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The One People’s Public Trust

On December 25, 2012, three public trustees disclosed groundbreaking legal documents filed on behalf of THE ONE PEOPLE.  From this moment, a grassroots movement was born as the documents swept across the globe like wildfire.

Since these filings, hundreds of thousands of people across the world have been inspired to act on a common goal: Freedom from the old enslavement system and a choice to live their lives according to their own free will and free will choices.

Using a common legal process, current systems such as governments and banking have been lawfully and legally foreclosed upon, bringing an end to their corporate rampage of fraud and deceit.

The One People’s Public Trust documents opened the door so people could free themselves from the failed systems and co-create a new system, according to the desires and free will choice of each, acting in the highest good of all.


A Timeline of The One People’s Public Trust
(For a more detailed timeline, see below.)

It all started in 2009, when three colleagues, including Heather Tucci-Jarraf, a banking, trade and finance executive, along with others, conducted an investigation into loan fraud at the World Bank.  Their report became known as Treasury Finance AG: Final Bullet Report – Paradigm -
A Report On Bank, Judicial and Government Corruption.

It established the fact that no actual loans were ever made and that although there may be lawful money, there was no such thing as lawful current ‘funds’.  Instead there was actually a private slavery system relying on peoples’ ignorance of contracts they had unwittingly become bound by.

An excerpt from the Report says:

“The private-money-for-public-use banking system is the constant forum, denominator, and prime of all crimes against humanity, sovereigns, contract, and commerce, including but not limited to breach of peace, trespass, and involuntary servitude, through illegal fraud, coercion, force, theft and deceptive practices and acts…through careful selection and placement of the private bank system’s agents, the government of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is and has been serving the private banking system to the detriment and harm the people of America and the people of the world; The private banking system has illegally forced principles on a global scale.”

See the full report here.

The investigators concluded that this system could not be saved, so why bother continuing to put any energy into saving it.  The One People’s Public Trust or OPPT was formed by three of those investigators, the trustees being Heather, along with Caleb Skinner and Randall Hollis, when they decided to disclose the report and other findings to the public.

Using a series of legal actions and Uniform Commercial Code registrations the trustees served notices on the banks and corporate governments stating all unlawful and illegal claims of ownership and actions of management and control by their principals, agents and beneficiaries were lawfully and legally duly cancelled and foreclosed upon by their own free will choice not to remedy the damage they had caused.

The documents further determined that these entities had absolutely no legal standing or authority between individuals and their Creator.   None of the filings have been rebutted, as doing so would have revealed the intent and deceptions by these ex-entities.

From these foreclosures the OPPT was able to guard, protect and preserve all beings on the planet, inclusive of gold and silver previously misused and abused by the banking system. The one people of this planet, individually and equally, became the only lawful and legal issuers of any legitimate REPRESENTATION of value, especially currency.

The alleged main stream banking system no longer had any asset backing. The trustees returned and allocated a significant amount of value to each human, a value that can pay the debt of the average person many, many times over, if debt as we knew it still existed.

All debt was eliminated by the very fact that the banks chose not to provide any verifiable documentation that a loan had ever been made, as a matter of law, as a matter of fact, and as a matter of public policy, and the banks therefore chose by their free will choice to foreclose on themselves.

And it was done!


The Global Validity of the UCC Rulings

The big question we need to be clear on is:  If the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) originated in the USA, how and why are the OPPT and I-UV rulings valid and applicable in every single nation and therefore every single person of this world?

A bit of history…  The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) was first published in 1952 to harmonize the law of sales and other commercial transactions across the USA, as well as actively discourage the use of legal formalities in making business contracts, to allow business to move forward without the intervention of lawyers or the preparation of elaborate documents.

However, it is important to know that ALL nations and states of this world somehow became legally registered corporations with the USA Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  This means that ALL UCC Rulings are legally applicable to ALL nations’ corporate entities and that every nations’ ‘employees’ (citizens) are also recognized and treated as legal corporations and are registered as commercial ‘vessels’, whose ‘value’ can be traded an sold as chattel.

You can simply go to http://www.sec.gov/edgar/searchedgar/companysearch.html and search either SIC 8888 (for ‘Foreign Governments’) or SIC 8880 (for ‘American Receipt Depository’) and see for yourself if your ‘country’ is listed as a corporate entity on the USA stock exchange.  If your country is, you are.  You will also see the Annual Reports your ‘country’ files each year with SEC, as part of it’s legal, corporate obligation.

Where to next?

One of the many significant changes that have come about since the original OPPT rulings is that we now live in a world of unlimited responsibility and liability and this incredible paradigm shift is beginning to unfold right now.

So why is day to day life still the same?  Though the old system is still in denial and although there are negotiations going on continuously at the highest level, the news of the existence of the Trust has been kept out of the mainstream media by the ex-corporate system to deliberately deceive the one people of this planet and to keep them from learning the truth.

You are now part of the paradigm shift. You are THE ONE PEOPLE.

Use of the OPPT documents lawfully and legally challenges some individuals who are still acting in ignorance of the new system or knowingly, willingly, and intentionally attempting to usurp, violate, invade, abrogate, subjugate, or insubordinate any BE’ing on this planet.  It is also an invitation to participate transparently, with integrity, in the greatest period of change ever seen on this planet.

In the months to come our world is going to change beyond recognition. Our true history will be revealed along with the truth of the system we have been living under. Much technology that has been withheld from us will be released including power production, health and transport.  War, disease and pollution will be a thing of the past.

Each of us needs to do our own research. Patience is required while we develop our own understanding of what is occurring and choose what we do with this information only as it resonates within each of us.

To read a concise summary about the OPPT and what it means, click here.

A Detailed Timeline…

Catalyst Investigation

  1. March 2009: Investigation into ‘mirror loans’ at the world bank began,  lasting three months
  2. July 2009: Investigation began into fraudulent loans and paper trail


Phase One:  Paradigm Report

  1. June 2010:  Paradigm report completed
  2. December 11, 2010 : Heather was introduced to a tool called the ‘Public Trust’


Phase Two:  Testing the judicial process and its ties with the banks

  1. Jan 2011: Started ‘test case’ on Heather’s home
  2. June 2012: Finished ‘test case’ on Heather’s home
  3. May 3 2012: UCC Filing – Entry of Debtor, Debtor State and Debtor Intl


Phase Three:  Work with the PTW for a solution

  1. July 4th 2012: Trustees announced they were going to do the “equity call”.
  2. July 7th 2012: Trustees issued the orders for the UCC filings to be submitted
  3. Oct 2012: No rebuttals – Private slavery systems now foreclosed
  4. BIS October 22:  Trustees ask to inspect the gold in Switzerland.
  5. November 28 2012:  UCC Filing – Declaration of Fact


Phase Four:  UCC Filings become Global Rulings

  1. December 25 2012: First Official Announcement of the New Legal Landscape
  2. March 24 2013: UCC Filing – I and Universal Value Exchange
  3. April 9 2013: I-UV Gift Accepted


You have been given your freedom and now you use it wisely and for the greater good of all.  Thus…


“Keep imagining absent limits and DO’ing what you imagine.”



Narration by Bob Wright, Produced by American Kabuki For more information and writing by American Kabuki


114 Responses to “OPPT Absolute”

  1. Anoka Shiva says : Reply

    Thank you team — and well-come THE ONE PEOPLE to share, cooperate, work and celebrate the co-creation of a sustainable, happier and more peaceful world, with lots of imaginative individuality, colourful variety, and cooperative communal endeavours — all over the place !!

    In-joy ! Namaste. Servus,

    Anoka Shiva

    • hie everybody,

      On the top of this blog there are the differents countries where OPPT was translate. Why french and portuguese are not part of it. If you want the translation, I am working with the team which make the translations of the OPPT, I can give it to you. My mail is : gaia11.11.12@gmail.com
      I think it is important that more and more people can work with OPPT.
      In love and gratitude

      • salem says : Reply

        how is it that now, nearing the end of 2014 everything is still up and running? and why does all this not work for me to be tax exempt in switzerland? i wrote them and it did not work… what now?

      • Andreas Hellberg says : Reply

        Hey Gaia Ribeiro I sound really like to have this document about the OPPT in Swedish if that’s possible. Love from Sweden.

    • Bob Stewart says : Reply

      Hi Guys,

      I am trying to get an answer to my question and some support as I have submitted many CN’s. I leave this message and get no reply/help or guidance, please can you tell me how to retrieve the documents from UCC?

      This is the second time I have tried to recover documents filed by Heather and I keep getting this response:
      —-this is the message sent back after I try doing the search—–
      Filing Numbers 2012132883, 201229612092, 2012113593 and 2000043135 returned no record(s). A printed copy of this page does not represent an official record of the SC Secretary of State’s Office. To order an official Search Response, select a document below.
      —–end message—-
      I am searching from this point on the UCC site https://ucconline.sc.gov/UCCFiling/(X(1)S(notfa2geb3vos0r2hwofcsas))/UCCFilingNumberSearchMainPage.aspx

      Anyone know how to find the documents on the UCC site?

