Kim Hagstrom: Accessing Your Value

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Kim Hagstrom: Accessing Your Value



We are in a short moment of “preparation” before all eternal essences step forward and begin to reclaim their full consciousness. Here is one beautiful INbodyments preparation to accessing her value which she is sharing with all other eternal essences who “know” they are also in this preparation moment of now.


Transcript of video:

Accessing your value
This becomes a partnering with the banking systems, as the Declarations are a written, physical representation of the energetic of YOU, your inherent VALUE.
Project 13 as a tool to access
Caleb Skinner, computer programmer and creator of Project 13 has created a software platform that will give the IUV INchange (a new currency/value system) a secure place from which anyone can access their value – right now. Project 13, which is the only entity that is sitting on “i” governing law. You will be able to create an individual “account” from which you can operate in full transparency and accountability. There will be desktop version using Silver light on the PC, phone apps for Project 13 and android versions, which will be released when completed. As a reminder, this is ONE way in which to access your value. It’s important to have choices – so everyone can PLAY.
Let’s get going Steps 1 and 2
Step 1: Create an account on Project 13.
Step 2: Make a Declaration of Representation.
This could be your name, such as: I Declare, as Kimberly Hagstrom…and you put it on the website; know that you are personally responsible/liable for the actions/DOing of your representative Being:
This declaration is considered to be a BRIDGE. It is an energetic tool and can absolutely communicate with the old energy tools still running in the financial system.
You are letting the financial system use some of your value, from which they get a “fee” under your terms/conditions.
This could be discount fee of 10% – whatever rate you choose – this is call “underwriting”.
This Declaration is considered to be a “Business” comparable to a business in old financial system.
Step 3: make a Declaration of Representation for a Bank
Call your bank whatever you like (example Bank of Kimberly) knowing that you are fully 100% responsible and liable for Doing, with full transparency.
You will also post this on Project 13 website in full transparency.
This is considered to BE a representation of YOU, as a “BANK”. You will need to deposit some of your value, so that you can “DO”.
You now have the “Business” (Declaration of Representation) and you have just created the “Bank” (Declaration of Representation of Bank) under whatever names you choose – remember, you bear complete responsibility for your Actions, be kind and do no harm.
Step 4 – Deposit your value
Use the document “Declaration of Value Deposit” and then deposit some of your value into your new “BANK” which you just created.
Remember, you can put in whatever amount of “units” you like, but you are still subject to audit every year.
All of the declarations are the underwriting – you hold the value to back the declarations.
Refer to the UCC filings for the validity of personal underwriting.
Understanding energy of document
Everything in life, including Banking in the financial system, runs off energetics.
These documents (declarations) are energetic in and of themselves, and are considered a written representation of the energetics of our INbodiments, in which lies the TRUE value (incorporated = IN body, you are eternal essence <soul>) you are building a bank, you ARE the true BANK because you are the TRUE value.
Money as a representation, whether it be federal reserve notes, gold and silver, whatever you choose to utilize, are just instruments of representation – it is a tool to facilitate transactions, to buy/sell goods and or services – you draw the energetic UNITS behind you.
In the Debt Slavery System, all transactions were accomplished via the Strawman.
The Strawman – who is that?
In the old Debt slavery system, the strawman was a fictitious corporate entity assigned to each and every human Being upon birth, usually through a certificate of live birth, registered at the hospital after the baby was born.
The Strawman: used human value (soul = gold and body = silver) to underwrite/trade in investment platforms.
OPPT (One People’s Public Trust – now reconciled, leaving UC filings standing unrebutted and in perpetuity, foreclosing on the corporations, including the Strawman, and bringing human Beings back to PRIME.
You will find all the information you need with all the filings for the UCC and everything that you ever need to find out at this web site.
Strawman and You
(Bondage) – As the strawman, you were bonded to Corporate Government, and they used your value to underwrite all their financial systems; definition of Bonds:
“A debt investment in which an investor loans money to an entity (corporate or governmental) that borrows the funds for a defined period of time at a fixed interest rate. Bonds are used by companies, municipalities, states and U.S. and foreign governments to finance a variety of projects and activities.”
“Bonds are commonly referred to as fixed-income securities and are one of the three main asset classes, along with stocks and cash equivalents.”
