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The final piece to taking back control of our bodies is related to a fundamental truth that Heather discusses in an interview she gave in January 2013. In a nut shell…

“Everyday that a child is born, every day that a body leaves this earth. It’s a matter of creation. There are these bodies, and yet who is the architect? Who is the creator? In the instance of science, or a patent, it would be the person who actually created the ‘thing’, and therefore knows the DNA of it. They were inspired and it’s the same thing here.

So, who created the people? If you look at every religion across the board, it is the Creator. So creator is the prime. Nobody can come up and say,” I own your body, I own your mind,” because firstly, they do not, and secondly, who are you a servant to?

Then you take that into a commercial world, where either someone is going to claim you as the servant, or you are going to claim as owning yourself, and so you are free.

So this was the loophole this filing closed to protect people from the systems that were being enforced against everyone else against their will.

Essentially, we the people have handed over, or bowed down to laws and rules that have been put forth against us illegally. The only reason that this has gone on for so long is that we have given our consent. And that consent has now been revoked.”

A variety of OPPT Tools have been created for you to spread the word and educate the One People in a Heart Centered approach. Think of them as tools to assist your BEing and DOing in the context of the Tool known as OPPT.

You can easily access the OPPT Tools by following the navigation menu on this site. Click on OPPT Absolute, then OPPT Tools, then select your tool from that sub-navigation menu.



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  1. Scot says : Reply

    The tools work. Or at least they appear to be working for me. Now how do I get more people to come on board? That’s the real question.

    • Karen says : Reply

      Scot, please guide me, how are the tools working for you and which tools?

      • Scot Rogers says : Reply

        I used a foreclosure flyer for 2 attorneys. They both quit a case against me for an eviction from my house. The third took the case because he was granted the house by the landlord. I was getting ready to go to court, but missed a filing date and had to concede the case. There are other folks getting results too. Not a bunch of folks are getting involved, yet. Most are sitting on the sidelines. Once I get settled though, I’ll be sending out more notices. I have to do my part to bring this system down.

        • Anthony Taggart says : Reply

          Well done Scot! Where are you based? I ask this because we are based here in the UK and looking for people are also willing to take action and join forces.

          • Bianca says :

            @Scot Rogers how are things working out? Any further progress? I am getting ready to send out Foreclosure flyers to my mortgage lender but looking for support in the progress as I read more
            thanks Bianca in Chicago

        • Charles says : Reply

          I have a trustee sale of my home coming up on february 6, 2014
          will a foreclosure flyer stop the sale of my home and if so can you help me with it I am in California USA and I don’t have any experience at this
          My name is Charles my phone is (951) 288 6372

      • Jeremiah says : Reply

        Look thru the search bar those tools

    • RoseNn says : Reply

      Can someone direct me on how to obtain the foreclose documents. I’m currently scheduled for a sale date of my condo for 2/19. Everything is in the attorneys hands. My original loan mortgage company is also being audited by Fanny Mar and is requesting that I send them some documents from the original that Fannie Mae is requiring. I filed bankruptcy chapter 7 in 2010. Either way I can walk away from the property with obligations. But in reality based on the principle I would like to keep the property. I would appreciate anyone’s advice and help on this. Thank you. Roseann

    • I could use a wee bit of guidance myself using these tools. How, what and where, etc. I already havehe WHY. Poverty is that answer. I’m not getting younger every day that goes by… Please advise. Thanks in advance
      Respectfully, Robert Mullane 3rd

    • I’m willing to get aboard but so far my attempts at research haven’t yielded much. Please advise. How is one to use these so called tools? I would love to know as I sit here in the squalor of poverty.
      Thanks exceedingly in advance for a useful answer.

    • Br. Jose says : Reply

      Hi..would you be6 so kindd as to tell me how a63 yr old is supposed to catch up using a cell phone from inside a van with no starting resources. I ask in sincere cause this solution could help millions. You and the younger crowd don’t see we have been separated on purpose. Utilizes words made up that have no bearing on reality and we older are lost. Laptop lines and printer YET all around me are idont know parrots. How do I catch u.p.? Br. Jose…land od zombies Det.mi

  2. sue says : Reply

    Hi -i am here in the UK and would love some guidance to see what i could do maybe for myself and others?

