OPEN LETTER TO THE MEDIA published on February 19, 2013


Brian Kelly
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To think that this whole story broke less than two months ago is baffling, to say the least.  This post is a Call-to-action for anyone willing to share their energy in support of bringing freedom to Humanity once and for all… Countless emails continue to flow in from people wanting to BE of service to the cause.
[ A current google search for “One People’s Public Trust,” pings back  1,570,000 results, as of this day, July 10, 2013. ]

If you are one of the people who has heard the call, and you’re ready to stand up and play a part in ushering in this new paradigm, then this post is for YOU.

If you are tired of all the lies and corruption that have plagued our magnificent planet for far too long, then this post is for YOU.

If you are tired of being manipulated into believing war, hate, fear, anger and aggression are a natural part of BE’ing human, then this post is for YOU.

If you are ready to embrace a reality based upon Love, Joy, Peace and Prosperity for All, then this post is for YOU.

Are YOU ready for the whole world to know about OPPT, so that we can all join hands together and manifest our new reality? Then NOW is the time to DO and BE as ONE. The only question that remains is, will you take the call?

The fastest way to share this information with the masses is to bring it out into the open for all to see and feel. Through the various channels of media, we can and will accomplish just that. The quickest route to the mainstream is by getting into the smaller networks first.

On Wednesday I was on Orion Talk Radio, for a program called Morning Brew, hosted by Gwen Caldwell to discuss OPPT. After the live recording I was told there were over 1M+ live listeners representing over 10 countries. Considering the popularity of the show and the gravity of the content, we were invited back every Wednesday until this information gets out in the open for the whole world to see. (Links to that show and future shows will follow this post)

The objective is to duplicate this process as many times over as possible. We have plenty of very qualified OPPT insiders who are already standing by for broadcast duty. Let’s just say, too many requests for interviews is a very good problem to have :)

Here is your mission should you choose to accept it:

1. Gather contact emails from all of your local, regional and national media outlets (i.e. talk radio programs, online news sites, newspapers, popular news blog sites, etc.). The more the better.

2. Create an email and title it “Public Trust Forecloses on Major Corporations.”

3. Manually input all the email addresses into the “BCC” field, so that the recipient list is kept private. Make sure to include a copy of the Press Release, as well as Courtesy Notice and Instructions.

4. Before hitting send, (if this resonates with you) say this out loud: “angels, archangels, spirit guides, great beings of light, please guide this email to any and all recipients who are ready to receive it. Let these words open up a portal of truth and transparency within the hearts and minds of all those who may read the content of this message. I thank you in advance that this is so, and so it is. So BE it.”

5. Hit “send” baby.

6. Pat yourself on the back for your incredible DO’ing and BE’ing.

7. Grab some popcorn and watch as the firework show continues to light up the night…

OPPT Frees Humanity from Debt Slavery System Banks and Government Profited from Casino Economy That Enslaved the World

A former international banking lawyer saw fraud … everywhere.

She followed the yellow/gold brick road back to the wizards, corrupt government corporations in bed with banks and the world’s powerful financial elite.

In response, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, the former lawyer and fellow trustees, Caleb Paul Skinner, and Hollis Randall Hillner created The One People’s Public Trust.

OPPT foreclosed on all governments and banks, removed the financial elite’s power, returning all wealth and gold back to its rightful owners, the people.

To disperse this wealth, OPPT formed 194 Creator’s Value Asset Centers that supplant corporate governments.

CVACs are a powerful system using mechanisms already put in place, paid for, and built by the people.

Soaring OPPT Movement Lends Ear to Record Live Listenership

The One People’s Public Trust followers flock to hear founders and faces of the organization on the radio. The movement is growing by leaps and bounds.

OPPT had a record one million + live listeners worldwide on The Morning Brew Show Feb 13th. Here is the link to the show:
OPPT broke a second record with 190,000 live listeners on Freedom Reigns week of Feb 11th, up from 145,000 live listeners the previous week.
More than 80 OPPT-related websites as of Feb 14th, listed here:

A google search for “One People’s Public Trust” currently produces 33M results in .28 sec

Radio Credits
Morning Brew
Brian Kelly of as recurring guest
Wednesdays starting Feb 13, 2013 at 12 pm Eastern Standard Time. Host Gwyn Caldwell invited OPPT back as special guests every Wednesday until this story becomes mainstream, achieving transparency and disclosure!

Collective Imagination
Tuesday Evenings in the US, Wednesday Evenings in Australia
Lisa Harrison, Chris Hales, Bob Wright, Santos Bonacci, D, Brian Kelly, and OPPT roundtable.

OPPT-IN Radio Show on BlogTalkradio
Monday Evenings in the US, Tuesday Evenings in Australia
Lisa Harrison, Chris Hales, Bob Wright, D, Brian, AK, Lois Tucci, and Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf.

Surviving the Matrix on
Host Max Igan OPPT podcast:

Please contact Brian Kelly with any questions, or to schedule an interview.


