New Orleans writes a Letter to Texas

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New Orleans writes a Letter to Texas


This letter from Beings in New Orleans was placed as a big ad in the paper for Beings of Texas.








7 Responses to “New Orleans writes a Letter to Texas”

  1. Alex says : Reply

    One people, united!

  2. Kim says : Reply

    Thank you for sharing and what a beautiful gesture from ones who really know and understand what it’s like to walk in their shoes.

  3. Sandy says : Reply

    It really is wonderful living here, in New Orleans. So many evacuees from Florida (And many of their doggies!) staying with us these last few days, also. We’re happy to have them. And the weather has been heavenly. 🙂

  4. Jean says : Reply

    Brought tears to my eyes. That is what Love is all about.

  5. Aubra says : Reply

    Federal Reserve to Start Processing ACH Payments for IMMEDIATE Withdrawal (9.15.17)

    This is interesting

  6. Tranaya says : Reply

    Inspiring generous gratitude has touched us all here. Blessons

  7. Mickey white says : Reply

    I’m from Texas and this is the most heart felt gratitude I have ever felt in a message. The magnitude of this is an example for those to see and feel that we are here for each other and it’s time to expand our loving nature in ourselves to give to others. I Love You All!!!;-)

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