New Skype Room for Accessing Our Value

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New Skype Room for Accessing Our Value




A new Skype room called “Bankers Working with Eternal Essence” has been created. It already has people from all over the world participating. Because the Skype room only holds 300, people asked to have information put on the blog so more people from around Gaia can participate in the co-creation/role-play practice calls and also partake in what is going on via comments etc. Then take part in the global virtually simultaneous conversations and opening of new accounts when we all go in to do that where ever we are on our part of Gaia.

To begin with I will post some of the information discussed in the “Bankers Working with Eternal Essence” Skype room for everyone to have a look at. This post will be updated with newer information at the top as the co-creation moves forward.


UPDATE  10.7.13  The I Declaration

[ A number of Eternal Essence INbodied jumped on a call together to be the will and the word and I collectively, you can hear the acceptance of the I Declaration and the Will and The Word . ]


Update from within BWWEE Room from last several days (different puzzle pieces)


[9/27/2013 4:48:53 PM] Helen Vita: Hi Heather, is there any update on the event at all? Any hints or insights at all please? (mm)
[9/27/2013 4:50:54 PM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: Quoting [4:04:45 AM] Love and Light: Heather while Henry is offline would you like to share some updates with us and what you have been upto lattly
[4:09:45 AM] HeatherAnnTucciJarraf .: Hi, Mark.  Love, we have been dealing with the Universal Value System that was running the financial system…dealing with the cause…it is DONE NOW.

It is being made visible NOW by co-ordianted co-operation….all inbodyments are receiving the absolute context by self-designed order of events.

That IS where I have been and what I have been DO’ing for the past 6 weeks.  All IS DONE…

….you and all inbodyments have asked the questions…remember to listen to the answers. (heart)


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Next piece – Heather answers questions from “Henry” the “banker” Click here  “Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf: Answers on Value, Negotiability,Dirty Jobs…”


Update September 30, Calls to Wells Fargo and Bank of America

A small group of people 12, made call backs to Wells Fargo CEO’s office, Darren Clay, as a follow up to the mailings done by One People all over the world.

I have put the parts of the short calls here for people to listen to.

One suggestion is to Listen with more than just your external ears and your ego mind. There is much nuance involved in all of these conversations we have all been having since December 25, 2012 but one needs to truly Listen to Hear All that is being Communicated.

September 30, 2013 call to Mr. Stumpf’s office CEO WF   .


September 30, 2013 call to Darren Clay, Head office Wells Fargo   .


September 30, 2013 call to Bank of America Corporate offices, Jessica secretary in CEO’s office       .

 Letter Faxed to BOA:

We faxed a letter to BOA, Brian Moynihan CEO, and to the BOA Board of Directors.
You can see a copy of the letter here

We also faxed the July 25th and Augst 21st UCC Fillings and the Pope’s Motu Proprio letter  of July 11

We will be following up with a phone call to Brian Moynihan on Monday October 7th, to set a phone appointment, and in the letter set out our expectations on time frame for accounts to be opened. “We expect these accounts to be active by Friday, the 11th of October, reflecting our credit”


If people would like to add your voice to the conversation we are having with BOA

you can Fax your information to : 980-386-4570  Make sure to note ATTN: ( Brian Moynihan, CEO or Board of Directors on the fax cover sheet)

You can also send hard copy to:

Brian Moynihan CEO
Bank of America Corporation
100 N. Tryon St.
Charlotte NC, 28255


Update  en Mass Mailing to Wells Fargo 9.24.13


For this to bring the right volume, energetics, physicality focused energy into the WF system and into the banking system as a whole it would be great if as many people who care about accessing a representation of their value in the form of money from banks in our focused intent take part in this mailing.

Go to

to see the instructions and the cover letter to personalize. You will also see a direct download link for the instructions, cover letter, copy of Stumpf letter, 2 UCC fillings.

The intention is for everyone to mail their 2 package on the same day!                September 24, 2013

so that they will show up en mass over a 1-3 period depending on where they were mailed from

 (heart)   if there are a lot of people from all over Gaia who want to access a representation of their value
and they focus their BEing and DOing collectively together then there will be 100’s or more of packages that show up to these 2 addresses at the top of Wells Fargo as all the other pressure of the fall of the system are also coming to bear at the same moments.



Update WF Release of Lien after phone calls about BWWEE 9.21.13

Scroll to bottom of page to see the pdf of the letter to Kelly Sutton (one of the voices on the phone group to WF) and her background on it.


and yes the old adage “You Must Be Doing Something RIGHT is in Evidence !


Update Bridgeline Conference call Monday 9.16.13 2 pm PST

Recording of call    .                 this is a raw file

or for limited time call the replay line 530-881-1399

to discuss next steps in expanding our momentum with Wells Fargo and other banks.

Conference dial-in number: (530) 881-1300

Participant access code: 392300


New Universal Value Exchange posted by D on RTS click here to read

You can direct download the Visa Patent Universal Value Exchange HERE


These quotes may be something  people can weave into their interactions or at the very least have in the back of their mind so they see all of what OPPT has done in a broader historical contect of the global slavery system…



Update on BZ’s appointment with Wells Fargo manager on Friday the 13

[3:23:11 PM | Edited 3:27:04 PM] BZ Riger: Quoting [1:39 PM] Diane  Geldert: << I still say don’t go begging to the banks

