OPPT Courtesy Notice Guidelines

The Courtesy Notice Guidelines give you a detailed outline of what to do, how to do it, why do it and when to do it, in regards to sending out your Courtesy Notices to sending out your Courtesy Notices to individuals operating with full personal responsibility and liability without the protection of the former banks, corporations and governments where they work.

Step by step instructions give you a simple process to follow, so that you are confident in every move you make. Remember to go forward knowing that your DO’ing becomes your BE’ing and the energy you invest in sending out your CN’s with their cover letters and Foreclosure Flyers, will add the expansion and awareness of the new landscape we can now enjoy.

Print off a copy and refer to it every time you are taking action and always focus on your intent just for a moment before you press ‘send’, or deposit your letters in the post.

OPPT Courtesy Notice Guidelines

Courtesy Notice Addendum


Guidelines for New Courtesy Notices 06p00

OPPT Courtesy Notice Guidelines-06p00 by OPPTIN


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  1. with His presence and voice, God ordered me to court 1/17/1993 for this nation. I have been dismissed 11 times saying i have no standing in the court. subject matter jurisdiction is involved. no lawyer will involve himself is understandable. God said I would win. what do i do to rescue national economic security and restoration act from the Suprem court. i have a farmer’s education so keep it simple, please.

  2. Hi,

    I am having an issue downloading and printing the Courtesy Notice? Can you advise?

    Thank you,
    Denise Wiinikainen

  3. How do we get insructions to know what ucc forms to use and how to fill them out? i am unskillled with the computer. Help. Thanks Damaris June

  4. Sandy Becker says : Reply

    I have just completed a CN for a recent speeding ticket. While getting ready to mail it out, I decided to verify the website listed on Pg 5 http://www.peoplestrust1776.org

    Unfortunately, it appears to have been hi-jacked. It talks about credit cards, not oppt. Could someone please check it out?

    I am looking for the DECLARATION OF FACTS. Can someone tell me where to find it?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      The Trustees archive site was taken down back in March of 2013 when the trust was reconciled along with all things.

      You can find all the data from that site on the I UV site. For a time until the domain name expired it forwarded to

      You can go ahead and change your version of page 5 to reflect that. There are some focus versions of the CN posted here that have that change as do the freedom flyers and the foreclosure flyers

  5. Jan G says : Reply

    If i try to open the guidelines, or download/view the pages, such as the courtesy notices, I can not get past a certain point, before being prompted to download a Scribd app, and even after doing so, i am not able to get past that point. Why? And some one please tell me how to download these. It seems like everything here is just made as hard as possible for Joe Blow to get to and understand..very frustrating indeed! I thank any one in advance who can offer some help. Thanks!

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Jan, many of the files under the OPPT Absolute tabs have a scribd display for easy online viewing and there is also a sentance usually at the top that say Direct download …. Click here. When you click here it opens a new tab and you can download it directly from the I UV site. BZ

  6. Conrad says : Reply

    I am unable to send any emails to foropaq@gmail.com, which is listed in the guidelines. Kindly advise.


  7. Todd says : Reply

    I’m sure there is truth to this as well as other “techniques”, the problem always boils down to enforcement. I guarantee if you send one of these courtesy notices to your bank or other supposed entity they will reject it outright. Stop paying your mortgage payment and see how fast your local Sheriff complies with the bank and removes you from your house. In order to prevent this you will have to go to court to enforce the courtesy notice etc. You better either have a working knowledge of legal procedure, law and precedent etc. or be able to afford a good attorney, as well as hope you get an honest judge. There are many variables and no guarantees, the system is set up to benefit them not us, they steamroll a lot of people, I know, I sued my bank and lost.

  8. Alice says : Reply

    I just recently found out about all of this & I filed my taxes before I became aware & I just received a collection bill from my State for taxes owed to them; would you suggest that I send them a Courtesy Notice along with the bill they sent me?

    Thank you, Alice

  9. Christina Harrison says : Reply

    If you file a UCC -1 you can send them a letter telling then you the man(mankind) do not owe any such tax and include the Constitution information that proves it as well as the tax code that specifically says that the tax is voluntary and that if they do not cease and desist you will have to take further action send them a copy of your UCC-1 and study to be able to fight back.

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