The One People’s Public Trust (OPPT): Your Frequently Asked Questions…ANSWERED

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The One People’s Public Trust (OPPT): Your Frequently Asked Questions…ANSWERED
The original article can be found here on Wakeup World:

26th February 2013

By Andy Whiteley

Co-Founder of Wake Up World and Being of the Creator

The momentum of the One People’s Public Trust is undoubtedly escalating. And fast! As our new social framework begins to manifest, the positive energy it is creating around the world is palpable.
And it is no surprise. The old game is over! A new social model has been enacted. And the global community is embracing it with vigour. We are digesting life-changing information at a rate of knots, and starting to re-claim our rights from our former masters.
By design, the OPPT provides a lawful framework through which a new social energy can be expressed. Its foundations are aligned to the true essence of our Being, and as a result we are forming new and creative bonds. We’re sharing information, ideas, hopes, love and encouragement… even with total “strangers”.
This new social model – compelled by such a positive, unified energy – can only be wild and wonderful… and I believe it will be wildly successful.
Understandably, there has been a great many questions raised since our first article was published. First steps are being taken, the old structure is being challenged and implications are crystallizing in our minds…. and there are some common themes emerging. Here I will address the most common questions our readers are asking.

“The UCC is a mechanism of commercial regulation in the United States of America. What effect do the UCC filings have outside the United States?”

The UCC is the Prime Commercial Registry on the planet. Its international, national and state portals, branches and franchises under the UCC-preserved “Agent to Principle is Principle to Agent” doctrine are all uniform. Notice by public registration entered via any one of the system’s portals is deemed as notice to the entire system. Basically, if you enter one portal you enter the whole system.
Washington DC is an international portal for UCC filings, therefore “any and all domestic and international equivalents” (as specified in the preamble) covers all the corporations linked to the UCC… which is ultimately all corporations world-wide when the interlinking of ownerships centred around the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) are taken into account.
If you read the following excerpts you will see the lodgement location is Washington DC. You can also start to see how the filings cross-reference many of the previous filings and pulls them into this one document “as if set forth here in full”. This example demonstrates the interlinked nature of UCC filings. It also shows the language that links in the whole corporate system into this filing.
This excerpt clearly shows how the BIS is named, then its underlying network structure of corporations are gathered into the execution of sentence. The net is thoroughly cast over the entire corporate system.
Now, if you think that UCC is not used by corporations in other countries, think again. Let’s look at Australia for example; these are UCC filing records of UCC financing Statements registered on the Washington DC registry relate to the ANZ Bank, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac Bank and the US Federal Reserve Bank NY. Records of UCC filings by international corporations are numerous in the Washington DC Registry.

The Uniform Commercial Code is recognized as law by its international regulatory equivalents… many of which were modelled on the UCC. For example, the laws relating to Personal Properties and Securities in Canada, New Zealand and Australia were all directly modelled on Article 9 of the UCC.

Given the long-standing recognition offered to the UCC, the former governments of the world could not claim the UCC process against them invalid or irrelevant without (1) invalidating decades of their own commercial activity and (2) demonstrating that – as slaves – we were not entitled to apply the same rules to others that were consistently applied to us.
More importantly, the terms of the One People’s Public Trust restores our natural state of Being into law. The entity to which each Being on the planet is primarily accountable is now their Creator. That relationship is now lawfully ratified. And by definition, the Trust between you and the Creator is superior to any Trust that may be created or imposed by another Being or Beings… including the former Trust of government.
So… regardless of whether your government was corporatized or not, no Being can lawfully stand between you and your Creator. No Being may impose a system of control over you without your knowing consent. No Being can interfere with your experience of free-will, or of Creation itself.
Not now, not ever.
Therefore any government – corporatized or otherwise – that imposes controls on your Being is unlawful. And by extension, the corporations and banks that were facilitated by the Statutory Laws of those governments are also invalid. They were part of the same system of debt slavery. When government ceased to exist, so did its statutory constructs.