    • Jim says : Reply

      Hi. I’ve literally just come into contact with this foreclosure movement and would love to take it further forward in the UK too. Have you made any progress with the documentation? I was going to issue a lien but I believe I shouldn’t worry about that and send out a courtesy notice instead. What do you think?

      Perhaps we can hook up by email and develop a plan to get the message out there. What do you think? I’ll give my email if you want to take it further.

      Thanks. God bless.

      • Jason Smith says : Reply

        Hi Jim.
        Im in Australia and we have a system derived from yours as far as I can tell. When I was looking into placing a lien against property, one thing kept popping up. Being registered as a secured party. Here in Australia we have the “Personal Property securities Register” https://www.ppsr.gov.au/what-personal-property-securities-register-ppsr .

        This allows “persons” to register a secured interest in property that they hold some control over. (A lien as far as I can tell).

        Recently, I had the opportunity to go to the bank with a friend and look over the documents they where about to sign for a mortgage loan. I took the opportunity to question the nice lady at the bank –
        1 – I noticed on the bank loan documents that there was ONLY the applicants signature anywhere on the document. (There was a 4 sided enclosed “box” at the end of the document that the lady from the bank notarized after my friend signed the documents, but anything inside a box can’t be heard by the law. So this notarization had nothing to do with the actual contract being formed or what was being created by that signed document.)
        2 – It CLEARLY stated on the document that the bank that the agreement was with was the DEBT USER….. Not the credit provider/giver
        3 – I then asked her if the bank would place a LIEN on the title of the property (She was taken back a little by this question, but then confirmed that was correct) She said the bank would have a SECURED INTEREST in the property title. She was even kind enough to show me on the existing property title of the current owners where the title search clearly states their bank as a secured interest in the property title.
        4 – I then asked her if the person I was with would get a formal paper deed of title to the property on completion of sale. She laughed and said they don’t do paper titles anymore as its all electronic. She then went on to elaborate that its not really a issue as most people LEAVE THE TITLE IN THE BANKS HANDS EVEN WHEN THEY FINISH PAYING OFF/OUT THE LOAN!!! (Me sitting there shocked on hearing this) She said most people just do this, it also makes it easier if you want a line of credit/finance, nothing has to be signed over again.
        5 – I asked her if it was possible to get the title free and clear into a persons ownership once the loan had been fulfilled. She confirmed that there is a process that the person must PAY for that will clear the title from the banks possession and into your own. But then said, “Why would you bother, you just have to sign it over again if you ever want another line of credit/loan”.

        I made a few observations.
        1 – She was very surprised with the questions I asked.
        2 – She didn’t know to much herself once I started digging into her responses. (She was also going for a mortgage for herself and was telling about her house hunting and how expensive the markets become and so on. She is as much a debt slave as the rest of us even though she works within the system itself.)
        3 – Something I have been pondering for a few years now is how to use the Personal Property Securities Register. \

        I had asked a number of people about their mortgage process and if they where the only signatory to the document. No one could really remember for some strange reason, most thought for sure that the bank had also signed it. But after watching the signing first hand, the person seeking the “loan” is the ONLY one to sign the document into CREATION. From research, this then becomes a trade-able “note” of value. The bank who got you to sign the document into creation then sell this thing of VALUE on the open market. Its then able to be used to bring further “money” into creation (Have heard claims of 3:1 all the way to 9:1).

        So, the original bank sells the “note” for face value +, meaning that YOUR debt obligation has been paid in full and finalized with the original bank right……… WRONG. Because we stupidly never registered OUR OWN secured interest in the security before we handed it over. We just gave away this thing of value.

        (Just some background on PPSR/Lien process)
        With the PPSR, a “person” registers their financial interest in XXXX property. Lots of people and companies use this, everyday people as well. So for example if your a mechanic and you’ve done $2000 of work on a car but haven’t been paid yet for it. You as the mechanic can register a “Secured Interest” in that property (Customers Car) and it can not change hands legally without you first being paid in whole (Just as a lien must be paid in full before any other transaction can take place).

        Just as the bank places a Secured Interest/Lien over any property you purchase in a mortgage agreement with them.

        When Seller 1 sells their house and still owes $50 000 on their mortgage to Bank A, Buyer 2’s Bank B pays out and finalizes Bank A’s secured party interest as part of the handover process. Once Bank A’s Secured interest has been paid in full, Bank A withdraws its Secured Interest over the property. Bank B then has “Clear Title” on the property and Bank B then places its own Secured Interest on that Property Title.

