The Foreclosure Flyer

The Courtesy Notice was introduced in February 2013 and was downloaded 64,000 times in the first 2 days. It is now being used worldwide. Recent information indicates many individuals working in foreclosed entities are now treating the information seriously instead of passing it off as meaningless or baseless.

Recent requests i.e for a simplified process, to be able to send CN’s to support other people, for education of the general public, to empower people who are not in a “crisis”/”adversarial” position to have the ability to participate… have resulted in a Foreclosure Flyer. This two page flyer (print front and back) contains the same OPPT filing information but with different intent and purpose. There are no Respondents, Proponents, Witnesses, Signatures or Terms and Conditions. There is nothing to fill in, no dates required, and no need for mail receipts. No special instructions are needed and there are no audio files to listen to.

Just download the PDF file, print it out and give it out. Email it, fax it, thatʼs it!

You may give it to anyone or send to anyone; family, friends, co-workers, a banker,ʻgovernmentʼ employee, or military person. It is for their information and benefit. You can keep copies in the car or your briefcase for handing out at a moments notice. You don’t even need to ask their name.

Important text remains, so that a Courtesy Notice may be sent to the same person thereafter with full effect, as though the flyer had not been given previously. The flyer contains links for people to follow and do their own study or research. Just point to those links if people ask questions you find hard to answer.

So spread the word and letʼs see if we can beat the 64,000/2 day download record!


To download directly from I UV right click here



Freedom Flyer

61 Responses to “The Foreclosure Flyer”

  1. Matt says : Reply

    I was gathering together some documents today to send out and noticed a couple things about the foreclosure flyer:

    1. under further research, there needs to be an update since the oppt-in site has changed to the i-uv site and the opptin radio show no longer exists

    2. under all people declared free of debt, it says the creator is referred to as absolute essence and the people as absolute essence embodied….shouldn’t this be eternal essence and eternal essence embodied?

    • Iris says : Reply

      Absolute and Eternal are the same message – do not let words be a trap!

      That’s what “legalese” was; a lingual trap.


      • Matt says : Reply

        I know it is the same message and to me it makes no difference, however, it could be confusing for the recipients of the fliers. When referring to specific terms in a filed UCC document, especially with quotes, if you don’t reference what is actually there you are giving false information. This, along with the fact that the first link under further research returns an error message combine to detract from the credibility of the document. It’s akin to it having spelling and grammar mistakes throughout it. It doesn’t make what it says any less true, but it may affect people’s openness to that truth. Even if it’s just one person in the whole world who this would make a difference to, then fixing it is worth it for that person.

        Namaste friend

        • Anoka Shiva says : Reply

          I agree.

          Using language clearly and correctly is and remains important. We do not get into any crooked “legalese” by using language that conveys everything clearly to everyone of THE ONE PEOPLE.


        • JOSE says : Reply

          Hi what do you mean by if you dont reference what is actually there you are giving false information? Do i have to memorize something?

    • Kael says : Reply

      Eternal means “without end.” It is a reference only to time, which of course is just an aspect of 3D or material existence. There is no concept or reality of time “in the absolute.” Not the same thing as eternal at all. Absolute means “without any diminishment, in totality, universal, without opposition or individual definition or application. Absolute is the correct adverb here.

  2. Tom Burton says : Reply

    I may be wrong but I believe that once your Bank sends you a Notice of Foreclosure, you only have 48 hours to respond or they can take your home in the Foreclosure action. Is this true and if so can you direct me to the special letter if it is different from the Foreclosure Notice that we send out to the Bank.
    Thank you for your good work in this regard.

    • Bronny NZ says : Reply

      Hi Thomas. There are different laws around this in the different countries. Here in NZ, you get 3 months !! I have heard that in the United States Corporation (USC not the USA) the “Foreclosure Notice” is only “active” for 48 hours !! You’ll need to complete further research to verify that. So you simply ‘squat’ in your house for 48 hours and let this time pass. You don’t leave. You don’t fuss, call them or get upset. You simply stay. When they turn up, advise them that the time has expired and that whoever the bailiff or sheriff is representing, will need to go to court again for another Foreclosure Notice. You can ask the person serving you “Under whose authority is this Foreclosure Notice being served?” … and let them know that all governments and banks have legally been foreclosed on under UCC filings. Let the person serving you know that banks have been giving out illegal loans as these loans have no gold or silver backing. They are simply made out of thin air on their computer screens, and this is illegal. Repeat again: “Under whose authority is this request coming from for me to vacate this property. I will only contract with you if you can show me my ‘wet ink’ agreement with the purported Loan Holder.” Remind the bailiff or sheriff that the bank and the government are no longer legal entities. They are illegal and as such, you will not be complying with the request on the Order. Also, let the bailiff or sheriff know that HE/ SHE is also no longer a Debt Slave, by law, and that by completing some simple-to-do paperwork, he/she can be free of his/ her mortgage (or any other loan) also. This should capture their imagination : )