      Many thanks
      Love & Unity

      • kevin quillinan says : Reply

        the ucc documents are filed under the last name Miller. I think the first name is Robert, but not sure.

        • kevin quillinan says : Reply

          does anyone wonder why Tucci Jarraf is no longer available for comments, or…anything else??? Starting something as monumental as this is supposed to be, and then dropping out of sight, is just well…sort of suspicious….Especially, given the fact (that is fact as in…verifiable information) that Jarraf dropped the ball on her removal to federal court of her foreclosure on her own house… Ms. Jarraf, I am a law school flunk out, but know how to research court documents. Please comment if I am wrong about you dropping the ball on the removal of your foreclosure case to federal court.

          • Angela Overton says :

            I have wondered that myself…In all honest, my opinion is this:the government took her because she has given the people truth about the Trust. Now as people go after their entitled Trust, the U.S. is angry since billions are at stake. This doesn’t surprise me.

        • Bob Stewart says : Reply

          Hi Kevin, I tried searching under Robert Miller but no luck.
          How did you arrive at the name Miller? Does anyone have an actual URL that goes to the page that is needed to find the documents and also what actually to type into the search to find the documents?

          I have sent many CN’s out here in the UK and would feel much more empowered if I could point anyone to the actual filed documents. I await any helpful comments.

          Love & Unity

        • mkphil says : Reply

          Bob, here is the link to search for the docs. The link can also be found on the IUV homepage as well as many of the filings.
          When you get to the site you have to create a login (it’s free).


          kevin; Do you mean Charlie Miller? The docs are filed under One Peoples Public Trust, The Public Trust, or Eternal Essence. It’s easiest to search by file number.

        • Hi, some people in the UK are trying to find out how to submit ucc filings, and no one seems to know where they would submit them. Is the UCC called something else in the UK? In the US there is an office in every state. Any idea where the offices would be in the UK?

        • Pamela says : Reply

          Google : official Document filed by Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf UCC

      • mkphil says : Reply

        Bob, here is the link to search for the docs. The link can also be found on the IUV homepage as well as many of the filings.
        When you get to the site you have to create a login (it’s free).


        • mkphil says : Reply

          Bob, go on the IUV home page, go to the tabs at the top, go to OPPT ABSOLUTE, in that tab go to OPPT Initial Investigation and you can download filings. You have to pay for them on the DC site, $4.00 per filing.

        • Bob Stewart says : Reply

          Thanks guys,
          I have been searching the UUC web site and not the gov.propertyinfo.com/DC-Washington why are the filing not found on the UCC site? I am happy now I can definitively point the recipients of my Courtesy Notices to the actual filings.

          Onward into oneness I Am DOing & BEing.
          Love & Unity

    • Iam Lee says : Reply

      So we only need do the OPPT ?

  2. Thankyou team for being my sanity when awakening.
    Every thread I read peices together who I am and what I am here to do.
    The energy is speaking my language-so glad I connected.

    Love and light

  3. G says : Reply

    Love is, love will always be, love is eternity,

    Namaste My beloved friends


  4. Gmoney says : Reply

    Out of curiosity, what happened when the trustees asked to inspect the gold in Switzerland?


  5. D'Izzim says : Reply

    I’m not sure what all this is about…I’m confused…and dazed…just enough focus to recall the nightmare of mr. Bigglesworth gnawing on my asscheek (right-side). Any dream analysis would be appreciated.

    • Flow says : Reply

      A dream analysis over distance is very ineffective.
      According to Freud (as far as I understood it) what you see is either what your “IT” wants, the opposite or conveyed by it in a subliminal message that I would describe as maybe “unsharp” because your “Over I” is still active in the dream. Analise it yourself and when you are unsure ask the people you trust for their opinion. If that does not help contact a “professional” of your choice.

  6. cliff richards says : Reply

    I want to be part of it and put my name down to support it
    how can i help

    • Welcome Clif, and here are some ideas:
      Find the I Document: Declaration of Absolute Freedom, sign it, scan it, send it in to the I-UV page.
      Listen to 5D media network on Blogtalkradio for archives and current shows.
      Read all the documents, connect with others who are working with the documents, call in to the shows, create a meetup in your area, look at the page for meetups on this site.
      Many blessings as you BE and DO all that you are.

    • Lyn says : Reply

      just sent to this site a couple days ago… pls call 949.878.7100…am excited to meet others of like heart and mind. Im sooooo grateful for this site!

  7. Stef Anthony Coburn says : Reply

    Hi everyone,

    I learned to write in factual and storytelling prose as well as in TV and cinema scripted formats, in my father’s ‘masterclass’. He was Australian writer, James Anthony Coburn, the story and script-writer of the first ever transmitted ‘Doctor Who’ story: ‘The Tribe Of Gum’, and independent originator of the acronym, TARDIS. To the skills I learned from him, I have added a finely-honed musical and lyrical songwriting ability, of which my favourite forms are lyrical ‘protest’ and something I refer to as weaponised-parody.

    Amongst multifarious other skills and learnings, I am an empathically motivated, fiercely-libertarian, widely read and informed debater possessed of a remorselessly-forensic ‘legalistic’ type mind.

    I am presently engaged in my own contest of wills with the local (Brighton UK) former corporate policy-enforcement structure and former corporate ‘judicial’ statutory body, following an unprovoked assault on my person and subsequent false arrest and twenty-four hour imprisonment, by blue-suited corporate thugs, who subsequently, so as to cover up their own arrogance, incompetence, abuse of authority and at least one indictable criminal act, proceeded to perjure themselves in a series of almost comedically mutually-inconsistent fabricated accounts, which were nevertheless accepted as ‘evidential’ by the pair of hidebound fossils with an institutional prosecution-bias and the total absence of the moral courage to confront the (obvious to everyone else) reality of the situation, who falsely terming themselves ‘magistrates’ in one of many futile attempts to get me to shut up whilst the liars told their lies, told me without a trace of irony that: ‘this is how justice is done!’.

    As it now turns that all of them, at the time they stood up and fibbed about me under oath, or presumed to sit in pompously-pretentious judgement upon me (in January, February and March of this year), were in reality (subsequent to the 25/12/12 OPPT announcement of the filings and foreclosures), either knowingly or unknowingly misrepresenting themselves as the legitimately-appointed officials of a lawfully-chartered corporation, I have told them, in no uncertain terms what I think of their collective incompetence and manifest dishonesty and challenged them to produce any documentation signed with a wet-ink signature, which with specificity and particularity, can be shown to lawfully-underpin their ex-cathedra blustering pronouncements.

    Courtesy notices and foreclosure flyers have been and are being deployed wherever applicable. I hear what people, Heather, in particular, say about approaching these people with kindness and understanding, however their transgression against me (and doubtless their ongoing transgressions against others) are so pronounced that I have considered that the best way to convince them of the error of their ways is to mainain as forthright a stance as possible, based on the beautifully elucidated exhortation in ‘The Desiderata’ to: ‘as far as possible, WITHOUT SURRENDER, be on good terms with all!’ As none of these people seem capable of relationship with their fellow beings which does not a-priori demand surrender, I am, as a result, currently in full ‘Klingon’ mode whenever I have contact with any of them,

    So far having more or less noticeably ‘flummoxed’ those I have been forced to have contact with with my remorseless application of the facts, have some indication already that peripheral agents at least of the PTW are rattled.

    Full details are presently being formulated for publication on this site, and are available (albeit in less concise form) more or less immediately, on request.

    I would dearly love to combine my diverse talents with similarly motivated capable others in some strategically planned, concerted and co-ordinated effort to spread the word to targeted individuals in media, politics, culture and law, as well as generally as far and wide as possible.

    Beyond doing what I’m already doing, therefore, How can I help? Who, or what groups (both globally and in the former UK / Five Kingdoms in particular), are girding and/or gearing themselves to the task who might find useful application for my skills?

    • Bob Stewart says : Reply

      Hi Stef,

      I admire the eloquent restraint of your frustration keeping on message your desire to unit.

      I am currently studying the USA Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). I want to conclusive evidence of the UK PLC being registered which would mean that the UCC filings are applicable to all UK companies.

      I am currently engaged with one judge and potentially two others as well alleged CEO of HMRC. would be happy to hook up and share experiences

      Love & Unity

      • Stef Anthony Coburn says : Reply

        Hi Bob,

        Happy to link-up as and when and how..

        I was told I had to pay ‘compensation’ to the so-and-so who initiated the assault. I paid nothing at all and in due course received a threatening letter from the alleged former ‘Kent, Surrey & Sussex Enforcement Business (and doesn’t that tell you everything you need to know?) Centre.

        I phoned the number listed and spoke to a Mr Nigel Holbrook. I informed Mr Holbrook that I had no money, to which he replied that I needed to apply for a ‘grant’ of time to pay. I said, ‘send me the form’.

