OPPT True Bill UCC Filing




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  1. Sidney Smith says : Reply

    Feedom in commercial law you has obey all their laws, read the bible it is the corporate manual of the slave of the UNITED STATES INC. since the organic of Act of 1871

    • noel says : Reply

      Sidney Smith Hi,
      When you say we have to obey the Commercial law do you mean Human Beings? The UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE or UCC is the law of Commerce for CORPORATIONS. Everything done in Commerce is by Contract.
      Corporations cannot CONTRACT with Human Beings, only other Corporations, under CONTRACT LAW.
      Under Contract Law there are four requirements; the main one is, Contract must be signed by both or all parties with a WET INK signature. Here is how they DECEIVE US, they never recognize a Human Being, only your all capital Letter name, all Corporations names are written in all capital letters, They only see you as that Corporation you are claiming to be MR. JOHN DOE and that’s how we are conned into Contracting with them. For those that don’t know. cheers

  2. Teresa says : Reply

    Hi, just wondering if the UCC has to be renewed at the 5 year mark?

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