      • jeanne says : Reply

        Thank you for this information,if this would have come earlier we could have saved our house.
        We broke into our house after being evicted and the police came without any orders with the bailiff and came with a blockbuster to smash open our door and dragged us out.

        We are still trying to get our house back ,as it was illegally sold.
        They also stole our personal possession and stored them illigally.

        • Richard says : Reply

          As I read this with utter compassion and hope, I am reminded and my opinion is, from other being’s examples, that the action is unlawful in the new paradigm and illegal in the old, passed paradigm of the ‘powers that were’. My intention is to help frame consistent discussion in new The One People paradigm.

          I wish you peace and abundance now and in your future moments of now.

      • BEing says : Reply

        Hi Bronny,

        I would like to contribute some experience from (FR) Germany.

        Since December 8, 2010 ALL people in the so-called Federal Republic of Germany remain outlawed. Very few people abroad know that and it’s hold silent up to date. Russian Federation has been informed to provided protection for the now shelterless as it is part of the allies of WW II that influences the very special situation in Germany to this day. There has never been a “re-unification” in 1990 as the rest of the world my assume. There’s loads of proof for that.

        That means: Police or any entity can attack you, arrest you, WITHOUT announcement… without signatures from a judge, … so nobody will go to “court” but police will take you away or gets violent should you oppose. Restistance, even peacefully, can lead to hard physical damage as people are hijacked, tortured in their homes – by the police (mostly, those commandos show up with black water [academia; xe services] style wear.

        We face de-facto stagnation in the adminstration of justice. If you present anything like a UCC dc they either laugh at you but more probably will arrest you immediately. They don’t need any “order” for that. My English isn’t good enough for detailed judical description.

        “You simply stay. When they turn up, advise them that the time has expired and that whoever the bailiff or sheriff is representing, will need to go to court again for another Foreclosure Notice. You can ask the person serving you “Under whose authority is this Foreclosure Notice being served?”

        If you do that here you risk severe damage to yourself and even others, as described above.

        “Also, let the bailiff or sheriff know that HE/ SHE is also no longer a Debt Slave, by law, and that by completing some simple-to-do paperwork, he/she can be free of his/ her mortgage (or any other loan) also. This should capture their imagination : )”

        Here, they will simply not listen nor will they let you tell the story to the end. It’s quite a challenge to do such things in public as you must be very, very good at law because here police is your enemy. People are afraid of that institution and hardly anybody asks that institution for help. If you go through the authorities, like minstries and stuff, you will find yourself blacklisted.

        It’s just a short overview of the situation we face over here in Germany, and it reminds me of a time near 1933. This is no joke, this is proven reality.

        • mark says : Reply

          Agreed. Here in South Africa and indeed almost every other country in the world any individual taking these steps in isolation is at extreme risk.
          At best one would be ignored and the so-called “legal” actions would continue against you. More likely you would find yourself thrown into a hellish situation, made worse if you are a parent and have your family’s immediate safety to consider.
          This is of course the fear-based web “THEY” have been constructing for decades, one which OPPT and other valuable entities are taking action to eradicate, however caution is advised when we choose to engage with these “authorities” as the old-world-order is fighting for it’s survival and will do everything in it’s power to hold onto the control it has wielded for centuries.
          Creating wide-spread awareness and thereby unlocking people from the web of fear and lies was and still is the first step needed to generate critical mass before country-wide and global change can sweep away that old order.

          Choosing to be free and staying alive and well within that choice are not the same thing.

          It takes rare courage to make a stand of this magnitude, however I know that within all of US we have that courage, and feel the urgent need to become Free.
          I applaud OPPT and others for the work they are doing, and all those who choose to take up this challenge.

        • BEing says : Reply


          Absolutely. Without going into detail there’s slight advantage if one’s experienced with any form of secret / special service. You know their tactics/strategies… at least can estimate them to a certain extent. That’s my personal advantage and I’ve been trained that for quite a long time.

          “Their” real power is mind-control. People are kept weak in that matter.

