OPPT Initial Investigation: The Paradigm Report

The ‘Paradigm Report’ came about as a result of many years of research and investigation into the globalized practice of using private money (the labor money for the world’s citizens, collected through taxes, bank fees, fines and a multitude of other methods) to fund the growth of the global banking system that is controlled by a handful of transnational elite families and groups. In essence, the reverse of ‘Robin Hood’.

The investigation was carried out over two years by a small group of international banking attorneys who discovered some anomalies within the mortgage industry and began to look into the history, practices and consequences of the fraud, not just locally, but globally and the impact this unchecked activity had wrought on all people on earth.

The results of the investigation were clear, conclusive and in fact, frightening: The global judicial system is corrupt, and supported and encouraged by the private banking system; and the global ‘law enforcement’ system has developed the habit of turning a ‘blind eye’ to the actions of corporate criminals due to lack of clear direction, proper ‘orders’ and relevant support.

The full Paradigm Report is presented below:

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The Paradigm Report




“Really we were asking can the private system be saved? Is it worth saving? and the answer is no, it could not be saved. And why put energy into something that cannot be saved?”

~ Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf on how the Paradigm Report came to be


Excerpts from The Paradigm Report:


1. The judicial house (system) is corrupt through its elite and privileged mentality and profit making, ordered, fostered and encouraged by the private banking system, filtered and maintained by the bar.

2. Law enforcement is an order taker, and generally speaking, they turn a blind eye to the crimes their “superiors” are committing. Law enforcement is not corrupt in general terms, and they see what is happening, they just need support, and orders, to re-ignite their stamina and courage to enforce true justice.


Paradigm Report

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    • Rene in Texas says : Reply

      Heather, and all,
      Ken Dost has been exposing on two facebook pages one in his name and another in Mortgage= copyright derivatives…one is a somewhat private group. He was about 2-3 year ago, chosen for a group/team, through AVR’s work well he went on in a different direction. I need to get a private message to you and or your group. Please contact me. via bodybalance@hushmail.com thank you, Rene’ in Texas (****followers on this group, Please do not contact me through this email, as I am not prepared to handle a flood of emails. Thank you for respecting this.) Leaders I have something to share at that email and would appreciate one contact. peace and love.

  2. Chuck says : Reply

    I’ve come to realize that humanity is living in a GLORIOUS period of transition. The old is giving away to the NEW. There is a MAJOR PARADIGM SHIFT now happening’ We are removing the shackles that have kept us in bondage fore centuries.

    Let’s know and except that we are truly embodiments of ETERNAL ESSECE and LIGHT. Let our LIGHT SHINE BRIGHTLY out into our world. Let’s be way showers for those we touch so that they may also know the truth and experience their freedom as well.


    • “Paradigm shift?” Chuck, did you READ the Paradigm Report? There is NO “shift.” It’s illuminati as usual… the select few “elite” rule the planet.

  3. sharon clark says : Reply

    Gabi, The Paradigm Report was used to expose the criminal system we have been using now for decades. You have to look at what has been going on in order to change it. As Chuck says above,”The old is giving away to the NEW. There is a MAJOR PARADIGM SHIFT now happening.” Thank God there are people who were willing to sacrifice everything to bring in a new system that works for everyone.

  4. Marnie says : Reply

    You say there is a major paradigm shift. This report is all very interesting but if the banks were all foreclosed in 2012 why has nothing actually changed in the world as we experience it. The banks continue lending and the goverents continue harvesting 90 per cent of our incomes in one way or another. How can a change actually be realised?

    • Kathelena says : Reply

      Marnie, the answer to your excellent question is found in the realization that the system continues on the way it always has because we continue to support of it. To initiate change, we each have to take a stand – in whatever way feels appropriate to us – for our own sovereignty and freedom. A stand that says that we no longer agree to accept the rules of the current system(s).

      The key, in my mind, is to take that stand in a way that honors everyone. The vast majority of people, including those who work inside these systems, don’t yet know or understand what those of us reading blogs like this one know. They’re as ill-informed as we were before we became aware. That’s why the Courtesy Notices are such a gift. They allow us to inform without anger, upset, or judgement. That’s an important thing to note: It very much matters what one’s attitude is when presenting this information – no good guy / bad guy, no resentment, anger, or actions based in revenge. Just the simple facts, personalized for the parties involved and based on our own personal situation.

      The results of one’s action will turn out however it turns out, but in taking action – whatever that action is – we take an important stand for our sovereignty and freedom. We do this not only for ourselves, but for all of humankind. Added together our individual stands have an impact that affects the whole, and the whole begins to change itself, almost as if by magic. But it won’t do for us to stand idly by and hope someone else is going to get it done for us – we have to put in our own energy and intent.

    • Todd says : Reply

      Excellent point Marnie. I am of the opinion that the “system” will eventually collapse under it’s own weight, it was doomed from it’s inception. Until then if you want to succeed in freeing yourself from debt you need to have a working knowledge of legal procedure, law and precedent, or be able to afford a good attorney, as well as hope you get an honest judge. There are a lot of variables and no guarantees, I know, I sued my bank and lost. Regards.

