Which Courtesy Notice?



A Courtesy Notice (CN) is an offer to contract, sent by you to an individual in a bank, corporation or government. It is sent in response to a letter of demand, a threat of action, a summons, or other unlawful demand, detention or arrest – some tangible thing that is causing you harm.

Firstly, the Courtesy Notice alerts that person to the foreclosure of their bank, company or government, resulting from filings by the OPPT. Secondly it informs that individual that henceforth they now act in full personal liability and can no longer ‘hide’ behind the former entity.

Thirdly, the CN offers that individual a choice; to do nothing, or to continue the action as though nothing had changed. Please understand that this choice is not offered to the foreclosed entity, but solely to the individual who still believes that the entity (his/her employer) has the authority to continue the harmful action against you.

That individual is named as “the Respondent” on the CN, which is addressed with that individual’s name c/- of the [alleged Corporate Name, alleged Bank or alleged Company] You are identified as the “Proponent”.

The Courtesy Notice IS NOT A NOTICE OF DEMAND. To do so would be the equivalent of YOU operating a “slavery System” – which is exactly what the courtesy notice exposes as “foreclosed”.

The Courtesy Notice does “order” that the action against you (by the entity) be CEASED AND DESISTED, but also offers terms and conditions that will apply if the action is continued by the Respondent (individual).

Accordingly the CN is an offer of contract – based on your terms and conditions. The respondent has a choice. Please make sure you have a copy of the Courtesy Notice Guidelines with you, as you are customizing your CN’s, to follow along as a checklist.

Choose from the following CN templates, depending on the action being taken against you or/and any action you wish to further prevent.

1) Courtesy Notice – Actual Incident:

To be used for an actual incident such as detainment, arrest or imprisonment where no documentation was provided. This is a form of “catch all” notice. It is not necessary to expand on the incident. You are communicating directly with the person responsible and they already know, because they were there. Do not use this for any other purpose.

It begins: With regard to incident on {< Day 00 of Month >}, 2013 at {< incident location >} involving {< Respondent name >} with address of {< Respondent address >} hereafter “Respondent”.

2) Courtesy Notice – Paper Action:

To be used for any paper action or communication you receive from a foreclosed entity such as a demand letter, invoice or statement. It can also be used for paperwork received as a follow up to an incident, i.e. receipt of a summons, infringement notice, citation or enforcement order.

It begins: I received a document that purports to be a {< name/title of document from Respondent >}, referencing alleged number/date {< 0000000 >} and also with regard to perpetuation of any and all SLAVERY SYSTEMS by
{< Respondent name >} with address of {< Respondent address >}, hereafter “Respondent”.

3) Courtesy Notice – Future Action:

To prevent any individual acting as an agent for the foreclosed entity from choosing to interact with you in the future. The fact that you already have submitted the Courtesy Notice to an individual such as a Police Chief means that any individual instructed directly or indirectly by that person is duly noticed by the NOTICE TO PRINCIPLE IS NOTICE TO AGENT doctrine preserved in UCC 1-103.

It begins: With regard to any future action by {< Respondent name >} name with address of {< Respondent address >} hereafter “Respondent”.

4) Courtesy Notice – Slavery Foreclosure General:

To be sent to any individual whose activities in perpetuating the former SLAVERY SYSTEMS that has directly or indirectly damaged your ‘measurable energy’. For example, if you feel the activities of Monsanto are affecting you negatively, you are entitled to send Courtesy Notices to anyone at the alleged Monsanto company, including all the alleged company officers.

If they respond you are entitled to invoice them. Note that the terms and conditions they are accepting are a daily fee. Once they trigger the contract you can send ever increasing weekly or monthly invoices and statements and if you so choose, eventually beginning the UCC filing process against them.

It Begins: With regard to operating or perpetuating any and all private money systems, issuing, collection, legal enforcement systems and any and all SLAVERY SYSTEMS of and against the One People* by {< Respondent name >} with address of {< Respondent address >} hereafter “Respondent”.