Another way to Access Value
This choice in accessing your value requires that you stand in your own space and claim the value which IS inside.
Nobody can do this for you, all the heavy lifting has been done, you have the Declarations and you get to Choose which bank you want to play with…remember, this is YOUR value.
Study the declarations, these documents are written representations of YOU, your VALUE. When you are presenting the Declaration of Value of Deposit, it is the VALUE that the new account will be underwritten with.
If the bank rejects or refuses to play, ask for a written rebuttal within 72 hours.
Try many different banks, don’t just stop at one.
Let’s walk into a Bank …Another way to access your value
If you choose to utilize current Bank system, then:
Gather your documents:
Declaration of Representation
Declaration of Value Deposit
(Don’t take Declaration of representation of Bank, because you are GOING to bank now),
Bring the I.D. you would normally take and
Bring your confidence!!
Know that you are the true value.
At the tellers window…..
You could say, “I would like to deposit some of my value, under my terms and conditions, as true/full custodian of my body and Being you can use my signature to underwrite this application to open an account, from which I will receive units designated in any representation that I choose in a 1:1 value for value, under complete transparency, 100% liability and responsibility.
Under my terms, you will receive a “one time” transaction discount fee of 10% – also.
My value on deposit with this bank will not be used to trade (or for any trading platforms)
So deposit $1,000,000.00 of your value and you will get $900,000.00 and bank gets $100,000.00 for their discount fee** (whatever amount you choose, this is just an example)
Remember that knowledge is currency***know what you are talking about. Stand in knowing that you are the true value.
(your value is pre-paid, pre-approved, pre-authorized under UCC filings)
“one way to sign your name is: without prejudice, Jane D Doe
What is Value?
Value is the energy that the Vehicle (body) uses
How do you get more value?
DO and your “value” increases perpetually and unlimitedly
Don’t DO and you gain no more value
DO harm and you lose value
By offering the current Banking/financial system some of “your value” is a way for the banks to continue to function, for the first time in equality, in transparency and within absolute DATA –
you hold the TRUE value, the eternal essence is the “Currency” and you are the BANK, hence you are a ‘creditor’ who can allow the bank to utilize some of your value on YOUR ‘terms and conditions’
-effectively, “underwriting” with 5 + 5 Billion as gold = essence and silver = body, which according to the current financial system can be returned as payment for Debt, and Federal Reserve notes can be cut as currency and the bank can convert to FRN’s for you to use
What is the Value System:
In the U.S., under the Constitution, the Corporations operating under the guide of Government took the Whole Value System and divided it using only the financial part called the debt slavery system.
Payments for Debt would be payable in gold and silver, which are representations of the TRUE value in human Beings (gold = essence, or soul, and silver = body).
These payments for debt would be cut as currencies from the Federal Reserve (Federal Reserve notes) in U.S. and deposited into the Central Bank.
Due to the unrebutted Uniform Commercial Code filings (disproved/unrebutted as of the 1st of July, 2013) by Trustees of the One Peoples Public Trust in 2012, corporations were foreclosed including the Strawman and the assets returned to the One People
What does it mean to deposit value?
The whole idea of depositing value comes from the fact that the original/unrebutted filings of OPPT included returned value of 5 Billion for each human Being on EARTH, plus another 5 Billion units for damages incurred from the Debt Slavery controlling systems of the past (10 Billion total).
These units of representation are based on the TRUE gold and silver, our Soul/Body, and are the TRUE currencies inherent in our Being.
The system of debt/finance was divided from the Whole Value System and operated in a vacuum, so that it could harvest human energy, to fuel the corporate governments.
With ALL returned to PRIME, the “Whole Value System” is in place again, and operating as the IUV INchange”
How to deposit value
Under the IUV INchange whole value system, there is complete transparency and 100% liability and responsibility of all PLAYERS.
The new energetic tools will allow each human BEing to access their own value, which we have always had but which was hidden in the financial system from Us.
We will be able to play with other Beings in full transparency in absolute data under ‘agreement(contract)’ within the IUV INchange:
Operating under ‘agreement(contract)’ depends upon ‘trust’; how do you resonate energetically with other(s)? The old system was one of ‘non-trust’ and operated in ‘non-transparency’…
within the IUV INchange players will operate under 100% transparency, in absolute data with 100% liability and responsibility for their BEing and DOing.

