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OPPT Commercial Bill


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  1. Joe says : Reply

    how about some explanation what this is ??

  2. P says : Reply

    I have an explanation, when you research everything there you will find that it is all FACTUAL information and did in fact happen, and the UCC was foreclosed on, and owes each and every one of us $10,000,000,000. However, instead of following their own laws the sons of bitches are disregarding it and expect us to follow their laws verses the constitution, which is why they was foreclosed on in the first place, because they made their own laws verses following the constitution. So in light of all of this, I have just emailed email@bis.org and also went to their website and contacted them with the UCC #’s declared in this lawful document and demanded access to my funds ASAP. I would recommend everyone start emailing them at email@bis.org and go to their website and send them the message there too, so they know that we are not quitting our fight against their unlawful and illegal practices against the sovereign and demand your funds and having access to them. If they keep on getting those type of demands with the UCC numbers ALL of them, then they are going to have to move on something, we the people have to stand up for ourselves. Here are the numbers listed on the lawful document above. UCC Numbers
    #2012079322, #2012079290, #2012079322, #2012088851, #2012088865, #2012086794, #2012086802, #2012094308, #2012096047, #2012094309, #2012096074

    • Joe says : Reply

      I am more then willing to do this, but have no idea how to write something up to send in to them. At the moment i am on the cusp of taking my home free and clear, using their old system against them, but have the new law as a back up if my plan doesn’t work. I can only assume they would be more cooperative using their own systems laws before i introduce new laws they wont like, lol. If you have a templet or something, i would love to see it and would love to use it.

      • Ron says : Reply

        Joe I would love to see your template. Please send it to me, since your posting I have read most of the documentation out there and cant wait to see what Basel 4 will do with this situtation.

        • Joe says : Reply

          @Ron, the lawyers are not recognizing the UCC filings. Get this, the lawyer im fighting is licensed in Ohio and Indiana. So, i called the Ohio bar to file a complain and Audrey Vargas, an Attorney for the Ohio Supreme Court Disciplinary Counsel told me that a company cannot be foreclosed on and they are not bound by any UCC laws or regulations. So, i asked if she would swear under oath, she then accused me of threatening her. I challenged her through sworn affidavit’s, of course she lost by tacit consent but whats so funny is, on the Ohio.gov website it says there was over 200 thousand UCC filings each year or some outrageous number, i forgot off hand. So now what? nobody gives a rats ass im sorry to say. I have not tried to take anyone to court because the jurisdictions being used are foreclosed under UCC law, LOL, how ya like them apples. You want to save your home? only 1 shot and its my last shot. A land Patent. The Supreme Treaty law behind it is Iron Clad as long as the process is done property, which i have done. My concern is, are they gonna boot me off my land and make me take them to Federal court to prove they have no standing or jurisdiction. Im facing a sheriff sale on 12-12-14. A friend and I will be attending as “the Witness” and show the LP and the proof of mortgage fraud. Fraud you say? yes i did, lol. I have a court document signed by a judge saying my mortgage company breached the contract yet no court or attorney give 1 shit. They talk around it. Im probably gonna have to sue the sheriff over jurisdiction, im giving him 30 days to cease and desist and it was sent today, signature required of course. Im also posting a legal Notice in the paper that the sheriff and US attorney of Northwest Indiana has been duly informed, all documents and legal info provided. They are criminals, so who knows what they will do. If they kick me out, I will sue big time. Defend Rural America has a dvd that the Jefferson mining district chairman says works everytime. We shall see, but keep in mind, i researched the shit outta this and viewed as many templets as possible, i never go at it blind and trusting. I have 100% faith it was done correctly, problem is we are dealing with criminals who lost their citizenship the minute they took their oath of office, see Dec 9, 1945 International Organization Immunities Act. Thats when the US went under UN control.

  3. John Samphier says : Reply

    Has anyone one yet developed a template that gets a response?

    Cheers .


  4. Virginia Anonymous says : Reply

    Just wondering how things turned out for you, Joe. Please post a reply! Thank you.

  5. alec says : Reply

    i would like to connect with a group in the uk.

    • Jim says : Reply

      Hi, Alec. Me too. There doesn’t seem to be anything organised in the UK so far. Do you wanna get the ball rolling with me? I have a couple of ideas.

      All the best.


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