(*One People defined in UCC# 2012079290).

5) Courtesy Notice – Slavery Foreclosure Individual:

This version is similar to the Slavery Foreclosure General, except it specifies an instance where harm is caused to another individual, that you are aware of, which similarly causes you harm.

The overall concept operating here is that Harm to One is Harm to ALL. We are moving into a position where we can support individuals who are being harassed by the system when hundreds of thousands of people use the Courtesy in support of one person. This sends a HUGE message to those that would perpetuate slavery.

It begins: With regard to operating or perpetuating any and all private money systems, issuing, collection, legal enforcement systems and any and all SLAVERY SYSTEMS of and against the One People* specifically the
{< type harm here >} of {< Name Surname >}, by {< Respondents Name >} with address of
{< Respondents address >} hereafter “Respondent”. (*One People defined in UCC# 2012079290).


Page 5 of the Courtesy Notice has been updated. Please swap out this page for any CN that you use.

Click here to download

For download of CN visit this page https://i-uv.com/oppt-absolute/oppt-tools/oppt-courtesy-notice/


50 Responses to “Which Courtesy Notice?”

  1. Trish House says : Reply

    I am working with a bank now to have them release to me a house for my son to live in. My contention is that since the assets of the banks now belong to the One People that I should have access to an empty ex-bank owned property for my son and his young family to live in. I sent a letter and a modified foreclosure flyer to the ex CEO/President of the alleged bank asking him to mail me the keys of the property and a letter acknowledging the transfer of possession of he property to my care. Someone at the bank is now calling me back & leaving messages, so I am preparing a cover letter and a modified courtesy notice for both the caller and the ex CEO and I am including the fee schedule.

    I am also preparing a letter for the local sheriff department to inform them of the situation and to ask for their help, if needed, to collect the keys. I will also advise them that they too can have a home in this manner now that the paradigm has changed from a slave system to one of freedom and plenty for all.

    • JJG says : Reply

      this is brilliant! please post follow-ups to this so we can all know what happens please! If not here, on the FB OPPT pages…??? Thanks and sending good energy your way!

    • GPeachy says : Reply

      Hi Trish…. I am very curious how this worked for you……

      I am working with a bank now to have them release to me a house for my son to live in. It is a very interesting concept and one that we can build on.

      • Trish House says : Reply

        Hi GPeachy, The ex-bank ex-CEO has not handed over the keys so I billed him for $1.7 million of fees in the first month of non compliance and I’m about to bill him again. He is now liable for the full cost of the property because he chose to continue the slavery system and to hoard property that now belongs to the One People. I believe we will need to have Common Law courts place liens on folks properties and Oath Keeper Sheriffs enforce them if we are to make this work.

        I do think that The more of us that do this the more we put the banks on notice that the game is up and they no longer own us.

        This video is telling, it’s called Bix Weir: Gold-Silver Update and Complete Wipeout of all Debt In Banks Coming In Next Few Months & it’s full of interesting speculation about how the banks are working to print new golden hundred dollar bills with Revolution printed on them to take us through the “transition” while they work to enslave us again. The Bix Weir video link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDwRJE-dXxs

    • Angelique' Freeman El says : Reply

      I am in need of guidance of how to do this.. Will you please assist me in accomplishing this. I need to act fast. The house is to be sold on November 5, 2013 on the courthouse steps. thank you in advance

      I am so stressed out

    • Nsowaa Stewart says : Reply

      I am here to get some help… I’m in NY city I’ve been using my ss number with the routing to pay bills. I want to know more info about get big sums of money from the bank.

  2. Trish House says : Reply

    Thanks JJG, for your support. And I will definitely keep you posted on the progress of this project. Warmly, Trish

  3. Trish House says : Reply

    Also, the Absolute-data-exchange.com site has listed the contact info for the folks at the ex-bank that I’m communicating with so those of you that are willing to contact them and support this effort can do so. 😀 Trish

  4. Trish House says : Reply

    And, I posted many details including copies of the letter and modified foreclosure flyer on the OPPTbook.com forum called Want a House?