    • noel says : Reply

      OPPT foreclosed on all Banks, Corporations and Corporate Governments that operate in a Corporate world of Commerce, where everything done by these fictions, is by contract. { we all think that it’s supposed to be this way} They cannot contract with Human Beings, so they actually made Human Beings into Corporations via your birth certificate, yes, your all CAPITAL LETTER NAME on all documents when they address you, ie: your drivers license is a contract, you enter contracts just by using that name and you are never told. When you use that name you are acting on behalf of the Corporation, when you go to Court, they are dealing with the Corporation not you the Human Being. So their is a gradual Paradigm shift as the foreclosure has alerted all Human Beings that they have been conned into contracts unknowingly and everyday there are people awakening. Once we all stop contracting with them and start using the Courtesy Notices and invoices on everyone of them, they will collapse

  5. Sid says : Reply

    Whatever happened to the OPPT? Did it die quicker than it started? Explanation?

    • Kathelena says : Reply

      BZ or someone else probably has a better understanding than I do, but for the moment, I’ll pass along what I know. Or think I know.

      OPPT gave us the means – via the UCC filings – to do everything we need to do to stand in our sovereignty and assert our knowing out in the world. The OPPT has since been reconciled. That is, having done what it needed to do, it no longer exists. Other people, like Scott and Ken Bartle who created the Courtesy Notices and other tools, Andy Whiteley who helps us understand what the global fraud is that we’re dealing with, and many many others – including this website – make those tools available and assist us in using them. So there are many who are providing the means for us to use the filings to bring change to our world.

      The thing that each of us needs to come to understand and ultimately accept is that no one is going to do the legwork for us. That’s a paradigm that’s no longer necessary or useful. We – all of humanity – are creating a new way of being, and that way isn’t to be a victim or expect others to do for us. It’s for us to work individually and together to change what we desire to see changed. It’s for us to use our inspired action. As Ghandi is credited with saying “Be the change you wish to see.” OPPT didn’t die, their filings on behalf of all humanity stand as law. The rest is up to us. Bottom line is that the trustees passed the ball to the rest of us and then dissolved the organization.

    • noel says : Reply

      No Sid, OPPT, did its job and was retired.

  6. Janez says : Reply

    The work the Trustees have done with the OPPT-Trust is tremendous in value. What in the whole universe means your sovereignty to you? Think! They have worked the main point via the UCC filings to be accepted law worldwide. Period! There is no way around and there isn’t any easier way towards OWNING YOURSELF by any means we know. Our whole enslavement has been organized the same way before for centuries. Someone smart but lazy has claimed that they’ll be your Sovereign. And because all your ancestors up to your mom and dad agreed until now, you are here experiencing what this enslavement means to your life in many ways. No one will beg or through you into your Sovereignty. If you think that being a slave is the best position to live your live – way you go. For all others there is the UCC-Filings and a excellenty worded Courtesy Note etc. to hold on to what Billions have dreamed of. But anyway Dez 2012 really was the End of the World we know, like there was prophecy all around. All my love to the marvelous team from Slovenia and to all the sisters and brothers who think alike. IT IS DONE!!!

  7. Mosiah says : Reply

    When addressing a magistrate if they are employed under the no longer CORPORATION, does this apply to a certain level of judicial branch rather local, state, or federal? Also does the military fall under the U.S.A CORPORATION? School loans, military loan, Department of defense loans, are they all FORECLOSED as well meaning they cannot receive payments or (I don’t pay them crap)?

  8. stella says : Reply

    The work of OPPT was done just with the right timing, of when a energetic shift took place, and we are all here to witness how humans have become more and more aware of the fraud that is taking place globally.
    What i done in this physical realm also matters esoterically but the changes have to be done here.
    It is no longer a question of when it happens, it has happened and we just need to see the consequences ( as we already do) in the full effect!

  9. r r razzaellohim says : Reply

    accepting for value and honour the gifts of ALL AUM LOVE YOU ALL rrr

  10. Ray Cabarga says : Reply

    I’m new here. I have an incurable crippling disease. And i cannot get enough to live on from SSI. I would not survive if i went to jail because i have very limited mobility and need special equipment. Is this something i can realistically pursue? Will i need attorneys I can’t afford? and will i risk jail time if it doesn’t go as planned? If my death could pave the way for others to be free from this slavery i would sacrifice myself but if it means nothing and only hurts my family forget it. But if it is possible for me to do this, where do i begin. Thanks in advance for your answers.

  11. Galina says : Reply

    I got acquainted with this material through AVAAZ.org. I was very excited about the issue of liberating people around the world from credit slavery, because in my country this flourishes in full color and our people know very little about it. I measure my knowledge to convey it to people … but it’s very difficult to do. People believe the government and bankers are still enslaved by mortgages and loans, they give away more than 50% of their earnings to repay these debts. I myself also dealt with a system of corrupt judges, declaring myself in the court of the Living Human The judge does not even want to listen and continues to enslave and unlawfully make unjust decisions based on false facts, unproved by authentic documents, violates the Declaration of Human Rights … not to mention the laws of the country and other regulations that must be protected human rights. Everything is subordinated to the system of corruption and bribery. Yes .. only by all our inner forces of persuasion and self-determination, that we are the LIVING PEOPLE and the system will die itself. It feeds on our living energy, which we expend to earn money. To extinguish non-stop loan loans. As soon as people understand the whole world. That this money is a breeding ground for usurers, we must stop paying these loans, taxes and other fines illegally awarded to the living people by the system of enslavement! It’s time to do this all over the world! Our planet is given for the Living people’s life and we are obliged to answer it with love!

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