          I think it’s personal choice. Also, mass is not necessarily a matter. F.e., when I like/love ice-cream and I’m dying for that then I will go for that no matter the cost. Why? Because I decided so. Because this is what I ever wanted. In my experience, mass is an effect rather than a condition.

          We all are results of collective imagination.

          Greetings 🙂

  3. Chris says : Reply

    I give a copy of the flyer to someone different everyday and ask that the y do the same. We can get this information out if we all just Do a little each day. Peace, Love, and Freedom!!!

    • Bronny NZ says : Reply

      Good work Chris. You’re a good example for the rest of us armchair activists. There’s no reason on earth why we can’t do likewise. Thanks for the prod to get into action ; )

    • Awaken says : Reply

      My daughter and I went to downtown Portland yesterday and handed out 60 flyers on this new law and 40 flyers in regards to the Global March Against Chemtrails. Most were very receptive and a few laughed at me. I was not upset at them for I understand how hard it is to wrap your head around. We were born into slavery, our parents were born into slavery, our parents parents were born into slavery. it is all we have known. I will admit, every once in awhile I think to myself ” Is this really happening”? I found the younger the audience, the more receptive. This morning I picked my daughter up from work and as I sat in the parking lot waiting, I put more flyers on cars. I went to the grocery store and put more flyers on cars. Anyhow, it’s all about at least peaking their interest at the very least so they fill the need to investigate and look into what we already know. Ohhhh, I have to tell you one more thing. As my daughter I were walking around downtown I started talking to this older woman that had a disabled son. As I told her of the change she began to cry. Well, there was a police officer walking in front of us and right when I thought I was done explaining the changes to her I decided to add that law enforcement no longer has authority over us but that they do not know this yet. I was hoping the officer would stop and ask me “why are you telling these people this”?, he never did. It felt good though to say those words. Anyhow, peace, love and abundance to all.

  4. Nancy says : Reply

    I’m still puzzled about this…but I’m researching…is there any way to send funds to an orphanage in Kenya?

  5. Robert Kimble says : Reply

    Why do I still have that gut feeling that all banks and governments will lololol and not rollover and play dead over a document? Let me ask you. If you were in their shoes, would you take this seriously? Come on now. Be honest with your own cognitive thinking.

    • Just Curious says : Reply

      I’m wondering why no one has responded to the above question – that I think is a legit concern – and it’s been here over a week. What’s the thinking on this?

      • oli says : Reply

        the banks cant lololol if EVERYONE stops playing their game….which is possible if we kiss the fear away 🙂
        they will then cry “foul” and look to the “law” to stop it……but if we are all DOING it…they cant arrest us all…therefore…the battle is already OVER…we are just waiting for and bringing about the critical mass of realization.

    • Mia says : Reply

      Hi Robert
      I believe it may be helpful for you to read/watch some of the success stories being reported. Here’s one example of a wonderful young man BEing & DOing
      There are many more clearly.
      We have sufficient information (and tools) now to spread this information at least. This, of course, is free-will-choice.
      “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer: German philosopher (1788 – 1860)
      From my eternal ♡ ➤ your eternal ♡

    • Robin says : Reply

      Well they do take it seriously as I have seen from personal experience, having sent courtesy notices to both banks and courts they do work, they don’t just roll their eyes as this is their UCC law and they have to follow it! Have you sent out any? Can you speak form personal experience? Have you really read and KNOW what the documents say?

      • BEing says : Reply

        As for banks and courts, yes. As for companies: NO. As for government: NO. Otherwise there could be no “Election for German Bundestag” on 22 September and the offices contacted spread lies over uninformed beings. Insurance agencies, energy supplier… all those that I have contacted show same results: total ignorance. They even tend to show aggression, f.e. cutting off electrical energy. I do have success stories, of course. All meant hard confrontation and making the point clear that I am willing to take it to the end.

        • BEing says : Reply

          Btw, courts in “Germany” are special case. Those who assume or claim the UCC working are right within theory. However, right must be granted. Every nation in the worrld knows that, and the violation of “human rights” takes place refardless this fact. Tell me, what do you do if you face a corrupted structure where courts are no courts as there is no legal basis for them to act as court (where judges decide NOTHING because they will not sign a decision and you yould disappear in jail without verdict, …), at least they are not independent but are bound to “Besatzungsrecht”?!

          Believe it or not, in Germany we face war on our own territory, WW II proceeded without weapons but psychologically, and if you show signs of acting as souvereign just be aware that you’re blacklisted. That’s why, of course, the UCC filings are valid. Under certain circumstances, they are without practical use / meaning, however.

