OPPT UCC Filings in CNs











Filling # 2012127907





































Filling #   2012127854





































Filling #   2012127810




































Filling #   2012113593




























Filling # 2012114776



































Filling # 2012114586




























Filling # 2012127914



10 Responses to “OPPT UCC Filings in CNs”

  1. Lara says : Reply

    These are the photo’s of the first pages…were can i find the whole documents?

  2. Mattias says : Reply

    All interested in full documents,

    All documents are located in the registrar of deeds website https://gov.propertyinfo.com/dc-washington/. You must create a log in name and password to search for docs. The website is a “private” not public wedsite and you have to purchase said documents for 4.00 each. Search under “land records” by doc number. I purchased these documents and printed them out. It would be nice to have them uploaded to this site for free viewing. They are all powerful filings.

    • BibiCabaya says : Reply

      As of 12 March 2012, the UCC system is no longer private as it has been secured to OPPT for the One People by Charles C. Miller (UCC Doc. #2012025545). The One People being PREPAID, the filings process should be FREE. Maybe someone could remind them ?…

  3. daz says : Reply

    hi mattias – any chance you can scan them or screenshot them or otherwise make them public?
    failing that, email me a copy? daz@uymail.com
    thankyou in advance,
    love & light,

  4. Dug says : Reply

    A catalog here with each document number, UCC section, and legal term referenced in the filings. With title, description, and link to the document/UCC sec./definition it would be a huge help. The arrangement of the filings here, peoplestrust1776.org and oppt-in.com have been cumbersome at best for those of us trying to understand what’s been done.

  5. Bernadett says : Reply

    hi, I am from Hungary. I would need to be able to show the original documents (declaration of termination etc.) in my courtesy notices but I am not able to find them anywhere on the internet. Registering into the above mentioned DC website is not possible for me as I am from Hungary. Can someone please help? No one will believe this without showing them actual evidence.
    Thank you…

  6. Karen Mattox says : Reply

    UCC records 2012127914 and 2000043135 are referenced in the Factual Trust and other Declaration documents. Can we use these same numbers in said documents, with all other places as noted with our own information, or, do we have to file our own UCCs? Are the 2 UCCs documents universal, that we can keep in the documents that reference them? Thanks for any help.

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      you do not need to file anything in the UCC, it has already done by the One People’s Public Trust 1776 (OPPT), trustees before the UCC was foreclosed on and the One People’s Public Trust 1776 (OPPT)was complete and dissolved.

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