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  1. Philipp-Emanuel says : Reply


    F U N !!! 😀

  2. Unelady says : Reply

    This IS freaking awesome! Thanks You Everyone!

  3. claudiordali says : Reply

    I love you all!

  4. Jane Arnot says : Reply

    Really well done! Thank you.

  5. Steve says : Reply

    Magnificent! I love the extra touch of the video being 11:11 minutes long!

  6. Yobear says : Reply

    Thank you soooo much, this will be very helpful to all i am sure.
    Love & Light

  7. Sylvia says : Reply

    Thank you very much Heather for this and all who co-created it. We look forward to actualising it in South Africa.

  8. Malissa Phillips says : Reply

    So well done! Thank You Kim.

  9. Don.Mack says : Reply

    very helpful thanks for taking the time to make this video!!

  10. Dear Hearts: I just watched the video and it answered so many questions….and the energy is beautiful, empowering…almost comforting.

    Thank you – all of you – who worked so hard to help all of us evolve, DO and BE…

    All Love,
    Padme A’Tea (Lyn Gilbert)

  11. Elizabeth van Dreunen says : Reply

    Thank you Kim and all who have made getting to this point possible. Thank you. Rock on everyone!

  12. Tiffany Conniff says : Reply

    This is beautiful. I love the 11:11 timing. Well done.

  13. SamNoelPearce says : Reply

    “There is nothing more powerful than an idea that has come to fruition where The One People of this ONE WORLD RE-COGNISE that the power that Truth ‘is’, is held in the quiet of our own ‘BE’-ing & ‘DO’-ing…
    That time is here&now, , ,
    ‘The time we hav all been waiting for’ is here&now. . .”
    SamNoelPearce 11th July 2013

    <3 We will have a ONE PEOPLES DAY to celebrate this fact soon enough. . . 🙂 <3

  14. Busefaliss says : Reply

    GREAT DOing Kim!! This is soooo much POSITIVE energy and information on how to use the tools for the greater good of ALL. <3 <3 <3 Thank you!

  15. Grant See says : Reply

    Awesome…how sweet it is…thank you Kim and Mike…its all good and good gets even better, xox Grant 🙂

  16. savinia says : Reply

    Who is the person reading in the video? And why does she change the word “agreement” to “contract?” Isn’t the word contract an old system “term”?

    • SamNoelPearce says : Reply

      Interesting hey. . . I wonder WHY????

    • BrotherJan says : Reply

      Yes noticed this as well..any specific reason why?

    • kim hagstrom says : Reply

      Hi Savinia, just wanted to let you know that I was the one reading in the video, and the data (words) used to create the video were taken from an interview pre-recorded by D from Removing the Shackles, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and Lisa M Harrison; there were several versions of the video made in the early stages, and with the edits going on, when the timing for the audio was added this is how it came out; you can refer back to the interview for more information at this link: and around the 15:05 mark you will hear conversation regarding contracts and agreements; thank you for watching the video and have a beautiful day

  17. SamNoelPearce says : Reply

    WHO does the ‘audit’. . . and where does that go to, and what is it for. . .EXACTLY!!! ???

    • kim hagstrom says : Reply

      hello Sam- this video is based on an interview that was pre-recorded, i took notes of what i thought was important and compiled it and simply made a video- its part of the BEing and DOing… from my understanding of listening to the radio show, the IRS is responsible for (supposedly) the audit- here is the link for the radio show, and i would encourage you to listen to find out exactly the information that you need…sometimes i listen to a show several times because there is always some information that i might not have heard the first time around. Here’s the link: and have a wonderful day!

      • SamNoelPearce says : Reply

        Thanks. . . I have heard it a few times. . .I hav the feeling that we are complying with the Trust owned by whoever, and the change is simply that we have been given access to the ‘beneficiary’ aspects of our Strawman, owned by the said Trust, . . . still wonder . . . So from my own thought I find that we are audited due to compliance with Trust Law as it stands. . .

        I would like more information on this from somewhere. . . and Im sure it will come. . .