    • Darc says : Reply

      It’s taken me years to get “it”! The fundamental thing is there is NOTHING between you and the creator (who or what ever that is to you). No other human can be greater than you. If they pretend to be, ask them who gave them the authority? Who, not what! Their boss?? and who is he or she? If they hide behind a corporation name ask who (a name of a natural flesh and blood human) bc there is someone who they work for. Ask until you get to the top level order and then ask that person who’s authority puts them higher than yours. The only authority that can give them that permission is the creator so ask them for a meeting with this person. You will not get that meeting! The only course of action if they want to continue is use force and then you need to remind them that they are personally liable and just as soon as possible you will prosecute them under the common law which is basically the moral will of your peers and they will answer for what they are doing just like some war criminals hiding behind a failed leader. Remind them you will never forget. Now when you get it you will die for that right and you they will see that and go for any lower hanging fruit. You need to get there first. This is about 100% personal responsibility!

  6. Bronny NZ says : Reply

    I am wondering in what way this Courtesy Notice Flyer is applicable for Monsanto, since there’s no mention in the flyer of ‘harm’ or ‘damages’ under Common Law. I guess one could highlight the phrase:

    “… that they had by deceptive acts and practices been stealing from the people for hundreds of years, and; nothing stood between the Creator and each of the Creator’s creations,”

    …. although, this doesn’t quite cut the mustard for me. I’d love to have ‘harm’ and ‘damage’ explicitly stated in the flyer rather than it being ‘alluded to’. Perhaps it’s in there but I just didn’t see it :-/


    • Mia says : Reply

      Hi Bronny
      Just a thought but Monsanto (and the likes) could be candidates for receipt of a Courtesy Notice (version 4 – Slavery Foreclosure General) as they could be considered to be damaging Mother Earth/Gaia and thereby having a negative affect on your measurable energy.
      Just my perspective.
      Have fun.
      From my eternal ♡ ➤ your eternal ♡

  7. Mattias USA says : Reply

    I agree that the website must be changed to the new official page. If we want them to research it they material we give them should check out. I admit I was at first immediately sceptical when the website was not working. Somebody please update the document. Thanks for everything!!


  8. Steve M says : Reply

    I love everything that is being done and created here. It spiritually resonates with me as self evident truth and I have posting and promoting the ideas and filings. It however does not seem to be as simple as implied “that you just let them know all banks and governments have been foreclosed” and they will leave you alone. So far, there is no evidence of that outcome. Take Capt Zeleny of Canada who recently tried this. He was arrested, jailed for 3 days and the judge still took his property in the hearing. Perhaps he still has some recourse. If I were single without young children I may have already waded into this new reality, but Im not prepared to put my home and family in that kind of jeopardy at this time. What kind of support exists for those who are the first challengers to the old system because it appears we are all on our own with a great deal to lose on the 3D level of reality? Please direct me to the success stories regarding mortgages or high level court cases being dismissed and I will jump in with both feet! Thank you for all your good energy and service.

  9. martin seers says : Reply

    It’s more than just a document it’s a wakeup call for all people around the world and a chance to experience real freedom happiness and peace on this planet and for the first time in history a choice.
    Thanks to those who made this possible

    • Robert Kimble says : Reply

      Martin, have you been watching old reruns of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood? You’re stuck in his land of make believe. When all these stuff ends then I’ll be happy. For example, when I’m never taxed on income, then I’ll be happy. It’s very hard to live in two worlds. Living in 3 dimensions I had to declare bankruptcy and don’t have a penny to my name and my family suffers from poverty. This is the real world. However, ascension is like Mr Rogers. It’s completely irrelevant.
      I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but I’m telling you how hard it is to live one day at a time.

