Read this document first. It will give you an overview of the new landscape that frees all peoples on this planet from the debt slavery imposed on each of us deliberately and gradually over the last few hundred years.

Topics include:

= What is OPPT?

= What is the UCC and does it apply to all countries around the globe?

= Where can I look at the UCC filings and Rulings to see for myself?

= What is a Courtesy Notice (CN)?

= How does a CN affect the foreclosure of the former banks, corporations and governments?

= What does the CN mean for me?

= Where do I stand in the new landscape?

= What am I committing to by sending out CN’s?

= Why are there five different versions of the CN?

= Which CN should I choose to use, for the different events or scenarios in my life?

= How many times should I send a CN?

= Should I send a CN to my Attorney?

= Can I send a CN to a court?

= How do I find the name of the correct person (Respondent) I should send my CN’s to?

= Should I include a cover letter with my CN’s?

= What relevance does my ‘free-man’ and ‘straw-man’ name have now?

= What if there are liens or judgments recorded against my house?

= How do the invoices work and who should I invoice?

= Can I invoice multiple individuals?

= What is the invoicing and statements process?

= How does the harm I’m suffering relate to the invoicing process?

= I’m getting phone calls or emails after sending out my CN’s, so what should I do now?

= If my electricity or water is about to be turned off, can a CN be used to stop this action?

= I’m in dire straits – pension, ill health, minimal income. Will sending out CN’s or invoices have adverse, unintended consequences on my entitlements?

= Why am I not getting any results from my CN’s or invoices?

= What are some of the responses or reactions other people have had from sending out their CN’s?

= What if I have concerns about OPPT and the validity of the whole UCC ‘thing’?

= What if I want or need extra help getting my CN’s out there?

= Where can I find out more about the bank fraud that is systemic around the globe?

= How is I-UV different from OPPT?

= What about the future?

 Click here to direct download the CN FAQ

Click here to direct download the Courtesy Notice Invoice Diagram

Courtesy Notice FAQ by BZ Riger

Courtesy Notice Invoice Diagram

Courtesy Notice Invoice Diagram


32 Responses to “OPPT FAQ”

  1. Jack Cas says : Reply

    Why is the download option not available for the main document? Scribd is asking to “pay” in order to download…

  2. BZ says : Reply

    None of the Scribd documents that we have posted are documents you would need to pay to download.
    Scribd simply asks people to sign in to download the document and that is a free account.
    On many of the documents we post, there is often a direct download link above the readable Scribd version. So make sure to check there where viewing the various published documents as another download option.

  3. Tom says : Reply

    Scribd asks me to become premium member to download this doc.
    Please upload somewhere else.

  4. Steve says : Reply

    I think I understand what people are trying to accomplish with OPPT and I UV, but could there be a more effective way?

    If you’re interested in peacefully governing yourself, so someone else doesn’t have to do it for you, maybe you should google “imbatman57”.

    • Rob says : Reply

      Many thanks for that link Steve, that was just the missing piece I was after. The appropriate language for a court or even before it gets their . Proper parties need to be established and a man has not contract with the court (admiralty)
      Perth Australia

  5. sanskara says : Reply

    Copy it into word thats a good way.needs some time but you will get it soon.
    I myself dont understand it-because these main documents -from my point of view-must be freely available for all humanity.
    What do I do with a CN when i just have a Number of a person and a ticket? can i refer to the paper?
    Many thanks

  6. Micco says : Reply

    The link to Scribd does not allow me to view the whole FAQ sheet, only the first page. I agree to upload your docs through a different server.

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Micco, Scribd likes you to create a free account to fully access all docs, it just takes a moment. Using Scribd is very helpful for displaying the documents within a page. The direct download links to the docs are as text links right above where the Scribd docs begin. ^ look up 🙂

  7. Geraldine says : Reply

    Hello my sister BZ where can I find where the UCC filing have been storged .Some people claim that they have removed
    have they now been \REGISITERED ONLINE ,Yet they are still in affect?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Heather made mention months ago (mid March, I believe) that the UCC registry has been reconciled in perpetuity and archived, and this was partly in answer to a callers question if people needed to file on the UCC when sending out CN’s or taking their invoices to the next level. You can search for documents directly online through the Washington DC UCC Registry: https://gov.propertyinfo.com/DC-Washington/ (Free Login UN: OPPT PW: opptiuv ).

      You can also find all of the UCC Filings that the OPPT Trustees completed and filed on the I UV site under the OPPT Absolute tab and its sub tabs.

  8. Jen says : Reply

    I have located the sample invoices but each of the three (3) state they are (US letters). I am located in Australia so am I able to use these same invoice types in my country? Thank you once again for your kind assistance.

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Jen, You can customize the docs to suit your specific needs. So make the adjustments you need for the invoices you will be sending out. There are mannnnnny eternal essence inbodied/ countrymen… that are using the docs.

      • Jen says : Reply

        Hello I M Power,
        Thank you so much for your kind and prompt assistance regarding my question. I greatly appreciate your generous caring heart.
        Kind Regards,

    • Rob says : Reply

      Hi Jen
      Did you replace The United States of America with the australian federal government and the relevant state , like the state of Western Australia ? Or use the CN as is ?
      Rob Perth Western Australia

  9. Kathelena says : Reply

    Great piece, thank you (all) for putting so much effort into it!