The global foreclosure of banks, corporations and governments therefore remains unrebuttable and stands with full lawful recognition in international law.
Over time, the One People will re-claim and reform the necessary functions of commerce. But until we do, just remember: our former masters have no lawful position of authority over us.
Know it. Feel it. Live it!
You now share a lawfully binding Trust with your Creator; one which forbids any interjection of another Being, not just as a rule – but because an unobstructed relationship between Being and Creator is the true nature of Creation.
Lawfully speaking, until your Creator – as a party to the Trust – arrives on Earth to make a specific claim on you, you are on your own recognisance to DO and BE as you choose, as a sovereign Being of equal standing.
And the CVAC (Creator’s Value Assest Centres) governance framework will assist us do to that.

“How can I be bonded to the One People’s Public Trust without my express consent?”

Any filing with the UCC that remains unrebutted stands as law. Claims made via the UCC – including the creation of Trusts – do not require expressed consent to validate them, they require rebuttal to invalidate them. UCC process requires that filings are publicly disclosed, and if left unrebutted, the filings become law.
It’s the same process used by (former) banks to foreclosure on mortgages; they made a claim of default which – left unrebutted – allowed them to seek the remedies of foreclosure and repossession against you.
Similarly, this series of filings made by the OPPT stand unrebutted. So the Trust is ratified and all Beings of the Creator are lawfully bonded to it. The only difference this time is that the rules were used to foreclose the system, not to protect the system.
That’s how the system works.
But please fear not! The terms of the One People’s Public Trust guarantee the protection of your free will in perpetuity. So let’s talk about free will.
The free and unimpeded will of every Being is explicitly protected by the terms of the OPPT. You even have the right to continue working for your former masters – provided you adhere to Universal and Common Law.
The difference now is that all corporate entities have been lawfully foreclosed and corporate debt erased. So if you choose to remain working for the slavery system, you will do it knowingly, willingly and consentingly, and as an individual – without the protection of personal indemnity previously granted under the system of corporate protocols. There is no structure or statute to hide behind. You are operating as a Being, in full liability of your own actions and creations.
It is therefore unlawful for you to impede the free will of another Being. It is unlawful for you to misrepresent yourself as a representative of a now-defunct entity, or to pursue another Being for a debt that has been lawfully dissolved. If you do, you should expect to be served a Courtesy Notice with the Terms and Conditions under which any future interactions with that Being may occur. If you continue to make false claims of authority or debt, you thereby demonstrate your acceptance of their Terms and activate a personal contract between you and that Being. And if their Terms include fees and charges for specific interactions initiated by you, you can expect to be invoiced for your behaviour accordingly.
Welcome to the world of full personal liability!

By law, it is now every Being’s right to determine their own terms of engagement. You have the choice to accept those terms, or to not engage with them. It’s entirely up to you.
Free will is now your right, and protecting the free will of others is now your responsibility.
Under the OPPT, we each have the lawful means to preserve and protect our own free will. With that in mind, any Being who tries to cling to the old paradigm of debt, power, authority and control may find this transformation period very challenging indeed!

A lot of people are saying on the internet that the OPPT isn’t lawful…

A lot of people say a lot of things on the internet.
As I noted in my previous article, UCC law is the domain of large corporations. Knowledge of UCC law is largely confined to high-end corporations, and only the lawyers groomed in those corporations are given any in-depth access to that knowledge or practical exposure to it’s workings.
OPPT Trustee Heather Tucci-Jarraf used to be one of them. She, and others who assisted her with the Paradigm Report investigations and structuring of the OPPT filings, have the requisite knowledge and experience to frame the filings in a way that turned a regulatory mechanism of the former commercial/slavery system back on its owners. And the result? The ‘True Bill’ UCC #2012114776 document (shown above) was successfully filed, which in UCC law is the equivalent of a criminal indictment including execution of sentencing.
(This filing can be obtained when you download all files from the
Various “legal commentators” online are currently making proclamations about the OPPT filings based on an ‘outsider’ understanding of the UCC, presenting their opinions as facts, and concluding that the filings can’t possibly stand as law.