        At no time does the BUYER/OWNER have “Clear Title” or a Secured Interest in the property.

        (Another thing to note, the woman from the bank comment on the price my friend bought the property for as it was the exact price that the bank valued the property at. She then said this was almost unheard of as the banks ALWAYS undervalued the properties so as to protect the bank from any potential market moves…. Reading between the lines, what this really means is that the bank makes an immediate grab for the small amount of equity you have saved up and put down 5%, 10%, 20% or whatever you had to put down to “get” the loan in the first place by undervaluing the properties fair market value.)

        Questions I’m still asking myself
        1 – As you pay off your mortgage with the bank and you build equity in the property, does the bank update the total amount of value that the bank then has a secured interest over as it decreases?

        From what I can see, they don’t and on foreclosure the bank doesn’t give ANY consideration to the mortgagee’s equity value and the bank will literally sell the property for whatever price covers the banks remaining mortgage value. If the mortgagee’s REALLY lucky, the house might sell above the remaining loan value and the bank might decide to give the mortgagee this amount over (minus a heap of “fee’s” the bank decided to chuck on as its last money grab from you)

        2 – Can you place your own Secured interest on the property as you gain XX% equity in it?

        From what I can see, it would lead me to think that you can only do this once the existing Banks Secured Interest is paid out in full and you can gain “Clear Title”, then you can place your own secured interest on that property.

        3 – The solution seems to lay with the original financial instrument that WE CREATE… But how?

        The process is there to register a Personal Property “Security Interest” for tangible goods (Cars, RVs, Trucks and so on), The process is there to register a “Secured Interest” over land/house (But I’m still unsure of exactly how the bank does this and through what mechanism).
        This leads me to the belief that there is also a mechanism and process available to register SECURITIES and SECURITIZED NOTES.

        It clearly states so in the dictionary that our “loan” is converted to a security and then on-sold who knows how many times and for what total value is brought into existence from it.. —-


        past tense: securitized; past participle: securitized

        – convert (an asset, especially a loan) into marketable securities, typically for the purpose of raising cash by selling them to other investors.
        “the use of securitized debt as a major source of corporate finance”


        So the step we seem to be missing is we ourselves Securitizing the note and then registering OUR Secured Interest in that note to the value of finalizing any contracted obligations with the bank BEFORE we give it over to the bank. Then the bank would have to payout and finalize any outstanding Registered Secured Interest on that note before they are able to sell it to another party (and still make a mad profit at 3:1+ face value of the note)
        (maybe we don’t even need to bother with the Securitizing of the note, just do the 2nd part, register our Secured Interest correctly and the bank still has to pay out OUR Registered Secured Interest before the bank can securitize and on-sell the note…)

        Currently, the bank gets the note, signed by us and handed to them on a silver platter and they go looking for the owner of it. When they check the correct official public registries of such things, they find it has no registered owner so under Admiralty law they can claim the abandoned vessel adrift at sea as salvage and then profit from it at their will. PLUS they have us contracted to pay the principal value PLUS interest on a financial instrument we ourselves brought into existence! The bank itself can’t bring these things into existence that they rely on, only the sweat and physical toil of a living man creates something of VALUE and this is clearly demonstrated with WHO’s signature has the ONLY power to bring this thing of value into existence. .

        You might also do a little research into a group based out of South Africa (from memory) https://www.ubuntuplanet.org/ . I seem to recall reading on their site somewhere about someone in Africa that had actually got the bastard banks into the court room and started laying into them with FACTS. I don’t recall if the outcome was overly positive for facts and truth but the comments made by the bank and the court where VERY revealing from memory. Sorry I can’t point it out specifically and link you, its been sometime since I last dove into this deep.

        There are plenty of resources around. From memory there used to be some very active groups/people based in the UK moving the Straw-man movement forward. Perhaps they might have more specific information for you in regards to the UK.

        Hope this is of some help in your search.

  3. richard says : Reply

    Sue. I am here in Canada and encourage you to follow your inner guidance. I have been researching his for a few months now and there is plenty of correlation and legitimacy in the documents and people presenting them. Please keep faith tin real people and hat the veil has been lifted from the ptw. Continue to follow your own truth by talking to people, family and acquaintances. Anyone who you believe has the capacity to listen. I carry foreclosure notices with me and pose this simple question before handing it to someone.. what if? In love and eternal gratitude for you and your intention.

