Message from Heather To All of You- delivered Wednesday, August 2, 2017 9:35 PM EST

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Message from Heather To All of You- delivered Wednesday, August 2, 2017 9:35 PM  EST







There comes a moment when you move from Knowing to Experiencing.


Original comes out in so many different ways.


Feel who they are and recognize all they are doing.


This is the Moment You Stand Up.


This is the moment you stand up and you are Original.



Move from Knowing to BEING.


I Love You, I love you all so much.





~ Heather



HATJ Context for where we are

8.2.17 AM-  Context of Where We Are
This conversation with BZ Riger and Paul Frances McDonald was recorded on 8.2.17 AM PST. This give you some context of All that is currently unfolding. With the One People’s Public Trust 1776, which some refer to as the OPPT filings. The conversation will give you some clarity on the UCC filings, the scope and importance on the filings and what is unraveling right before your eyes.
This is just a short brief overview of some of the points that are This Expansive discussion.
The TDA’s are just the snow flakes on the top of the tip of the iceberg!

Update: 8.2.17

[6:31:56 PM] brian kelly: Comment I made to someone trying to connect the dots to the WH….

When you say what we’re seeing taking place in the white house, what are you referring to exactly?

Message is it’s ALL connected. The big “holy Fu**” development here is that the filings have been officially filed into DC Federal Court. This is HUGE. It simply means that there is now grounds and proper foundation to prove their legitimacy in federal court. If this happens it means full and complete validation that not only is the entire system based in fraud and deception but all international corporations, masquerading as governments, are in point of fact legally and lawfully foreclosed, but also that the accounts are real, valid and undeniable….

What better place for this all to unravel than in the mouth of the beast (Washington DC)…now you see why Heather had to get arrested. It’s all positioning for where we are now. The system has no script to handle this development. There is little chance of back peddling now that the UCC filings are in the court system combined with so much public attention driven by a powerhouse woman who knows the system equal to those who have created it. Liken it to a grizzly bear bitten by a rattle snake…it may run around for a while, powered by its own willpower and adrenaline, but  fateful outcome of thepoison is inevitable.

Now simply replace the poison analogy with the energetic frequency of love and it paints a more accurate representation of what is now unfolding for all to see, in absolute context and perfect precision. This shit can’t be made up. Liberation is knocking at the door. Grab your popcorn because we’re in for a wild ride 😉


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  1. myaraine says : Reply


    heart full of appreciation

  2. Mark says : Reply

    Much Love to you Heather and Team. The All of One are here to celebrate with us and Bless your brillant work. 🙂
    Big Hug. ~mark

  3. Valencia says : Reply

    Love-Peace-Truth-Freedom&Justice, OneHeartOneMindOneSpirit

  4. Jimmie says : Reply

    Heather we love you too, blessings from the highest.

  5. James says : Reply


  6. veronica says : Reply

    Thank you for all you’re doing for us all! Praying for you

  7. Elane Eden Hartley says : Reply

    no words to express the gratitude of what it truly IS to feel and experience the knowing of original.
    with a heart overflowing in love and appreciation for all you have done HATJ with courage and caring for ALL.

  8. Charles Edwin Cooper says : Reply

    I AM, that was the answer from the creator, Jesus Christ, when they asked Him the question ” who do you say you are?”
    I AM is a miracle, all powerful, loving, merciful and gracious.
    We are all members of one body.

    I have walked through fear in my journey to this place and I will continue to send my love, and light, to lift up all of us, especially Heather Ann because I believe she is being courageous for all of us. I have felt as if we have been oppressed for so long that it is difficult for so many to accept the G I F T ( God Is Forever There) that has been given to us. All I want is for us all to love one another. Even to love the ones who hate us.

    I pray that God will surround that hearing with ministering angels of truth and light, so that all will be revealed. All truth must come to the light. There is no doubt that the WORD is truth. I believe in all of us.

    Someone please tell us all what we can DO to be of maximum value so that soon, very soon, we can give to those in need, feed the hungry, bring love and hope to those who are still in bondage. It must happen and it will happen. Peace be upon you all. I pray that we all keep a pure heart, free from malice or deceipt, speaking words of encouragement even to those who are still lost. All praise and Glory to God the Father, through Christ Jesus.

