Murder On Russian Plane and Q

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Murder On Russian Plane and Q

The link to github for Q postings:






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  1. Thanks Roy, you are making a VERY important point here! The quote IS cultish and a RED flag, thanks for shining a light on that! And although I understand there may be triggers on people that need to be deactivated to prevent attacks on people… before ‘we can start arresting on a large scale’ …. I also see your point of no longer allowing the cabal their useless murdering of all potential witnesses…. since ALL is KNOWN ANYWAY! #UniversalCleanUP Aho!

  2. Tallison says : Reply

    The cabal doesn’t care for human life…this is obvious by this hit. The White hats must get the Clinton’s (and others) out of circulation very soon.

  3. Nells says : Reply

    Roy, human collateral. TPTB have done it for centuries.

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