians and was surprised that the word so instantly came to me. The Arcturians were around 7-8 foot tall (approx. 2.7m) with something like ‘energy wings’ in behind their bodies. These could be described as ‘auric energy fields’ which shone white and luminescent… They were very transparent rather than like our traditional image of ‘feathered wings’ and they rippled like some strange science experiment with coloured energy-light discharging through them. The Arcturian ‘bodies’ were also translucent and rippling with these coloured energy-waves. There was a lot of calmness in the energy field of the Arcturians. This calm, quiet intensity pervaded the whole ship in a pleasant, yet focussed way.

    I perceived that many races had come here to observe the Earth at this time. Mother Earth is “their” collective creation. Everyone is interested. There is a feeling that there are a lot of ‘vested interests’. I was told that what is about to happen on Mother Earth is in the realm ‘experimental’, but with a very likely outcome since the Earth has been calibrated in a particular frequency to produce this outcome. These ‘works and services’ have been carried out on Earth over the last 100 years, and in the last decade in particular.

    I was told, “A New Day Dawns… It is not for the one, but for the many that events will occur as they will… unfolding now most particularly…” I was also told, “Hold on tight.” I asked, “To what?” The reply? “To your hats.” I like their sense of humour.

    I then also asked… “Am I contactee?”
    There was no reply as such, but I just felt a gentle nudge… “Maybe… if you want to be.”

    I’ve now become accustomed to this idea, and am quite happy NOW on this Monday 10th June 2013 to say, “I am happy for Acturians to continue to communicate with me.” Thanks : )

    I recorded this event on my blog the following day:

  11. noel says :

    Another thing when I go to bed I am so tired from working, everything goes black and then it is time to get up, I don’t dream and if I do I don’t remember. Try working hard as it will stop these crazy dreams you are having.

    • Bronny NZ says :

      Hi Noel, The dreams are very special when they ‘arrive’. I’ve not had another one like this since mid-November last year. I’m in the habit of working 12-16 hours a day : ) Thanks for your thoughts Noel… Peace Brother.