    We are so close . Love, Love, Love to HEATHER, and all who are in the light.

    • sheryle says : Reply

      Well said

    • ShimmeringOne says : Reply

      Charles, my suggestion would be to go inside and you’ll “know” just what to do. Heather’s message was about no longer needing others to tell us what to do. We already know. And by your comment I’d say you’re already doing a phenomenal job! Will be doing the same over here. Keeping my vibe strong, sending love to all and standing in the truth of who I really am! Be thinking of Heather, too! and sending you love and strength! and surrounding that courtroom and all in the vicinity so much love and light! Also releasing any resentments I may be harboring toward any for creating all this for us to experience. Love and Light! Light and Love!

    • Joie says : Reply

      The Gratitude I Am experiencing for and with US ALL is beyond words … WE have awaited this NOW moment for eons and eons and eons ~ and NOW WE ARE HERE!!! I AM GRATEFUL!!! I AM GRATEFUL!!! WE ARE <3 ONE HEART <3

      To Charles and ALL ~ When we place our awareness in the center of our belly-hearts ~ the place for our true KNOWING ~ and unite our KNOWING of our ONENESS, from that place, with our KNOWING that is in our Higher Selves, in and beyond our 8th & 9th chakras above our heads ~ in that place of our KNOWING, Divine Mercy and Divine Grace are ALREADY HERE ~ then move our united places of KNOWING, in our belly-hearts and in our Higher Selves, down our central channel into the heart core center of our Mother Earth ~ Lady Gaia. Triangulating these 3 centers, creates a continuous circuit, strengthening and grounding our KNOWINGs into HERE. If this seems confusing, go to the place, beyond our mind's awareness, that KNOWS ~ LET IT BE.

      It is paramount for each and ALL OF US to strengthen our KNOWINGs in this present moment of NOW. We cannot waver ~ we MUST change all "future" intentions to NOW ~ Our mental bodies may want to dissuade us ~ It is NOW that we must keep our focus and intentions aligned. It is done! SO BE IT!!!

      WE ARE <3 ONE HEART <3 ONE SPIRIT <3 ONE BEING <3 NOW!!! _()_ _()_ _()_

  9. EstherBE says : Reply

    Much Love & Respect To Heather, Randy, BZ And All! May Peace And Miracles Surround You.
    May Everything Continue To Unfold For The Highest Good Of All Concerned.

    #Peace and Love

  10. Charles Edwin Cooper says : Reply

    Yes!!! Thank You BZ!! WE ARE NOT SLAVES!!! I LOVE YOU ALL FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING, FOR YOUR COURAGE, COMMITMENT, DETERMINATION AND FOR DOING AND BEING SO HONORABLE!! I learned so much from Paul. Amazing! I am telling everyone I can who will listen. So many can’t even imagine it as a possibility. I was crying earlier because of all the beings who won’t accept the gift. I won’t give up on anyone, but I will go on to the next one, and the next one. It is a blessing to help them find the truth. I AM so proud to be here in love and light. Thank you to the team! Please let us know the first names only of any advisors or counselors who are helping Heather so we can lift them up in prayer, and also I am praying for the families too. May you all be highly favored and richly blessed. CEC

  11. Linda says : Reply

    The difference in the filings received in the court of in the record and on the record is critical, If it doesn’t get on the record and on it will just disappear . If this gets processed and goes before a judge then we will see who at the highest level of court prevails

  12. Rophe says : Reply

    Let us love wisely, respect the giver of the G I F T, and keep the pearls out of the mud where pigs live. The days are truly short and counting. What we have here is the broken chains of the mailbox bondage that held the laborers captive. Those laborers that will bring in the last harvest. Separating the wheat from the chaff. Chaff for the fire and wheat for the bread of heaven. If court is on the 9th I pray to God I can attend to see history made.

  13. Lillie Patrick says : Reply

    Heather, Bless you! You have powerful beings watching over you.Carpe Diem!!