But opinions aren’t facts. And the fact remains: these filings were not able to be rebutted by any of the specialist lawyers from any of the world’s largest corporations; those who truly know how UCC works, and who stood to lose the most from those filings becoming law.

So if anyone genuinely intends to rebut the validity of the UCC filings, they are encouraged to enter…

“… a duly verified rebuttal of the DECLARATION OF FACTS UCC # 2012127914, point by point, with specificity and particularity, by duly sworn declaration, with their full responsibility and liability, under penalty of perjury under governing law, or any law so long as it is identified, and signed by their wet ink signature”

In the absence of a rebuttal, the UCC filings stand as law.

How can the Trustees suggest that everything will just be provided for us? Surely someone has to work?

Let me tell you… I will be happy to contribute to an assistance network that genuinely facilitates my experience of life.
I will gladly support a system in which absolute transparency of process is mandated. And enacted.
I will gladly add the value of my Being to a framework that protects my free will and respects the earth, air, land, space and sea.
I will happily contribute what I love to DO and BE, so that other BEings can DO and BE too!
And I will gladly accept the support of the CVAC network in return for my contribution.
I will revel sharing in the beauty and abundance of our planet.
And I will knowingly and willingly accept my inherent responsibilities as a custodian of the earth, air, land, space and sea.
And I don’t think I’m the only one.
The enactment of the OPPT enables a new energy to shape our society… and it is manifesting quickly! In the past few weeks, I have seen more Beings DOing and BEing what they DO and BE than I’ve ever seen before! The energy around OPPT is escalating… and unprecedented. And the introduction of the first CVACs will only inject more energy into this rapidly growing shift.
To those who worry that Anarchy will prevail… please consider this for a moment.
The enactment of the OPPT does not create a lawless society. Common Law and Universal Law still apply. Police and military forces have not been dissolved by the OPPT, their mandates have been changed. A new framework of social governance has been enacted.
But it’s not just about the framework.
Under the pressure of extreme circumstances, human Beings consistently demonstrate the best of human nature. Give us a flood and we help others to mop up. Give us a hurricane and we help others rebuild. Give us a slavery system and we unify – and set ourselves free.
We are naturally a co-conscious community. THAT is human nature. But the potential of how this consciousness could manifest in social change is still a big challenge to many of us.
We were trained from birth to compete with each other for resources (ie. get a good job, earn more money than others, spend more money than others, consume more than others, repeat). We were taught to be guarded, and to keep our truest nature – and out bodies – “private” from other Beings. And we bombard ourselves with images of war, violence, fear, confrontation, destruction and loss – all under the guise of “The Evening News”. We teach our young to be afraid of real people (“strangers”) and idealize illusory media figures (“celebrities”). ‘Our cultures reinforced the virtues of security and predictability – the status quo – and we are wary of the new and unknown.
Of course, instability was built into the old system! The system was deliberately divisive.
But a shift in universal consciousness occurred in 2012 that woke many people up with a jolt. We became acutely aware of the difference between our conditioning and our true natures. We realize we don’t have to be afraid of each other and that, left to our own devices, Humans are wonderful love-seeking Beings. We are awake to the nature of our social and economic structures… and best of all, its perpetrators are scrambling for cover from a barrage of global scrutiny.
Without a system of silent control and expectation pressing down on us, we can finally breathe… reconnect with each other… re-assess our values… re-calibrate our direction… re-claim our Being.
In a system that protects both your free will and your right to equal enjoyment of the Earth’s abundance, the motivators of greed and war are nullified. When inclusiveness and natural justice inform our social policy, the mechanisms of governance start working for ALL of us. And when absolute truth and accountability are mandated, we finally start to see each other for what we are – not hidden behind closed doors and not shrouded in corporate protocols – as we are.
It is time to let our collective guard down and proudly start revealing – and experiencing – our true natures.
Just BE and DO.
There are already enough natural teachers among us to mentor the next generation. There are enough natural carers to take care of the old and ill. Enough farmers to farm. Enough handy Beings who love to build, paint and renovate. When left to our own devises we will simply contribute what we DO andBE best.