        Thanks again. . . 🙂

  18. Sherayx says : Reply

    Know one on this Earth or in the Universe can ever thank u enough, all of u.
    You have given back so much to the world not just value in a materialistic way. The empowerment, the strength, the dying flicker is now a flame, a roaring flame that no one can put out. I know when all is said and done you guys are going to sleeeeeep. : )

  19. Sherayx says : Reply

    Sorry, IN-powerment : )

  20. D says : Reply

    When will Project XIII web site be up and running to start all of this?

    • BrotherJan says : Reply

      I have the same question..if I share this with all my friends, but then they cant get to step 1, which is creating an account on Project XIII, we risk losing interest..I hope the apps are up sooner than later…other than that: all kudos to the DOers!!

      • kim hagstrom says : Reply

        hello D and Brother Jan i will answer questions to the best of my abiltiy- I have no idea about when the Project 13 website will be up, all I know is that Caleb is working on it and I am sure that as soon as it is ready to go it will be released- BrotherJan, there is more than one way to access your value, and you can do that on Project 13 when it is released by Caleb, or you can gather the template (declaration documents) when they are released by Heather and go into a bank to access your value- so basically, we just DO our homework right now about learning the value of our own BEing, and when the tools for access become available we will be able to utilize those. Thank you both so much for watching, I am honored and send you love and peace, have a wonderful day!

  21. Charlotte Fromme says : Reply

    Fantastic and yes the11:11 is the icing on the cake !!!!!
    Thank you to all you wonderful beings who have done so so much to bring this to fruition.
    I know many of us will be co-creating together in the very near future and my heart is bursting with joy for all of us

  22. jeremy says : Reply

    am I dumb? because I just don’t get it. this is very hazy.
    am I to go into a bank with these documents (let’s say Citi) and say “i’m depositing $1million dollars worth of ‘my value'” and *poof* there it is for me to use?
    can I buy groceries and pay my mortgage with my “inherent value”?
    if anyone can answer my questions and explain how average, non-enlightened folks can do this, i’d greatly appreciate it.

    thank you!

    • kim hagstrom says : Reply

      hi Jeremey, hope your well; the best way i can help you out here is to send you this link and have to listen to it, Heather does a great job of explaining with D from Removing the Shackles and Lisa M Harrison all about Accessing your value, what it is, how it started,etc. this radio show is one of many, you can check out the archives at this link and see what resonates with you; be well Jeremy,

    • noel says : Reply

      Hi Jeremy, mate, your sorta on the right track, the banks have always securitised your signature and turned them into cash, called them loans and you are forced to work and pay back the loan plus interest, all the time they lent you nothing and they made money plus you pay the loan plus interest back, they make more money. HENCE the FRAUD, it was you that funded the loan with your signature. So when all the documents are released by Heather, they will be fully explained. The only difference will be the money will be put into your account you will probably get a debit card, it won’t be a loan, as it is your value, the bank will only be paid a small fee. That is how I see it. cheers.

  23. Attila says : Reply

    Who is this lady? Is this an ‘official’ (authentic) issue? Or an interpretation of some of us?
    By the way thank you for the effort and dedication.

    • kim hagstrom says : Reply

      Hi Attila, I am a lady who listened to a radio show in which Heather Tucci-Jarraf spoke about Accessing our Value, and i decided to make a video that took what I believe to BE important points and compiled them together and put it out there for people to see; as far as BEing “official” issue, it really is all about BEing and DOing, the energetics we draw behind our actions are the TRUE value of our BEing… I thank you for taking the time to watch the video, and send you love

  24. Neil says : Reply

    Woop whoop I’m feeling this , the most simple explanation yet 🙂
    Nuff love to you guys

  25. KC says : Reply

    i think this is interesting, but has anyone actually gone to the bank and try it?

    • kim hagstrom says : Reply

      Hi KC, when Heather finishes the documents (templates) for the Declarations ( only Heather knows when this will BE) then my understanding is that she will go and access her own value at a Bank of her choice- this is my take, i guess we will find out soon!! thank you and have a great day

  26. BrotherJan says : Reply

    Outstanding..have been waiting for the step-by-step guidelines and here it is..thanks a million Kim..keep on BEing and DOing. One question: when is Caleb planning on an app for tablets, such as iPad on his Project XIII webpage?

  27. John says : Reply

    The video is describing a process and documents they have never seen, because Heather is still working on them. How is this useful?