18 Responses to “Media”

  1. TJK says : Reply

    I don’t see anything happening with the govt in the US other than they are becoming incredibly abusive towards the citizens from every angle–I would say they are preparing for a full blown tyrannical take over and Nazi like police state–

    It doesn’t look to me like they’ve been foreclosed on…

    I do understand the entire govt is a sham, all of it, it’s a privately owned corporation owned by the banking elite, as well as they own the Federal reserve and the IRS is their privately owned collection agency, foreign owned and based out of Puerto Rico….The legal system is a sham as well, it’s maratime law handling corporate code disputes, a complete farce!

    But I don”t see anyone working to end their reign of terror, which technically speaking they have ZERO authority outside of the District Of Columbia, yet they rule the US by their police and military—So how do you get rid of them?

    • Johan says : Reply

      Governments will create Chaos as of now. So the public must rely on them and the police force. Be aware that the FBI is full of ex-nazis and can be seen as a GESTAPO. They orchistrate all FF attacks. Also they planned one in the coming up holidays

  2. Asami says : Reply

    I understand exactly what you are saying and at the same time I’m seeing everything concerning this government
    Falling apart and unraveling at the seams the IRS is under Investigation and the Bingahzie mess so I say hold tight the world is changing right before our eyes

  3. We need a shunning. Shun the government, shun the corporations, shun the financial systems. Hold a debt jubilee to rid ourselves from obligation to the existing financial system. Then declare that through exploitation, usury, bailouts and taxes that we have long since PAID IN FULL FOR AMERICA and claim it as our own.
    Claim the homes as fully owned by us.
    Organize the land and resources so that every person is housed and fed.
    Create fierce local government that is by and for the people and make sure to use it to take care of everyone.
    Instead of corp/gov jobs create co-ops that provide for a healthy local food supply. Shun the existing system.
    Create free education for all. Shun the existing system.
    Create free health services for all. Shun the existing system.
    Work to become truly efficient in labor activities so that the daily work contribution of each person is only 2 – 4 hours per day.
    Create social programs that enhance the daily lives of the people – create art centers, ideas centers, etc. so people can develop and express their favorite abilities in their own free time.
    Organize a resource network with other nations so that the needs of all people are supported and met. Shun the existing system.
    Shun the existing systems so that they live only in the echo chambers of their own existence and shrivel & die from cannabalizing themselves.
    Live happily ever after in a free society in which the basic needs of the people are considered human rights and are provided first as a priority above all other issues.

  4. noel says : Reply

    I love everything you say Trish House, although it is very hard to get people to shun anything, simply because they won’t take the time to read and see for themselves, it’s much easier for them to label me as a NUTTER. I do however believe that the one mistake we have made, is not set up common law courts first, if this was done first then people would see that what THE ONE PEOPLES PUBLIC TRUST did was lawful and was backed up by the courts. That would then resonate with most people. Thanks guy’s for taking the time to read this, CHEERS noel

    • I agree with you Noel. This validates your point of view

    • Johan says : Reply

      I also agree with both of you, but this must go public. We must create a ripple of information by sharing this over and over again, so people will be informed. Besides that there must come reliable people maybe monitorised by OPPT who started this in the first place.
      And we must think of a new paying system because using the money like we know now, is fraud. Also a good example for this matter is Santos Bonacci

  5. Andrixon Hernandez© Del Orbe© says : Reply

    Un afectuoso saludo en el amor del infinito creador, una pregunta, ¿ES NESARA parte del nuevo paradigma o es solo una treta del viejo sistema para seguir viviendo?

  6. Charles Edwin Coolef says : Reply

    I have been praying for the hour to arrive when I can GIVE to those in neex. My life’s dream has always been to provide water wells for clean drinking water for children and families who are suffering and now THIS DREAM COULD ACTUALLY COME TRUE. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO IS TRYING TO LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE. I still have a lot of paperwork to file, but I have tried to gain access. Now that I know the truth I feel it is my duty as a child of the KING to never stop believing in my inherritance, and my sincere desire to bring life to those who need water. I have been slaving on drilling rigs my whole life, and now it all makes perfect sense. God Bless everyone, and to everyone who ever hurt me, I forgive you and I Love all of you. I AM GOING SHOPPING FOR EQUIPMENT TO DRILL WATER WELLS AS SOON AS I GAIN ACCESS. I’M SOOOOO EXCITED….LOVE YOU ALL, Charles Cooper…

    • Chianka says : Reply

      Keep us updated on your success with getting your cash and sny setbacks you may have. I also want to help the people of my Nation… My Apache clean real healthy food. Im with you all the way. Love and Light.

  7. Charles Edwin Cooper says : Reply

    Thank You Heather : ) and all of you that are helping free all of us.

  8. Chianka says : Reply

    Powrr to the People!

  9. Valerie Brooks says : Reply

    Who wants Heather locked up and why?

    I could almost see why to lock up a guy that wanting a selfish coach of so much value… he might have selfish fear karma…..ignorant of the greater picture that would happen ahead or his existence not being more important than a motorcoach.