        When the form arrived, with an accompanying note signed by Mr N. Holbrook, I filled it out and returned it with a courtesy notice addressed to Mr Holbrook, together with a clutch of foreclosure flyers and a covering letter carefully explaining that it might be most unwise for him to reject the supplied documentation out of hand due to its unfamiliarity alone, as it was my understanding that to do so could have serious consequences for him and his family. I suggested that he badger his nominal superiors for a fuller explanation; that he not allow himself to be fobbed off with some throwaway dismissal; and that he should go out and get an independent second opinion. Even as convinced as I was by then of the validity of the filings, I was surprised by what I received.

        When, I ask, did you or anyone ever receive any kind of threatening or demanding letter from any corporate or official body, that did not begin ‘Dear (whoever); proceed through whichever variant of ‘do as we say or we’ll hurt you/take your stuff, it contains, and end with the ‘yah! sucks! boo! to you signature and nominal title of the named representative of the sender?

        Well not this time! What I received from the above mentioned ‘business centre’ was a note (albeit on letterheaded paper) which unceremoniously stated: “Grant of time to pay – You owe (£***.**). Time to pay: £**.** every month. First payment to made by 30th May 2013. If you do not pay the money you owe as the court tells you., you will have to pay it all at once. Date: 22 April 2013.

        The note was unsigned, with merely the words: ‘Designated Officer’ printed in italics on the lower far right of the page.

        Of Mr Holbrook’s previously happily given name and identifying mark there was not a sign.

        It is my admittedly still somewhat tentative contention, that the unprecedented absence of the always-previously-standard courteous-intro and concluding authorising signature from their alleged office’s response to my requests for proper elucidation, amounts to evidence at least circumstantially-supportive of the contention that NO ONE IN THE OFFICE WAS, AT ANY POINT SUBSEQUENT TO RECEIPT AND PERUSAL OF THE OPPT DOCUMENTATION, PREPARED TO PUT THEIR NAME TO THE THING. Certainly they did not make even the slightest attempt to answer the questions I had put to them in regard to their alleged legitimacy, let alone provide the documentary evidence I had insisted, that in the light of the public announcement of 25:12:12, be provided detailing any currently-valid lawful instrument compelling my performance.

        Lacking any kind of duly authorising signature of a duly authorised representative of a properly-instantiated lawful entity, I, of course, could not have, and indeed have not, regarded what was sent to me as bearing any significance whatsoever beyond the tantalising implication it conveys that, possibly for the first time in their careers, the folks responsible, DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO!

        Over two weeks past the point where the weakly-blustering thing turned up, I have done nothing whatsoever in regard to it save write further covering and explanatory letters which I will shortly send out, addressed to multiple individuals ranging from the alleged ‘clerks’ to the alleged ‘magistrates’, via a slew of chief-constables, former policy-enforcement commissioners and MPs, to Queen Elizabeth II, accompanied by still more courtesy notices and foreclosure flyers, both pre-emptively challenging the ‘right’ of the alleged ‘court’ to have sat at all, and targeted separately as required or available.

        At the time of writing this, I have heard nothing further from them.

        Hope this helps! Don’t hesitate to contact further..

        • Bob Stewart says : Reply

          Why have you not explained why you are using an email of a woman Texas Stef, who are you?
          Love & Unity

          • Stef Anthony Coburn says :

            Don’t understand the question??? ‘using and email of a woman Texas Stef’ makes absolutely no sense to me. My eternal essence currently resides in a male embodiment. I’m not from Texas and don’t personally know anyone who is. ‘Stef’ is (or was) short for ‘Stefan’. I experience no gender ambiguities of any description, and more or less described who I was in the introductory paragraph of my first posting here.

            But to repeat and clarify: I am the eldest child (son) of James Anthony Coburn who fifty years ago this year, created and wrote the first ever transmitted ‘Doctor Who’ story, in the course of which he independently composed the now World famous acronym: TARDIS. As my own life however has been oriented largely around music in general and guitar-playing and teaching, in particular, so as to acknowledge this fact in combination with (for unrelated tactical reasons) a degree of ‘resonance’ with my (late) father’s work, I independently (though likely not uniquely) originated the term, ‘guitardis’ which I employ variously as both a component of one of my several email addresses, and elsewhere, as a convenient, apposite, and nicely succinct, ‘pseudonym’.

            OK, I think I’ve answered as fully as seems in any way appropriate! Perhaps you might, in turn, like to, please explain who it is who wants to know and why?

          • Bob Stewart says :

            Hi Stef,
            It would appear that I am in error here.
            When the emails from IUV are sent to my email address it is sent from the moderator which is BZ so when I did a reply it was bz email address which made me think that you were using someone elses email.

            Not as tech savvy as I thought I was, sorry for any distress I may have caused.
            Love & Unity

    • Hi Steph,

      please have a look at my blog, I am quite certain, at the very least, that we have information to exchange 🙂

      I live in London, UK, my facebook name is Nick St Clare, my UK mobile number is 07456 815 455.

      Please do call me, as being quite inept on the internet, I am unlikely to find this page again.

      Best regards, Nick.

    • ernie says : Reply

      Oh my god!!
      Bloody beautifully written message mate! lol

      My wife and I are in the presumably, Corporate entity commonly known as Perth presumably, a subsidiary of the other corporation known as Western Australia, presumably…ad infinitum. lol

      Anyway we are asking for your clear and obvious high intellect to help us in our endevour.

      I’ve been posting the following on this site…
      For the OPPT strategies/process to work Australia needs to be registered with the SEC. Why isn’t Australia showing up in searches on the SEC link
      http://www.sec.gov/edgar/searchedgar/companysearch.html and search either SIC 8888 (for ‘Foreign Governments’)
      provided in the OPPT document called Timeline of OPPT rulings with the UCC.docx ? This is crucial to us moving foreword and helping a lot of folks. Please help.

      And yes absolutely! send through your correspondence to opposing forces your now dealing with so we can learn more at our end.
      Know are here to support you to mate.
      We have chosen to take on board ourselves to educate folks here in WA. Anytime your around mate say g’day.


      ernie and jane

      • jean says : Reply

        great that you’re taking action in Perth, I would be keen to know more from you Ernie, in the same situation over here.


        Grateful for you.

    • H says : Reply

      Hi stef. At the time of writing it is the year known as 2018 which is a few years in the future of this original message.
      May I ask, how are you and are you more better off along this path 5 years from when you wrote this. Has your life changed? Have you become free of slavery? Have you escaped the prison?

  8. Mike says : Reply

    All you need is love! The BEATLES said/sang it the best……Thanks!

  9. Bob Stewart says : Reply

    Hi all,

    I am in the UK and I have been using the Courtesy Notice’s (CN) for an ongoing matter which involves solicitors I have had a charging order put on my home and invoiced the judge, solicitor, CEO and Land Registry. I am close to submitting filings and shall be reading, with care, the steps needed to file.

    I wanted to know if anyone knew how to locate the UK Government on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. As this is important to apply the OPPT filings to the UK.

    The Solicitors have threatened me, saying they will obtain an ‘Order for Sale’ which I assume is some form of compulsory sale of my home. I am still paying my mortgage and the claim is not by the mortgage company or anything to do with my Bank. It is an alleged debt bought by a different company.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
    Love & Unity

    No fear just some frustration at the continued claim that just won’t go away.

    • Anthony Taggart says : Reply

      To Bob, The UK is registered at the SEC as: Her Majesty’s Government. CIK#: 0001452617

      If you go to the SEC, search company filings, only select United Kingdom as country and you will find all the UK corporations registered at the SEC.

      • Bob Stewart says : Reply

        Hi Anthony,
        Thanks for posting the info, helpful but still not the clincher or maybe it is!

        I had a look at the filing and this is an extract from one of the documents:

        ACCESSION NUMBER: 9999999997-08-048874
        FILED AS OF DATE: 20081210
        EFFECTIVENESS DATE: 20081210


        CENTRAL INDEX KEY: 0001452617
        IRS NUMBER: 000000000

        SEC ACT: 1934 Act
        SEC FILE NUMBER: 132-02655
        FILM NUMBER: 08070036

        STATE: X0
        ZIP: 00000
        The company name is the clincher perhaps. Why would the UK need to request anything from America? The request is to be granted ‘no-action’ relief from an Act of USA legislation which relates to companies filing reports when doing business. The request was made to the ‘DIVISION OF CORPORATION FINANCE’ at the SEC. Here’s the bit which they formally request:is in the bottom of the 3rd page of the filed document at the SEC, it reads as follows:

        “We hereby request that the staff(the”staff”) of the Securities and Exchange Commission (the 2Commission” or the SEC) grant no-action relief from Section 13(d) of the Exchange Act (“Section 13(d)”) and Rule 13d-1(a) and 13d-2(a) under the Exchange Act (“Rule 13d”) to permit HMT…..’

        and it goes on to ask that the Treasury be allowed to have no action taken against them if they don’t file as the Exchange Act says they should. Now if the UK is not a business trading in stocks and shares it would not need to ask permission for anything so I am convident that the UK Gov is, sorry WAS a corporation. For compleatness here is some more on the SEC, taken from Wikipedia:

        In addition to the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 that created it, the SEC enforces the Securities Act of 1933, the Trust Indenture Act of 1939, the Investment Company Act of 1940, the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, the Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002, and other statutes. The SEC was created by Section 4 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (now codified as 15 U.S.C. § 78d and commonly referred to as the 1934 Act).