  4. Lanee says : Reply

    I actually have a CN that needs to be sent to Citibank. Who would I send it too?

  5. Gene Kirkland says : Reply

    hello. to whomever this may concern. i was given the info and abandoned. is assistance for handling the cn process?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Gene, I am not sure who are what you are refering to about giving you the info and abandoning you… you can find information about the CNs ( Courtesy Notices) a tool created by Scott and Ken Bartle. If you look on the top navigation and under OPPT Absolute- OPPT Tools- the you will see a whole drop down menu with resources for you.

      The bartle’s created guidelines and some videos to help people and you will find conversations in the comment sections that may give you more help as well. You may also want to check the sister sites linl under the Home top nav drop down for other sites that have good info about CNs and OPPT tools.

  6. bhaz2 says : Reply

    ‘Google’ for the Citibank CEO and CFO (alleged Chief Executive Officer and alleged Chief Financial Officer), those are the two guys you would ‘google’ (search for Citibank Board of Directors to get those two names)……hope this helps ya!
    peace and love,

  7. FreeYour Mind (fb) says : Reply

    Im sending my 1st CN today,
    To a debt collector,
    And i feel in power against those,
    Corporate mongols are foreclosed so…Any action They try to scare you in..
    They are a 100% personel accounteble
    Couz all commerce including “gouvernement” is executed by law..
    The game They played against us is turned 180•c on them selfs…

    Fight The power

  8. I'm in the UK and wondered if any changes need to be made to the CN? The fee schedule is in $ and I want to be sure the unrebutted Declaration of Facts and UCC applies here as well as the US? says : Reply

    I find this site really difficult to navigate! Where and how can I download the handwritten Courtesy Notices? I need to change the dollars to sterling. Also, no all of the instructions downloaded. Sorry to complain but I’m a bit frustrated as time is not on my side! Thank you x

  9. DkG says : Reply

    I was wondering if, hypothetically speaking, you had a Excel bill thats over due and collections are calling you.. isnt it already paid by any signature. …
    Just alittle confused is all.
    Thanks for your help

  10. kala says : Reply

    I understand through my research you are not held reliable because YOU are not the straw man; foreclosed corporate entity is, including your straw man name 🙂 You are to research and find ways to peacefully respond back reminding them of what has been done, what my advice is to new comers is this, this is our new paradigm and we need to fully understand it, think of this site like a study pamphlet and you have a huge important exam coming up, your not gonna skip the study pamphlet with all the answers now would you? NO you would research every answer, because it gives you EVERY answer. Also, this is much more than the psychical side, this is also mental progression and emotional progression, my personal opinion do as much reading as possible, do as much *mediation* praying or what ever your method of higher connection is, until you get rid of any doubts BEFORE you send out anything to anyone, YOU THE BEing has to see this to be true before any one can see this to be true, you have to understand what this truth is TO YOUR BEing before you can even phantom sending a CN to someone, bc again a CN is a courtesy notice to remind those of the UCC fillings done by OPPT! If you dont believe it how can the energy of BEing and DOing affect another ?
    Every Day now I correct my speech when speaking of former entities, and reminding myself that I AM FREE and every action here forward is a result of me being FREE. the more you tell yourself that every time you get a doubt in your head you will find it easier and easier to look to your BEing and DOing as what should be DONE


    p.s I myself is in the beginning of these leanings and will continue posting my journey of understanding for others to get help from, once I start sending out the notices I will IN DETAIL give everything I have done 🙂 , and the reactions of the former entities

  11. Joe says : Reply

    I have a question for IU-V. On the foreclosure flyer, there is a GOVT website link to a registry, IT DOES NOT WORK. THERE IS NO WAY TO LOOK UP OPPT DOCUMENTS THIS WAY. This flyer is being looked upon as bullshit because of this. Do you all realize this? Now im starting to realize why all these attorneys, including the one after my house, think this is all bullshit.


  12. genevieve says : Reply


    Can’t answer your question, but I’d sure like to get the answer to it. Thanks for asking!