  5. Teresa "Grace" Myhre says : Reply

    I NEED SOME HELP…The RCMP just impounded my car. May 23, 2013 They say it was excessive speed. I was doing 130 something in a 100 km zone, however I was in the passing lane passing a slower vehicle and it was close to the passing lane ending so I sped up. I was then pulled over, and after sitting and waiting for an hour, they took my car. Thankfully I do have a witness who also agrees I did Nothing wrong. I was informed that they changed the law three years ago in regards to excessive speed. They also expect me to pay $368 to get my car out. I am on disability and I don’t even get enough money to survive. So I need someone who understands Canadian law to help me with which courtesy notice to send the RCMP…please. Like a mentor if that is at all possible. I only need help with the process once. Thank you…

  6. isaac says : Reply

    send them a car rental bill for having your car X amount of days , they dontown or have the title to the car , they have no right to take your car speeding or not , you state that the “LAW” was changed three years ago , ok so what , its false law , fictious law , send them a car rental bill , do it professionally , and im sure there are filings to do on the matter but someone else is gonna have to cover that matter for im still in the process… =)

  7. james says : Reply

    I was involved in a legal case (child protection) in the uk that went to the high court on legal aid, I later went abroad to find work but have no savings or even a bank account and lawyers just told me by email that the legal aid commission are going to come after me to collect 40.000 pounds and they are doing this because I wont fill out their forms and sign on the dotted line, have they been foreclosed on too and which form to use before they drag me away !

    • Gary says : Reply

      If ‘they’ are a Corporation, Company, Government or whatever then YES they have been foreclosed on. This includes the ‘legal aid commission’. All that is left are individuals, you, me and every other living being.

  8. Teresa "Grace" Myhre says : Reply

    Thanks Isaac. I learned a LOT from that experience. But what I got loud and clear is that I am not ready. I do not understand all this enough to stand with confidence. That Corporal taught me a lot by standing in his truth and I must give him credit for his professionalism, he was very respectful. At one point in the conversation I realized I could not think of the answer to whatever he asked me. I went blank and then I knew I needed to walk away, so I did. When I got home and went within to ask what happened and I began to cry because I realized I was trying to force my will on them by demanding they stop forcing their will on me. I was being a hypocrite. The whole point is not force our will on anyone, for any reason. And here I am doing exactly that. Then I understood that I needed to confront that in myself and focus on completing the commitment I made before I found the OPPT. Then once I’ve done that I can focus wholeheartedly on the information I missed that left me confused in exactly what all this means so that I can stand in confidence, in Knowing what I am talking about. I have a fear I am unable to access at this time. Thankfully a very dear, close friend of mine that I can do that work with will be coming for a visit soon. I simply need to be patient.

    The commitment I made was to help an owner of an apartment complex that was infested with crackheads and coke dealers that were destroying the building/property and making it a living hell for the other tenants, mostly people dealing with mental illness and disabilities. I’ve never liked bullies, as I’m an abuse survivor, so I spoke with the owner about how to deal with this situation. He told me he had been trying to get rid of the problem tenants for four years and this was the best he could do with the current help he had. So I committed to doing the renovations to upgrade the units. Part volunteer, or no charge, and part to be paid later as he could afford it. With the agreement that I would do the work as I was able to since I deal with this disability and chronic pain issue. Some days I wake up and can’t move. You see I believe that just because a person ends up on disability, or is low income doesn’t mean they should have to live in squalor and thankfully so does the owner. These units were old and nasty. The owner had to evict all the crack heads and coke dealers, for illegal activity, while I was out of Province attending a pain clinic. I told him if he did this he would have to go through two to three months of money being really tight but that the tide would change and he would have the kind of reliable (pay their rent on time) tenants he wanted. When I got back and saw he kept his word I went to work. That was in the middle of November last year. By the end of April this year the last problem tenant left, but the reputation of the building posed an issue. It’s referred to as “The Cedars/Crack Shack”. Thankfully after going out into the community and informing everyone we could about the changes people started coming by to see for themselves. Once they saw how nice and clean they were they rented quick. In April we only had 5 units rented out of 15. We’ve had to replace most of the flooring in each unit I had 11 to restore. In the beginning of May I found the interview Brian Kelly did with Heather and my life was never the same. I have to be honest and recognize I got a little ahead of myself. My energy is not in alignment with my knowing. I have an unhealthy ego that enjoys tormenting me that I’m working stuff out with…lol. But I am sharing as much as I can. Participating in all the flashmobs I can and working to get this building done so I can move on to whatever comes next. But I will say this much…I’m not worried. Like Cher in the movie Burlesque, I have faith that everything will work out just as it’s meant to. Just because it may not Look like it will work out at this moment doesn’t mean it won’t. Thank you for providing the space for my Growth and Evolution. ~Namaste~