    • ernie says : Reply

      In regards to your comment buddy…
      I wanted to know if anyone knew how to locate the UK Government on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. As this is important to apply the OPPT filings to the UK.

      We are having the same issue, i’ve been posting this…
      For the OPPT strategies/process to work Australia needs to be registered with the SEC. Why isn’t Australia showing up in searches on the SEC link

      http://www.sec.gov/edgar/searchedgar/companysearch.html and search either SIC 8888 (for ‘Foreign Governments’)

      provided in the OPPT document called Timeline of OPPT rulings with the UCC.docx ? This is crucial to us moving foreword and helping a lot of folks. Please help.

      We can find if the Commonwealth of Australia there but not sure if the Western Australian courts and WA Police come under that particularly listen company.
      We would like to use the OPPT info sent in a letter so my darling doesn’t need to go to court.
      Maybe you can assist us?

      as to your other comment…
      The Solicitors have threatened me, saying they will obtain an ‘Order for Sale’ which I assume is some form of compulsory sale of my home. I am still paying my mortgage and the claim is not by the mortgage company or anything to do with my Bank. It is an alleged debt bought by a different company.

      Here is some ideas as to how I would proceed if I were you…
      I would ask for evidence of a contract between themselves and your bank? and remember the bank owns your house because they have the title, meaning you can also go after the bank for giving the title over to another corporation which was not in the original contract you signed with the bank, so you can also write to the bank asking them to put in writing that they will not give the title over to an outside or third party corporation and then send a copy to the lawyers, stating you now have evidence of fear and intimidation tactics being used by them against you.
      Under what act do they presume the right to take out the Order for sale?
      under what act dies the Order for sale have the force of law? or is it a fiction created for fear and intimidation tactics?
      If it is for fear and intimidation tactics of which you accuse them of in your next letter to them, then point out they being lawyers are knowingly and willingly breaking the law and so will be held accountable and charged accordingly if they do not cease and desist all action against you.
      If the order for sale strategy, act or law they say they can use does not exist then ask them under what law do they presume to think they can make up fictitious laws?

      I reckon this’ll work!

      Let me know what you choose to do and how you go mate.

      ernie and jane


  10. BRAVO Stef! Thanks for your writing. Which is BRILLIANT. Also, thanks for giving us all some more guts via your story to DO the right thing and send out our CNs.

    • Stef Anthony Coburn says : Reply

      Cheers Alan! Thanks for your encouragement and support. The ‘filings’ are either true or they’re not! So far, at least, they seem to be. So, given, for the sake of argument that they are, they either have the global significance these folks so confidently and uncompromisingly allege or they don’t! So far I’ve challenged a number of people, in various former ‘official’ positions head-on with Courtesy Notices and Foreclosure Flyers and explanatory letters announcing the imminent arrival of the ‘new paradigm’. As described above, neither the documents or letters I have submitted or the verbal accounts I have given, have as yet been rebutted, refuted, or even interrupted by any of those to whom I have presented the data. Considering further ‘upping the ante’, so watch this space!

  11. sonya says : Reply

    @ Bob Stewart. (I’m not giving out legal advice here) but from what I remember reading, if the original debt has been sold on, your original debt has been paid off and as you have no contract, and never did have, with the new company, there is nothing for them to enforce. Just don’t agree that you owe them anything. There’s more on this on the freeman sites – you could start by having a look at ‘getoutofdebtfree’, which is a UK site.

  12. Lisi McFenn says : Reply

    Hi to all. This is relevant in TX also (per what Sonya indicates), as I was working @ a law firm in the 90’s at the time i became a single mom with a sizeable chunk of debt, and asked my employer the options, one of which was to simply let it go. Which i did. Interestingly, a notice of the “zombie” debt would circle back around to me every few years since then, each time with the “balance due” having been reduced considerably. Of course, the purpose of sending me the notice was to intimidate the “debtor” into paying off what remained of the balance. Would that i had known for a fact at that time that the entire amount was fraudulent from the get-go. I’m on board for organized e-mail-outs. Interesting stuff guys!

  13. Anthony Taggart says : Reply

    Hi to all UK residents. A group of us has just started a website to specifically create our own awareness and actions. The page is just barely up and is needing lots more work. We are looking for many more folk like Stef and Bob to help us gain traction. We have a few courtesy notices to hand out ourselves so any joining of forces, knowledge and experience would be of great benefit to us all and those who find us. We are based in South West London and our website is: http://www.weallchangehere.com
    As I said it has just gone up over the last few days and needs work.
    I honestly feel that acting together would be of a better benefit for record keeping, witnessing and support for new people seeking the truth.
    Please send me an email at: anthonytaggart74@gmail.com to have a chat.

  14. I M Power says : Reply

    Here are two links from Oliver in Sweden that may be useful for people in Europe to use for research into purported governments and their actual corporation structure. http://www.duport.co.uk/ and http://www.tpuc.org/hall-of-shame/

    From the Absolute Data for eternal essences skype room:
    Here is another treasure trove of information for anyone who wants to dig deeper:
    In case the link doesn’t work, I searched for “Australia”, then refined the search to show Region: Asia-Pacific, Australia; Market Segment: Sub-Sovereign, which yields 298 results (mostly NGOs). (A separate search for Sovereign & Supranational also yields 10 results)

    S&P also holds data that might be interesting/useful.

  15. Nate says : Reply

    Hi my name is Nate I am trying to find more information on oppt I have friends and groups of people who would want in I’ve tried your FB page and it very small and very little info. How legit is the oppt what has actually been done and why is it your websites post are from may 2013 bit there is not much more afterwards. If this is real I want in and so would many others. I need more info something I can show other people to gain support.

    • Bob Stewart says : Reply

      Hi Nate,

      Have you read any material on this web site?
      Have you listened to any radio shows?
      Have you watched any videos on youtube (both those for and those against)?
      Have you read the courtesy Notice?

      If the answer if ‘no’ to any of these questions then stand in your power and start searching. Begin by going through this web site, all you require is here. If you are waiting to be spoon fed because you are fearful of making your own decisions then face those fears and start there.
      Love & Unity

      p.s. I firmly bereave you are a Bright Powerful Beautiful Human Being, you always have been and always will be even when you chose not to be.

  16. Hello my name is Carolyn, I thought it was time to touch base with my fellow uk warriors. Its been a nerve wracking day. But hearing all your words, Stef,Bob,and all of you thank you, It has given me strength Stef you are fabulous! I had thought that maybe i was the only one in the uk awake at times? I have been here since the beginning but have been quiet. I feel its time to join together. I will be emailing you Anthony. I sent My curtsey notice off to a group who are funded by the IMF. They have started the intimidation and threats. My mother is also involved and at times i feel a little guilty about that, but after introducing her to the scott bartle and uwe videos, it now makes sense to her.If anyone is in doubt go to scotts web site, just type in his name. I will post more info as i go. If i can help anyone i am here. To everyone i thank you from all of my heart for all our ( as Heather says BEING AND DOING) keep it up together we stand!!!

    • Bob Stewart says : Reply

      Hi Carolyn, I have been BEing and DOing my little socks off here in Hastings. I am keen to complete one interaction to a conclusion before reporting it back here. I have been in communications with ‘Marston’ (the newly formed heavies for local governments). I had some of their agents at my door demanding my goods in pursuit of an alleged parking ticket.
      I got to the point that the head of parking in Hasting was sent a default notice and I got a letter back saying ‘the head of parking no longer works here’. The letter also stated that Hastings Borough Council have no record of any debt relating to outstanding parking tickets and that all on road parking was now under the control of East Sussex County Council (ESCC) as from April this year.

      Interestingly the letter stating no debt exists was not signed or did it have a reverence number, this makes me think it was a ploy to get me to go away. I got a bailiffs letter hand delivered the next day stating they were executing a warrent. I immediately sent an invoice to the alleged CEO of Marston Mr Gareth Hughs and an invoice to the bailiff and an invoice to the transport manager for ESCC. No reply from ESCC but a letter from Marston saying they were continueing their claim so off went more invoices. I should point out that I sent a seperate corispondants to the bailiffs asking for their bailiff number, signed court warrant either lawfully stamped or signed by a judge, I included a ‘removal of implied right of access’ Notice.

      So the other day I had a knock on the door at about 6:30 and I ignored it as I could tell from the way they were knocking that it was the bailiffs. A notice of seizure was posted through the letter box and true enough my car was clamped. I got busy and sent invoices which included item 13 of the CN terms and conditions, one to the CEO, the ESCC transport manager and the bailiff. I also sent the CEO an email with the invoices attached. I was concerned at the inconvenience and wondered what I could do next.

      The next morning I had text message from the bailiff stating ‘We have de-clamped your car and returned it to you as the cost of removal would be more than the money allegedly owed and that the warrant was being returned to the court’ now this was unusual as they could have banged on my door and demanded my computers, electrical goods etc but they did not!