BZ Riger: the people who have been in the small group calling into bankers, co-creating the letter to Mr. Stumpf etc did not have the energy of Begging!
[3:23:26 PM] BZ Riger: Far from it
[3:24:03 PM] BZ Riger: we know where the value resides and that it is unlimited
[3:27:48 PM] BZ Riger: There was no begging energy from me when I walked into my bank appointment with the WF bank manager at the “shop” (WF lingo for a branch) I went into
[3:24:47 PM] happy belated birthday BZ (^)
[3:24:56 PM] BZ Riger: ty TP
[3:25:07 PM] BZ Riger: they were waiting for me
[3:25:48 PM ] BZ Riger: Cheryl walked in with me and all for tellers, the assistant manager and her assistant all stood up and said good morning in unison
[3:26:29 PM] BZ Riger: I walked over and said hello, shook her hand and told her who I was and that I an appointment with Megan.
[3:28:13 PM] BZ Riger: yes she is expecting you was the reply.
[3:28:57 PM] Papa: Because of the way banking is set up, no-one can own anything. It’s all IOUs from the gov’t.. They may be shaken by the fact that we want to use “real” currency. It would mean the gov’t would have to actually “pay” their debt. The way it stands is they own it all because they own the IOUs and “cannot” pay their bankruptcy debt without specifying what backs currency.
[3:29:57 PM] BZ Riger: We said hellos. I asked if she had received my email and if she had a chance to look it over.
[3:30:57 PM | Edited 3:36:15 PM] BZ Riger: I sent her a note of hello/intent… I attached a copy of the strumpf letter, and the 20 minute sudio file with the group call to TJ. and told I would bring additional info when I saw her Friday13
[3:32:14 PM] BZ Riger: she said she had and she did. she had already passed it along to the VP private banker who handles her shop and others and he wanted to be at the meeting but he was out on the last days of his vacation.
[3:35:22 PM] BZ Riger: I gave her a hard copy of the stumpf letter.
I told her of my conversation with Darren who “partners with WF Head Office and all Executive Offices within the company to resolve escalated issues that have been brought to the attention of senior leaders within Head Office.”
[3:38:17 PM] BZ Riger: that he had been tasked by mr. stumpf’s office to get in touch with me gather more information so that he could decide the best people and way to move forward to help “all the people in your group”
[3:39:09 PM] Deb and Fred .: Well I don’t think we can ever go to the current banking system to get what is lawfully ours.  A new system needs to be created and I am quite certain a new program can be built to copy the current banking one.  There are people out there working to pay their mortgages that do just that.   I am just saying.  (inlove)
[3:40:34 PM] Deb and Fred .: And all those lovely banking headquarters around the world are certainly in prime positions – complete with views and break rooms.   Terrific housing availale for those that want to live like that.   I hate apartment living but I know it works just fine for many.  (angel)
[3:42:01 PM] BZ Riger: I mentioned to her from that call as this case was different than the usual, what we talked about was having a central person from the head office handle things and then people could go into their local shop and they would handle things from the senior person we were working with…
[3:43:41 PM] BZ Riger: I put 2 UCC fillings on her desk, and we talked about how that was for her background due dilegence and edification to look over later. the July 25 and the aug. 21. I said you know about the UCC right how that all works and ties into banking.
[3:44:05 PM] BZ Riger:
Oh Yes, she said I Know.
[3:44:34 PM] Eric Levy: Great work, BZ!
[3:44:41 PM] BZ Riger: then she new to flip up the top sheet of each filling and skim to where the beginning of the meat was
[3:44:56 PM] Eric Levy: Awesome!
[3:45:03 PM] Eric Levy: (heart)
[3:45:06 PM] BZ Riger: she also ran her finger over the upper right corner on each one to scan the date of each
[3:45:55 PM] Arthur Paul: Sounds great so far.
[3:46:13 PM] Eric Levy: You’re really moving some energy here, BZ.
[3:46:46 PM] Thomas M: THis is getting worse than a 12 episode black and white western movie…you are killing me…. (clap)
[3:46:55 PM] BZ Riger: she asked a few Qs about the kind of account I would be opening that sort of thing. said that with the opening deposit amount that she would not be the one to handle that but the vp private banker would be the best fit, that is when she gave me the info ^ there…
[3:48:29 PM] BZ Riger: I said no problem looking to build my team, and that we were working from the top down and the bottom up
[3:48:40 PM] BZ Riger: yes that is the best way to do it she said
[3:48:59 PM] Diane  Geldert: you are doing alot to awaken them But they should be coming to the people since we are the Value and until they realize we are in charge now and they  work for us it will never work
[3:49:49 PM] Eric Levy: Ah ah ah – the person who says it can’t be done shouldn’t interrupt the person doing it
[3:50:16 PM] Eric Levy: Let’s give BZ nothing but love and facilitating energy
[3:50:36 PM] Diane  Geldert: doing is one thing DONE is something else
[3:50:38 PM] cheryl  Hancock: (y):D yea  Eric
[3:50:51 PM] Eric Levy: :*
[3:51:14 PM] Thomas M: Diane the banksters do not want to come out of their towers…to mingle with us unwashed…they still think they have control…the higher up this drifts the more shaky and tenuous this becomes…they will come out and they will deal with us…
[3:53:10 PM] H Andrew Toppin: Diane, that’s every inventor has been told!
[3:53:14 PM] Diane  Geldert: And i hope with all my being that it does work, don’t read me wrong but they still think they are above us, Be safe and WIN
[3:53:43 PM] Eric Levy: Word
[3:54:00 PM] H Andrew Toppin: You are watching an new invention in progress!
[3:54:11 PM] Eric Levy: Indeed
[3:54:28 PM] Eric Levy: (hug)
[3:54:41 PM] H Andrew Toppin: It does not matter what they think of you , what do you think of yourself?
[3:55:10 PM] BZ Riger: it was conversational, and rapport building. Cheryl asked a Q about person she had worked with last year that she had worked with on setting up an account for dinar when it revalued etc. there was conversation enough around that to let me know she knows what is going on
[3:55:22 PM] BZ Riger: we are in the last tango right now
[3:55:31 PM] BZ Riger: it is all dance moves
[3:56:03 PM] Eric Levy: Last tango into last waltz into after party
[3:56:16 PM] BZ Riger: and stomping on people’s feet does not make a smooth dance or win win as the last note fades into completion
[3:56:31 PM] Eric Levy: Straight up!
[3:56:46 PM] Thomas M: last tango in paris…bring on the butter ha!
[3:56:58 PM] BZ Riger: I gave her my letter of intent, and told her that it referenced the specific UCC filings that secured the value  the  COV was referencing
[3:57:02 PM] H Andrew Toppin: Great job BZ! Much love (heart)
[3:57:34 PM] Eric Levy: Yeah, BZ, super much love (heart)
[3:58:31 PM] Eric Levy: She will review the filings this weekend and perhaps discuss with her family how soon their entire way of living is going to change
[3:58:38 PM] Eric Levy: And how the world will never be the same
[3:59:16 PM] Eric Levy: Hey, Golden Age, already, let’s do this!
[3:59:55 PM] H Andrew Toppin: Here here Eric! I second that!
[4:00:13 PM] Eric Levy: Hi, Andrew
[4:00:31 PM] Eric Levy: (wave)
[4:00:37 PM] Eric Levy: (heart)
[4:00:37 PM] BZ Riger: She said would you like to begin the process of opening the account now. (meaning the profile etc,) I said I prefered to do it all of a piece and when stumpf’s office had the person in place to be of service to all of us then I would come back in.
[4:00:51 PM] H Andrew Toppin: Hi Eric. (highfive) 😀
[4:01:04 PM] BZ Riger: I showed her my COV, she looked it over nodded and said yes this looked good.
[4:01:21 PM] Arthur Paul: Excellent
[4:01:24 PM] Eric Levy: Super!
[4:02:56 PM] Diane  Geldert: so she had no say in the matter at all
[4:03:33 PM] Diane  Geldert: a underling so to speak
[4:03:46 PM] Eric Levy: Great work, BZ!
[4:03:55 PM] BZ Riger: she asked how many people were in the trust… again this was all conversational. Know one knows how to do this it has never been done. The don’t want to tip their hand yet so it feels like as we have this conversation from the top office to the bottom the method the new way gets figured out. I told her it was a global trust and all who wanted to access it . You too I said..
[4:04:00 PM] Eric Levy: Way to go!
[4:04:06 PM] Eric Levy: (heart)
[4:04:54 PM] Papa: Sounds like to were productive, BZ
[4:04:55 PM] H Andrew Toppin: Hi BZ,  Can have your permission to put some of this in the 5D Media Forum?
[4:05:24 PM] Arthur Koberinski: Great intent BZ
[4:05:30 PM] BZ Riger: she said she was looking forward to working with me , Cheryl… and that she would be making sure to bring this to the attention of all those who needed to know.
[4:05:58 PM] nice work  BZ
[4:07:26 PM] BZ Riger: so we shook hands, told her that I would be following up with mr stumpf’s office and Darren on Monday and would be in touch. She said she would be passing the letter to stumpf and the recording and copies of the docs I left with her to other manager level and vp private banking level colleagues.
[4:07:28 PM] cheryl  Hancock: We were told by another banker that they would have to figure out a whole new system for there computers because this has never been done before and there system is not set up for it
[4:08:04 PM] BZ Riger: did I get taken seriously – you bet
[4:08:31 PM] Eric Levy: Sounds like!
[4:08:42 PM] Eric Levy: That’s okay, Cheryl, I think they have the necessary resources
[4:08:43 PM] BZ Riger: is there a conversation complete with ceo letter and audio recording spreading from the board level and the bottom up
[4:08:45 PM] BZ Riger: you bet




Update Follow up call to Wells Fargo President/CEO, Mr. Stumpf on the email letter and attachments sent Sept. 10.


a small group called Mr. Stumpf’s office. Asked to speak with him, spoke with his secretary Janet. Gist of the conversation:

Janet asked if we had an appointment or if someone had gotten back to us about the email… We said we wanted to be fit into his schedule, and no one had gotten back to us.

Janet said he gets piles of emails and it would have to be found… but she had our contact info and Mr. Stumpf’s assistant Joslyn might be the one to get back to us. There was discussion of  not sending another email as it would just be more to look through in that pile…

We ended the call.

we talked amongst ourseves and decided to call Janet back to ask for Mr. Stumpf’s assistant’s email and about sending a “copy” of the files we sent. We did not get Janet but asked for her and she came on. She did let us know Joslyn’s name but the same response about the emailing of a copy to her. And Janet had already sent out an email for someone to find our email and look into it.

We decided we would wait to follow up again on Monday if we did not hear back.

Darren Clay from the Wells Fargo head office gave me a call back and left a voice msg. we gathered a small group and called him back.

here is the recording of that phone call.    .


Jennifer from Preston Australia, shared a Tuning in she had at the beginning of Friday the 13, in her part of Gaia.

Process Experienced 13/09/13 or for Some 09/13/13   click here


Update small call to WF Banker 9.11.13

we had a small group call to TJ Marini VP, Sr Private Banker, Wells Fargo Private Bank-

Here is the recording of that call            .





[9/10/2013 2:02:43 PM] BZ Riger: if any people here have any questions about the call, how we came up for the wording for the letter that was put together by consensus of everyone on the call or the way the letter is signed or the tense used please ask those who were on the call or those who have actually listened to the recording its all clear how it all came to be. will post the final draft holly typed up in one moment.

direct download of letter to Mr. Stumpf   click here


Docs included in the packet sent:

Direct downloads of there click below
OPPT goes public

Paradigm report

Financing statement

Pope’s letter

Holy See transcript

Conference call 2 pm EST US  9.10.13  Update

[10:42:22 AM] BZ Riger: (*)  Bridgeline call in 20 minutes for all who want to jump on we will be talking about our energetic and doing strategy input from all welcome/wanted, then when we are done with that will jump to the smaller call and make some bank calls based on discussion

Conference dial-in number: (530) 881-1300

Participant access code: 392300

Raw recording of the conference call in creating the letter to president of Wells Fargo and Board of Directors
Part 1

Part 2   .

Part 3    .

you can also call in to hear the recording for a few days Playback number: (530) 881-1399  Participant access code: 392300


The Transcript file referenced in the BWWEE Skype Room
The “Recipe” so to speak Heather gave of going into the banks to access a portion of our Value. This is a trunkated version of the July 1st conversation pre-recorded for the July1 TOP radio show. For shorter print out it is just the sections where Heather is speaking. click here


Fax packet being sent to Senior Private Banker for Wells Fargo The Paradigm report

 Update 9.9.13

[4:04:36 PM] BZ Riger: just to share for those who were not on the calls we made to bankers earlier today-

there were 7 of us on the actual call and 2 others who could hear but had no mic to speak

Kelly and I were the ones who had the direct conversation with the banker or assistant

Kelly started right in by letting the person know there was a group of us on the call

then got permission to record the call

then told them as part of the conversation that we would all be opening our own accounts but for efficientcy for the banker and ourselves we were calling as a group so as to not waste anyones time
[4:05:31 PM] Helen Vita: Wow, go on BZ…
[4:05:46 PM] BZ Riger: we then had simiar conversations with each banker depending on the flow of their questions or ours or their answers
[4:07:06 PM] BZ Riger: It was made very clear that it was individual accounts we were opening.