  9. Teresa "Grace" Myhre says : Reply

    Currently there are only four vacant units. It was hard the last few months but we are past the worst of it. I reminded him of the conversation we had back in November and said “You got lucky, if you’ll remember I told you it would be two to three months of no money and you only had to do two”. Thankfully he has a sense of humor so he laughed. I was trying to make him feel good. I not only believe, but I do my best to live…”You got out of life what you put into it”. They the group says…”If you see a need, fill it”. I’m doing the best I can with whatever I’m handed. My biggest challenge right now is when I get caught up in the Micro experience. I totally get and understand the Macro, or the bigger picture. But when I am in the Micro, the experience of it, sometimes I can’t see the forest for the trees. I can’t see what is obvious to everyone else and so I get stuck in the ego’s experience of taking things personally. Which usually leads to frustration and/or anger. Which I guess is just stuff coming up to be dealt with. The hardest part is getting past this constant “I Know Better”. I can’t stop feeling like I know better. I guess that’s just the stuff that needs to be healed coming up. Thank God for all the people coming together here so we all have a place to feel accepted and work stuff out. Thank you to everyone participating in that with me. Thank you for your insights and sharing. God bless you ALL!!!

    • Terri of Christos says : Reply

      lol ~ it’s all practice, practice. I’m a Canadian as well, and I’m not liking what I see with the RCMP at all. Anywhere.

  10. Teresa "Grace" Myhre says : Reply

    On the car situation. I chose to deal with it within the system. I do know how to stand in my truth and I believe, always have, that if I stand in the Truth I will be protected and things will work out in my favor. They almost always do. I know that I am Not guilty of what I was ticketed for and I Know it will be dropped. I will be reimbursed the money from the unlawful tow and once I am ready I will go into the RCMP office and explain to the head of that office that since the previous two encounters with his employees has resulted in Harm to me, if they continue to interact on behalf of the corporation against me again I will file a harassment charge against them. I know for me this is the way to go. I filed my dispute and to date I have not heard back from them. Since I have a witness to the fact, that I did not do what I have been accused of, I doubt it will go to court but I guess we’ll see. Obvious to me, I needed to learn something…my energy does not match my intent. I have some anger issues I need to resolve within myself. And that’s when I asked “What am I afraid of that I can’t see”? Still waiting for the answer on that one too.

  11. Rita says : Reply

    I have recently sent out courtesy notices to three banks. One of the banks has sold the “debt” to a collection agency. I rent a small apartment in house but I do not own this house. Today, someone from this agency came to the house asking questions and inquiring about me. It turned out that my landlord was around at the time and he talked to them. He gave me their business card to call them. Is it advisable to talk to these people? I have no intention going into contract with this company by calling them. Instead, I fully intent to send them a courtesy notice, since they are simply interlopers and I don’t have any business with them. What is the best course of action and/or version of courtesy notice to use with persistent collection agencies (they have already called my neighbors to get information) – when dealing with collection agencies? I UV.

    • Trish House says : Reply

      Rita, use the paper action courtesy notice. Read it through and modify any points that make it appropriate to the situation.

