List of CEO Resignations Since June 2017

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List of CEO Resignations Since June 2017
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  1. Aidan says : Reply

    I wonder if they are all part of the indictments going down now? Or they all know something will happen with a pending weather disaster? We are now going into 2018 yet things still have not happened with regards to the Cabal Hoods to me it does still not add up nor is that anything to indicate the corrupt fraud Court system has changed at all

  2. Light Prevails says : Reply

    While this list is quite alarming and no information about why they resigned. My question is… “how does this compare to previous years: Well it is definitely higher – in 2016 there were 58 CEO’s transitioned in the 500 S&P – which was the highest number since 2007. 2017 there were 73 – so we could conclude that it happened as a result of Trumps EO. Let’s hope so. Thanks for sharing as it does make one wonder.
    Love to all in the community family.
    Light Prevails – always

  3. Karen says : Reply

    They all resigned with more DEBT MONEY than the Devil himself has, all to be paid by future birth/berth certificates named corporate thingys. Its all way too sad to think about these souless vermin carrying on and on somewhere else now.

  4. Oti says : Reply

    BZ, do you have a link and/or information as to the source of this list? Thank you.

    • BZ ⒾAM Riger says : Reply

      as with any post, look under the title and you will see a line that says by and or where published or republished ect. The bold part of that line is a clickable link to the source where I pulled it. This is standard attribution. except on Youtube videos as you just click the video to go to original upload post/page…

      This post is a very good one for more details about the resignations-


  5. @marta_wurtz says : Reply

    Tony Podesta is not on this list? Wonder why that is? Neither are Killery, McCain, Pelosi, obammy, or any other gov employee with a Foundation!
    There are several who are not on here yet.

  6. AltRockAddict says : Reply

    LMK when there’s an update, please @Altrockaddict on Twitter

  7. martin says : Reply

    Ceo’s do naturally have a short stay at companies. I foind 4.8years average
    If you put a filter on your search and search 2015 ceo resigns you get a bunch

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