    • kim hagstrom says : Reply

      Hi John!
      this video was really about energetics, and understanding that we are the TRUE value- after listening to Heather in an interview ( I took it upon myself to create a simple video talking about points which i gleaned and believed to be important- I completely understand your thought process, i am coming from the point of view that many people have no idea at all that the Debt Slavery system existed, and if i could take a few words and shed a little light before the documents are released, then the transition might be a little easier. Energy changes from moment to moment, and as it does the Templates probably (my personal opinion here) make changes as well; in the NOW when i made the video, that was my DOing with love… I am sure it will resonate with some, and not so much with others… and you know what John, that IS a beautiful thing, or life would be very boring indeed! thank you for watching and connecting with me, I am grateful for your opinion!

  28. cindy adams goguen says : Reply

    Can we begin the process now? Is legal representation required? Do we need to take possession of our original birth certificates from the crown? After presenting our request to our chosen bank, and IF they accept it, what is the time duration before they hand over the money?

    • kim hagstrom says : Reply

      Hi Cindy-
      the best way i can answer your questions is to give you this link to Heathers recorded conversation, it is a wealth of information and you can hear much of the information first hand:
      The One Peoples Public Trust (reconciled now- Jan of 2013) filed paperwork under the Uniform Commercial Code on July 25, 2012 and foreclosed all the Corporate entities, including the Straw-man (birth certificate number) fictitious entity; I have no answers yet for you in regards to a time frame for accessing our value, the ways that I understand to access are with Project 13 and the Templates that are BEing created by Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, and we are awaiting a release of either one of these tools for access… if you follow the link provided, you will find many of your questions being answered. thank you so much for watching the video, be well and peace to you!

    • noel says : Reply

      A lot of you need to do a lot of reading to research the back ground to all this, look at all the filings, listen to the radio shows, read the blogs, read financial tyranny, like most of us have, we would have been happy just getting our freedom. But then again, most people I talk to would not have a clue that they have been deceived by fraud or enslaved and are not interested in knowing. But if you mention money WOW, their eyes light up, they are like greedy kids, ”where do I sign up, I want it now” Sometimes I wonder if this is a good thing.

  29. Max Taylor says : Reply

    Heather and the video are simply preparing us for something to come rather than springing it on us all at once. Getting us to think in different terms and conditions so that when the time comes we will at least have a basic understanding to start with. Watch the video several times and you will begin to grasp the concept. This is nothing that the banks haven’t been doing since day one. They just don’t know that we now know it too. As Heather said, for them to deny us this is to only to negate everything they have ever done, which they can not do. How do you beat a man at his own game? Know it as well as he does.

    This is a whole new paradigm that we are being introduced to and we won’t “get it” overnight. I am sure Heather understands that and will guide us in the ways we need to go when the proper time comes.

    Someone mentioned “attorneys”. They have also been foreclosed upon so we will not need them either. Besides, we already know more about what is happening then they probably do. Like Heather said in an interview when asked by her law professor what she wanted to do as an attorney she replied something to the effect of “I want to help make a world where we don’t need attorneys. This she has done.

    Thank you Heather.

    • Smith_comma_John says : Reply

      “Someone mentioned ‘attorneys’. They have also been foreclosed upon so we will not need them either.”

      but wait … the banks have been foreclosed upon, too, right? but we need them for this, right? but the lawyers have been foreclosed upon and so we do not need them … right?

      i’m so confused.

    • John says : Reply

      “As Heather said, for them to deny us this is to only to negate everything they have ever done, which they can not do.”

      Why not? Heather says the banks have been foreclosed and no longer exist since Dec., 2012, yet they continue to function as they always have. Why would their refusing to honor these promissory notes Heather is creating have any different result?

      • noel says : Reply

        As far as I can ascertain, if the banks don’t accept your value, then they have to rebut the filings that were made with Uniform Commercial Code, the UCC works on TRUTH if that truth ie; THE FRAUD & ENSLAVEMENT FILING is not REBUTTED. then that becomes UNIVERSAL LAW. They will not try to rebut the truth as they will have to prove they did not COMMIT BOTH CHARGES, or they would have done so by now. After all they have always done this with banking, we just didn’t know. I think I have that right from what I have read.

    • Kathelena says : Reply

      Exactly how I see it, well said Max Taylor!