    • Dean says : Reply

      Hi Rita. You should also visit http://www.getoutofdebtfree.org for information about the process of dealing with Debt Collection Agencies & so called Bank ‘debt’. Although their system involves operating within the system, it’s very effective & I have followed the process myself several times.

      I would personally go to the section of their website that deals with debt collectors & download the letter templates.
      But you need to decide whether your going to deal with them outside the system (ie courtesy notice) or inside the system (getoutofdebtfree.org). I have done both but personally found that the letters that operate within the system more potent than the courtesy notices at this point, the issue I feel being that there is no way to ‘enforce’ or bring to justice those that continue to ignore a courtesy notice. The system based letters however, still carry the risk of the DCA being exposed to court action for it’s underhanded dealings with you.

      Some key things you should be aware of to prevent a visit & should you get another visit..

      1. Firstly, you need to write to the DCA (Debt collecting agency) & inform them that you do not consent to unauthorized doorstep visitation. I would personally lay my conditions for such an unuthorized & unplanned visit by stating my terms & conditions – that being a fee of £5,000 per unauthorised or ‘agreed to’ visit. I would include that I would take any future visit to an agreement to those terms. Remember.. courtesy notice or not, you always have a right to lay your terms & conditions down.. after all, the debt collector has no factual evidence of your debt, which you are about to learn.

      2. In order to prove factual evidence of their claim to a debt, the DCA needs to be able to provide you with a ‘Deed of assignment’ from the bank (not to be confused with a notice of assignment which is worthless) & also a ‘Deed of novation’. Without these, the DCA has no basis for it’s claim & any such claim against you is purely alleged & un-enforcable. It also needs to show the actual evidence from the bank that you were indeed in ‘debt’ & by that, I mean the banks actual accounting, not just statements of your account, which are meaningless.

      Always remember… the DCA does not have any of this & anything it has to say is worthless without it.

      The DCA needs to be challenged 3 times as per contract law.. I strongly recommend that you visit the site & use the templates however as you want to be sure you have every legality included in the letter.

      I have been through this process several times & can vouch for it’s effectiveness. These DCA’s (& banks) are well and truly fraudulent & you must remember that whoever you deal with at the DCA agency will be on a commision for getting you to cough up, so don’t buy in to ANY of their claims. Always ask for evidence – DATA – FACT.

      The DCA’s like to use language like ‘we believe’ or ‘we act on behalf of our clients (banks) claim in good faith’ – none of which are statements that they are acting in fact or truth.

      I like to answer their phone calls only once, to obtain the number ther calling from & put it in my phone so i know to ignore it. When speaking with them by phone, remember that you are not obliged to give them ANY information about ANYTHING under ANY circumstances. Take control of the conversation & be the one asking question.

      My first question is always the full name of the person dealing with you. Many refuse this, giving only the first name, citing that they are protected under the Data Protection Act. They are not. Ask which part of the Data Protection Act prevents you from being able to know who you are dealing with.. They cannot, because the Data Protection Act is there to protect the ‘DATA’ that they are in control of on your file, not to protect their identity if they have called you. In Britain, the Office of Fair Trading under the Unfair Trading Regulation (2008) states under section 7.33 that a commercial body claiming ommision of information related to trading such as ‘The identity of the trader & the identity of any other trader on whose behalf the trader is acting’, is prohibited & places the operator at the DCA in direct breach.

      If you decide to go the http://www.getoutofdebtfree.org route, include this following statement in red ink & underined at the top of the page on your letters, between the addresses & the body of the letter:

      This is NOT a complaint, a query, a dispute, a request for a statement or agreement & is NOT to be treated as one. If you treat it as one, you agree to pay £5000.00 damages.

      I do not consent to any doorstep visitation by you, your company or any agent or organisation acting on your company’s behalf. Your company & your company’s Client The Royal Bank of Scotland Plc have yet to prove or validate any claim of debt against me, you are therefore unauthorized to enforce such an act. My fee for any such unauthorized visitation is £5000.00 & I shall accept any such visitation as an agreement to these terms.