      The CEO is on his 5th invoice coming close to 90,000 oz of silver, the ESCC guy is on his 3rd invoice and the bailiff is on her 3rd invoice. I got a letter yesterday from Marston (more invoices going out today to CEO and ESCC guy but not bailiff. The letter is from the ‘Removal Division’ unsigned and seems to be starting the process from scratch. I am in the process of selling the car to stop them from stealing goods that are not in my home, they shall NEVER gain access to my property.

      This is the most active of my challenges and I shall keep you all posted. I am challenging the Tax office, the courts, the land registry and a couple of others. I am BEing and DOing to confirm to myself that these filings are truly transformational and will usher in the new paradime. I am willing to share my process with anyone who may be starting out, one tip is to keep a spread sheet with a row for each recipient and column for each step for example, initial claim, CN#/date/recorded delivery#, invoice, overdue notice, default notice and the amount if you feel like it add columns as you need to keep track of the interactions.

      Love & Unity

      • Norma-Jean says : Reply

        Well done Bob Stewart. BEing and DOing the same here, appreciate your tip on spreadsheet, it is easy to miss a deadline otherwise.

      • Bianca says : Reply


        Re-reading the blog and review the tools again. Had a set back but need focus to review ALL doc to be proactive in many aspects of my situations.

        I will review all but wanted to see if you could guide me in my efforts here in the USA

        Nothing has been sent out.

        I need a push. I called others and they say, read n send out CN’s. I don’t find that it’s that easy.
        Please advise
        In advance thank you for being and sharing,

        • Bob Stewart says : Reply

          Hi Bianca,
          First off know the answer to these three question:
          Who are you?
          What are you?
          Where do you live?

          I f you do not know the answer to these questions then perhaps you are not ready.

          I am Robert of the Stewart Clan/Family
          I am eternal essence embodied
          I live inside my flesh and blood body (my conciousness resides in my flesh and blood vessel).

          from this position it is then important to know why the CN works or even why and how it came to be is place, short version in my humble opinion:
          The world had been corporatised without the majority of humanity knowing it with the Vatican claiming ownership of all the world. All done with bits of paper and the skin of animals (maybe humans; I await evidence to show human skin was used rather than hearsay). So once we had discovered the game and how to play, Heather and other went about using their system to foreclose their system, the bits that make rules against humans rather than the bits that nations agreed upon to do trade via treaties etc. Now all you have to do when someone makes a claim against you is to send them a CN which essentially asks for proof of contract and if no proof go away and if they don’t go away they have your fee schedule. The next bit is to follow up the invoices part using standard commercial strategies for collecting on people who genuinely owe you money (what ever that is). You then file your process with the UCC and all credit agencies you can think off.

          So this is my comprehension of the process I am at the default stage with a couple of my players and I am looking forward to completing the process.
          For a foreclosure be sure to stick any judge in on the filing and perhaps a daily charge for every day you have been processed if the house is already taken.

          I shall be sending this off soon to my Mortgage Gang:
          This UK-centric process is not for the faint-hearted or those looking for a quick-fix. If you not in default but have gleaned sufficient knowledge to know that you have been duped, conned and/or misled, then you might consider taking the following course of action against your mortgage bandit, whose entire modus operandi is to get you into default as quickly as possible, in order to take your home by using various statutes as a cloak for fraud.
          ROBIN HOODY (CEO)
          Dear ROBIN HOODIES,
          Re: Mortgage Bandits Account Number ################
          I hereby serve notice that I conditionally accept the alleged debt and will use my very best endeavours to settle and close the account in the most expedient manner possible, upon receipt of copies of the following items:
          1. The original mortgage contract, signed by both parties and including all the individually negotiated terms and conditions, as per section 2 of the Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1989.
          2. All bookkeeping entries associated with the alleged loan,.
          3. The original mortgage deed associated with the alleged loan, which must comply with section 1 of the 1989 Act.
          4. The insurance policy on the borrowers’ note associated with the alleged loan.
          5. The call reports for the period covering the alleged loan.
          6. The deposit slip for the deposit of the borrower’s note associated with the alleged loan.
          7. The order authorising the withdrawal of funds from borrower’s note deposit account.
          8. The account number from which the money came to fund the alleged loan to the borrower.
          9. Any allonge, front and back, affixed to the borrower’s note for endorsements.
          10. Verification that the borrower’s note was a free gift to the alleged lender from the alleged borrower.
          11. The name and mailing location of the current holder of the borrower’s note.
          12. The name and mailing location of the lender’s chartered accountant and auditor for the period covering the alleged loan.
          Please deliver these reasonably requested items within 7 days of your receipt of this notice at the mailing location provided herein. Failure to do so will comprise the tacit procuration of your agreement that your company is unable to verify and validate the alleged loan, which may result in the initiation of a commercial injury claim to cure the injury done to NAME OF MORTGAGOR.
          With sincerity and honour,
          By: Upper-Case:Lower
          Authorised Representative for NAME OF MORTGAGOR
          All Rights Reserved – Without Prejudice – Without Recourse – Non-Assumpsit
          Errors & Omissions Excepted – Strictly no rights of Usufruct

          So this is something to consider and may your eternal essence be present.
          Love & Unity

        • Bob Stewart says : Reply

          Just a reminder that the Mortgage NOTICE is sighting UK ACTS in particular the ‘Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1989′.

          I forgot to add that the Mortgage Notice has nothing to do with CN’s or OPPT filings it is just another tool I would send them both the CN and this, perhaps this is a bit of over engineering, views and opinions welcome.

          Love & Unity

      • Alanzo Gayle says : Reply

        Hi Bob,Carolyn I’m fellow, (Newbie) UK warrior here in Newhaven

        Feel free to correspondent with me and add me to any groups, and any helpful tips would be appreciated

        <3 and Peace


        My email is solarhomepv@gmail.com

      • Jodi R Spencer says : Reply

        Hi Bob,

        I was wondering if you could update your situation and what has worked for you since your last post. I’m going to begin the process this week with my mortgage company and I’m trying to read and understand everything completely. Have you been successful in your efforts?

  17. Dennis says : Reply

    Hello Everyone! You’re all doing in perfection and I’m very much grateful for that and filled with love regarding what is being created at this very moment. Special, isn’t it? 🙂

    I would love to get your advice on the following. I sent four courtesy notices to the four top execs at a student loan company based on the invoice that I received from them for a purported debt. In response I got a package in mail from a person from one of the company’s departments who they delegated to respond to my request. In my original request, I asked to provide their identification, standing, authority/identification of law, written document, agreement/contract proving the existence of debt, prior title, ownership, history of origins of funds, etc. They responded with the common response that I signed the promissory note, also they returned all of the documents that I sent them, and also referenced a lawsuit that references the use of fraudulent documents. They also wrote that any future documents that I sent them regarding purported UCC filings will be returned to me without explanation 🙂 Priceless!

    Anyway, my plan is to send 4 invoices to the execs that agreed to my terms of conditions by delegating their response to another person. Also, I’m going to send a courtesy notice to this one person that responded to me. Attached will also be a cover letter that will explain that because they did not provide me with any of the requested data, they have agreed to terms and conditions and have agreed that in fact no loan was made as evidenced by their response, etc.

    Would love to get your input on anything that I should add/remove. Any comments greatly appreciated.

    Thank you! With love and gratitude!


    • I Am representing damien says : Reply

      I love this plan
      I am so satisfied with subtleties I Am knowing
      I Am knowing All Is
      I am knowing All Is Done by I
      I know I received these fragments and am completely in agreeance with the the fragments Being
      I am feeling the completion and syncronous awakening of knowing All Is presebt and therefore Eternal Essence.

  18. Juanita says : Reply

    A friend sent all of this to me . . . and he seems quite taken with what you claim to be true. I don’t believe you will get the USA Baby Boomers on board. Most of us worked our behinds off, raised a family, and due to disability (working at least ten of 40+ working years in a state of disability) sold our home to pay medical bills, and the debt that was collateralized. I paid into the Social Security System, Medicare, and Medicaid for 40 years. Now that I need what was promised (I didn’t have a choice about the money taken from my checks,and really could have used the money to raise my kids) by way of my S S Disability funds and Medicare, it isn’t very likely that I will opt out of America until the day the Lord takes me home.
    Being a woman of Christian faith, I am also leery of what you are describing . . . it is at this point in time that we are supposed to be very careful about being deceived . . . not to mention One World – Anything is not going to go over real big with millions of people in America who have studied their Bibles and consider ourselves to be “watchmen on the wall.”
    I did read the information because my friend asked my opinion. I will opine that I think it is a really cute idea – but you are going to have to deal out some serious “end to war, disease, and pollution” for your idea to take hold. So many Baby Boomers are riddled with disease. My husband is a Vietnam Veteran – disabled by the Agent Orange he was exposed to either while he was assisting in the operating room, or when on special assignment (Special Ops). If anyone deserves to be rid of disease, it is my wonderful husband.

  19. Greg says : Reply

    Hi, does anyone know who the grantor of the OPP trust was?

    “The One People’s Public Trust or OPPT was formed by three of those investigators, the trustees being Heather, along with Caleb Skinner and Randall Hollis, when they decided to disclose the report and other findings to the public. ”

    From my basic understanding to form a trust requires a grantor, trustess and benefactors.



