Cover Letters for CNs


Many of the people you send your Courtesy Notices to will not be aware of the recent change in the legal landscape. Attaching a cover letter to your CN’s gives the Respondent the best opportunity to understand the UCC Rulings and how that may influence their response to you.

Your intent when sending CN’s is crucial, not only to give them the option to choose whether to engage with you or not, related to your Terms and Conditions, but also to allow them to wake up themselves. You may also wish to include the ‘Foreclosure Flyer” as well, as this give people all the links and background information related to the original UCC filings and subsequent rulings.

So review the sample Cover Letters here and customize the one most appropriate to the purpose of the CN.

Please make sure to let us know what happens, we are gathering CN Freedom Stories and would like to add your story.

Example Request For Documentation Of Funding Letter Click here

Example of Letter to Student Loan Bank Click here

Example of paperwork for Student Loan Click here

Cover letter for Initial CN Click here

A Follow up Letter to a CN  Click here

Courtesy Notice Cover letter for a Judge   Click here

CN Cover Letter Example 2   Click here


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  1. Jay says : Reply

    These are great tools. I will share this page with many.

    Peace and love.

  2. ItsmeBonby says : Reply

    I just sent out mY first CL and CN to a loan agency. Hope they pass it along. Yay

  3. ItsmeBonby says : Reply

    I was able to send it to one of the five owners. Hopefully it gets passed around

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