  14. frank says : Reply

    Love and strength for Hatj. Yes, knowing is advanced kindergarden, Experience real life. Thank you Hatj for taking these steps for all of us.
    In all filings into Fed Court the judge in fact has to decide his own case, his own Job, his own carreer, his belief system, his Religion. But according to Roman Law no judge can decide his own case. Consequently they are putting the file under the big pile of everything else …
    bon courage ! frank

  15. Oliver says : Reply


  16. Edwin Berghuis says : Reply

    Thank You Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf, you are an angel.
    The moment has come for everyone to BE and DO.
    I follow your investigation since the beginning of october 2012 and manage the dutch Facebook Group.
    I will help and share this message to each and everyone.

    May God bless you and all your loved ones.

    Lots of Love.

  17. Ricky Cantu says : Reply

    God bless protect your efforts. Hoping for a brighter and better way for the hard working American.

  18. Neil Wolfe says : Reply

    Immensely GRATEFUL for your love and dedication to humanity Heather- victory for all is near!

  19. Woke up some days ago with the Heather words repeating in me for at least an hour .. “It is ALL Perfect and Perfectly DONE”accompanied by a feeling of complete Peace & Wholeness…. and this BEautiful post goes into the ways of these perfect DOings! Yes LOVING the Absolute Plan <3
    In Gratitude to Heather and Team and ALL Originals <3

  20. Scott Coridi says : Reply


  21. Sue Thwing says : Reply

    Infinite Blessings! Thank you for your love and devotion to the oneness.

  22. ShimmeringOne says : Reply

    Didn’t even know who you were Heather or what you were doing two weeks ago and now here I am cheering you on with all I have from the sidelines now. Sending you incredible strength and so much love and light! But you got this! You are here for a reason and this is yours. The Time is Now. It’s time to Shine! It’s time for all of us to stand in who we really are and shine!

  23. Divinity says : Reply

    Beloved Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf, You are an Original Sovereign Earth Angel.
    Mahalo w/Aloha & Infinite Oceans of Love Light/Light Love.
    Divinity <3

  24. Anastasia says : Reply

    Thanks for sharing the audio. Would you please direct me to the link of the last Heather audio. I can’t seem to find that one. Many thanks. Appreciate all EACH of US is Doing in this grand unfolding.

  25. Amanda says : Reply

    Thankful so much Heather!! I’m here in Ohio supporting you I wish I could be there with you in court for support. Everything is coming out in the open.

  26. Bryan says : Reply

    Thanks for all you are DOING, Heather.
    You gave them 5 (or 4?) years to self-correct,
    and it was clear they would not self-correct.
    The un-rebutted TRUTH is being spoken to POWER,
    but it is being spoken in LOVE – very powerful indeed.
    Nothing is more powerful than LOVE.

  27. Susan Augustitus says : Reply

    Bless you and your tenacity for truth to be revealed.

  28. diane says : Reply

    xxxoooo love love

  29. Big Yah says : Reply

    “Praise Yahweh” #StayStrong! #StandStrong! UCC 1-308 Without Prejudice!

  30. Someone said this is a Rosa Parks moment for all of humanity! Thank you for standing up on our behalf! “All is perfect, and perfectly done.” That makes you the perfect person for this. I hope you feel all the love being sent to you!

  31. Irina Greer says : Reply

    Thank you for all you doing Heather, Randy and the whole team. Much much love gratitude and appreciation

  32. marion says : Reply

    We are all cheering you on hier in the Netherlands. Our admiration and thanks for what you are standing for and I will send a healing tomorrow for the love vibes.

  33. Nadine H says : Reply

    Much love coming your way Heather. Stay strong, we all love you.

  34. Jessica says : Reply

    I am so, so grateful and inspired by Heather and her team! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful work! Sending love to all

  35. Thank you Heather !!
    Tomorrow is the big day sending you love ❤️ and Energy !

  36. Pete T says : Reply

    Interesting thing happened at bedtime last night. I usually do meditation at bedtime as it helps me sleep. Anyway, when I got deep into a low delta state, I put a image of Heather’s picture into my mind, thanked her and told her that she has great respect amongst humanity. As I ended those thoughts, what I can only describe as a big bloom of light energy hit me unfolded like one of those hand fans that unfold into a half circle. And it was the color PURPLE. Now, In all the years I’ve been doing this, I have never seen purple, I will usually get greens, reds and blues etc. I’ve never met her or talked to her in the physical, but that energy I felt was the real deal and there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that she is the Real Deal. A personal message to me was to “Get out there” Cause I tend to live like a Hermit. It was a loving kick in the ass and I get it. If money was not a factor, I would be in DC right now, it’s only 4hrs away for me.

