“Meetups” and Connecting with Your Soul Groups

“No man is an island” and one of our deepest desires and needs is to belong, to feel that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, more than the sum total of any venture where we engage in with other people, for a higher purpose.

We know that ‘magic happens’ when like-minded people are focused and in tune. Whether we call them ‘templates’, soul groups or soul pods, we know that we are IMPowered and able to tap into our eternal essence when we find connections like that.

‘Meetups’ are your chance to connect with others who are also looking for you: Community projects, working groups for the greater good, support networks and focus teams to name a few, or connect with other like-minded people who are searching for meaningful ways to pursue their own personal ‘vision quest’.

Focus on being aware of synchronicity and natural ‘attraction’ when creating your ‘meetups’ and the energy will flow and all will resonate. Begin to trust it completely and look for ways to live in that trust on a daily basis.

“I am eternal essence and value without limits” is an awakening statement on its own and will IMpower you as you make connections and ‘meetup’ with those significant others.

And So It Is…

See the list of MeetUp Groups already gathering and the eternal essence who are looking to connect with others.



Meet up groups

OPPT LA Andrea 424-229-1299
USA Venice,
Calgary OPPT Nancy Dianna bradean2003@hotmail.com Canada Calgary, Ab http://www.meetup.com/calgary-oppt/
Me Agape Marcus meagape@hotmail.de Germany http://meagape.wordpress.com/
The One People Brisbane Angela opptbrisbane@gmail.com Australia Brisbane http://www.meetup.com/One-Peoples-Public-Trust-OPPT-Brisbane/
OPPT Wellington, New Zealand Larry lazzawnnz100@yahoo.com.au New Zealand Wellington http://www.meetup.com/Free-at-last-One-Peoples-Public-Trust/
Vernon, BC Robin opptedin@gmail.com Canada Vernon,
Email me for current date, time and location of these meetings.
Los Angeles Conscious Living Club Robert
justrobj@gmail.com USA Los Angeles, CA http://www.meetup.com/Los-Angeles-Conscious-Living/
Victoria is awakening together Eric Mueller ericmueller00@hotmail.com Canada Victoria B.C. http://www.meetup.com/People-of-Victoria-are-awakening-together-to-make-change/
Kona Occupy Disclosure Ginger Vogler contact form on website USA Kailua Kona http://www.meetup.com/Kona-Occupy-Disclosure-OnePeople/
Canberra T.O.P meetups Grant waiting for info Australia Canberra http://www.absolute-data-exchange.com/events
Meetup Hamilton O’Neill hamilton_oneill@yahoo.com Australia Brighton Email me for current date, time and location of these meetings.
The One People – London  Bronny visit website  England  London  https://www.facebook.com/groups/503322789716456/
 Oppt nederland  Keimpe de Jong  visit website
 Nederland  http://oppt-nederland.info/
EXODUS movement Jennifer Holt admin@nmncorp.com.au
 Parramatta https://www.facebook.com/groups/193403934150587/
The One People Sydney Jennifer Holt  djalexander@hotmail.com  Australia Sydney  https://www.facebook.com/groups/TopSydney/
Fountain of LIfe  Michelle Emerson  michelleconsults@gmail.com  USA Reston, VA  http://www.facebook.com/WholenessClass
OPPT – Nashville, TN  Greg  greg@debtshepherd.com  USA Nashville, TN  http://www.meetup.com/opptnashvilletn/
Guadalajara  gerardo nuñez bejarano  gerardomundounido@gmail.com  Columbia Guadalajara de buga  https://www.facebook.com/SANARTEMARCIAL
One People Western Washington Heidi Dietzman 360-990-3586
Bremerton, Greater Puget Sound https://www.facebook.com/groups/421788334602959/
The One People – Portland Vancouver Luana Arthur  luaizme@gmail.comluaizme@gmail.com  USA Portland, OR https://www.facebook.com/groups/theonepeopleportlandvancouver/
 OPPT buga  gerardo nuñez bejarano 57-3204409984
Guadalajara de Buga http://www.facepopular.net/sanartemarcial/
 Light Workers Cyprus  George Haralambous  george.l.haralambous@gmail.com  Larnaca  https://www.facebook.com/LightWorkersCyprus
STL Huckleberries randy 3144690209
 USA Saint Louis https://www.facebook.com/groups/273414709464482/
Melbourne Australia meetup  Lin  strawman@loa.net.au  Australia  Melbourne http://www.meetup.com/OPPT-IN-One-Peoples-Public-Trust-Melbourne-East


