Justin: What Did The OPPT Really Do for Humanity?

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Justin: What Did The OPPT Really Do for Humanity?

By Justin stillness in the storm, published on December 2, 2013



There is a LOT to learn from this post. Why has no one being able to get their value acknowledged by the banks? What is the purpose of the Bond Documents if the banks do not want to play? What the BIG picture of all this really is, for you, me and the whole planet.

When I was reading this, there was an aha moment when it came to the big picture, the holistic perspective. Many of us are frustrated that our lives have not improved by accessing our value with debt instruments; money.

Some Big questions about the former OPPT and its ultimate purpose:

  1. Why did OPPT secure our value and then not allow us a way to access it?
  2. Why did Heather talk about CVAC’s and DOV’s only to delay releasing the documents?
  3. If the OPPT was not about allowing people to access their value via debt instruments, what was the over all purpose of the OPPT?
  4. How did the OPPT TRULY help the freeing of humanity?
  5. What is the inner meaning of the OPPT for US (those who are reading these words, living in the slavery systems)?

The post answers all these, but in attempts to express them more directly, I will elaborate on each one with my personal perspective on the meaning of all these data points. Again theses are MY answers based on data I have reviewed, and distilled for myself. I did not talk directly to Heather, D, or anyone.

1. Why did the OPPT secure our value and then not allow us a way to access it? 
– The OPPT filings secured our value FROM THE BANKING SYSTEMS, not into our hands.
– The value we normally think of in our daily lives, is actually a symbol of value (money, gold, silver, goods and services etc). Value is actually an intangible relationship of a BEing with respect to their DOing. A fisherman value’s a fishing rod because they can use it to fish, this DOing is something the BEing value’s. But the fishing rod by itself, has no value, it requires a BEing to draw value from within themselves, that is then associatable as a symbol; the fish caught by the pole. With this in mind, the OPPT used a figure to lay claim against the former systems, using their own rules. This prevents them from further using OUR value (representations) to energize the slavery systems in this way.
– The value has always been, and always will be accessible by YOU. Your value is energetic, and the only limits which have been placed on it, are within your mind (more on this later).
– The BIG picture with this question is, we are enslaved by our own actions, via our beliefs and thought processes. The OPPT brought things back to PRIME.
– PRIME, in this case means the absolute value system: good will. Money is presently used, and accepted by the masses as MIND CONTROL. Bringing back to prime means acknowledging this within yourself, realizing the new system will involve NO MIND CONTROL.
– Finally, the slavery systems were 2 fold:

1. A deep level of self policing mind control, created within EACH INBODIMENT, seeing money as creative energy, and money REPLACING ALL other forms of creative energy within the mind of the enslaved person. (this is the largest and most dense part of the slavery system).

2. An external accounting system to manage the debt based fraud (the hidden books, strawman accounts, ucc chattel paper etc). The second was foreclosed late last year, the former is still alive and well in the vast majority of people on earth.

2. Why did Heather talk about CVAC’s and DOV’s only to delay releasing the documents?
– per the following post by D, the banking system was, and is DONE. The powers that be/were DO NOT want to revive it. They have been trying to push an RV and BASAL III. Even if you still think the Cabal has major power, by all evidence available in the media, they are not able to fund their own operations. In other words, the people who run the whole external slavery system, have decided NOT to reset it.
– Heather mentioned several times that things are happening within the system which caused the delay of the documents. Given the system was foreclosed on last year, and the system itself is not intending on reviving it, then DOV’s will not be accepted until the system has changed; I think.
– As mentioned above the slavery system is still alive and well. The meat and potatoes of it is the self policing Mind Control created by the beliefs of those still addicted to money and the things they ‘need’ which money can provide them. Until this has changed (by each INBODIMENT doing the Inner work, and healing their addictions) a sweeping change wont happen as the field is still sown with minds wanting to be enslaved.

3. If the OPPT was not about allowing people to access their value via debt instruments, what was the over all purpose of the OPPT?
– I answered this above, but I’ll restate it again here. The OPPT foreclosed on the accounting structure of the slavery system. The part that is still energized by INBODIMENTS, was also brought into focus for the world to see; we are still reconciling this within. As each INBODIMENT realizes they are the ones that actually energize the slavery system, via their beliefs and self policed limitations, we will begin to sow the seeds of TRUE FREEDOM in the consciousness of all.

4. How did the OPPT TRULY help the freeing of humanity?
– Again, humanity is enslaved by their CONSENT. We have all accepted the limiting beliefs and systems of thought within ourselves, until we un-consent, those systems will still have power over us. The former OPPT revealed the external symbol (the ucc slavery systems, Cestui Que trusts, Strawman accounts etc) of the External slavery system. Now that we have brought the full truth INTO FOCUS, we can being to heal ourselves of the INNER SLAVERY we unwittingly consented to.