    Re your house: I’d like to suggest you go to a website called Get Out of Debt Free. It
    offers a process that entails sending three letters asking for verification of a debt (which
    almost always can’t be done), followed up by a Notice of Irrevocable Estoppel By
    Acquiescence, which is a legal notice forever barring them from making any claims
    against you (plus, in the third letter you send them a fee schedule for your services
    should they wish to engage any further with you).

    The idea behind the three letters is based on needing to give them time to provide the
    proof of their claim that you owe them something (again, something almost all of them
    can’t do), and it’s reasonable for you to ask for this verification. If they don’t give you
    the verification that you ask for, or if they don’t respond at all, you just proceed to
    issue the estoppel–the whole process can take as little as a month. There are many
    reports of successes with a variety of issues.

    I learned of their process on Stillness In the Storm website, and have blended GOODF’s
    procedure with Heather’s Declaration of Rejection Without Dishonor By I AM (a
    powerful document–much more gnarly than GOODF’s; see Article I, Section C,
    Subsections 1-8 for the specific info required). I’m just about (like today!) to send out
    my estoppel notices regarding credit cards, so I can’t claim a success yet, but it feels
    like one.

    Even if you don’t use Heather’s doc in full, asking your “creditor” for the detailed verification
    of the debt as clearly and lengthily outlined in Heather’s doc could help you out. I think the
    three-letter process and estoppel could be of help to you.

    Best wishes to you!

    Peace Love Joy & Harmony,

    • Joe says : Reply

      Thanks for the reply. The only 100% way to stop these criminals from taking your home and mine, is a Land Patent, which i already have in play now since my last post. Its Treaty law and there is 150+ years of case law on it. The Federal Govt by law must defend all land Patents. Only an Act of Congress can change an LP. This is peoples only answer to saving their homes, this then gives them time to use OPPT and or what you are doing. It all depends on the lawyer you deal with, whether they are willing to look up the filings and learn the commercial law process’s to know its all legit. This is why im upset with these OPPT folks. Just look, you answered me before they do. Its beginning to look like they did it for themselves, idk, it kind of hard to fathom doing all this then leaving everyone hanging. I have stopped some collections against me but not without damaging my credit more, not that i care. From my experience, only 1 person has had success using OPPT filings alone and thats because nobody saw them but the opposing attorney, and that’s Kim Beckett. She won because there was never a fight, and that’s a fact. Now, im not negating her success, im happy for her, she a friend of mine on FB, but i dont see anybody having any real success using the filings. I hear stories but never see proof and there are many liars out there involved in OPPT stuff that i personally have called out as BS’ers. EVERYONE else, so far, that i know of, ended up winning yes, but NOT using the filings, they used the existing laws to beat them. Sorry for the rant but i want people coming here to read some real facts. Good luck to everyone, dont forget to learn the Land Patent properly, its your real solution.

      • Skyla says : Reply

        Hi Joe, I understand your concerns with interaction and feedback on these issues. It concerns me as well. Currently I’m trying to negate the mtg service co and get a Land Patent established myself. Michigan had treaties and 2 sons of a chiefs daughter had grants (mid mich) in part of Jackson co, by the grand and portage rivers. tracing through the bureau of land mngmt for E united states is very difficult on that site.
        I am a bit sketchy on the full process, but I am thinking accepting the deed including all previous holders to the actual treaties may work. I am curious will this creat an actual Land Patent? A copy of this completely accepted deed, the CN, and the bkrptcy (world) to the texas based mtg servicer is what I hope is all I will need to stop them.
        Now I dont know if this will classify my deed as a land patent or not – this I need to have clarified. Do you have any ideas??
        Thank you so much for your thoughts when you can share them. =)

        Skyla K Jones
        1st home purchase-homesteaded

  13. Pebs says : Reply

    Joe, I’m intrigued by your suggestion about Land patent. Can you explain what that means, how to do it, who to do it with or where to get some more information please. thanks in advance.

  14. Feli says : Reply

    I need format of form Making of your Certificate of Authority SSN
    Can anyone help

  15. James Kennedy says : Reply

    I need help big time. I live in San Diego, California. I tried getting my ucc1 recorded, but was rdeclined. There is so much to consider and absorb. I would like to hire an experienced professional service consultant or firm. I have some funds set aside for this purpose. Does anybody have suggestions or recommendations?

    Thanks in advance

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