      In that last paragraph, you need though to replace ‘The Royal Bank of Scotland’ with whoever your dealing with!

      Also, they are already in direct breach of the Data Protection Act (in Britain) if they went around neighbours asking for information about you.

  12. Damani says : Reply

    Please if you can explain how a CN would work in the case of an individual that is incarcerated, or are there other steps to be taken in said situation. Thanks for any response.

    • Mia says : Reply

      Hello Damani
      I believe that in the case you’re referring to, the most appropriate CN [given below] would be this, as your ‘measurable energy’ is presumably being damaged by the incarceration of the individual you’re referring to.
      Courtesy Notice [Slavery Foreclosure Individual]-06.doc (or the hand-fill version – Courtesy Notice HAND FILL [Slavery Foreclosure Individual]-06p00.pdf
      Hope this helps.
      From my eternal ♡ ➤ your eternal ♡

    • I can’t find a courtesy notes anywhere can you please help thank you very much and have a blessed day

  13. Mia says : Reply

    Hello Damani
    I believe that in the case you’re referring to, the most appropriate CN [given below] would be this, as your ‘measurable energy’ is presumably being damaged by the incarceration of the individual you’re referring to.
    Courtesy Notice [Slavery Foreclosure Individual]-06.doc (or the hand-fill version – Courtesy Notice HAND FILL [Slavery Foreclosure Individual]-06p00.pdf
    Hope this helps.
    From my eternal ♡ ➤ your eternal ♡

  14. Sara says : Reply

    Which page is for our publicly listing the courtesy notices sent? Out of 6 courtesy notices, I will have to start invoicing one of them & feel putting this bank corporation on notice will let them realize the legalities!!! Thank you in advance!! Time for Humanity to reclaim their value & move into their essence now!!


    • I M Power says : Reply

      The Public Notice Board is a subdomain of the I UV site, so that all of the PNs can be organized and categorized by the Respondent… you can always find the link on the “Home” page of the I UV site, or directly http://www.pn.i-uv.com

  15. Noble T Hasaan Bey says : Reply

    I have filed a CN and did not have the name of the judge enforcing the Slavery System because they keep switching judges on me. The charge is False Impersonation for the use of my Free National Name and I have filed affidavits that have gone un-rebutted. Should I fill out the CNs on the spot or should I mail certified after the violation?

  16. Janet Andrews says : Reply

    Where on this site can I find copies of documents to download? I’m interested especially in eliminating credit card debt.
    Thank you

    • noel says : Reply

      Hi Janet, You will find the tools at the top of the page click on optt absolute. I would also recommend you read Mary Crofts book it is on this site some where, she knows what to do as she has done it. cheers

    • Dean says : Reply

      Hi Janet, the courtesy notices can be found here: https://i-uv.com/oppt-absolute/oppt-tools/oppt-courtesy-notice/ & itis most likely the paper action notice you will be using. Make sure you read the guidelines first.

      I would also recommend the http://www.getoutofdebtfree.org site which offers another letter based solution to challenging alleged bank ‘debt’ which is highly effective. The difference between these two tools, are that the courtesy notices deal with the system from the persepctive of being ‘outside’ of the system & the getoutofdebtfree system deals with it from within the system.

      I have done both & at this point, I can only vouch effectiveness for the getouofdebtfree system. I have personally issued 6 CN’s to banking individuals & thus far, one has chosen to continually ignore, despite billing. The others I had already begun with with the getoutofdebt free method. Either-way, you are making your stand & challenging the banks claim against you to being in an alleged debt & the result is the same.. freedom from any such alleged claim. The problem i have found with the CN’s is that there is no way to enforce them, so if someone wants to continue to ignore it then they will, as it operates outside of the law, but with the other system they are restricted to the confines of the law that they operate within, making them legally accountable for their claim agaonst you. Don’t get me wrong, I would prefer to use the CN’s as they are quicker & more in the ‘NOW’ energetically & universally, but the getoutofdebtfree method has really worked for me thus far with proven results across 7 accounts.