People looking to connect with others

Mile Grazie 773 800 9340
USA Chicago Looking for support in Chicago
Larry Warneke 210 559 3134
USA San Antonio, TX I would love to meet like minded people here in my neck of the woods! thanks
Karen Waters, MBA (604) 781-8614
Canada Vancouver,
I would like to connect with other in an around the area.
Marion Kahl 00351-283 322 304
Portugal Odemira I would like to meet people in Portugal.
Colleen Kennedy thresholdchoir@icloud.com Australia Sydney Setting up a meet up in Sydney, Australia
risingsol144@gmail.com USA Tacoma,
Ready to make some local connections.
Silas 312-912-8438 – 312-912-8436
alpha_kings@yahoo.com or
USA Chicago I want to be transparent with someone in Chicago
Myriah waiting for info USA Homer,
We are awake in Homer, Alaska. Come join us!
John M jvmcomp@yahoo.com USA Waldport,
Anybody live in Oregon i am on the coast in a little town of Waldport lets come awake
Dwight dwalker3807@gmail.com USA Arlington,
Are there any light workers located in the DFW (Arlington TX) area?
Donna donnaberthiaume@yahoo.ca Canada Halifax,
Nova Scotia
I would be extremely interested to meet with people of like-minded thinking and awareness about all of this.
Christina Winsey 941-914-2433
USA Tampa Bay,
Looking forward to meeting others.
Marama maramakake@gmail.com Australia Q L D Would love to make my way down to meet up with like minded souls in Australia
Stef Coburn guitardis@ntlworld.com Australia Brighton Anyone in the Brighton area
Paul Conant pwconant@gmail.com USA Western,
Anyone in this area please reach me
Gerard Freeman Gerardfreeman@mail.com USA Cheyenne, WY If you are near me and would like too connect
Cheri Lynn createyourdreamstoo@yahoo.com USA Portland, Oregon Absolute & Eternal Essence here, eager to meet up with the “One People” in my area.
PK phyllisosu1@aol.com USA Oklahoma Looking for an Oklahoma BEing and DOing person/persons.
Holly holly_celestine@yahoo.com USA Conroe,
I am also looking for like minded lightworkers who are seeking to connect and help spread the news in Texas.
Joyce grandmother123@msn.com USA Boise,
If there is anyone near Boise who would like to meet up, I would love to hear from you.
Rusty Crawford rusty.crawford@gmail.com USA New Smyrna Beach, FL Who would be up for a meet to discuss forming a Volusia County group.
Pushdara http://www.meetup.com/Puget-Sound-Self-Empowerment/events/122072602/ USA Langley,
I want to hear back from interested folks before setting a date for a MeetUp.
Dermot de Gersigny  07925241250 England Stratford, London Greetings London and Surreyites it would be wonderful to make contact.
John P Brennan 00353 – 868236688
Galway Sligo City Live in sligo City, and would love to meet anybody in my area of Sligo Mayo Leitrim Donegal and Galway
Christina Winsey 941-914-2433
USA Tampa Bay,
Looking forward to meeting others.
Sheri Winkel  winkelwink@aol.com USA Los Angeles connect with others
Hiroko Aono-Billson 01227770104
UK Whitstable I would love to connect with people in the UK who have been following OPPT and I UV.
Tango Lee 216-339-5346
USA Cleveland,Ohio Would love to be in the company of like minds in my area!
Maaxee Maxwell 808-313-0169
USA Hilo, Hawaii Anyone interested in starting a “sustainable like” place/community?
Wanda 7856286366
USA Hays, Kansas Would love to hear of anyone in kansas who would like to ‘meet up’.
Barbara Price 702-505-5127
USA Las Vegas Looking for people who resonate with the OPPT, I-UV, One People’s message. Let’s get to work together.
Susan Book  2505515544
Canada Nelson Would like to find like minded in this area
Ben  nycenqc@yahoo.com USA Charlotte, NC Connect with others
Eamonn Mulleady  07454965614
UK Hastings, East Sussex Would be happy to meet with others
James havebeordoanything@hotmail.com USA Centreville,