      This has got to be the most significant DOing since the Constitution of the united states of America was penned. By about a factor of 5+5 billion. 🙂

  30. cris says : Reply

    I documenti non sono ancora pronti perché non sono semplici pezzi di carta con su scritto qualcosa, vanno letti , riletti e letti ancora prima di renderli pubblici, inoltre quando si vedono chiaramente il fluire degli eventi come fa Heather capisci che non è ancora il momento, quando sarà il momento giusto non ci saranno ritardi di alcun genere e tutto fluirà naturalmente, perché avrà raggiunto un livello energetico di chiarezza che metterà tutto in perfetta trasparenza per tutti, ricordiamoci che le parole dette o scritte hanno una energia intrinseca, perché quando scaturiscono e vengono lette/ascoltate producono delle conseguenze che a loro volta entrano nel flusso energetico degli eventi, è uno dei motori della forza d’attrazione e noi le usiamo troppo spesso senza rendercene conto …
    Perché un frutto sia dolce e succoso deve maturare , quindi come gli eventi ha bisogno del suo tempo naturale, che è connesso a tutti gli altri eventi in modo sincronico.
    Quando fate tardi al lavoro per un qualsiasi motivo, sedetevi un solo istante a pensare ,, questo ritardo deve avere un significato, serve a qualche cosa , e osservate cosa accadrà dopo o in tutta la giornata , se non fosse per quel ritardo sicuramente non avreste incontrato un vecchio amico che a sua volta innescherà un qualcosa nella linea temporale del vecchio amico incontrato non per “caso” , insomma prendetevi un po di tempo per essere “PRESENTI A VOI STESSI” NON RESTATE LI A SUBIRE GLI EVENTI MA SIATENE COSCIENTI E PARTECIPI .

  31. Stuart says : Reply

    A beautiful summary; simple, clear, concise and thorough. I am profoundly grateful for your DOing. Love to you <3

  32. Stuart says : Reply

    A beautiful summary; simple, clear, concise and thorough. I am profoundly grateful for your DOing. Love to you

  33. Simon says : Reply

    Wooohhhooooooooooooooooo!!!! 😀

  34. maryca says : Reply

    Kim and Mike, this was a wonderful piece of work! I hope you are up for more of the same DOing because we all need it! To all those having difficulty understanding the change in process… take heart! Each must come to their own understanding and this requires diligence. At this time in our lives when so many barely have time to take a powder, it is a challenge. But we are many, and there are those who DO understand and daily make that known to us. Much info. has been released and we have homework to do. This is the best place to spend your energy! I can tell you of a few personal things that tell me this change must take place; I cannot make a deposit at my bank without my ID….. I cannot receive a paycheck unless it is directly deposited to a bank… mortgage bank changed 4 times in 8 years….the flood insurance I must pay monthly did not cover the cost of repair when my home was flooded. So many wrongs. Without the PEOPLE to repair bridges, collect trash, set a broken arm in a cast, the reality we know comes to a screeching halt. It is the PEOPLE and their knowledge of what to do that makes the world go round. WE are the VALUE. Learn this and KNOW it first, then proceed to bank with YOUR terms and conditions. If you know the language of finance that has been in use and can translate to others,DO so, help the PEOPLE to speak for themselves. As Angel Lucci encourages, LET’S PULL TOGETHER!

  35. jn says : Reply

    “Refer to the UCC filings for the validity of personal underwriting”

    Where in the filings is the personal underwriting section?

    I’d find it myself but I still can’t find a searchable copy of the filings, and to go through all of the filings line by line, well I just do not have the time

  36. SamNoelPearce says : Reply

    ACCORDING TO HEATHER IN ANOTHER TALK: The Project X111 is not needed to ACCESS Value . . what is missing that precludes us from going into a bank and claiming units of Value. . . ??? I may be a luddite here. . . and like many am a sheepie as well. . . (ha!.. .one has to start somewhere. . . lol . . . 🙂 …)

  37. Refi says : Reply

    Hello wonderful people 🙂
    Did any of you ( and you Kim ) already tried out this way of accessing your value?
    I would love to hear success stories , because over this end of the globe ( The Netherlands ) the system’s are still running like nothing has changed.
    I installed the Project XIII program but so far i cant add friends , is it fully up and running? ( all messages i read here are from a year ago )
    Hopefully this page is still active ^_^

    All my love

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