  20. EARL GRAUNSTADT says : Reply

    Dear Juanita, I don’t know what disease your husband is suffering from, but look up on the internet the MMS – Master Mirical Supplement.
    God Bless

  21. Kevin O'Cullinane says : Reply

    Hi Bob, this is Kevin residing in Berkeley California. I will share one experience that I had regarding credit card debt. My friend of many years called one day and asked me what to do about a credit card debt that he had, but could not remember entering into a contract for. I had two years of law school behind me when he called, the first year having taken CONTRACTS as one of the required first year courses. I asked my friend the specifics, and he emailed me a COMPLAINT filed in limited jurisdiction (ten thousand or less) municipal court in California, naming him as a DEFENDANT liable for the stated debt on the CONTRACT.

    The first thing I noticed about the COMPLAINT, was that the ACTUAL CONTRACT was not attached. Because an ACTION ON CONTRACT is an ACTION AT LAW ( goes in front of a judge, instead of a jury, as the law recognizes that very few juries would be able to understand the intricacies of contract law), THE ACTUAL CONTRACT MUST BE ATTACHED AS AN EXHIBIT TO THE COMPLAINT. Otherwise, the judge has nothing to look at except bare allegations. So…I told my friend that he/we could prepare a DEMURRER to the COMPLAINT, and/or MOTION TO STRIKE/DISMISS the COMPLAINT, because no contract was attached. We (I) prepared a demurrer, my friend had an attorney friend in Berkeley check my work and tweaked it a little, and my friend then filed the demurrer. The demurrer was well taken by the court, and the COMPLAINT was DISMISSED without prejudice, so that the complaining debt collector could “find” the contract and refile the complaint. That case was in 2010. So far, the debt collector, who was sold the debt…has not refiled the action. My guess is that the debt collector, who cannot prove that they are the original signatories on the contract, is not going to file again, as the debt collector may guess that the next demurrer against their complaint, will be that they have no STANDING TO SUE, as they are not a PARTY to the CONTRACT. However, if the CONTRACT when found does contain a clause stating something to the effect that the receiver of the loan agrees to any assignations of the contract for purposes of debt collection, then my friend may still be “on the hook”. But since no CONTRACT has been produced yet in a subsequent COMPLAINT, we just don’t know if that clause exists in the CONTRACT.

    I am excited about the OPPT. I think a concerted effort should be made to establish research groups in countries, to research the UCC completely, and to then generate a “laymans” understanding of the Uniform Commercial Code. I say this because even after two years of law school, and several years of actually litigating landlord tenant issues in pro se in California Courts, it is still very difficult for me to understand the laws as they are written, unless I read them at least 3 to 9 times. I am average intelligence, and read quite well and do not have any dislexia or other reading problems, so I believe that I represent the average of what a person would understand from one reading of any particular law…which isn’t much! I also think that someone should set up a blog to inform people of the basics of CONTRACT LAW, which in my humble opinion, EVERYONE IN TODAYS MODERN WORLD SHOULD KNOW BY HEART. In fact, schools, the worthless institutions that they are, should be teaching contract law to 9th or 10th graders.

    I also wanted to comment on Juanita’s post. The situation that Juanita poses, is one of the stumbling blocks that the OPPT will have to overcome, and that is that many people in the U.S. are dependant on the former system, ie. SSI (Supplemental Security Income, for those who did not contribute enough into the Social Security System BEFORE they became disabled), SSDI (Social Security Disability Income, for those who did fulfill their credits into the system, thereby being able to pull out of the system on their own merits). There are also the number of retired folks whose companies did not go belly up, and who did manage to keep their 401K’s (employer matched retirement contributions).

    There is also the religious stance pointed out by Juanita, and sadly, that stance is part of the Vatican’s indoctrination perpetrated on the good people of Earth, which poses a formidable hurdle to overcome, to get people to see life on the planet in a different light. Juanita would benefit from knowing that the Crusades, were all about men with swords and shields, sent by the Vatican to conquer foreign lands by killing and/or subjugating other people who did not believe in, or who had never even heard of “Christ” as their personal savior., Sound familiar? Radical Islam is doing the same today, except armed to the teeth with modern weaponry. Their message…”Accept Islam or die” Just like the Crusaders did in all the foreign lands they trespassed, sorry, entered into. And it appears from the historical record of the places conquered, that resources seemed to be the prevailing reason for the Crusades in the first place. But that is historical hindsight viewed from our perspective in modern times. Who knows, back then, the Pope may have had perfectly angelical and benevolent reasons for sending out crusaders armed to the teeth with “God’s Instructions” to bring the word of god to the heathen peoples of the earth…? At the business end of their swords…?

    So, as I see things, in my humble opinion, until a majority of people’s comfort zone is disrupted, by either becoming homeless and/or starving, we will not see a transformation, or “paradigm shift” away from the present system. As history has shown, real change in the human communities only comes about when the majority of the people are starving, ie, French Revolution. And that Majority of peoples will have to include the people in the western countries, not only the ones on the African and Asian countries.

    But the OPPT is a great start for a gradual shift, and it may well be that a gradual shift is the way to go…following along in nature’s path…the leaves on the trees don’t all become red, then brown, then fall off of the trees at once, it happens gradually and inexorably, just as it seems the OPPT is going to happen…gradually, and inexorably. Best Regards, Kevin O’Cuillinane. Berkeley, United States, Planet Earth. MWG.

    • TT says : Reply

      The Crusades was simply a matter of expelling Muslims who had advanced as fat North as France, Sicily and Portugal.
      Youd be speaking Arabic now if now for them and bowing to Mecca.
      The Inquisition was also much the same, only addressing issues with subversives J EWs this time around..subversion, tax collecting, financing muslims war parties et al

  22. Ulla Jakobsen says : Reply

    My husband has been making Rife frequencie machines for people who then got in trouble with the FDA for selling them allegedly with making medical claims. During an investigation into the matter 3 years ago, my husband was told by an FDA agent that as long as there are no medical claims tied to these machines, he can make and sell them all day long. Now, 3 years later, a team of 10 agents stormed our home at 6.30 am one morning, guns drawn in full gear (Bullet proof west and fully armed) scaring our two small children. They had a warrent to seize anything from our home that had to do with Rife technology and also our phones and computers. During the 3 hour hostage event where we were prisoners of our own home while 6 agents went through every drawer and crevice possible, they also took documents and bank notes not mentioned in the warrent (also, the warrent did not list probable cause for the raid)
    that was over a month ago. Now, the only word we have heard back is, that my husband better get a lawyer, because several other agencies like postal FDA and homeland security and Ice has been involved and that they are currently working on a case against my husband. We are talking about maybe 10 machines being sold per month and not at all a profitable business for my husband, but the FDA is very gung ho on taking all and everyone down who deals with these machines (it’s hard not to tie that notion to the fact, that most likely big pharma runs the fda out of the pockets of sick people who have been led to believe that a lot of consumables proven ‘safe and effective’ by the fda is far from safe and effective, like lets say aspartame, flouride, vaccines, Vioxx that killed 250.000 people, aluminium in deodorants, high fructose corn syrup, microwaves etc. Now there are more people sick and dying than Ever before, who think they need pills to get better.
    we do not know what to do with this information released by OPPS or how to use it. How can we fight the FDA and their unjust actions with this information. Are there lawyers listed anywhere, ready and willing to help people like us. In order to save our home, we have decided to become homeless with our two young daughterd for the next 4 or 5 months while renting out our home, in the hopes that my husband will be able to get back on his feet. But we have no money to pay some lawyer who is going to make some bull deal with the fda behind our back and screw us anyways. w.e dont know WHAT to do and would appreciate any advice or names of lawyers who reprecent OPPT..this gives us great hope in a very scary world run by evil and greed. Thank you in advance for any help offered 🙂

  23. Greg says : Reply

    Dear Ulla, I am really sorry to hear what you have been through and are still going through. It seems to me that there are not many people watching this forum which is why I am replying. I have followed the OPPT journey with great interest but have yet to send a courtesy notice. I will try and tell you what I know about the process and your current predicament. Could others correct me if I am wrong.

    In short OPPT investigated the 2008 mortgage fraud and ending up accusing world governments, banks and other major corporations of fraud, treason and economic slavery by filing this accusation in international law (UCC) which is where all these companies are registered and where they get their power / jurisdiction.. They had a period of time to rebut the charging and failed to do so. So they were then foreclosed by the same process.

    What this means is that legally and lawfully your government and all its agencies – the FDA, homeland security and Ice etc have no legal standing, they have been closed down in international law using their own legal system. They claim jurisdiction over you but in reaity they have none. You are free. In practice the great corrupt tree has had its roots chopped but it still stands. The US legal system is pretending that nothing has happened and its business as usual. I don’t know what would happen if you served a Courtesy Notice – they would probably ignore it?? others might have a different experience.