      • Martin seers says : Reply

        Robert Kimble
        I too live day to day with my disabled partner who had her benefits stopped 1 1/2 years ago with no reason given, so she cannot appeal, this is one of the nasty tricks the UK government pull on you if you are out of work and not paying your tax.
        I am a qualified self –employed carpenter and have to care for my partner full time and limited to the jobs I can do because have to have someone with Trish.
        I have just started in the last 3 months to received cares allowance which has give us a bit more money to help us buy food as there has been a few times were we didn’t have a dinner and if it wasn’t for the 4 chickens and the eggs we get and some veg that we grow in the garden, we would have eaten a lot less.
        THE I-VU is the biggest and best thing that has ever happened in the history this planet and should be embraced and should practice by everyone on this planet to bring in the change for global freedom and a peaceful planet.
        People need to wake up to the real world we are living in right now and trust me when you do you too will choose to take part and say No to the 1% that was running the planet under slavery.
        We are already in WORLD WARIII and need to Wake up to win and Save this planet we call home.
        Chemtrails in our skies, GMOs in our foods, radiation and oil spills in our seas, micro waves from mobile phones and Wi-Fi in our air, and now Gas fracking leaking toxic chemicals in to our natural water systems more and more Pharmaceutical vaccines and toxic drugs in our blood, trees cut down to take away our oxygen, and all this is going on in our world today. PLEASE join the dots and the domino’s should start to fall that there is a depopulation going on right now in our world, PLEASE WAKE UP those of us that are awake Invite you all to stop taking the blue pill, the blissful ignorance of illusion TV and main stream media and take the red pill embracing the sometime painful truth of reality. Taking the red pill means switching of your tell e vision because that’s what they are doing and that’s why they call them programs to program you. One week on the internet checking out information on these topics will open your eyes to the real world that you are living in. Home work to help you wake up.
        1) Silent Weapons for quiet wars document -full Read
        2) Agenda 21
        3) What in the world are they spraying full version
        4) Why in the world are they spraying
        5) Geoengineering Destroying Our Atmosphere (Rosalind Peterson) Chemtrails & Light bulbs exposed.
        6) Barrie Trower 1-13 Microwave Radiation
        7) Illuminati and the CFR (Myron C Faga
        8) Nasa: The end of mankind “Leaked document 2013. The most important
        Positive News in our fight for a better future.
        1) oppt-in One People Public Trust also known as I-UV This should help to wake you up.
        Oppt-in “Foreclosing all Governments Banks and corporations worldwide and set us free
        From debt, releasing us from this slave system that we were living under.
        2) Keshe Imperial Collage (London) Offering free energy to the world and signing up countries to a
        3) Treaty for a better world to live in. Is now connecting with oppt-in/ I-UV.
        4) Thrive (Full version) and how it could be.
        5) Final Verdict is Rendered in First Common Law Court Case against the Vatican and Canada for
        6) Pope, Queen and Canadian Prime Minister found Guilty of Crimes against Humanity and Sentenced
        to Twenty Five Year Prison Terms.
        7) Apostolic Letter of Pope Francis! Strips Away High Official Immunity.
        8) Breaking News!!! UFO Alien Disclosure by Canadian Minister of Defence May 2013.
        There are lots of thing you can do to make the changes.

        1) Write to police force to report a crime against humanity every time you see chemtrails in the sky above
        you write letters, e-mail , or phone calls.

        2) There are lots of Global movements you could get involved with.

        3) Go on the Global march against Chemtrails on the 25 August 2013.

        4) Pass on information to all, print of flyers and put up where you can.

        This planet belongs to all of us not just the 1% and we need to take it back.
        Henry ford made the first car he did not weight for the petrol stations to be built and just as well we all need to take this I-UV for a drive to real freedom <3 
        We are doing and have seen real proof and power of the I-UV UCC filings foreclosure in the court. 
        Peace Love and Freedom to All <3 :)

  10. Anoka Shiva says : Reply

    That is the key (basic, crucial,essential) question – whether “You’re stuck in his land of make believe” – or whether it is actually, really, effectively possible to “shift yourself out of this land of make believe”, to move into and experience a different “land”.

    This is the shift from a very long acculturated (some people call it ‘brainwashed’) subservient, “slavish” mentality, ‘mind=set’, into a self-empowered ‘re-cognition’ of the individual, personal and collective capacities that we human beings have and are able to use when we “choose” to BE, to think, to feel, and to DO THAT – individually and in collective cooperation with one another.

    “The great only appear great because we are on our knees”, said the Irish union leader and freedom fighter James (Big Jim) Larkin. “Let us rise !”

    And Nelson Mandela – quoting Marianne Williamson :

    “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”


  11. Scott says : Reply

    The U. S. is being overran with foreign troops at the moment. Our president and a number of other criminals in our government are doing everything they can to start another Civil War and globalist bankers are prepared to use every horrifying weapon of war you’ve ever heard of and then some to forcefully take over every country and person on Earth. They also intend, through vaccines, GMO crops and other bioweapons, plus chemtrailing and other chemical poisons and HAARP and other methods of weather modification to cause worldwide turmoil plus population reduction to the a amount of 550 million – 1 billion. Ponder that a little.