That’s unified consciousness at work!
In the old system, many “jobs” were designed solely to generate or collect funds; banking, gambling, collections and real estate industries come immediately to mind. But when OPPT was ratified, all corporate debt was erased and we each assumed lawful equity of the planet. Therefore the basis of these industries was altered in a way that must precipitate wide-spread industrial reform.
We have little need for a Collections industry since the cancellation of corporate debt. Our requirements of ‘banking systems’ are now transactional processing infrastructure. The Real Estate industry will become a mechanism of providing housing to all. And Gambling – a huge problem in many developed nations – is now a game of chance that can no longer cost a compulsive Being his home.
Nothing more.
Essential industries like Energy and Telecommunications will also be reformed to serve the One People.
By creation of the former ‘elite’, Energy companies do not aim to provide all Beings with access to sustainable energy resources, and the Telecommunications industries don’t aim to ensure all Beings have access to infrastructure. Instead – by systemic design – we have been made to compete for resources. Demand always exceeds supply, and the constant inflation of prices is the exclusionary result.
Strangely… the more necessary a function is to our society’s core operation, the worse the pay is for the Beings who perform it!
Now, instead of choosing from a pre-selected list of ‘jobs’ that were designed to make the slavery system operate better, your new role is to DO and BE.
BE who you are. Do what you love to do. We contribute our BEing to a network that supports us in return.
We are now unencumbered by the controlling and divisive constructs of the former system. Energetically speaking, we are back at the ‘zero’ point… ready to start over. We can BE as we are,
the way the Creator intended.
Some sceptics are saying the OPPT is just a lovely philosophy, a ‘fantasy’ with no lawful standing.
It is not a pipedream. Pipe dreams are not typically “duly entered into Universal… [and] International Law Ordinance”. Pipe dreams are able to be rebutted. Pipe dreams don’t manifest this kind of energy. And they don’t mobilize a global community. This is something much bigger.
The OPPT lawfully enacts our birth right as sovereign Beings of Earth. It was always our right, but until now we were told otherwise…. and our lives were monetized accordingly.
Thankfully, the Trustees found the system’s ‘reset’ button and pushed it. The new model has started to manifest. The news is spreading. The energy is building. We have a lawful mandate to close down a rigged system. We have industries to reform and new support networks to devise and implement.

It’s time to reclaim our right to BE…. and that is exactly what we’re going to DO.


12 Responses to “The One People’s Public Trust (OPPT): Your Frequently Asked Questions…ANSWERED”

  1. sharrod says : Reply

    love is love….I just saw the presentation for the OPPT. I have to say, that I was taken back for a moment. I am so overwhelmed with energy and joy. My question is how do I connect with others. Also, this UCC filing thing has me stumped. I will admit Be’ing a Nurse is my creators calling. which I enjoy with a passion. Yet, with all the critical thinking that I do with love day to day. I cannot figure out the ucc1 and security agreement and how to find filiable forms or something. Please assist

    With much love and of you thinking and Be’ing Do’ing….