    Perhaps others can advise. The other option is to learn ‘who you are’. This will sound strange but you can easily learn what this means as I begin to explain below. You can seek help from knowledgeable people (I’m still learning)

    The reason a team of agents can storm your house or stop your business, or take you into court (all US courts are operating under admiralty law) is that you became a US citizen when your parents signed your birth certificate. A citizen is not what we might think it is. Our birth certificate unbeknown to our parents created a

    Our birth certificate created a commercial ‘straw man’ otherwise known as legal fiction (same for me in the UK). This made us subject to all the hundred’s of thousands of statutes – rules of the corporation (your government is a corporation).

    A court or the FDA can only apply its rules to a straw man, which is always written in ALL CAPITALS on any document. It cannot apply its rules to a living being only a ‘person’, the fake ID of the birth certificate.

    Some people who know who they really are – a living sovereign being (as we were at birth, before we lost this freedom), should they be forced to go to court (they usually avoid it) refuse to agree to being the Strawman (MR or MRS X) and state that they are a living, breathing man or woman.and that the court has no jurisdiction. All US courts are commercial courts set up to deal with the strawman. They do not have jurisdiction over a living being, nor can they take away their livelihood or the tools of their trade.

    This might all seem gobbledegook to you, but please don’t give up, do the work and you will start to see what this all means. Here are some starting points. The same legal system is used in Crown countries – US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia etc.

    http://www.yourstrawman.com/ – basic information

    https://suijuris.me/ – suggest you enroll with these guys and there is a call in night – present your situation and seek advice, get learning.

    One the suijuris team had their child taken away and had to work out why and how to get him back. They discovered how the system works, and how they could regain their freedom.

    Wishing you good luck on this great adventure

    I hope this helps


  24. mkphil says : Reply

    Ulla, I hope someone comes along that can help you.There are no OPPT attorneys. They will probably ignore a Courtesy Notice, I have sent out many with not good results.See if you can find Tamara Davis’s case that should be on this site somewhere and do what she did. Hope this helps,

  25. I wrote a very long comment a couple of days ago however it never appeared here.
    I wouldn’t want to compose all that again. Nonetheless, I have really loved
    reading through your blog posts.

  26. Juanita says : Reply

    Kevin, please watch the youtube video I have in this post regarding the Crusasdes and let me know what you think. http://texasladyjuanita.com/2014/06/01/todays-fear-not-message-of-high-importance/

  27. Kerry says : Reply

    I followed all the procedures of the OPPT documents for a period of 2 years fighting the legal system and my rights only to find that NONE OF IT IS RECOGNIZED in a court room and our corrupt leaders just end up punishing you twice as hard for fighting back. So, 6 months in jail I have just served for something that would of been a slap on the wrist but because I chose to follow the path of OPPT I got fucked up the ass that hard. Unless you people putting out this information have something concrete that works don’t fucken advertise it as you are just ruining peoples lives giving them false illusions that they can beat such a corrupt system that has been in place for years.

  28. mkphil says : Reply

    Kerry, I hate that you went thru what you have. I am so sorry. Can I ask what you were in court for?

  29. Dave Smith says : Reply

    The guy I knew told the magistrate the court and the government had been foreclosed on and he didn’t recognize his authority. HA. I few bangs of the gavel later and it was four weeks sitting in Grafton jail for contempt! Great stuff that OPPT advice!

    • Fastwalker says : Reply

      I:m just up that road right now… I have to go to court and did the same thing.. told them i do not accept their autority and that they have to proof that to me…send my letter to the highest ranks i could find..for me it is time to find out…
      I will let you know what happend…

  30. genevieve says : Reply

    Sorry to hear of your troubles.

    I encourage you listen to a fellow named Karl Lentz on You Tube (lots of short vids)
    and take a look at his website called broadmind.org.
    He seems to know what the hell is going on in legal land.
    AND he keeps it real simple. “i, a man,…” is the point at
    which he starts. Doesn’t use his name in the court. Retains his
    status as a living sovereign being

    Two MAJOR points for everyone to know:

    1) Because you’re a living, breathing sovereign man/woman, you can only
    lawfully be charged with committing a WRONG–doing harm or injury to
    another living, breathing man/woman or their property. They charge us
    with a CRIME So when you go to court establish immediately that you’re
    a man/woman and NOT the name you are given. Also, by doing this you
    are immediately switching the court into Common Law.

    2) According to the rules of court procedure, you have the right to
    question tthe plaintiff/accuser. If the plaintiff is the Department of ____,
    demand to speak to a man or woman who will swear that you did the
    man/woman harm. The Department of ___ exists in 2D only; you are 3D.
    You can’t harm something that exists only on paper.

    Really, folks. Lentz is a gold mine of sanity.

    Peace Love Joy & Harmony,

  31. Fastwalker says : Reply

    Hi guys! just a litle update…
    In reaction of the letters and CN’s i did send they have confiscated the total amount of my bank account… and whit that the took my means to survive. It is absolutely clear that this game isnt going to be played fair. Im convinced my letters are rather solid.. and that they have no lawfull reason to react in any way shape or form to my BEing.. I think they wanna make an example out of me ….
    I will keep you updated, greetings to all my fellow first wavers, and all the ONES overhere !

  32. Fastwalker says : Reply

    and no, i am not affraid… ”this litle struggle” was written in my soul.. and i like to thank all of us, and specially Heather for waking us up, uniting us, and putting us in our power ! We all heard the bell of truth ( i think). She provided us whit he right KEY questions ( proof of identity, standing, autority, and identificaion of the law that is being used, a valid contract ) the right KEY words ( WITHOUT PREJUDICE, I AM) and the ” magic” KEY numbers ( UCC 1-103, 1-308, 1-305, there are more lucky numbers, but my head is a BE hive right now 🙂 Im putting things on film and will publice my writings.. (but need a little more time.. because.. im not verry good with computers..) I was a privilege to be part of the RTS skype room, when heaher was her also, to make a remark.. to put us back in power.. ( I’m sure i’ve saved the conversation when someONE did find that he bank did put a lien on her/his house and they did changed the lock ! and offcaurse there was a bit of panic (what to do??) than Heaher came with this legendary remark : ” What part of this whole story belongs really, really o the bank ?? …
    The lock ! so remove the lock, send it back to the bank, and make your damage claim…
    This was a legendary conversation! and maybe if someone still does have it,( how hard i tried, i can’t finf it:-( ..
    it would be wonderful to have it publiced here..

  33. Dave Smith says : Reply

    Again moderator I guess this is only a place for the true believers regardless of how much evidence flies in your face. It may be cosy and comfy but its not reality. As Fastwalker posts – nothing worked BUT because Heather told her “the magic words” then I guess its got to be true eh.Its pretty obvious Fastwalker is not very educated and its these poor souls that run with stuff WAY above their heads and put their faith in false gurus like Heather. Eg The use of the words without prejudice does not automatically invoke the rule that protects this type of communication. Whilst marking a document without prejudice reflects an intention that the communication is not be disclosed the mere use of the words will not act to automatically confer immunity to the communication. The court will look beyond the label to determine whether or not the correspondence can be used in evidence. So as you can see the court has a lot of discretion and in the case of loopy litigants it will treat them with the disdain they deserve.

    • Fastwalker says : Reply

      Hi Dave !

      Yes! sometimes i consider my self a poor soul 🙂
      But, by now I AM educated.. it took me one and a half year to UPPERstand..
      but now I DO !
      only one question..
      Did YOU do your HOMEwork??

      • Dave Smith says : Reply

        Hi Fastwalker,
        I guess you did your education in the university of BEing and DOing. That will be useful for you! Good luck with your new found knowledge.

  34. Greg says : Reply

    Dave Smith If you understood what Heather and co have done you would know that you are no longer in business, you are foreclosed and what remains is a group of gangsters with no jurisdiction. You are a mafia and how long you manage to continue in power remains to be seen. The roots of the great tree have been cut and your days are truly numbered. Like the Berlin Wall I suspect the day of reckoning will come shockingly quickly when the time is right. In the meantime we are very fortunate that there are people like Fastwalker who have not had the privilege of an expensive lawyers training, but have the great courage to try and get justice within this stinking den of corruption.

  35. Ron Van Bogart II says : Reply

    my thoughts …for this to work, the foreclosing and legal footwork has been done,thank you and god bless you,but telling people to do whatever is not going to get us anywhere,we need organization,there is STRENGTH IN NUMBERS,we need to have a registar or something where we can put our names in and know how strong we are,in each state every country.we need to stand together and know how big we are how fast we are growing,then we can surely know how much power we have to make them stand down,i know theres more than enough of us to do this lets get it done,love to all and peace

  36. Gloria says : Reply

    My main focus is on solutions, and this is in reference to petition on social media… via…… Facebook,,,,,,, YouTube….. etc
    The PETITION OF PEACE and TRUTH….. WILL ultimately lead to the realization WAR does not CREATE PEACE PERIOD
    My suggestion is within PETITION and SIGNATURE…..WORLDWIDE…..6 BILLION VOICES

    I AM first to sign

  37. Josef says : Reply

    Hi guys,

    I just sent 5 CNs, 3 to very powerfull institutions here in germany, a judge, the the tax office and the healthinsurance.
    Is there any webside, where I can post for support CNs?
    I am searching for that now for about a wekk and cant find it.

