Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf & Mel Ve

For more information about Mel Ve go to www.freedomcentral.info

Caleb Skinner- OPPT Trustee with Lisa Harrison

Caleb and I finally caught up for chat to discuss how his journey led him to being a founder of a movement that has swept the globe. He discusses his childhood, meeting the other trustees and their adventures with ‘the system’ during the investigations that led to the creation of The One People’s Public Trust.

Randall Hillner- OPPT Trustee with Lisa Harrison

It was nice to finally talk with Randall, the most elusive of the OPPT trustee’s.
As Randall shared his history and journey it became apparent to me what a wonderful trinity Heather, Caleb and Randall make. I hope you enjoy this brief introduction into the life of one man who really wants to make a difference.

Brian Kelly & Seraph on Gadsen Rising

Libby Gadsen & Mary Lou Van Houten talk with Brian Kelly & Seraph. Brian is co-author of the American Kabuki blog. He has been helping to spread the message of the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) since the movement became public on 12/26/12. Along with Lisa Harrison, Chris Hales, & Bob Wright, he hosts the OPPT-IN Blog Talk Radio show on Freedom Reigns on Monday nights at 1pm Pacific Time, as well as the Collective Imagination show on Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific Time to share the latest updates & developments of the One People’s Public Trust. Seraph is a Grammy Award winning songwriter, author, & entrepeneur. He’s been involved in the freedom movement for several years, ever since the illegal foreclosure of his home in 2007. He is a new member of Freedom Reigns contributors & can be heard commenting in the classic “Seraph” style!

Caleb Skinner Interviewed by Gwen Caldwell

Join Gwen Caldwell on Orion Talk Radio and 1650 am Tonawanda

One People’s Public Trust Trustee Caleb Skinner interviewed by Gwen Caldwell on Morning Brew, Orion Talk Radio.

Brian Kelly on Nibiru TV

Brian Kelly from American Kabuki is interviewed about the One People’s Public Trust on Nibiru TV. www.americankabuki.blogspot.com

Surviving The Matrix with Max Igan

Scott Bartle, Ken Bartle, Bob Wright, Chris Hales, Lisa Harrison, and Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf in a round table discussion with Max Igan, Surviving The Matrix. For more about Max Igan go to http://archive.americanvoiceradio.com/!max_archive.html


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  1. […] good place to start is to listen to the videos at the OPPT-IN radio interviews page. The first one is with Heather. The audio is not the best as Heather’s skype connection […]

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    Love and Light to all

  3. Is there any way that we can have transcripts to these shows so that we can send them to our loved ones who are being held in captivity and do not have access to radio or internet?

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