    Nobody would really spend money repairing the roads for too long anymore after mass financial reset like people just getting money this way……things would go sort of independant sort of indigenous…definitely sorting out creation of the future if everyone got that money….

    The paperwork of why she got locked up is a legal fight that describes nothing….the real fight is a power play….the issue can be any point…. The winner can be the last man standing that doesn’t show drama in court…. wins no matter what he sais as long as it’s sounding legal and civilized and makes some logic……If the court is civilized and keeps on negotiating justice….Last man standing shows he has the power. So he’s right in the sense that it’s ordered by the collective…..

    My estimation is the courts don’t work….because they don’t know who they work for….Judge sais “someone just handed me a warrant and another warrant”…..”SOMEONE”? People would say if they could GTFO of here, talking like that……

    The origin of idea on the warrant is who? Where is the entity and all of them…. that’s upset and ordered up a warrant? The snitch person that called them up after money transfer or whatever happened to how this went down is largely behind the scenes…..Judges say “SOMEONE”….Self respecting people would call him out on that kind of talk if he wasn’t sitting behind the bench with guards. The would also often say “SOMEONE?” F*** You……Some would start punching your face immediately…..It’s rather obviously insulting….Your life on the line and “SOMEONE” nameless is serving warrants and not showing up but sending in officers of the state……

    Are the players involved human? Is there a reason for the closed doors courts because some of them are not human but have abilities to do something to Heather? To push her into fear? I’m suspicious cameras were controlled in courts worldwide for this reason….shapeshifters or weird looking humanoids being the shadow government that they don’t want to appear to people…photographs from cell phones could slip out….If I had the power, I would stand there and say “OPEN UP THAT DAMN DOOR”….are the walls lined in lead to block x-ray vision? In other words get to the root of the power play….demand….do or die….it’s just a power play though….what kind of spirit power is capable here to pla this out?…..They have been seen before, to point their guns to make stuff happen, and keep the illusion going to the rest of the people….but I’ve heard of people that can do what the want and power people like that wind up glued to their chairs while they walk out…… of course….it’s all about the illusion….the mark of the beast…said to be…….”YOUR NAME”…..Heather is using her name which makes her property of the beast I heard……there’s like maybe not a way to do this without doing it in secret because money is the creation of some kind of beast…. obviously they are using walls and secrets and simple points on papers that hardly describes the shadow beings…….

    …. HEATHER said WE have the power. (It’s not true….we only have the power IF we are not in fear is the last I heard that sounds true).

    But to be cautiously suspicious….we could see someone again that looks like Heather…..what are they doing in there?

    I decided, it’s not about that money with me…’s about the secrets….those closed doors…the programmed and the non human….who is often said to previously have been a human but programmed so much they are now a robot…….
    They are not the same when they get out of law school or out of the military or out of medical school…..They have been clearly programmed.

    Goodness….. we don’t need the doors closed do we?… who is afraid? And what is Heather afraid of? Maybe facing down in the state of “No Law Whatsoever”?

    Is there a greater good missed or too much too soon or something? Or is the system just hanging on and on until you pry it from their cold dead hands?

    I heard they were AI programmed to take all such affairs to the death anyway. In which case it’s going to take probably massive more riots…..people wll then see the destruction….rubble, no courts…belief systems vary…but migrations happen…..some will herd to sanctuary cities to be robot workers…other’s will realize they need some land. Atlantis and Lemuria…..natural vs technology.

    If people try to go to court….most don’t have a human test for all involved… will probably be in court with some AI robot people….very negative, no energy…..they will obviously work the system…. for the system itself…. to stay running, unless I missed something…..

    Figure one can’t promise such a programmed person inside the system, while sitting in jail and court talking to those holding you hostage……some sudden financial freedom…… unless you can know who is human and what the program is, and who the players are, who is programmed, what the program is… to order a programmed robot around…..

    Heather said it herself. “No law whatsoever” in Tennessee…….and so that’s who I last heard filed against her….the state of “No Law Whatsoever” 🙂 and that’s how to work this case now…at that point of natural law…..because she put herself in the hands of the power of the people….sigh…..figure this is a do or die situation…..maybe….if she went to court to find law and found AI robot people……running things…..

  10. Lydia says : Reply

    I have sent mail to Randy and he LOVED the Battle Hymm to the Republic. He was so grateful that he sent me a thank you card that same day! Since then, I have not been able to send him mail as they are being returned to me labled as “vacant” “unable to forward”. PLEASE, what is happening to Randy? Is he out? How can I foreward the mail to him?

    HE OUGHT TO BE FREE for he rightfully got his TDA account secured without fraud!

    Thank you OPPT!

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      You need to make sure you have your full name on return address not just initials.
      white postcard, no pictures. The same address that is posted. :- )

  11. Lydia says : Reply

    Thank you BZ. Can I send Randy coloring book & crayons/colored pencils (new in package) and/or word puzzles, activity books? My legal name is w/o a last name, as I prefer it that way.

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      You could try. I am not sure they will let them through. There are Jail Rules and then RKB rules which are very limited. I am sending him a stack of letters first thing in the morning with the Intention he Never gets them 😉

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