The reson the cover letter has my name on it is because with that banker she could not hear Kelly so clearly and asked me if I could give her my contact information and send her the fax
[4:08:22 PM] BZ Riger: if you read the letter ^ it references we, because it soeaks to the phone conversation where the banker knew she was talking to several people on the line at one time but only directly conversing with two people
[4:10:05 PM] BZ Riger: others on the call can share their experiences and perspective I just felt it was good to share mine
[4:13:57 PM] amy brimicombe: Bz had great verbal language on the call.  It was wonderful for me to take that all in. Ty everyone
[4:14:48 PM] Kelly Sutton: Yes, she did!  You rock BZ!!!
[4:14:50 PM] Carol MHVolk: yes it was so great — I sure understand everything — just find it hard to verbalize it sometimes
[4:14:53 PM] Helen Vita: WOW!!
[4:14:54 PM] ArturoDekko / Dec: thank you for updating BZ (heart)
[4:15:30 PM] BZ Riger: The 26 page fax you sent through to 14152224049 was successfully
transmitted at 2013-09-09 20:59:48 (GMT).



Doc example and Call recording Update

The raw call recording is here .

The three docs below are good ones to include as background information when you go into the bank you have chosen on Friday September 13th, which we are all going to do simultaneously depending on our time zones.

Here is the July 25th OPPT filing mentioned on the call click here

Here is the initial announcement of OPPT

Here is the paradigm report

Doug’s Letter of intent click here

Helen’s Certificate of Value click here

Helen’s CEO I-UV INchange v6  click here

BZ’s Certificate of Value click here

BZ’s letter of intent click here

BZ’s Certificate of Being click here

Bob Wright’s Certificate of Value  Click here

Bob Wright’s Declaration of Being  Click here

Bob Wright’s Intent to Deposit  Click here


Update from BWWEE conversation 9.8.13

Article with some summation of what has occurred

[5:35:50 AM] Rebecca Hillegeist: Holly Tucker—this is for you!   REBECCA, can you share the results of your 6 bank visits and conversations with VP’s and Pres related to the DOV?

I woke up one morning and just felt led to go to different banks…Bank of America, Chase, 5th Third & Wells Fargo.  I went in armed with all the knowledge I’d been learning from all the OPPT/TOP calls and documents from January to date.  I went in with the story ( I put on my actor hat (inlove) ) and told them I received a large inheritance and it was caught up in Common Law court.  I said that I was there to open the account and get the ball rolling!  I knew what I was doing from an energetic stand point–burning the system from the inside 😉 …I didn’t make a deposit, I gave them a name & number of a common law attorney.  While the accounts were being set up, I had open dialog…talking freely about energetic accounting, the signatures being sold, the OPPT\TOP, etc.  Everyone seemed to know exactly what was going on and Bank of America said that they started being trained in energetic accounting early 2000’s!!!

Bob was working on his documents about the time I was doing this….now that I have paperwork to take in, I feel things will go smoothly.  Standing in my power and KNOWING I am the value PLUS having documentation to back up my knowing is HUGE!

The other 2 banks I visited were very small local banks in COMMERCE, Ga–(this is where Agenda 21 started 🙁 ). One bank had no clue what I was talking about, took notes and then within a few days sent me a letter stating they were closing my account due to my credit score being too low! –it is below 500–even after I told them about the large inheritance…kinda weird.  :^)  This bank was located in the first hospital building and still had a few if the creepy pinkish lights in the basement :O The other local bank was all about helping me and even said they were expecting a windfall of new millionaires in July and was wondering what had happened. I  was thinking they were referring to the RV…???  This bank pres even asked me what I knew about the “money changers”!!!   When had a great convo (angel)

Due to not making a deposit and not having activity for over 30 days, all the accounts have been closed.  I now have a regular checking account with another local Commerce bank.  This is the bank I will take the documents to.  Ive net a Wells Fargo personal banker who comes to our TOP meeting in Atlanta.  She has been a gem!  She said an investment banker was the best person to start with because the COV looks similar to what they create after a loan is made and this certificate is what they sell.  She also told us that Wells Fargo just hired 5k Investment Bankers! –she felt they are getting ready for us!!!  Another gem she shared was that there was an inner office memo that went out that stated that WF will NOT be taking part in Iraqi- dinar exchange  😀





Update ***

(*)(music)(*) Consensus for call time is Saturday US 2 PM PST, tomorrow 9.7.13
Bridgeline #
Conference dial-in number: (530) 881-1300

Participant access code: 392300



9.5.13 Initial conversation right after room was started. Content has been edited here to remove reposting of information for new people arriving…

(*)Rules/ Intentions for the Bankers Working with Eternal Essence room   (*)

This is a focused room a room to work/play with working with the bankers

questions/ answers/ conversations on this focus welcome

chit chat etc that is not ^ about that please take to another room

This is a safe space for all to voice their heart centered ideas/intentions/thoughts/co-creative intents

The intention of this room is to work on tweaking /co-creating docs to take in to access our value

The energy of this room is to work with an energy vibration of collaboration not combativeness or punitive energy towards bankers

All of us working together to go in together where ever we are on Gaia in a near simultaneous time period to access a portion of our value

Please only add people to the room who have asked to come in, not because you think they should be in here. The asking is active interest in being here and supports the energy of the focus


[9/5/2013 7:26:06 PM] BZ Riger:
to me the idea / energy of having co-creative and colaberative energy rather than combative and punitive energy is the way to go

[9/5/2013 7:33:11 PM] sidney mytton-watson: OOps, am I in the wrong room? I thought that this was for those who were interested in the Cvacs and approaching banks? If this is not that room, can you please add me when you make it available, BZ> Thanks.
[9/5/2013 7:37:03 PM] BZ Riger: this room has nothing to do with CVACs but in people working together to co-create/refine paperwork to go to banks in a collaberative energy with bankers to access some of our value and give them a chance to repurpose themselves
[9/5/2013 7:37:25 PM] BZ Riger: people can add people in their contacts who want to come play
[9/5/2013 7:38:12 PM] BZ Riger: but I would as that you be responsible for who you add and that we keep a heart centered energy with a focus on what I mentioned ^ there
[9/5/2013 7:38:27 PM] BZ Riger: plenty of other rooms for all sorts of other conversations

[9/5/2013 7:44:11 PM] Carol MHVolk: do you think maybe starting with what Bob did might be a good start to refine the paperwork?

[9/5/2013 7:45:11 PM] sidney mytton-watson: Bob was rejected by hi bank, wasn’t he? He knew his bank and I find that a bit disturbing. MAybe he should be added here to ask him what he would suggest, apart from taking the elite conartists to dinner?
[9/5/2013 7:45:42 PM] BZ Riger: well I have taken what he did and changed a few things and made my own
[9/5/2013 7:45:56 PM] BZ Riger: Helen Vita has made her own
[9/5/2013 7:46:10 PM] Thomas M: The first question and concern I would have is the paperwork (the DOV).  Bob said his paperwork was not the problem…the problem was the bank not willing to legally accept it.  Question….what paperwork do you all have or are going to use to present to the bank your worth…Do you think a script for dialogue with banksters would be helpful…not one read by rote…but points to study and have at ready for rebutal of banksters refusal attempt….
[9/5/2013 7:46:43 PM] BZ Riger: from my perspective going in with a collaberative attitude rather than punitive and you(banker^&*%) have to do this is the way to go IMO
one thing I feel is important is to conduct yourself just the way you would wanting to build your team when going into a bank to open an account to do all the things you would like to do/create/experience
[9/5/2013 7:48:09 PM] Thomas M: I also have a question on the UCC filing that underwrites the value…at least as far as the banksters are concerned…they want to know where the “money” is…and we can tell them – pointing to ourselves – it is here.
[9/5/2013 7:51:03 PM] BZ Riger: I will go in with the intention to open a new account, I will have a conversation with them that I want to build a team of them helping me with access to my value so that I can create what I want to create with it… in that way the conversation will flow, they will ask some questions as they are having the conversation to fill out your profile, as they like to have their paperwork in order, when as that progresses you get to the part where they ask how you would like to fund the initial deposit, that is when I would present my certificate of value

then I would have the other paperwork

and probably some background supporting documentation…
[9/5/2013 7:51:11 PM] BZ Riger: then I would go forward from there
[9/5/2013 7:52:02 PM] Carol MHVolk: so BZ are we doing this as groups in our towns or individually?
[9/5/2013 7:54:01 PM] BZ Riger: well all of the above feels good depending where people are

[9/5/2013 7:55:26 PM] sidney mytton-watson: I like this room BZ< I feel that we are achieving something and staying on track. Congratulations
[9/5/2013 7:56:54 PM] Carol MHVolk: so how many people do we know that tried to do the value that we can add here?  Bob, Kiri…perhaps we can get their docs and tweak them — do we want to assign this to one person in the room?
[9/5/2013 7:57:27 PM] BZ Riger: well the docs that those you mentioned are on the I UV site
[9/5/2013 7:57:47 PM] BZ Riger: then as I said Helen has made her own tweaked ones as have I
[9/5/2013 7:57:53 PM] BZ Riger: may be others as well
[9/5/2013 7:57:55 PM] Carol MHVolk: I would take this on and perhaps a group can be in a distribution list on e-mail so we can tweak and then share?
[9/5/2013 7:58:18 PM] Thomas M: [Thursday, September 05, 2013 7:51 PM] BZ Riger:

