Kimberly Hagstrom: Student Loan Remedy Template

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Student Loan Remedy Template




Hello my friends,
I wanted to let you know that I have been working the past couple of days on writing up a document with which I can submit to the corporations who are claiming they are holding a purported “student loan” in the name of KIMBERLY HAGSTROM (the “strawman” we all know was foreclosed upon last year); after feeling compelled to make the Accessing your value video a couple of weeks ago, once again I could feel a nudge to get busy BEing and DOing, and I was noticing that many people in the Skype chat rooms were trying to come up with a document that will get some kind of positive results from student loan corporations; one of the main problems is that it is hard to put pieces of legal data together, because the legalese is so convoluted and generally hard to understand; my idea is to keep it simple, and like Heather says to stand in who you BE, know that you are the energetic value, and make the corporation prove WHO they BE, and what their authority is in relation to YOU.

So, I AM standing in the knowledge that I BE eternal essence, and I reserve my rights as such and lovingly act in accordance with my connection to SOURCE.

I AM offering the use of these documents to anyone who resonates with them; I sent them out (2 days ago )as a package with the Courtesy Notices, which you can find here

Remember, it’s important to comprehend what the documents you are sending to the corporations are saying; you are using these documents and the energy you draw behind them with your intent to cancel/discharge the alleged debt to the corporations…the energetics are probably the most important aspect of the whole manifestation, and knowing exactly who you BE is what focuses your energy to manifest what you desire.

You are representing yourself as eternal essence, and energetically standing in your connection to Source energy. So often we get caught up in the anxiety of money issues, we forget that this is all part of the GAME; Relax my friends, we are ONE beautiful energy of Light, and the remembering of our true BEing is occurring at the speed of HEART… I love you all so very much, be well ALL WAYS,

Copy of the documents Kimberly sent to Sallie Mae

Student Loan filing

Template of document you can use and customize as you are budged to suit your situation.

Student Loan Doc i Uv


13 Responses to “Kimberly Hagstrom: Student Loan Remedy Template”

  1. Elizabeth van Dreunen says : Reply

    Kim I absolutely Love what you are Doing and Being. Thank you for finding the words and sharing your actions with us. Another amazing woman leading the way. You rock Kim.

  2. Kai says : Reply

    I’m confused. This document is addressed to “Sallie Mae” the corporation. But if the UCC filings foreclosed on all corporations, wouldn’t you be giving legitimacy to their existence by asking them for documents? I do understand the purpose of what is presented here in requesting specific information. Thing is that the Courtesy Notices and Invoices work. I’ve used them. Wouldn’t it be more logical and more effective to do as instructed and only send them directly to specific individuals and leave any corporate designation out of the picture?

  3. Lori says : Reply

    Sincere heartfelt gratitude to you Kim for your DOing and BEing and sharing for the benefit of us all. And yes, as Elizabeth stated above, you rock!! I also am working on a student loan issue with the US Department of Education. I have similar questions to Kai’s, as well as I am wondering if anyone out there reading this thinks there is anything additional to take into consideration, if dealing with the purported federal government entity (US Department of Education( as opposed to a private student loan??

  4. John says : Reply

    I’m confused. You are telling them that if they don’t produce a contract with you with a wet ink signature, you will not consider their contract valid; but, all that has to happen for you to have constituted a valid contract with them for your demands is for them to not respond to your letter. What if they demand a wet ink signature from YOU proving you and they agreed to your demand contract?

  5. Josh says : Reply

    Well is been over 10 days? any response?

    • kimberly hagstrom says : Reply

      hi Josh, actually yes there has been!!
      I sent out a package for myself, and one for my husband.
      On July 29, 2013 I sent my husbands to KSA loan servicing, and by July 31, they sent him a letter stating that they had transferred his purported student loan to Aspire loan servicers, they had no comments to make, just simply transferred and the letter stated that he would be receiving more contact info from Aspire… fantastic, they will also receive the same package as well…
      from my package, it has been over 10 days, and i sent them yesterday another certified letter which contained a Confirmation of Agreement that I had written up…this letter gives them 72 hours to send a Statement of Account showing a 0 (zero) balance; if they fail to comply, that signifies their agreement to my terms and conditions, so it is done.
      Also, after receiving my student loan alleged SallieMae has chosen not to inquire about the purported payment on the alleged account…will keep you updated as this moves forward…thank you for your questions Josh

  6. Matthew says : Reply

    The documents look great Kimberly! Has there been any response to your 72 hr notice?

  7. Josh says : Reply

    Anything back yet?

  8. A.m. says : Reply

    Great job, Kimberly!

    Do you have a copy of your confirmation of agreement letter? Or else where can one be found?

    Thank you in advance, brave soul

  9. Max Taylor says : Reply

    Great work Kimberly and great document to share with others.

    One note for all using the Courtesy Notice (CN) Documents). You should always create you own CN document number specific to each CN and put it on page 2 near the bottom Where it mentions “Proponents terms and conditions NO. __________. Then make sure you place that same number at the top right of page 3 where it says “Terms and Conditions Reference No. ___________”.

    It is also be a good idea to use this same original number in any reference to the original CN in any follow up letters and Invoices you might send in the future to the same “Respondent(s)”

    If you are not sure of how you might create a “Terms and Conditions Reference No.” you can go to this link and you will find a PDF document that I created and use that you can down load. It will give you a good of idea of how you can create unique numbers for your own documents. It is just a suggestion but may be of help.

    Courtesy Notice & Invoice Numbering System with Notes


  10. Taimane says : Reply


    Where can I get that courtesy notice? Can anybody help or tell me? on this site is only the updated pg 5

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