    I thank you whether I get it or not. Just knowing that there really are Be’ing who care for ONe another is love to me…

  2. J.P. Bumby says : Reply

    I’m just now reading this today, July 10, 2017. Indeed, the transition from old paradigm to new is slowly unfolding and I’m still in the process of wrapping my brain around it, but I imagine the potential and see that I have been DOing and BEing the past few years without recognizing that I was quite naturally transitioning out of the old. I just quit participating. I didn’t vote, I don’t pay taxes, I don’t do insurance (health or otherwise), and I want to scream at friends and family to stop believing in the two party system and that I no longer recognize the authority of government, but when I mildly suggest these thoughts I get shut down, so I don’t persist – they will come to their senses in their own time. This site is my orientation process, I’ll start playing with the treasury account when I feel competently informed. I just want to say thank you. I finally see a light at the end of the ‘rabbit hole’ I’ve been going down for about the last 10 years and I feel the angst and anger and frustration and loneliness of the last decade washing away and replaced with a joyful vision of what can BE. THANK YOU THANK YOU beautiful beings. onelove

  3. Sue J says : Reply

    I have personally prayed to God for more than 2 decades for serious relief , not just for myself but others as well. I have hopelessly spent the better part of my 46 years doing more for others then myself,…to the point of having next to nothing left for myself.. But understand I would do it all over again , freely and willingly. I have heard family , friends, and even my current boyfriend of the past 7 years say to me…”you can’t save the world when you can’t even save yourself.” Perhaps there was more TRUTH in that statement than I was ever willing to admit to myself,..and now perhaps in some small way I can and will be able to contribute to the freeing of others minds, body’s, and souls….thanks to this new found freedom! I have recently began my own journey,…wish me luck as I stand with you all! Let us together…finish this

    • Barbara L Clayton says : Reply

      Yes Sue, I have been giving to myself & been worthy to receive. I am so ready to be free of the old systems. WE ARE THE WAYSHOWERS. I AM LOVING THIS LIFE NOW!!

  4. Rickey says : Reply

    Hey… I’ve just tried to open an account with the RBC royal Bank, unfortunately I used the routing number with my account number… It refused to accept the routing number… Any ideas of what I can do??

  5. I have known about all of this for a couple years but I never knew where to start. I am getting my certificate of live birth tomorrow. What should I do next?

  6. Lisa says : Reply

    Hello. For some reason I am unable to find the link to upload a public notice. May I please get it from You?
    Thanks so MUCH!

  7. AlTruistic says : Reply

    WOW! Where to begin? WOW!


I guess I’ll start with I so wish the internet and social media was around in the late 70’s into the 80’s.


I grew up at the extreme tail end of the baby boom and never considered myself one of them. I have older siblings and was well aware of the folk and anti war music of the era but they were sort of distant. The 70’s music was just too plastic to me but then, the summer of 78 I first heard The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Ramones and such I was hooked.


So much of that music took the AYA angst of finding work when there were no jobs to be found and gave it an outlet. I was 21 and everything screamed at me! One of the first tunes that screamed was a Nick Lowe song done by Elvis Costello, (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding? Although nowhere near as perfect as I’d want to be I’ve tried to live my life as the song says sine I first heard it. I’d suggest you listen to the various versions out there by different artists especially Elvis and Nick Lowe.


From a career as a Biomedical Technologist responsible for the maintenance and repair of medical equipment for thirty years to the volunteer work I’ve done in a very small community that is dear to my heart I’ve lived an AlTruistic life.

    Over the course of time while you’ve been working on this Filing I’ve been working on a business concept that I think a the next step in working towards a more balanced and equal society. 

    Al Truistic’s Beer Bread Bakery was registered as a business (has a Canadian Business Number) with the primary goal of sponsoring a Charity’s, Ontario Parents Advocating for Children with Cancer, Administrative budget. In that time, as the Craft Beer trend grows, I’ve crafted about 15 uniquely different beer breads and am working towards commercializing them.


If what you are alluding to could make Al Truistic’s Beer Bread Bakery happen … WOW!

  8. Victor says : Reply

    Hello, I am inquiring in the effectiveness of the Courtesy Notice: has it been successful in dealing with the Tax Department including the Australian Tax Office.
    regards Victor

  9. Mildred says : Reply

    I have completed my Factualized Trust form created by Heather.
    Where do I file the document?
    Thank you,

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