<<< then I would have the other paperwork

and probably some background supporting documentation…what would this other paperwork and background docs consist of…When I go in I want my offer to be bullet proof…
[9/5/2013 7:59:26 PM] Thomas M: My folder contains all the Bob “works”.  To me that should be sufficient…but a we have seen…the banksters want “something” else…
[9/5/2013 8:00:04 PM | Edited 8:00:12 PM] BZ Riger: from my perspective it is the energy and approach you go in with first, then the paperwork for the value is right in line with that
then the supporting additional information is just that a supporting or secondary role to the first which is your energy your intent and your KNOWING you are the value
[9/5/2013 8:00:10 PM] Terra E Stella: Thanks, BZ…. let’s see what we can do. I like this beginning on a New Moon Day – powerful. How would it be that we all went to the banks the same day in different cities… With JP Morgan now exiting the student loans, I think we have a great chance to go to them. To play fair, as they can not go on with this fraud anymore.
[9/5/2013 8:00:33 PM] BZ Riger: yes absolutely Terra my intentions exactly
[9/5/2013 8:01:19 PM] sidney mytton-watson: AGreed Thomas. We need to have mock up trial rund on Skype as each one practices to the group their approach to their bank. I am still awaiting a reply to my request email to Billy Turner on how he managed to access his funds in funding a local town council for $500,000,000. I will let you know of the response. I feel secure in this room BZ. Thank God, we can now talk openly about the most important mater that each of us has in being able to move forward in our lives.
[9/5/2013 8:01:45 PM] BZ Riger: I think that a planned wave of energy and intention going into the banks together “virtualy” meaning everyone in their respective locations is an excellent energetic and physical approach

[9/5/2013 8:02:41 PM] Thomas M: [Thursday, September 05, 2013 8:01 PM] BZ Riger:

<<< I think that a planned wave of energy and intention going into the banks together “virtualy” meaning everyone in their respective locations is an excellent energetic and physical approachYep, I like that idea

[9/5/2013 8:03:53 PM] Carol MHVolk: OK — so I will help with the docs…just let me know when you need my help!!  I am here and I don’t want to chat much so I will just put this as my contribution for now and then see when you need me (heart)
[9/5/2013 8:04:06 PM] sidney mytton-watson: CAn I suggest that we get sent out to ourselves the various scripts that are available now and practice what we want to dowith it and schedule a mock bank approach run for a week from now, say next Friday? Then we can practice on each other with a controlled room. No jokes, laughing etc.

[9/5/2013 8:05:14 PM] BZ Riger: [Thursday, September 05, 2013 7:53 PM] BZ Riger:

[9/5/2013 8:05:21 PM] Holly Tucker: Agreed Sidney, I’d love to see an concerted strategy to our efforts.
[9/5/2013 8:06:01 PM] Holly Tucker: May sound silly but some role playing might help folks feel more comfortable in speaking with banking officials.
[9/5/2013 8:06:34 PM] Deb and Fred .: I think you may be right with that Holly.
[9/5/2013 8:06:34 PM] BZ Riger: I can set up a conference call on my bridgeline and it can be recorded so others can listen to it later
[9/5/2013 8:06:51 PM] BZ Riger: if we do it on a skype call the # of people is limited
[9/5/2013 8:06:58 PM] BZ Riger: but that is an option too
[9/5/2013 8:06:59 PM] sidney mytton-watson: Yes, it can start with us. WHo would like to convene? And everyone will be able to speak, but we need to have a control so that we have some leadership and direction. Thanks the word that I was looking for was role playing. I should know, I did that for years in training to be a counsellor.
[9/5/2013 8:07:38 PM] sidney mytton-watson: If you an arrange the call then do it BZ.
[9/5/2013 8:07:56 PM] Holly Tucker: Right now I would solicit those who feel they have a good handle on the concepts and language. I would suggest bringing Bob Wright into the room for assistance.
[9/5/2013 8:08:07 PM] BZ Riger: sure happy to everyone can decide on a time and I will put the phone number and access code in here

[9/5/2013 8:08:59 PM] BZ Riger: that good Holly send him a note and ask if he would like to come play
[9/5/2013 8:09:06 PM] Holly Tucker: K
[9/5/2013 8:11:30 PM] Thomas M: Definitely have a recordign available for afterwards…
[9/5/2013 8:12:24 PM] BZ Riger: yes that is not a problem Thomas
[9/5/2013 8:12:25 PM] Carol MHVolk: I can help with the docs — the handle on the concepts not so much but for sure I really want to help where I can so make sure you KNOW if you need me I am here ok
[9/5/2013 8:17:09 PM] Holly Tucker: Ok, sent Bob a note.

[9/5/2013 8:27:40 PM | Edited 8:27:55 PM] Holly Tucker: Thanks for setting up. Meantime, BZ do you want to put out a solicitation in appropriate Skype rooms for those with DOV aptitude to join this room?
[9/5/2013 8:28:28 PM] BZ Riger: well I think Joyce was going to do that
[9/5/2013 8:29:40 PM] Joyce Paulson: What was I going to do BZ?
[9/5/2013 8:30:03 PM] BZ Riger: people should type in here when a call would be good we can come to consensus set on up on my bridgeline and recorded for listening later for each as well maybe in next 24-36 hours

[9/5/2013 8:30:47 PM] Thomas M: This is going to work!  At the very least we will have some ocnfidence and “ammo” to bring to the banksters…They soon will know that they need us…but not for long 🙂
[9/5/2013 8:32:07 PM] BZ Riger: (sun)(heart)(sun)  IFLAYBOL  … I am off to go outside with my intentions to manifest on this very auspicious New Moon
[9/5/2013 8:32:46 PM] Terra E Stella: Same here, BZ 🙂 sounds great!

[9/5/2013 9:05:15 PM] Carol MHVolk: THIS IS THE “DO” ROOM!!!!
[9/5/2013 9:06:51 PM] Joyce Paulson: Yes it most Certainly Is….Carol!! (nod)!!
[9/5/2013 9:09:25 PM] Joyce Paulson: And if you know of anyone interested in joining us please don’t hesitate to let them know about us! 😉

[9/5/2013 9:10:42 PM] sidney mytton-watson: But also remind them that it is to be a room that stays on topic and not running around having parties and having extra talk, plenty of other rooms for that available.

[9/5/2013 9:15:56 PM] sidney mytton-watson: This is for our survival and victory
[9/5/2013 9:16:56 PM] FunkyKatnissmadmanina .: thank you for saying that sidney
[9/5/2013 9:20:00 PM] Carol MHVolk: YUP!!!  I agree….

[9/5/2013 9:24:53 PM] BZ Riger:

we are trying to get a call together in the next 24-36 hours we can all talk on my bridgeline and have it recorded so we can begin.

please type in which if these times you prefer

friday US 5pm Pacific time zone
Saturday US 8am Pacfic time zone
Saturday US 2 pm Pacific time zone

… just a place for us to start to pick a call time

[9/5/2013 9:28:33 PM] Joyce Paulson: I would also like to add that it would be nice if we could start a list of people interested in getting qroups together…in their areas…with emails for contact info.  Would someone like to volunteer for this?
[9/5/2013 9:29:46 PM] Carol MHVolk: I could do a spreadsheet
[9/5/2013 9:30:02 PM] Carol MHVolk: like a database
[9/5/2013 9:30:16 PM] Joyce Paulson: That would be great Carol!!
[9/5/2013 9:31:02 PM] Carol MHVolk: so perhaps everyone in this room could list Name, where you live – city and state or province etc, e-mail — anything else we need?

[9/5/2013 9:32:12 PM] Carol MHVolk: then I can pull it and as we add new people we can have a standard sentence that says for our database please provide xyz
[9/5/2013 9:32:23 PM] Carol MHVolk: I can always put that sentence on here ok…
[9/5/2013 9:32:51 PM] Carol MHVolk: oh good we can have NOTES which could be what you just put in brackets

[9/5/2013 9:33:34 PM] Carol MHVolk: perhaps a what have you done with your bank?  do you have docs you used?  keep adding people cause that could be how we build the database
[9/5/2013 9:33:53 PM] Carol MHVolk: I will make a distribution list too with all the e-mails
[9/5/2013 9:34:12 PM] Carol MHVolk: so I can share the spreadsheet/database

[9/5/2013 9:54:06 PM] Carol MHVolk: I just sent the 3 of you a test e-mail with the spreadsheet

[1:37:42 AM] sidney mytton-watson: Ithink your Sunday 2pm looks good this end in Australia.

[2:17:03 AM] sidney mytton-watson: BZ You will be recording the role playing etc? So that we can listen and learn.

[3:03:01 AM] Vanessa Bragg: HI all, sorry joined group as it started then had to leave computer,,,,so catching up, have posted a bit of info in relation to the bits already stated…. nothing ground breaking but all our bits will help………….The first question and concern I would have is the paperwork (the DOV).  Bob said his paperwork was not the problem…the problem was the bank not willing to legally accept it.  Question….what paperwork do you all have or are going to use to present to the bank your worth…Do you think a script for dialogue with banksters would be helpful…not one read by rote…but points to study and have at ready for rebutal of banksters refusal attempt……………… some worded material would really help me, the main points would be key, to me standing in my space around it, would love to think i was as literate at Bob, but would be dreaming!!! THere appears to be a great range of doc out there, to work with, I would like to see Helens and your BZ too!! agreed Carol,   tweak and share situation, if your happy t collate that would be great, with collective intention, should be very powerful.  BZ – I think that a planned wave of energy and intention going into the banks together “virtualy” meaning everyone in their respective locations is an excellent energetic and physical approach……absolutely, I will stand with energetics on this if we can pinpoint time and dates that the wave begins I will work intentnally and meditatively  with the parties taking walk to the banks to hold the space of love and expansion for humanity…….BZ Riger: if we do it on a skype call the # of people is limited, … would be good to do this separately in groups of 5 ( for personal power) so one in the ONE people, one is the banker and 3 offer feedback( 3 being the integration) , then it doesn’t feel like we need to have everyone on a large call, where the energy could easily shatter. …… for BOB would love to have his input too!!!!, this feels really powerful and very real, thanks BZ for the start up. For those gathering details australia NSW, hope i covered it all, looking forward to the journey.x
[3:04:54 AM] Vanessa Bragg: I am up for a call just let me know when , and Ill do a midnighter if needed.  Someone will just have to give me clear details about time zone of origin of call.