  12. Jay says : Reply

    Why is Why does it ask me to log in to Facebook to download the Flyer? Also, why do I have to become a premium member to Scribd to download the flyer? All other OPPT documents have been free, but now I have to pay to get the flyer to inform people? Hmmm

    From wiki on UCC CODE, so not sure how credible it is, but:

    “The Code, as the product of private organizations, is not itself the law, but only a recommendation of the laws that should be adopted in the states. Once enacted by a state, the UCC is codified into the state’s code of statutes. A state may adopt the UCC verbatim as written by ALI and NCCUSL, or a state may adopt the UCC with specific changes. Unless such changes are minor, they can seriously obstruct the Code’s express objective of promoting uniformity of law among the various states. Thus persons doing business in different states must check local law.”

    If the code, itself is not the law, but only a suggestion of what the law should be than how can any UCC filing actually be “LEGAL?”

    I’ve had a thought that If one were to declare their freedom and come under attack for it from the enslaving entity and have things taken from them, thereby leaving them free with nothing, then wouldn’t it make things easier for that enslaving entity to continue to do as they please and have an even easier time dominating?

    I really want to become a part of this movement, but I have to REALLY understand it. Why is there so much info scattered, and why is it so confusing? If the OPPT made the filings, but does not exist anymore, does that make the filings illegitimate? Please forgive my ignorance.

    If I’m playing chess I always think a few moves ahead. An entity this powerful would not? Is it possible that making a filing and then dissolving the filing entity, and having people file or serve notices created by a non-existent entity a great way to gather and target all potential threats more easily expose of them? Just curios. I am asking these serious questions, not to cast doubt or question validity, but to push for more clarification. Why did the OPPT end?

    Why is my email required to leave a comment? These sorts of things make me very suspicious? If one were truly here to help, you would think that there would be great care taken to garner as little suspcion as possible.

    • Steve M says : Reply

      Good questions Jay. It’s all getting a bit weird for me too with little accountability. The “system” IS fucked up, and we have heard some reasonable and spiritual options emerge here. Some of the positions seem like down right naive paranoia about the government. I’ve been listening and inspired by lots of stuff here and simultaneously confused by the number of radio shows about aliens and sasquatch’s ready to emerge for the benefit of humanity. Even competing alien races poised to take advantage of human confusion. UV I the other day had some BS about mermaids being real and ready to also rise up complete with scary movie sound effects. What is next? The tooth fairies? Meanwhile people like Capt. Zeleny lost his house taking the first steps using the notice. I am very concerned as well that those of us with big hearts in the world are being taken advantage of and your point about harvesting who the radical souls are for the benefit and identification of the ruling class is quite valid and quite alarming.

  13. Jay says : Reply

    Well, were there is information there is also disinformation. I believe it is impossible for us to be the entire existence in the Universe. I believe I have had personal experiences to substantiate that. Nonetheless, I think people take it a bit too far. Some people ask “If Aliens exist, then why don’t they just come down and take over already!” lol Valid question!

    In my experiences I have learned that this is not possible, because there are many types of species, some “benevolent” some NOT SO MUCH! It is the existence of the benevolent beings that prevent the Malevolent beings from going to far. This is difficult to substantiate and far more difficult yet to accept and understand, without personal experience of such an existence.

    I have come across a site called http://www.therepublicoftheunitedstates. They claim to be up and running as the De Jure(Lawful and legal) government for the people as it was dating back to 1860. They have a President named Tim Turner! Huh? Who in the heck? Ok, so 1860 is Pre Emancipation Proclamation, Not sure what that’s all about. Anyhow, Look up the act of 1871. That; when things changed and the Corporation of the UNITED STATES was founded in the District of Columbia, and incorporated in Delaware(I think) if not there then Connecticut. The country was bankrupt so Congress allowed this to happen WITHOUT the consent of the people! Treason! A Crime punishable by death. The Corporation was formed to strike a deal with Rothcild s of London to for monetary backing in a deal that used The De jure government’s ONLY real collateral, “WE THE PEOPLE.” We were literally sold as collateral for trillions of dollars! So why establish a Rebublic circa 1860, before the abolition of slavery?

    I don’t get that!

    The 1913 Federal Reserve Act was even worse! Gave the Illegitimate De Facto Government even more power. An 1933 Roosevelt put the Nail in the Coffin By handing COMPLETE control over.