    • Dave Smith says : Reply

      Josef – you are living in the past. CNs have unequivocally been shown to NOT WORK and are a waste of time. If you insist on continuing down this track be prepared for GRIEF and DISSAPPOINTMENT!

      • Bob Stewart says : Reply

        Hi Dave Smith, when you say “CNs have unequivocally been shown to NOT WORK and are a waste of time” can you provide some evidence and the context, otherwise you are a fear monger. I have used the CN’s on parking tickets here in the UK and the pursuing debt collection agencies. After sending to the CEO’s of the debt collection agencies and when default invoices are issued they tend to go away in my experience, I know because I have done it and after ticket number 11, I know what I’m talking about.

        So Dave Smith please provide some evidence for your unsubstantiated claim and we might be able to show you were you went wrong so that you can apply them correctly in the future. I await your response.

        Love & Unity

        • Dave Smith says : Reply

          They go away because the amounts are not worth pursuing. Try it with a $50,000 loan and lets see how you go!

        • Deb says : Reply

          I’m so proud of you for handling Dave Smith so perfectly. You spoke the truth… he is a fear monger, I read a lot of his posts, he also insults and belittles people. You said provide proof of your statements, we may be able to help you. You are a shining example of righteous standing. I have surrounded you in Prayer and Gratitude. Thank YOU. I also surrounded Dave Smith in prayer that he will be able to see the truth, experience some sort of personal revelation and stop hurting people with his fear mongering. I think he is a mole…. but I don’t think he’ll stay a mole.

    • Dave Smith says : Reply

      Cannot see the pdf and details of these “successes”. If these few references (and the details of being very sketchy) after trawling the internet then I wouldn’t be crowing about how you got around the banking system. I’ve followed a few both personally and through the net and they’ve ended in tears, embarrassment and foreclosure. Wake up.

  38. Greg says : Reply

    Dave who’s crowing? The establishment has been able to commit fraud for so long, but in the past few years, so many people, especially young people, have woken up to how it all works. The rat is really stinking and fine words whether legal, financial or political don’t wash any more.

    OPPT is one of many beacons that have shed light onto the rotting carcass. Get Out of Debt Free is another and here we are talking about millions being saved from the banksters. Large amounts worth pursuing?


    The boat is sinking for you guys, Albeit slowly, nevertheless the Titanic’s vaults are beginning to fill up! Let’s hope there are enough life rafts.

    All the best


  39. Katerina says : Reply

    Has anyone else tried this in Cyprus. I am having no luck here and keep on getting harassed by the Bank Of Cyprus. They are also harassing my guarantors. Any suggestions?

  40. ernie says : Reply

    Hey guys!
    We’ve just learnt from winston schrout that OPPT have only filed reports with SEC instead of recording them. He says when you file it just means you filed it and they put in there filing system. it isn’t actioned. But when you record it then its legitimate. Can anyone comment or speak to that?

    • Tanya says : Reply

      Hi Ernie i also live in Perth Western Australia and have just this last week started reading about ‘My Strawman’. I would like to learn more.

  41. Ocha says : Reply

    Spencer,Drink some coffee, you are obuvsioly still asleep.The number of spelling errors is horrendous here:1) Judgement if this were all I would forgive you as technically it is correct, but it is not the preferred spelling of Judgment.2) ve? the spelling is be.3) Jydgement this one is new, never saw it before.4) thus wrong word, the word you meant was this.Also, the following:You say: While such filings are common, judges rarely dismiss a case at thus stage.Not necessarily the case, judges do dismiss on motions for summary judgment on a regular basis.You say: Karmazin stated that the company feels strongly about their position and the motion to dismiss is part of the process.A motion for summary judgment and a motion to dismiss are two different things, they are not the same thing.

  42. Deb says : Reply

    Good Idea… did you make a registry for people to add their name to the growing number? I will add my name.

  43. Vanessa Paulina says : Reply

    Hi, I have a question I have contact with you since 2013 ad through you guys I sent a courtesy notice to visa intl credit cards to stop billing me, they responded once and then I sent it again and then they haven’t responded up till now, nearly 3 years later they even put the bailiff on me I received a letter all the way from the Netherlands (I live in Aruba since 2012) this company representing the visa creditcards where they are forcing me to pay up with even more intrest. What can I do please help, do I need to be worried? how do I take action and do I even need to?

  44. Troy Williams says : Reply

    I live in New Jersey USA. I submitted my papers to the county and sheriff’s office to stop an eviction. The next day, when the sheriff officers showed up, they dismissed the paperwork. Then they called their county attorneys who were only going to do the same. They used their guns and badges to impose their will, and gave me about 30 minutes to get what I could. I’m just wondering if there is any room for recourse?

  45. Anyway you look at your name is of considerable and substantial value by virtue of collateralization under ucc rev 9..
    They took license to our name which is private personal property that they dragged into their private, selling time over again in mortgage backed securities, no not in real property but in copyright…

    We unquestionably are not debtors again prima facia evidence if this is mers/nb agreement which details separate managed accounts and trusts earned our stolen identity

    So it is a simple mattet of balancing the books on a fair and complete assessment by collapsing the tax shelters wherein all is hidden

    • DazzaP says : Reply

      Hi Kenneth,

      I agree 100% we all have money in accounts we have no idea of. I’ve located some accounts of mine, and when I call the bank to inquire, they tell me it does not exist. There’s clearly a secret system…..but has anyone out there had success is claiming autonomy over their Factualised Trust account?

      Hoping for some good news. Kenneth I AM also in the UK and we may be able to trade tips if your interested…..I AM in the process of dealing with my bank so can’t say to much on a public forum until I reach an outcome.

      Feel free to e-mail me on Serapis918@gmail.com

  46. I have to express concern over OPPT processes that people are flocking to utilize.. i think it is great, i think it is wonderful, i think there are gonna be some severe blowback as what OPPT does not address are infringement and trespass issues the banksters, IRS, and goverments can hurl back with for those not properly positioned..
    I applaude OPPT but i do have some serious concerns from the end i a come at this from, to which i can see a future storm brewing…. i put out a call to OPPT founders to contact me for some conversation, perhaps to work together to ensure remedy is longstanding and without blowback, more importantly to deal with issues in intellectual property to capture full autonomy – economic and financial freedom

  47. Marta says : Reply

    Good evening I would like to have an explanation if possible. I am an Italian and here movements that have come up say that OPPT is closed and do not divulge the UCC issue. Questioning why, however, in Italy did not go over to OPPT history and then use the UCC to prove that what the Republic of Italy corporation, registered in the SEC, is fraudulent and therefore OPPT’s action is precluded? I have followed different seminars held by people who have known the whole story but now they say that one can not take advantage of OPPT’s work. Finally, they claim that the OPPT responsible actors received a payment signed by the Rothschild themselves. Please help me to understand why here, in my opinion, everything is tampered with by people who are not working for human beings but are on the Masonic Powers in power. Thank you so much and I hope to have translated in a comprehensible way, I’m not good at language

  48. Rouyard says : Reply

    Please some body Help me. Im not layer not A jurist î dont understand anything. ABout oppt processus i néed Help in émergéncy from the very begining. Im all yours And have almost nothing to loose anymore. Î Will do everything it needs.


  49. Greg deluca says : Reply

    Hello everyone! My nave is Gregory DeLuca and I am a newly awakened soul and still very much lost as what to do here.
    I have a very tough time reading this type of material and being able to understand. Am very scatterbrained and still very much confused as to what it was that happened to. All I know is that I’m very pleased that it did.
    Anyway, I was wondering if ANYONE could PLEASE help me with this. I live in Saint Augustine fl with my wife and two children. We are scraping to make ends meet weekly.
    Could someone call me to help me do this PLEASE.
    THIS is my number 904 253 0538.
    Thank you so much for taking time out to read this.
    Peace and Love

  50. Savanturier999 says : Reply

    Salutations !!! Et merci pour tout….
    Respect, peace and love.

  51. DMM says : Reply

    Many Thanks …

  52. Tommy says : Reply

    Hold your Truths to be self-evident. This will work itself out Keep Knowing DOING and Researching what brings you to what you believe to be the Truth the whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth so Help Us All. I AM is what it is and will be More than what most are yet to Imagine and Dream of. This is for Helping others pay their Bills/Debt which they believe they still owe so that way once that part is out of the way and they feel free of that hold it will be able to manifest itself Yourself in a way To Help all Living Conscious SENTIENT SOUL Co-Creating Beings. To All Much Love and respect for All Directions All Nations All Life.

  53. Amber says : Reply

    I am interested in joining the movement. I have been researching and trying to get my factualize trust. Please reach out to me have many questions.

  54. linmic says : Reply

    Smoking Gun in Bundy trial as BLM whistleblower reveals Kill book and BLM agents snipers had kill list of Mormons at Bundy ranch. This is a major revelation.


  55. Michele says : Reply

    I’m Sending energy, love and peace, to all. Thank You

  56. Nobody can do a better job than you.

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