[4:57:12 AM] unelady: IMO. we all should go and make our paper marketable for the banks and go on and have all we need to change it all… that would be an instant bridge and we could then decide to turn everything around. That is using the bank tools in our advantage.
[6:12:03 AM] Holly Tucker: Still waiting to hear from Bob on an invitation to join this room and assist with his expertise.

[7:03:22 AM] Terra E Stella: BZ, I don’t think any of these times will work for me, but I’ll be happy with whatever you decide. We can always adjust things if necessary, as long the idea is the same.
[7:07:30 AM] Carol MHVolk: I will update my spreadsheet later this morning — if you haven’t sent in your contact info please post it here — I am gathering information on everyone in the room so we know of others in our area etc….Name, where you live – city and state or province etc, e-mail — and if you have documents you’ve created – Thanks!

[7:49:58 AM] Carol MHVolk: thanks everyone — I will keep adding to the spreadsheet to ensure our database of people is populated — then every so often I can send it out to you FYI and it will be dated so you always know the current doc…this way you can start to coordinate people in your area too (heart)
[7:50:38 AM] Carol MHVolk: I am setting up a distribution list — that way if there is something important as well we will all know via e-mail

[8:04:16 AM] Carol MHVolk: BZ is trying to coordinate some phone calls and role playing that will be recorded too…I am the spreadsheet girl so just sit tight — I am sure things will get coordinated soon on here…
[8:06:33 AM] Carol MHVolk: Please note that anyone that gives me their information it will become part of the BIG spreadsheet I am putting together — if you don’t want your info on that list let me know — only saying this because I got the info sent in a PM which made me think of this

[8:16:34 AM] Carol MHVolk: Hey BZ — how about I don’t post the rules and leave that for you and I will just post my part about the INFO gathering?  this morning I was just trying to help since you weren’t here…sound good?
[8:17:49 AM] BZ Riger: [2:17 AM] sidney mytton-watson:

<<< BZ You will be recording the role playing etc? So that we can listen and learn.yes Sidney

[8:23:52 AM] BZ Riger: sure Carol, I did not see yours was starting at top working down catching up and as there were so many adds thought I would pop them in

[8:26:45 AM] Carol MHVolk: too bad there wasn’t a place this could be posted…BZ I am going to add those links to the bottom of my spreadsheet too as well as the stuff we keep repeating
[8:27:08 AM] Carol MHVolk: then at least it is a snapshot for people
[8:28:25 AM] BZ Riger: well, that was another thing I was going to say.

as I feel this should be open globaly and the room will only hold 300, I was thinking when we have the calls and do the recording I can post that and some notes, and docs etc on the I UV site
[8:29:12 AM] Carol MHVolk: perfect
[8:32:39 AM] Justin Deschamps: very exciting!

[8:44:11 AM] Dr. Michelle Johnson, ND: Saturday US 2pm Pacific Time for me too

[8:48:27 AM] BZ Riger: just for clarity (IMO)

The intetion of “Bankers working with Eternal Essence Skype room”,  is for people to co-create together ideas/energy/content/paperwork… to bring into banks to work with bankers and help them repurpose themselves as conduits/ pipeline flow of representations of our value. Currently called Money.

The focus of what we create and when we go in for our conversations to set up a new account is one of partnership and collaberation. Not one of combativeness or wording or energy of a punitive nature. Like, “You have to do this now, because you are foreclosed and a dirty rat bastard banker”… we don’t want to sound like them or carry the energy of the old system.

We know we are the Value, and we are looking to access a small portion of our Value so that we can play, create, experience etc whatever, whenever, whereever, we want with things that in this time of transition still require “money”.

Because we Know we are the Value, when we go into the bank that carries through in our energy.

When you go in to open up a bank account, excited about how the convenience of that transfer mechanism can help you do all the things you want to do. You have a deposit of $100,000,000 or more to make in the bank. You are happy, you are looking to build your team to work together… You are expansive and excited about all you are going to create. (not argumentative or fearfull)

[9:03:55 AM] BZ Riger: so far this time frame <<< Saturday US 2pm Pacific time>> seems to work for a number of people.who else can make it then? what would everyone like to accomplish on the call? I will record it and make the recording available for everyone. its best to use a bridgeline if we have more than 5 people which we will. I can put the call in number and details in once we set on the first time.

if there are other times that people want to do a call just let us all know
[9:11:01 AM] Justin Deschamps: Well said BZ, work with our partners in contrast
[9:12:20 AM] BZ Riger: would they not now be our Partners in Possibility and Expansion ?
[9:42:23 AM] Justin Deschamps: indeed,  and your point about non combativeness is essential IMO. in my personal experience of sharing true, incorporating the others perspective and experience is essential. The goal is discourse not soap box style ranting. Nearly EVERYONE has experience of the ineffectual nature of contemporary society. The key is bringing that fourth in the discourse and then providing solutions once the other person is ready, and open to discuss such things.

[9:50:07 AM] Terra E Stella: Correct BZ. We just have to get them to real eyes it 😉
[9:50:36 AM] Justin Deschamps:  real eyes it, nice haha


Update WF Release of Lien after phone calls about BWWEE 9.21.13

Scroll to bottom of page to see the pdf of the letter to Kelly Sutton (one of the voices on the phone group to WF) and her background on it.


and yes the old adage “You Must Be Doing Something RIGHT is in Evidence !



[9:04:26 AM] Kelly Sutton: Recieved this yesterday and a little history behind this… I haven’t paid on this 2nd since July 2011 when I was filing for a bankruptcy. It was not part of the bankruptcy, but I was hating on Wells Fargo at the time. 🙂 Also, they have not contacted me much of anything since that time. Being in 2nd position they could not have foreclosed unless they paid off everything in front of them. ( By their corruption ) None the less, my opinion is that they are cleaning the public books or everyone with the name Kelly Sutton received this letter from WF after our calls last week. Notice – there is no account number on the document.

Kelly Sutton Wells Fargo Release Lien


101 Responses to “New Skype Room for Accessing Our Value”

  1. How could I join this skype room?

  2. Jack says : Reply

    BZ, would you please add me to the room, my Skype is…John M. Carzoo Sr.
    About the same time Bob was approaching his bank, I was activlely approaching my bank and their parent corporation.

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Ok Jack, you will need to check your skype contacts accept what I sent you so I can add you to the BWWEE skype room

      • Barbara Pawlowski says : Reply

        My daughter, who lives on Maui, just called to let me know that a Hawaiian, off- shore bank wants to help people access their value. They need to know more about the process and the logistics of Project 13. Can anyone put them in touch with Caleb or Heather?


      • Dan says : Reply

        Really love what you doing and would love to contribute also. Please can you add me to the skype discussion group my skype name is pharaohmoan . Thanks

      • Mark says : Reply

        hey BZ I would love to to join to in the room BWWEEskype room if you don’t mind having a aussie around , lost of love to all mark please email me

  3. Debbie Evershed says : Reply

    If it could be organised, can we get the names of all the top people of all the main banks, and see who banks with that bank, then get into groups.
    eg. Me Cooperative Bank, I find 20 others that also bank there. Then we all apply for our value together, share methods and ideas, and feedback. Plus if we are all targeting the same top person, he / she at very least will go through the information, and we keep asking, questioning, not waiting for a reply, instead informing and welcoming them to join us in the New Financial System. To get them to BEleive and start to think HOW can I DO this and be part of it… ?
    PS I do Bank with the Cooperative… so where are the other 19 or more of you? 😉 Strength in unity. x

  4. I M Power says : Reply

    Make sure if you are asking to skype friend someone because you would like to be added to the BWWEE room that you specifically say that or I would guess the person you are contacting will not add you if they do not know you

    • Shieena Living Waters says : Reply

      Please add me to the Skype room, experiencer2 . Also, where can I catch up with how Kelly managed to get her lien removed by WF? I am trying to tackle BofA.


    Above is a TOPIC-based website that is focusing on the IUV Deposit.

    Please keep comments on-point and constructive.

    The UCC-1 and UCC-3 examples are at link below:

  6. Lanee says : Reply

    Hi. I’m seeking more information about this.

    Where can I get in?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Lanee, you will need to let me know your skype name so you can be added, as people talked about ^ there

      • Jennifer Pawlowski says : Reply

        Hi. Please add me to the skype chat room. I have found a bank that is ready to play and need copies of the Declaration of Representation and the Declaration of Deposit Value and the Underwriting documents for the $5 billion and $5 billion done by Heather. My Skype name is jenpage20. Mahalo.

        • Jann says : Reply

          Can i play with your bank too? Or does one need to live in Hawaii? Can i send them the same documents as was sent to Wells Fargo a month ago?

        • Dan Clizer says : Reply

          Jennifer, that is awesome! I have followed this since you and your Mom started writing about the banker you found in New Zealand. Thank you for all of your DOingness and BEingness!
          Let’s get on this as quickly as possible, I’m ready to help!