    At the essence of the thing, The De FActo Government REALLY IS a CORPORATION Posing as a Government, thereby commiting a treasonous act, Tricking the people. It is Treason, because soon after 1871 the Corporation and it’s flunkies lobbied to use the 14th ammendment , which used the term “person” to have person mean, in addittion to a living breathing human being, a coprporation. A Corporation is considered a PERSON! WTF! As such a PErson is impersonating government. This is all so silly, but very real.

    What OPPT seems to have done is find a way to ask this PERSON to prove that it(he/she) is actually the legitimate ruler of the people, thereby giving him/her/it rights to control or govern the people. This person can’t do that and has thus proven him/her/itself and everything it/he/she//lol has created i.e. Department of Defense/Treasury/ etc…all Corporations and banks filed in it’s name in support of it/he / she…etc.

    Not only did the OPPT seem to do it with just this person, but also with the other illegitimate slave treading “PERSONS” Like the BIS that controls all the central banking sytems before it/him/her.

    This is sooo crazy, but seems to actually be legit! It’s just a matter now of understanding the intentions of the OPPT And dealing with the eventual tempertantrum of the Powers that were that is looming! SUPPORT your LOCAL State Sheriffs Associations, as they are the only elected officials by the people to serve and protect the people. Police Chiefs and departments were never even necessary. They only served the Corporations!

    Things may start to get a little crazy!

  14. Jay says : Reply

    “This person can’t do that and has thus proven him/her/itself and everything it/he/she//lol has created i.e. Department of Defense/Treasury/ etc…all Corporations and banks filed in it’s name in support of it/he / she…etc. ” was meant to be typed as such: “This person can’t do that and has thus proven him/her/itself and everything it/he/she//lol has created i.e. Department of Defense/Treasury/ etc…all Corporations and banks filed in it’s name in support of it/he / she…etc. to be illegitimate.”

  15. Jay says : Reply

    Correction: “Not only did the OPPT seem to do it with just this person, but also with the other illegitimate slave treading “PERSONS” Like the BIS that controls all the central banking sytems UNDER it/him/her.” Srry typing too many mistakes.

  16. D says : Reply

    Last year I sent notices to student loans and offered them an opportunity to prove there was a debt. They were unresponsive within the time frame offered in the notices. However, as of last month, they began to garnish my wages. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

    • Mia says : Reply

      Hi D
      If I’m understanding what you wrote correctly, and there are deductions being made automatically from your wages, then I would have thought you could invoice the entity to whom you sent the CN on the assumption that it is them who have put this into place.
      Sorry to be vague but I’m a little confused as you’re saying you CN’d them last year but I wasn’t aware that this paperwork was available last year – only since the earlier part of this year, to my knowledge.
      All the info. necessary is on the site, although it just sometimes takes a little time and research to ‘trawl’ for what is needed, in terms of a document, the one with the correct wording or what step follows a previous action.
      Good luck with it. Angels be with you.
      From my eternal ♡ ➤ your eternal ♡

  17. Jack Cas says : Reply

    So is the link that is supposed to help us research ever going to be repaired? I’ve seen multiple comments calling for it but no response…

  18. randy says : Reply

    this is all new to me and ive done a fair amount of research but i have a question, how come this foreclosure process didnt include the Vatican? unless i missed something i didnt see their name on the list….

  19. I absolutely believe and know to be legal what the OPPT has done. However, it is not my belief that is required. The Powers That Still Are do not comply and continue to use a corrupted system to foreclose and evict people at gun point from their homes and garnish wages with impunity despite Courtesy Notices and other challenges. The little “wins” claimed are no more than collection companies realizing they are not going to get paid and writing it off as a bad debt and putting a black mark on a credit report. There is not one single example of a true big win such as a house being saved. Some have stalled the foreclosure process but no one has been given a clear title to their home. I love Heather and her team for their hard work and spiritual commitment to all of us. They are beautiful human beings who are Doing. The counterbalance to these beautiful beings are controlling the real world. Yes, the OPPT is a part of a new revolution but real change in the real world has always required spilt blood. It is the nature of human beings corrupted by power and control over others–they simply will not go quietly. Peace and Love to you my Neighbors.
    Dennis Patterson–Deer Park, WA

  20. diamond5 says : Reply

    ok so i have a good one for you, i do very much have to agree on all account that foreclosure is fraud blah blah, I went down the rabbit hole of filling a land patent. I filed in the way and manner or believe to.. Went to the ucc-1 methods’ and still were not honored. again vacates by sherriffs Many… a whole team of them. They have sense resold the home etc.. so what would u do if this is the case and they dont honor any of it anyway… ??