  17. Candace says : Reply


    I’m writing for a friend, any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Can a courtesy notice be given for an arrears statement on child support? Please no judgement, its not because he doesn’t want to pay it but financially he can’t at this point in time. As we all know those that are issuing these notices can shut down your life incredibly fast if you do not come up with the money.

    This is in regards to Alberta, Canada.

    Thank you in advance for your comments.

  18. Josef says : Reply

    What is better? Stop paying credit cards, loans first or send the courtesy notice and then stop paying them….
    Thank you all
    With love and gratitude

    • Dean says : Reply

      I would say it makes no difference Josef. Both actions are part of the same process. I am currently following a process by http://www.getoutofdebtfree.org against 7 bank accounts & I sent my letters first before stopping payment, but in hindsight, all this did was send mixed signals to the banks as on one hand your saying to the bank “You’re corrupt & I’m not paying!!” & on the other your still willing to pay – the result being that the bank scoffs at your claim, so maybe do both at the same time is my advice, though either eway, it makes little to no difference.

      The bank has protocols it has to follow & nothing is done in a day. It takes 90 days to over a year for a bank to go through it overall process, depending on the bank & the nature of how you stopped paying & don’t ever feel guilty for standing in your truth against them either.. they always win! They will eventually claim for their so called ‘loss’ (which never existed) on their own insurance anyhow. Before that, the bank will hand the task of recovering the monies it claims you owe through it’s own (collections) departments & then through it’s own agents or solicitors, both acting as debt collecting agencies on the banks behalf, before eventually selling the debt on to 3rd party collection agencies for 6% of the original value & claiming on it’s insurance. You may have to prepare to send notice letter to all of these agencies as I am doing with the getoutofdebtfree process.. though the courtesy notices are more immediate & final, the overall process may be quicker.

      My advice overall advice is, don’t ever be thrown or intimidated by what the bank has to say to you regarding your stance.. the bank certainly isn’t going to just roll over & play ball, so expect it to hold it’s ground. Just get on with the task of chasing with the courtesy notice invoicing & billing & stand in your truth… they can’t argue with the truth. (& win)
      Keep records of everything you send & receive in chronological order & make copies of all documents.

      I’m sending my first courtesy notice to a debt collecting agency director in a couple of days.


  19. Angelique' Freeman El says : Reply

    where can I find the courtesy notice for addressing an alleged foreclosure of my Granny’s home to OCWEN and WELLS FARGO. it is suppose to be “SOLD” on the courthouse steps in Dekalb, County, Georgia on November 5, 2013. Thank you.

    • Mia says : Reply

      Hi Angelique
      You would need to read the guidelines on this page https://i-uv.com/oppt-absolute/oppt-tools/which-courtesy-notice/ and decide which one would best suit your circumstances. My feeling is it would be either ‘Paper Action’ or ‘Future Action’ depending on whether you have already received documents regarding this (which I suspect you have.)
      There is no short-cut, I’m afraid – it’s a case of doing the reading and deciding based on that.
      The main body of the CN is the same for all the versions.
      Wishing you the best of luck with your situation.
      From my eternal ♡ ➤ your eternal ♡

  20. Cindy says : Reply

    I am assisting my friend whose case has progressed past foreclosure. This case is a bit complicated, leaving me to ask exactly who to send Courtesy Notices to. Subsequent complaints, appeals, and even a pending bankruptcy action makes one’s head spin. Can someone shed some light on how to proceed? I can provide as many details as you may need in order to assist me–I felt it was just too much detail for my initial inquiry.

    Time is of the essence as Freddie Mac has been granted Relief from bankruptcy to recover possession of property.