          Namaste Everyone,

  7. Debbie Evershed says : Reply

    Hi I went and asked one of the BEST in the field about getting our Value… From Karen Hudes! 🙂
    This was her reply…
    Dear Debbie,

    I am in the process of doing this in the US, and will send you copies of my documents when I get these. But you will have to consult with someone in the UK to figure out which entities to use in the UK


    > To:
    > Subject: Our Value OPPT
    > Date: Sat, 7 Sep 2013 00:22:16 +0000
    > From:
    > From: Debbie Evershed
    > Subject: Our Value OPPT

    I will keep you updated because if anyone can do it SHE can!!! 🙂

    • TG says : Reply

      Hi, I had a chat with Karen Hudes as well. She certainly is going about the bank frauds and working to re-claim all humanities value in a more practical and coherent style. Not that the new age approach here is not a good one but to be truthful… It is a difficult concept to sell to the vast majority of the population. I just don’t see where the new age philosophy is “resonating” well with bankers or even the majority of the population. It is like trying to sell a philosophy and idealism in a language that is foreign to most people. The subject of our enslavement alone… is more than the vast majority can wrap their brain around, without trying to read between the lines to understand the One People movement.
      I would like to see all movements join at least in part. It is going to take more than any one group alone to succeed in returning the planet to the people.

  8. Colin says : Reply

    Colin First I thing its great stuff; thank you all,heart
    a Question if I may; Can One people Public Trust, Create its Own Bank and We can Put owe Value into that Bank and distribute it from That bank; would that work

  9. Joyce says : Reply

    This is just a friendly reminder to Anyone wanting to be added to the:

    Bankers Working With Eternal Essence Room

    When you are asking to skype friend someone, Please be sure to Specifically state that you want to be added to the BWWEE Room. Because there is a possiblity, that the person you are contacting will Not Add you, if they don’t recognize who you are.

  10. Christina says : Reply

    Can you please tell me what I need to do, to connect to the Skype room ‘Bankers Working with Eternal Essence’?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      need to know your Skype name to add you

      • Donna Berthiaume says : Reply

        Hi ~

        My name is Donna Berthiaume, I currently reside in Halifax, Nova Scotia – Canada and would love to be added to your ‘Bankers Working with Eternal Essence’ Skype room. My Skype address is ~ donna.bert … Thank you so much for all you do, and have accomplished this far!!
        In love and light ~ Namaste,

        Donna B.

  11. cris says : Reply

    Perché non invitare anche Heather Tucci Jarraf ? 🙂 🙂 🙂 <)

  12. Michael says : Reply

    hi is there any chance of being able to join the BWWEE skype room please… my skype name is michael grainger… thank you

  13. Iris says : Reply

    Couldn’t read the whole thing ~ but, basically, Bob’s was not accepted by the bank because it was NON-NEGOTIABLE.
    Make them negotiable.

    – whatever that means.

  14. savinia marie says : Reply

    What about concidering this: More research this morning has led to Cyclos – Online and Mobile Banking Software. This is much infomation here and many hours will be needed testing and evaluating. This seems to be a fairly popular and used software product for:

    Clearing Systems
    Time Banks
    Local Currency
    Do the research for your self and if you’d like to get involved in the International One People Eternal Essence Network (I-OPEEN) then send me an email (

  15. joe says : Reply

    where can i get some blank forums of all the paper work…. they should have some one do a video on how to fill the forums and what numbers you need and where you get them.. thank you

  16. Adri says : Reply

    It’s fantastic news, but as a Dutchman I don’t understand all the abbreviations like RV, COV, WF,…

  17. myaraine says : Reply

    lost connection so i will resend
    I love the idea/doing of mass value depoisting,i hope to have the paper work done by the friday 13 th, my lucky number.
    I guess there will a second or third wave of value depoisting.count me in

  18. Kim Fuller says : Reply

    Would love to joint the room…great job all you beautiful creator Be’ings….Much Love!

  19. Sheila says : Reply

    I truly believe until we have a new financial system based in good faith and true value, like gold and silver we will be feeding the corrupt system by attempting to deposit our value that Heather allegedly captured? I think this is a futile effort until a completely new system is implemented

    I think we are very close to seeing this happen! I want so much for all your efforts to deposit your value, but there is a conspiracy in play that is blocking our efforts

    Good luck to the one people We love you all!

  20. Amy says : Reply

    A beautiful being just called into the TOP show asking for other In Boston mass.
    I am also in Boston and would love to co Create and play with the banks

    Lots of love

  21. says : Reply

    Hello we are the Anderson’s (Jerrold and Lola) we are very interested in BEing part of a group of peaple that is opperation in their FREEDOM here in Colorado, I happened upon the SKYPE room dicussion and someone asked if there was anyone in the Colorado area that could meet up with him for the Friday13, of September at a Wells Fargo Bank via the SKYPE call, I would have liked to have been a part of that call but I didn’t know about it so I just lessoned. We also would like to be apart of any gathering that is going on, on a weekly or monthly bases there is four (4) of us in totel we may also be reached at: (303) 307 – 4612

  22. Kenrick says : Reply

    I am confused. If we are the Bank and the Value, Why are we the true Creditors,Equity Value, Bank, going to FORECLOSED Banks to ask for their cooperation to accessing our value? I need some one to answer this question seriously. The FORECLOSED Federal Reserve if in full operation and is about to appoint Larry Summers of all people as new head. Do anyone see any CHANGE to the Status Quo? These Bankers are the official LEGAL Mafia Crime Syndicate and they are LAWLESS and they are blatantly doing what they are doing with the collusion of the CorporateGoverments. They do not care. It seems to me, there is an element of delusion apparent? Now if someone suggest that they are approaching a PUBLIC BANK, which is opposite to a PRIVATE criminal Banks maybe there is the answer which is LOGICAL and Rational. These conversations are not coherent and dots are not connecting or making any COMMON SENSE. It is obvious however, that common.sense or critical thinking is not so Common.

    • TG says : Reply

      What I think is… The elites are bankrupting the countries. Then the NWO is going to step up and offer to give us all huge money from the fortunes they stole from us over the decades in the form of a “prosperity package”.
      The terms… will be a devious contract that will finally and completely enslave and control us and the many generations after us. We the people… being so distracted and dumbed down, or just fried out from too many false flags and too much mis-information, will essentially sell our souls to the devil with out even realizing it.

      However there are many powerful and good people that are working to see this does not happen. WE should just wait for the calvary, or robin hood or superman I guess. Mean while… Be careful who you trust with your value, if you ever do access it…. That’s only my opinion…

  23. Sheila says : Reply

    A friend of mind called me and said he got a notice from his current bank, Bank of America and that the bank is believed to be broken up on December 1 st and has a new name? Community bank or something like that he lives in PA things are a changing! whoopeee

  24. Susan Gove says : Reply

    Please add me to the BWWEE Skype room. I am in Marathon FL Keys gathering people interested in restoring the Earth back to an eco-sustainable garden paradise starting with where we live, the FL Keys. We would love to open an account using our value to fund our clean-up and garden cultivation project. My Skype name is susan.gove. Thank you all for such wonderful works! DO rock on!

  25. Shean says : Reply

    Interesting discussion going on about the DOV documents in the 5D media forum. FYI:

  26. Henry OLeary says : Reply

    Iris suggested:
    “Bob (Wright COV)’s was not accepted by the bank because it was NON-NEGOTIABLE.
    Make them negotiable. – whatever that means.”
    I may have some bad news for you, based on my own knowledge of banking:
    A “negotiable” instrument, is one that can be readily converted into cash, say by passing it to another bank, (and especially the Federal Reserve), who will hand over or remit good funds in exchange for the instruments. Negotiable instruments are defined by legislation. A Certificate of Value (despite what may be written on its face), is not negotiable – the Fed’s not going to honor it. In fact, the “Value” that Heather has spoken of is not US Dollars, nor could it be gold – since the total amount of Gold on the planet Earth is about one ounce per person, worth about $1,400 per person at today’s value. And I don’t see the holders of that gold being willing to surrender it, simply because Heather was made some UCC filings. (I am not handing over my gold, for example.)

  27. Charlotte Fromme says : Reply

    BZ love this new skype room. Could you please add me to the BWWEE room. Also any beings in the Los Angeles area that would like to get a group together to go to the banks on Friday I’m all in. My Email is

    Peace and love to all

    • Joyce says : Reply

      Joyce says : Reply
      September 11, 2013 at 3:46 pm

      For anyone wanting to be added to the BWWEE Room, please send me an email:

      Please Be Specific in your request. State ONLY your Skype Name, and that you want to be added to the BWWEE Room.
      I look forward to adding you to the room.
      Joyce Paulson

  28. sue says : Reply

    Has any one come accross the grameen Bank Love to know what you think

    Well done for everyone for such great work

  29. Joyce says : Reply

    For anyone wanting to be added to the BWWEE Room, please send me an email:

    Please Be Specific in your request. State ONLY your Skype Name, and that you want to be added to the BWWEE Room.
    I look forward to adding you to the room.
    Joyce Paulson

  30. Attilio says : Reply

    I M not a Skype kind of a person… and, I truly appreciate the repetition here!
    I modified the letter to the Wells Fargo ceo/pres. and board. And sent it to: today… I trust, and it is my intention, that that is/was not counterproductive…

    September 11, 2013


    John Stumpf
    Chairman, President, CEO
    Board of Directors
    Wells Fargo & Company
    420 Montgomery St.
    San Francisco, CA 94104
    Fax 415-677-9075

    Dear JohnStumpf,,

    This letter is an invitation from an international group of The One People who intend to individually accessing some of our value to deposit into new personal and business bank accounts, possibly with Wells Fargo Bank.