    • Steve M says : Reply

      Seems to be the case diamond5 that the banks and courts are ignoring the CN’s and filings. I suppose you could get a lawyer and file in civil court thus demanding they respond to the filings. Not much advice here from anybody who has any real understanding on the matter! Good for you for trying… sorry for your troubles

  21. JP Morgan Chase got my CN and said they will not respond, and they ceased and desisted.

    Capital One never replied.

    I sent Great Lakes the foreclosure flyer. They sent me a copy of the promissory note I was impelled to digitally sign, but they did not respond to any of the UCC filings.

    Has all debt really been forgiven, and if so, how do I prove it?

  22. Angelica says : Reply

    hi Joshua,
    question do I have to fill out UCC papers before I send the CN to Bank of America attorneys?

  23. DD says : Reply

    what is stopping someone walking off the street from coming to my house saying it is now their house…. or taking my car saying it is now their car …. taking my TV couch ect saying it is now their items …. Im just reading about this as of yesterday there is a lot of information to absorb right away … thanks for your input in advance love and light

    • Chris says : Reply

      not really sure what your question is here… In the grand scheme of things, nobody owns anything. Ultimately everything on this planet, and in this Universe is free to BE (including what we think of as inanimate objects). But yes, this is a complete paradigm shift, and it is going to take a lot of getting used to. Things have been like they are for so long, we forgot what the word “Freedom” truly means. Still trying to explain to my parents that this World doesn’t have to be “the way it’s always been, son”. TONS of info on the radio shows you can listen to to catch up on the past 10 months. Let me know if you need some links to them.

  24. Monica says : Reply

    How do we use this information, or the Foreclosure Flyer to write off school debt, taxes, etc.
    Living in Canada.
    If anyone has information or suggestions, please give websites, Ytube videos, etc.
    No one wants to go to jail if they default on their school loans.

    I appreciate anyone’s info.

    • Brad says : Reply

      The easiest way to respond to any corporate entity… is to return their mail unopened… simply cover the address window of the envelope with a sticker that says…RETURN TO SENDER… NO CORPORATE ENTITIES AT THIS ADDRESS. ALL your bills are from commercial corporate entities… they are ALL addressing your STRAWMAN.
      It’s ALL a fraud.

  25. Karen says : Reply

    I was sure I saw a long list of documents on your website last week and when I went back this week to try and download one they had gone. The one I was after was how to deal with Bailiffs.
    Does anyone know where they have gone to?

  26. Mia says : Reply

    Hi Karen
    If you ‘hover’ over the tab to the left of ‘Home’ [OPPT Absolute] a drop-down option will appear, then just select which one you need, i.e. if you hover over ‘Tools’ another menu will appear to the right and you can choose from there.
    Best of luck 😉
    Mia <3

  27. Jeanne says : Reply

    I was going through some old emails and came across your website.
    It is now 2017 and like to read an update as to what as been acheaved in those 5 years?


  28. phil says : Reply

    I also have been following these developments since 2013 and wonder as to why there is little action since 2013. Can you please update me on some successful applications of all of this and what is happening now in 2017.


  29. Joey says : Reply

    Hey BZ

    Writing this here. I know your super busy, I wanted to see if you have a correction on this.

    On the flyer #2 here is a copy of the area below. I cannot locate the DOC UCC 0000000181425776

    I searched here–>

    Could this doc # be incorrect?

    What is the UCC – Where and to whom does it apply?
    The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is the ‘bible’ of commerce and used world wide, but sometimes in disguise.
    UCC is not taught in law schools; it is used in high level banking and government corporations. Accordingly most
    lawyers attorneys and magistrates know nothing about UCC and will argue it has no application.
    1. Executive Order 13037 dated 04 Mar 1997 defined humans as capital.
    2. UCC Doc # 0000000181425776 filed 12 Aug 2011 evidences sale of US citizens in transaction between The
    Federal Reserve System and The United States Department of the Treasury 1789 for $14.3 trillion. (Linked above)
    3. UCC Doc #2001059388 evidences the template the Federal Reserve Bank of New York uses to secure the
    collateral in major banks around the world… including chattel paper, goods and the unborn young of animals.

  30. BIZZO says : Reply

    Take a look at this video posted by crypto news and at minute 11:20 they will post the scanned images of UCC 181425776 and got over the contents of the UCC filing itself! I hope this helps you out.

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