looking for anyone in the northern va area.
Peg  gogirl@winning.com  USA  Kansas City Looking forward to connecting!
Louise artofsacredgeometry@gmail.com England Glastonbury Would love to meet up with like minded people in the Somerset area or within a travel-able distance to meet and discuss how we are to go about approaching the banks.
Gabi 0039034550341
Italy Costa di Serina Connect with others
Ashline 07842433360
UK Newry Meet up with others who would like to get more involved
Curt Jewell akia123@gmail.com USA Linden,MI Connect with others
Ron Rafferty salon620@swbell.net USA  Austin Connect with others
Elizabeth van Dreunen 902 4359366
Canada  Halifax I live in Lawrencetown, close to the beach and 15 minutes from Cole Harbour. II
would love to meet up with others in Nova Scotia
Lucas lucasspeciaaladres@gmail.com The Netherlands  Maastricht Want to form group in south of Limburg or there about for meeting, contact and support.
Attilio Cesare Guadagno health_love_peace_enlight@yahoo.com USA St.Augustine,
Looking to share info and DOing with other Eternal Essence in-body at northeast Florida location/s.
David Hodgson David-1409@Comcast.Net USA Denver,
Looking for others to connect with about the upcoming UV and making some solid choices.
Barbara duncanpater@gmail.com Poland Ostroda I would like to connect with people from Poland.
Heidi Dietzman 360-990-3586
USA Bremerton Seeking lovely others to connect with and explore ways of living the New Paradigm!
Di’Anna Malone diannamalone123@gmail.com USA Aberdeen Washington Connect with others
Peter Harris peterharrisharris@gmail.com Ireland Dublin Connect with others
Pythagoras r.r.de.gries@gmail.com Netherlands Leeuwarden Lets DO!
Lisa lisa_shannon@sbcglobal.net USA Houston Connect with others
Elaina Skyewing violetteskeyes@yahoo.com USA Seattle I am ready to connect up with others to help facilitate the process of freedom for
ourselves and others, and to make friends!
Rhonda rhoda_carty@hotmail.com USA Atlanta, GA I am looking forward to brainstorming with people in the Atlanta area so that we can join together and support each other on this amazing journey?
Raul Escobar 2243054182
USA Chicago All we are one.
Cheri 503-679-4409
USA Portland, Oregon Looking to hook up with other Oragonian’s who are interested in supporting one another and educating each other on the OPPT materials and I-UV exchange.
MenaMan 0447726748
Australia Innisfail Anyone up here in Far North Queensland? We’d like to connect with other Eternal
Essence Embodied
Christopher christopher.cherry@hotmail.com Canada Toronto Looking to connect with like-minded people in my area.
Stoney 5129393849
USA Pflugerville Let’s spread the word. Would like to meet up with like minded people to help educate
the masses!
Luana Arthur luaizme@gmail.com  USA  Portland, OR Please send me an email. I would love to meet up with others in my area.
Marinda de Gersigny 0027731645369
South Africa  Cape Town I have been following OPPT from its inception. I would like to meet up with like minded people in the area. I live in a place called Ottery, Royal Cape, Wynberg. I look forward to hearing from anyone out there in the general Western Cape area.
Bhavuk Chawla +919996933366

India  Yamuna nagar Connect with others
Azera 704-451-5372
USA Charlotte,
I would love to find some local folks that I can connect with, to learn, brainstorm, and create with.
Hannie Feijen 0615560284
the Netherlands Braamt , Gelderland Anyone interested in this website,and living in the area, please connect
Savannah Zelocchi 3233630083
 USA Santa Monica interested in meeting & sharing within a community of like heartedness…for the
highest good of all
 Arthur Israel +649 832 8419
 New Zealand  Aotearoa  Truth Seeking ! Natural Health Options