    This action is based upon the July 25, 2012 UCC filing, by The One People’s Public Trust 1776, that foreclosed on all corporate governments, banks and entities. (UCC Doc.#2012079290) Each of us, The One People, is intending to access some of our value from a pool of funds underwritten by this and other UCC filings by The One People’s Public Trust 1776.

    As such, we know banks are now repurposing their products and portfolios to adapt to a new business paradigm of transparency. WE are offering Wells Fargo an opportunity to be on the leading edge of this new business paradigm.

    WE have a number of community projects in development. So, WE are looking for both personal and business accounts. Most individuals, of The One People, intend to deposit Certificates of some of their Value into new or existing Wells Fargo Bank accounts with, newly agreed upon, transparent terms which will offer an available, face-value, balance minus a 10% discount fee to Wells Fargo for administering in this new retail environment.

    Please, respond to US, by September 13 2013, in order to communicate which, of your Wells Fargo private banker(s), WE should be put in contact with, who will meet our needs in opening numerous new accounts.with Wells Fargo.

    WE are speaking with one energetic signature to access OUR value, operating from an energetic accounting of self-responsibility and personal liability. As such, I am writing this letter, not as a representative but, as one of many looking to open a new individual account of significant value!


    Attilio Cesare Guadagno,

    as conscious Eternal Essence in body, transparent in ABSOLUTE TRUTH and LOVE!

  31. annelle says : Reply

    please add me to this skype room. annelle.norman is my skype name.

    Thanks so much!

  32. Attilio says : Reply

    Any communication (response) back from TJ Marini VP, Sr Private Banker, Wells Fargo Private Bank? And, I’m just curious… why an earlier comment of mine here, asking if the WF CEO’s e-mail would be shared, was deleted!?!

  33. Rich Chenery says : Reply

    I just got back from Wells Fargo Bank. TJ Marini was called and he told the bank to send my files and information to the fraud department. He said he was getting a lot of calls. I was a bit surprised and cheerfully told them “fantastic”! Please let me know what I should do now. I have to admit I haven’t stopped smiling yet. 2rich3

    • Aris says : Reply


      not clear on why you were happy the files you sent were considered ‘fraud’ by the bank?

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Rich, your energy of Fantastic is a good energy to have.

      When we called Mr. Stumpf’s office and they told us they would see if they could find our email and have some one get back in touch with us… in very short order Darren Clay from the WF head office left a voice msg and we got on as a group and called him back. You can hear that ^ there.

      This is Darren’s position with WF : Partner with Head Office and all Executive Offices within the company to resolve escalated issues that have been brought to the attention of senior leaders within Head Office.

      in bank lingo he is high up with the Resolutions dept. (or plain English Fraud dept.)
      Did he sound to you on that call someone who wanted to admonish people the group he was talking to in particular. Or did he sound like he was carrying out a directive from the head office to find out the best central head office person to be of service to us.

      If TJ is passing more people up to him then it is just more weight of people’s energy coming into the system.

      Unless one choose not to come from the heart and does not KNOW where their value is, and instead wants to let fear be the focus they hold. It is an individual choice for everyone. No one can tell you how to do it. You must integrate into yourself the KNOWING you are the value. That is what all the people playing with the banks in this energy of collaboration is all about!

  34. Mary says : Reply

    I was on the group Skype call on the 10th . I haven’t been able to reconnect since. Please add my email adddress and notify me of the ongoing calls and times.

  35. Hello, DOV fighter team:-) we, people of Greek TOP community, wish everyone the best of outcome to your efforts with WF!
    Unfortunately, we are operating under a totally different legal system than yours (english speaking countries), so all we can do is send out all our positive energy to you, and wait in hope that everything will soon work out for you and eventually for all.
    Our local TOP community has a question for BZ: Do you have any clue on whether Heather or “D” are planning to access their own value? (we share the feeling, they are probably slightly better equipped to succeed on it…)

  36. Deborah Krulevitch says : Reply

    Please add me to the BWWEE skype room – my skype name is: Deborah Krulevitch

    When are the skype calls?

    Also, I would like to connect with others in northern California.
    I am in Junction City in Trinity County, which is between Arcata and Redding, CA

    Thank you,

  37. Bill Sonnac says : Reply

    This is fascinating – the effort underway here!
    If it is successful, it will truly change the world.

  38. ElveTwelve says : Reply

    Might be a stupid question, but why don’t we crowdfund our Own bank, apply on 3d level somewhere for a banking permit/license and subsequentially accept our own Certificates of Value?????

    We’ll ask Karen Hudes to Help and Heather to oversee Transparancy. Lets call it the WeBank!!!!

    • Dan Clizer says : Reply

      I think that’s a very good idea ElveTwelve. I am willing to help in any way I could in creating this concept. If the banks don’t want to repurpose themselves, perhaps this is the logical next step? Maybe this is part of what Heather meant when she talked about the possibility the banks would make themselves “Irrelevant” ?


    • Aris says : Reply

      And also discovering or creating an actual, direct conduit to the ‘Global Accounts’ by The One People, since that appears to be the funding apparatus of choice (or necessity), thus eliminating the need of using a middleman – the banks.

    • Kelly Michel says : Reply

      ElveTwelve I have wondered that same thing. If somehow we open our own value banks and transfer our value amongst each other to use…

  39. xephyr says : Reply

    @ElveTwleve: Brilliant idea!

  40. Sheila says : Reply

    BZ great job of Being and Doing the info is getting out there to the top of the banking cartels

    One question
    Has Heather and D attempted to access their value or are they waiting for another piece to the puzzle?
    Thank you

  41. Doug Johnstone says : Reply

    THAT IS THE WAY TOGO. Have our own Bank that way transparency is 100% assured. There will no problem finding dedicated, qualified Bank officers and personal. And we can all rest assured Our Value is safe from TPTW !!

    Doug Johnstone

  42. David Allen-Bey says : Reply

    I just wanted to express my gratitude for so many people doing so much for everyone so selflessly. I am a little behind on the information curve but I am diligently working to get up to speed. I have personally given back the birth certificate and social security card to the powers that were in London and that was done on January 14,2013 so I don’t know if i would be able to benefit from all that is offered through this stream of enlightenment but I am willing to do what I can. So if any helpful advice is out there then I would like to get assistance with taking things one step at a time from the first step in this new direction. I can no longer work in the traditional sense unless I run the risk of perpetuating the fraud and deception. So I am in dire need of assistance from those whom are knowledgeable in dealing with situations of this magnitude. In return I vow my loyalty to the continued upliftment of fallen humanity in any way I am permitted. Peace and Love Beloved.

  43. Jane says : Reply

    My daughter and I went into our local branch of Bank of Ireland today with the first 3 docs that BZ used plus the letter to Mr Stumpf, altered with our names and addresses and the banks, but with the same content, only in euros.

    We had an appointment with the Branch Manager and had a friendly, open chat. We offered to do business with her bank and gave her a brief background of UCC filings, how money is created and what we wanted to do. She listened carefully but said she didn’t know what anything about it or understood it. However, she didn’t blink and eye at the amount (same amount as BZ).

    Said she would pass on the docs, in fact she asked if we would email them to her as it would be faster! She stressed it may take several weeks for a response, but when we said that it only takes one bank to accept, and many are being approached worldwide, she wrote in her notes ‘fast response’. We said we want to talk, either by phone or in person to someone who is familiar with the UCC and can understand these docs when we go in to open our accounts. We stressed it was an opportunity to do business with us and we wanted to give her our business and many others would too.

    It was all very friendly and we both said we would keep in touch. I will follow it up with a call next week. It was very uplifting to be supported by so many people around the world with such positive energy as we had posted it on The One People Shifting Bank Discussion facebook page.

    So thanks for everybody’s input, we are all in this together, and we shall see what happens! Also a very BIG thank you to BZ and this chat room for the encouragement to go ahead and to the radio shows we listen to every week, many thanks and love to Lisa, Brian and Bob, Heather, D and everyone else who is working for our better, brighter world.

  44. George says : Reply

    Hi Folks,

    I am a bank employee and I intend to make the approach to them to request their response to the whole situation at hand. I want them to prove to me that I am not be implicated in illegal activity. any suggestions on how I should do this. I intend on writing a letter and including the documents and awaiting a response. Any tips as to what I should watch out for etc would be appreciated.

    Much Love.

  45. Xephyr says : Reply

    Lol, am I the only one who keeps refreshing this page in the hopes of an update of BZ’s call with WF yesterday? 😀

  46. Dan Clizer says : Reply

    No Xephyr, you’re not the only one…. I refresh about 20 times per day 🙂 I’m eagerly awaiting the next update as well. I’m excited to BE here in these moments and co-creating this adventure with everyone!


  47. Jane says : Reply

    BZ and everyone, Hi again,

    We had a response from the Bank of Ireland within 24 hours of our meeting!!!

    Emma received a phone call from the bank manager who said they would not be taking up our offer. The energy of the manager felt different and she wouldn’t talk about the matter any further, only to repeat the advice from their legal department. She was dismissive in her manner. She repeatedly told us that the legal dept said that the ” jargon in the docs rings alarm bells” and recommended we get independant legal advice in the matter. They also “recommended advice in relation to the appropriateness of bringing the correspondance to the attention of the Garda (police)”. We didn’t understand the meaning of the last piece of advice, is it condescending? a veiled threat? The manager wouldn’t explain further and wouldn’t forward the email to us from the legal dept.