    Anyway, thought I would share!

  37. Donna says : Reply

    For clarity of this story, read Memorandum for Jurisdiction, Go to Ohio Supreme Court dockett, year: 2014 case number: 0036 name Donna Farley, a good catch up for new people on the background. Love to all

  38. Randy garland says : Reply

    Prayers love and positive energy to you Heather and team thank you very much for your dedication and sacrifice the truth will set us free

  39. Cladon says : Reply

    Let this hour of triumph for all humanity be a celebration for All. Heather Ann has a powerful and magnificent Soul within her organic body. Her life’s mission is energetically freeing every living being on planet earth. As Friday approaches she needs your energy to surround her to re-energize all circuits of the event. Mentally focus on Heather Ann with joyful gratitude while she is on their turf. We can see their actions, while the Creator Knows their motives!!! Collectively we can assist Heather Ann in quiet. Contact everyone you know and ask for their assistance.
    Where-ever they are on Friday, make a conscious effort to send love energy to Heather Ann.
    All is well! And so it is✨

  40. Kelly says : Reply

    Infinite love and gratitude to you all. Amazing and beautiful event and beings.

  41. Henry Mayhew says : Reply

    Is Heather ushering in the second advent?

    Heaven on earth?

  42. Marilyn says : Reply

    Heather may God Bless you and Keep you, May He shine a Light of protection around and give you Peace!!!

    Love, Light

  43. Stuart Smith says : Reply

    Dear Heather (hatj): Greetings and Blessings of Love from Our Infinite Creator: “All that was…All that is…and All that will be is of One Original Thought. Our Infinite Creator is Infinite Energy in Love/Light and Light/Love and lives in each of us. Unplug from TV brainwashing commanding you to, “Ask Your Doctor” every 2 minutes; USA, Inc is the ONLY Nation State allowing this psychological warfare on its people. Think about that if you must. Unplug and look inward for the answers. Awaken your family, friends, and neighbors; but do not infringe upon their free will; We must all make our own choice to live our lives in service to others or live our life in service to self. Love is the Only Truth. Everything else are distortions and lies. Heather has God’s hands Upon her Shoulder. Her Consciousness frequency vibrations are high and strong.

    We love you and send you + Polarity and +++Karma with Love/Light and Light/Love from Our Infinite Creator.


  44. Eileen says : Reply

    Much love and blessings to you Heather!
    Thank you so much!

  45. Colleen says : Reply

    Blessed to be in such enlightening company on this amazing journey to reveal the truth. Thank you Hatj and everyone bringing light and love!!!

  46. Michael says : Reply

    Wishes and prayers to you all

  47. Dominique Moore says : Reply

    Shalom, Love and Light

  48. Brenda Bryant says : Reply

    I was born in TX, live in IN. Filed same UCC in both states. Accepted in TX, rejected in IN. IN said it was materially fraudulent because secured creditor & debtor could not be same (secured creditor was all caps, debtor was title case). What’s up with that?

    • mercedes2u2 says : Reply

      Brenda, you cannot be a debtor and creditor at the same time. You may want to do some research on it first. Even though they accepted it. If you do a name search 3 months from now your license may not be valid they will throw it out.

  49. Camila says : Reply

    Be careful the spirit of God told me to tell u watch everything n everyone around u they are not to be trusted keep faith in him and u shall accomplish your goals pray on your knees the anointed is on you walk in faith and no one can hurt you amen

  50. james says : Reply

    We Stand…. the majority is standing with yourselves ,the very few are notwithstanding and the very few know it.

  51. Barbara Jean says : Reply

    Thank you! Many blessing and we love you.

  52. Quita says : Reply

    I thank god for directing me to such a positive anointed group of people. I never could imagine what happiness would feel like even though i’m just coming on board today. I’ve been reading for 4 hours now, and yes! I’m clueless so if someone don’t mind reaching out to me that would be great. my email is the energy that i have gained in just 4 hours is an amazing feeling. Heather and the crew, I thank the ALMIGHTY for people like you. one where giving up is not an option. I love you all, and god bless

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