  21. noel says : Reply

    Hi Guy’s, If the Banks are claiming you owe them, at the top of this page click on….. iuv blog…….. then on free speech Australia, click on the N0. 2 video you will then see on the right side of the page the documents and process to ask the Banks to substantiate the debt they are claiming. Cheers

  22. caroline says : Reply

    Hello there 🙂
    Id like to know if a suspended license due to not paying the yearly fees within a time frame in Australia is reclaimable? My measurable energy has been greatly affected by this as i live in a rural area and cant get to a major town for appointments or for food @ reasonanble prices and my life’s very hard, im raising two children on my own, we need to be able to travel and we cant because i have to pay to get my license back?

    In tge meantime i was fined when pulled over driving my son to school $400 for being unlicensed and told if i get caught again without a license they’ll take my car. it’s been to court and $30 has been added to the fine .i live in NZ

    I believe i have a right to drive as i proved that i understood general rode code knowledge, passed theory and driving tests,advance hazard perception test, eyesight, medical etc but have been denied my right to drive because of money i couldn’t afford at the time.

  23. Wheel says : Reply

    In New Zealand are ‘government employees’ required to have ‘drivers licence’ to be a ‘traveller’ on the road? Are you familiar with ‘notice of understanding’, ‘intent’ and ‘claim of right’. Are you dealing with a government? or are you dealing with a corporation? Are you in control of your ‘strawman’ , maybe you need to find out and read about ‘Mary Croft’, something else would be to read about ‘cracking the code’

  24. Kathy says : Reply

    Is there a special courtesy notice for responding to receiving a ticket? I am really being bullied by cops these days … I get stopped at every corner … for speeding barely over the speed limit … not clearing my snow off the back of my car … for looking at my gps and was accused of texting …. I just got a ticket in the mail for going through a red light seen by a camera at the lights … It is just absolutely ridiculous … I am totally being “watched” … and this is really not fair and I can totally see what is happening here … I get to a point of knowing my power and now I get the cops in all dimensions of space and time tracking my every move … if someone could please tell me what courtesy notice I would need to send it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    Thank You

  25. genevieve says : Reply

    Trying to post, but not sure which info to put in which box. Perhaps I’m a Master Techtard, but it would’ve been nice to have the above boxes labeled.

    Peace Love Joy & Harmony,

    P.S. If this actually works, no need to post it.

  26. genevieve says : Reply


    I’d use the Paper Action CN for the ticket/citation, #2 above.

    And since it seems you’re being targeted, maybe the Future Action CN sent to the chief of police as well..


    Best wishes.

    Peace Love Joy & Harmony,

    P.S. I also recommend reading Tamara’s very interesting docs that are posted on this website.

  27. Sven says : Reply

    Why is there word of a creator all the time. Is it needed in context of the legal canon of US law? Or is this a genuine claim?

  28. ernie says : Reply

    let us know how you go hey. w re so interested.

  29. Carmelita Williams says : Reply

    Hi, my name is Carmelita Williams,

    Thanks for providing the info on this site.

    I really believe in all the info on this site and have used the Courtesy notice.

    My problem is taking it all the way to the lien when the company continue to pursuit my goods anyway.

    I used this in a foreclosure of my home and as of today Wells Fargo/Fannie Mae has taken my home and evicted me out of my home.

    I have a perfected security interest in the property and filed a lien on the land thru a finance statement and Fannie Mae does not have the title deed. The bottom line is I want my property back but do not know how to perfect a security interest to file a claim or lien on the CEO.

    Can you offer any help to get my property back?


    • Mrs Guy says : Reply

      Hi Miss Williams my name is mrs. Guy I just wanted to follow up with your case how did it work out for you did you receive your home back or is it still continuing please let me know how the courtesy noticed worked out in your case I’m just dying to know I have a similar situation and would like to know further on how the process went for someone else hoping that you will return my comment thank you so much and I hope everything word out for you in every way you could imagine

  30. Jay says : Reply

    Has Anyone heard from Trish or Trish even if you are reading this… How did your case go to obtain this building?

  31. Theresa says : Reply

    Does anyone know where the WAIVER is which is instructed to send within CN Guidelines document? I cannot locate a waiver form. Do we make up our own?

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