    Emma asked her if she/they would give us a legal reason in writing and she said no that this was their answer.

    BZ, do you have any suggestions please as to how to respond to both the manager and the legal department as Emma feels the need to reply to them from a place of empowerment as she feels disbelieved and dismissed.

    Jane and Emma

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Jane, Have you ever encountered a Bully on the play ground?

      Well you just did from the bank higher ups. I would say they don’t really know how banking actually works and on top of that they do not know what to make of the fact that You do.

      You could provide information to them like the IMF quotes

      in a short reply that is helpful to let them know you know how banking works and you are happy to share these resources for their edification. You could tell them you understand that they are not well versed enough with the details of bank trade and finance to handle the scope of your business and appreciate their time as you know you will find a team of savvy bankers who you will be able to work with.

      If it were me I would keep a high infusion of expansive energy, I would not dignify their bully tactics with a one for one response and let them FEEL(through the letter you send them) your knowledge and confidence that You Know you are the Value and spend some time deciding who you would like to interview next to see if they are savvy enough to work with you.

      and lest you think otherwise you have had success because you followed your heart to take action, you had a great conversation with your bank manager, and you infused your knowledge and energy into the bank. Brava 🙂

  48. xephyr says : Reply

    Anyone else know about this?
    “February 1, 2013, National Bank of Canada purchased and became the owner of all active Wells Fargo Financial Corporation Canada Real Estate accounts.” (aka mortgages)

    Obviously this is just for Canada; should Canadians be writing to a CEO at Bank Of Canada instead?


  49. Damien says : Reply

    Hi all, and any who will later read.
    I am “sign-up” retarded, I s’pose:
    Could someone give me the jist of how to sign up on this i-uv website?
    Or is this just for leaving comments and is for the sign up/forum type dealie?
    As well where might one find these UCC filings?
    I regularly see and speak with the Operational Risk Consultant of Wells Fargo. So access to these documents will be quite fruitful.
    I am Love, I Love all I’s

  50. Hi all, Big congrats on everyones BEing and DOing. BZ youe interview info so helpful. All the info and activity in the skype room is so valued – a huge inspiration energetically and practically.
    I am preparing the 2 packages of letter and Docs to go off to Wells Fargo and checked at the Post Office today to find out the delivery time.It is 5 dayssoposting my packson the 24th September ties in energetically with the group intention but arrives 2 days after most others. However,it is likely that there are others sending their packages from outside the United States which will add a sort of coda….

  51. Douglas K Behrends says : Reply

    Hi BZ,

    Two questions:
    1) Have you sweet talked WF to let you know how many people participated in the mailing?
    2) Is the $500m current or pre 1933 $s? $500m in pre 1933 dollars would be $7,865.000,000 at $15.73 dollars per dollar then to now. Just curious as to how the banks will read the filing.

    Such fun – as Bill Hicks always says – It’s just a ride – we shall see where it goes…

  52. Jane says : Reply

    Hi BZ,
    Thank you for your help in supporting us with our reply to the Bank Manager and their legal team. Today we sent 2 emails, one to the bank manager thanking her for her time at the meeting last week, that we were sorry the bank didn’t want to do business with us and suggesting she may wish to inform herself of her current position of personal liability operating within a forclosed corporation. We referred her to the Public Notice we gave her for further information.

    The second one, again to her to forward on to the bank’s legal team including the points you suggested and enclosed the 3 links you also suggested.

    I had a reply one hour later from her simply saying ‘Thank you’.

    It was so good to have your support BZ from an objective and outside perspective of our position, it really helped us to send a very sound, courteous and empowering reply. So a huge thank you again from both Emma and myself. We will continue to watch, listen, enjoy and do what we can to help.

    With warm heartfelt love and thanks

    Jane and Emma

    • I M Power says : Reply

      Jane and Emma,
      Wonderful to hear how you both tuned into your inner strength, Your Inner Knowing and did what you felt nudged to do.
      For you know it was the right BEing and DOing because you felt empowered. There really is no need for any other energy than one of expansiveness, collaboration, communication person to person heart to heart in a courteous vibration.
      Everyone one of us are working/playing together in these final dance steps. 🙂
      sending you both a cosmic sized hug and waves of love,

  53. Adri says : Reply

    Does anyone know if Heather is still connected to the IUV and is she still working on the documents?

  54. Jann says : Reply

    Hi BZ. Any update on the mass mailings of 9/24? I sent mine in, but have not heard anything.

  55. noel says : Reply

    Today 1st Oct 2013 in Australia we hear Breaking news, American Government Closes down, very brief, nothing here move on, yeh they glossed over it real quick. Is this because of the foreclosure ? Can someone in the know answer this question. Also has anyone heard from any Banks ?

  56. Joe says : Reply

    Hey BZ, i participated in the last mass mailing to WF, and if you are all going to do another mass mailing to BoA I would also like to participate, so could you please post something if you would like others to participate?. Another thing, I’ve been trying to look for the room BWWEE but can’t find the room on sykpe. I know the skype room can only handle so many people, but I was wondering if you could add me to the list if possible, my skype name is: joseph.hildreth1111
    If not its no big deal, Thanks for all of you energies and these postings:)

  57. Sheila says : Reply

    If you want to know the truth, nothing is going to happen or change until after the EVENT

    I suggest discernment on reval, dinar, dong etc. source will be sending a flash of energy throughout the universe and that enlightenment will awaken the masses and change our reality

    Love and Light to all of sources creation

  58. says : Reply

    If the Banks are forclosed. How can anyone be doing business with that foreclosed legal fiction entity? Do anyone know what foreclosure is? Can some one explain what a bank foreclosed status look like in a simple form of understanding? I dont believe these questions will be answered. No one ever answers relevant questions. Thats the problem, here.
    To ALL

  59. noel says : Reply

    Hi BZ Riger,
    Have you tried the lawful bank in England the people are setting up, it is supposed to open soon, a contact is phone 01582657770 maybe able to help each other.

  60. noel says : Reply

    I cant seem to find BZ’s follow up phone call to BOA on the 7th October 2013, could someone point me in the right direction please.

  61. Mario Triballi says : Reply

    Thank You! Noel At The Time BZ Went To The Banks The First Time She Dismised The Idea Of Using LAWFUL Bank Because Apparently They Have A Wrong Connection With Swiss Federal Reseve Bank! This Was Said On the Radio Program One People!

    Yes It Is Difficult To Get Answers To Questions, ask A Lot Of People If You want To Find The Answer!

    • noel says : Reply

      Thanks for your answer Mario, I must have missed that radio program. I don’t know why there isn’t a Q & A page, I’ve noticed a lot of people asking questions that are not answered, it’s frustrating.

  62. noel says : Reply

    Why haven’t we heard from Kiri does anyone know ? I heard she was offered a certain amount of money, is that rumour true ?

  63. Mario says : Reply

    Be Loving! Thank You Noel, It Is True That Kiri Has Received An Out Of Court Private Settlement Of 15,000,000! I Believe She Has Said She Is Very Happy And This Was Five Days Ago Approximately.

  64. myaraine says : Reply

    If Kiri wanted the information about the court case, announced, surely she would have done so herself

  65. Ines says : Reply

    Hi BZ and everyone here,
    I want to let you know, that we people in german speaking countries, make our documents and appointments with bankers.
    So, here is the german website for accessing our value
    Thank you all for your BEing and DOing.
    Love and light for the world 🙂

  66. Hi BZ and all who were on the Call for the acceptance of the I Declaration and the Will and The Word.
    It was just WONDERFUL to hear it spoken by you all.
    I printed and read out loud both the Heather version and a then my own altered version – replacing Heather’s with my name, birthdate and my signature – for every aspect of my ‘I’ to read out loud.
    It has and still is awesome and is having a profound effect on even , (ever ) further awakening my I AM to my I and all that the I Declaration and the Will and The Word means – aka IS
    Just Wow ! !WOW !….. WOWeeeeeeee !

    .In and with Love and absolute transparency to and of my I

    Sophia from the UK

  67. BrianWright says : Reply

    No News?

    How are you getting on with the approaches to banks?

    I have heard about a plan (in Australia) to approach bankers and ask for hugs. Maybe we can combine that with a handover of documents. Banker need hugs. How about a Hugs-for-dollars campaign?

  68. Dan Clizer says : Reply

    Hi BZ,

    Has the BWWEE Skype room been abandoned? Back on October 17th I had requested to be put in and I can’t find it when I open my Skype. Can you give us an update on the situation please? With the release of Heather’s documents it feels like there will be renewed interest. Also, I would love to hear how Jennifer is coming along with the banker she knows in New Zealand that is ready to play. Any updates?


    • I M Power says : Reply

      Hi Dan, the BWWEE room is co-creating together. I did add you as a contact on skype and asked you to accept but you never did so after a few days deleted the contact.

      Here is a post about the new documents from Heather the customizable examples and the bridgeline call we are having today around it.

      You are welcome to come play with us 🙂 BZ

      • Dan Clizer says : Reply

        Hi BZ!

        Thank you for getting back to me! I apologize for the problem with Skype. I had challenges with it for about two weeks and I could not get it to work. I did not realize the offer would be withdrawn in the meantime. I would love to come play with all of you! 🙂
        Thank you for link and the invite! If you want to extend me another invite to the BWWEE room, I’ll check my Skype it (since in now works).


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