    Also – I see the word “bank” continually in these documents. Are Credit Unions also foreclosed entities? I have searched and searched and tried to understand, but I cannot for the life of me find any definitive answer to the question of whether Credit Unions are among the foreclosed entities. Thank you for any leads on where I might find the information to answer this question.

  10. noel says : Reply

    I also would like to know if Credit Unions and Building Societies are also foreclosed ?

  11. Angelica says : Reply

    Do I need to file a UCC? before I fine a CN? I thought we didn’t have to because OPPT already did it and it applies to everyone in the planet. is this correct or do I have to file one?

  12. A.m. says : Reply

    No you don’t have to file anything. It was already done by oppt.

  13. Rob says : Reply

    Hi I M Power (ha ha)

    Thanks to your people for a mechanism to counter the harm .
    I’m hoping you can answer a mortgage question for me please ?

    I have sent a CN to the CEO of xxx bank and to 3 other of his agents on the alleged mortgage.

    I have also sent a CN to their Law Firm CEO. After they tried to serve a summons on the name .

    All CN are unrebutted after invoice expiry dates.

    I have receive no letters by post (which is what ive requested and was agreed by them at the start) from the xxx bank for 9 months.

    I have received one polite email from an agent asking me to call them, which I ignored. ( as per my request for letter communication to me)

    I have received 2 group emails from them
    1st on 14/8/14 then 2nd on 9/9/14 , “PER FSR team” documents attached. I have not opened either yet.

    My question is do i open these emails ? And respond/reply with another CN to the CEO as This is a group email. No private email names etc
    Or Is this a trick ! To re contract so how ?

    Many thanks Rob

    • I M Power says : Reply

      You can take the action you feel moved to take. Perhaps send them another invoice referencing the contact via email and not you did not open as it was not sent in the way you requested. Just send a screen capture of the email subject line and date in your inbox.

      You could open it and proceed the same way.

      The fact they have not sent you hard copy via mail should tell you some things.


      • Rob says : Reply

        Hi BZ

        Here we go again they email again with

        Dear “Sir” ! (Legal fiction intro )
        Per PSR team (their team name) file number etc – (and then they write)
        Please see attached documents.

        They keep offering and by
        Answering (accepting) that is contracting is it not.

        So far I’ve invoiced everyone who has contacted me with regard to their summons and sent my common law copyright notice to all of them.

        I’ve declared sovereignty to the attorney general – no reply – tacit acceptance .

        Invoices to All the bank staff with a name (4) including the CEO (twice) for different causes.

        Invoices to The banks Lawyers (a third party are they not) that’s (3) persons and the CEO (twice) for different causes.

        Invoices to The supreme court ,the chief magistrate and the master.
        Both signatories to the summons.

        And I’ve written a rebuttal letter to both the bank and the law firm about not being the “YOU”on the claim or the name. went to the court with the rebuttal and pointed to the person. To no avail it seems.

        I was feeling quiet good with all that doing and then ots on again ? or is it ?
        This is testing, I’ve not yet opened the last email ! Just thinking,it’s good to write to someone.
        What’s the silver bullet that stops it ?

      • Rob says : Reply

        Hi BZ
        Ha ha I’m repeating my panic behavior again .
        And answering my own questions, what a learning curve this is.
        I’ve found the Australiam site
        Which has some assistance !
        Cheers and many thanks
        and good wishes to everyone who comes along !

  14. Matt says : Reply

    I can’t seem to get access to the declaration of facts as the people’s trust website seems to no longer exist. Where else can I have a look at this document?

  15. Ernesto Bonero says : Reply

    Well now it all makes sense. This all seems coherent and above board.

  16. ImaJWalker says : Reply

    I’m in Canada.. in 2013, I lost two completely paid houses using my documents and the judge gave the banks my homes without hearing my case.
    I gave up and now after losing all that I worked so hard for.. I hear Heather has SET US FREE

    If anyone can help.. Please educate me on Canada’s way of ‘accessing’ our value since we don’t use the UCC here (the courts don’t recognize it & I’m getting too old for prison. lol)
    I have no problem educating others if it’s explained to me first.
    I love you all.. Friend me on Facebook or whatever.. all you help will not be wasted.
    The poor & illiterate need our help also.. PEACE

  17. WizardWithin says : Reply

    I live in Canada. I owe about $2,500 against my driver’s licence. I am willing to step up and file a CN and let ppl know the outcome. I have successfully taken 10 landlords to tribunals and 1 corporation to the Human Rights Tribunal. I have the patience of a turtle. I have the ability to expose false and misleading information. That has been my bread and butter. Discredit the the opponent using his/her own words. I find this site interesting and the implications to be enormous. I need to do more research and see some written proof of what is happening.

  18. Mane says : Reply


    Love & Light consumes us all!
    God bless us all!

    Can anyone tell me how we should be opening our TDA Acount? Are we supposed to open it as an “infividual” or as a “business/corp”?

    For background, I have signed and notarized my certificate of authority, my factualized trust, and my power of attorney in fact. I’ve also completed my courtesy notice.

    Please advise

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      you do not open a Treasury Direct Deposit account. Accounts of this energy frequency were created when you were born to hold your property/your value, purportedly in trust for you.
      You are the Original depositor, you are the originator of the funds, you are the original depository.

  19. Joey says : Reply

    Hey BZ

    I dont have the funds right now to access Scrib, could it be possible to provide a word doc link to the CN Invoice Diagram?

    Thanks Joey!

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