5. What is the inner meaning of the OPPT is for US (those who are reading these words, living in the slavery systems, having to feed ourselves, pay bills, mortgage, etc)?
– The TRUE power of the former OPPT’s work is what it reveals about OURSELVES. We have all bought into: addictions, slavery systems, good and services – pushed by our would-be masters. Many feel like there is no choice, that they HAVE TO pay their mortgage (or fear loosing their home), HAVE TO pay their medical bills (to keep getting the toxic care from the death management system) HAVE TO buy food from the store (which is soft kill poison) because there isn’t anything else, HAVE TO have money for movies, video games, toys for the kids, school supplies etc (because my children shouldn’t have to suffer!)
– The hard truth, many of us do not want to acknowledge is we need none of these things. We are all addicted to the lifestyle we have been living for years, and one which invariably causes suffering to us and our loved ones. Why do we want a better world yet only see the old things as indications of our success?
– The inner work which the OPPT offered us is to reveal to us all the limitations we have been energizing, telling ourselves ‘we have no choice, we have to etc’ The truth is we DO NOT HAVE TO, we CHOSE TO, and although it can be unnerving to question your long held beliefs, they are the thing that is holding you, and the rest of humanity back.

I know it’s not easy to hear that all of the horrific things in your life, you have unwittingly consented to. But once you can accept this, you can being to change it.

Many of us are doing this work now. From my point of view, watching the past years work, I have made leaps and bounds in understanding just what part I played in enslaving my fellow man, and what part I can play by changing myself within. Thank about how much has changed within your understanding and awareness in a years time!

We each have a divine role to play in this, but are we TRULY acknowledging it? Your power is so amazing, so energetic, so all influencing that the choices you make in your mind, to still consent to the system, have GLOBAL and UNIVERSAL ramifications.

Go within and look to see how you have stopped doing the work, and how this is probably the thing that is holding you back, not only with respect to understanding the role the former OPPT has played, but also what your TRUE purpose is in bringing about the global shift and change for humanity.

Your choices impact us ALL.

– Justin

4 Responses to “Justin: What Did The OPPT Really Do for Humanity?”

  1. Well said! The work now: “Go within” and discover all the ways in which I still support the slavery system through my not quite conscious beliefs. thanks, Justin!

  2. ElveTwelve says : Reply

    Sorry Guys after this post i’m kind of DONE with OPPT. So now the fact that, our world has’t changed beyond recognition in three monthd; no free energy patents have been released; all didn’t launch in july; nobody has been able to acces their Value, no accounts in project XIII to acces and exchange your value work, have all been our own choosing. The documents with all the numbers and amounts of value had nothing to do with accessing infinite possibilities. No they were just to make you awar of it. The fact that 8000 years of power and energy harvesting of alien and astral origin have nothing to do with it. No this has all been your own choosing. Papal bull Una Sanctum,” lost at sea” with 7 years an confiscation of your strawman accounts, All of your own choosing The fact that your sold, brainwashed, mind-controlled, from day one on the planet under Black Law??? All of your own choosing.

    The fact that your grandparents couldnt’ read or write has nothing to do with the state of the planet this is of course all of your own choosing. Oh and the fact that your injected as an infant with neurotoxins as a child, all radiated by stealth weapon (WIFI) poisoned by fluoride and GMO, sprayed upon with nano particles??? All possible by the choices you made as a child. Shouldn’t have been this stupid. Though luck.

    This is exactly were the PTW find their divine right to Rule as they of course aren’t as Stupid as We, the people. We the people shouldn’t have been this uninformed. Luckily this can all be solved by stop paying your Bills to a bunch of psychopathic murderers with their followers who’ve been running havoc and plundering and murdering the people of the planet for hundreds of years. So stop paying your morgage and utility and start wandering the planet homeless with your children. Just Beíng and Doíng prime Creator?????

    I ÁM probably to simple for all this spiritual being and doing. Just invested al year of my life and energy in it. Hows’that for manipulation and energy harvesting now to find out that it wasn’t about what I though it was; being an honest redistribution of all the resources and wealth for all to have an equal share. Ney it was for an hidden agenda just to make us al aware of our value. Thank you. And if you aren’t able to convert this awareness Value in real added value to your life or better acces to possibilities this is of course your own chosing.

    Prime creator and I have to have a serious conversation about 3 D reality.

  3. tomastrawmannaught says : Reply

    Justin has done an excellent job of summing it up. Look at the slave money system as a giant spinning fly wheel. The OPPT has effectively sawed off the drive shaft of that fly wheel so that power is no longer being delivered to it, but the inertia in it has kept it spinning. If everyone would have just been “given” millions of dollars without having done the internal spiritual work, it would have been like trying to use a pawl instead of a brake pad to stop that flywheel and the thing would have shattered into a million pieces. If we tried to use the CVACs with each person having to have “awakened” at least enough so that they had to apply their own paperwork to the bank, that would have at least been akin to using a brake pad to stop that flywheel. But being only one brake pad on the wheel, and given the massive inertia of the system, there would have been so much friction/heat generated at one point it would have been bound to fail.

    The solution is for millions of little brake pads to be applied to that flywheel in millions of places around the globe/periphery without so much pressure that they self destruct from overheating. “How is that done?” you ask.

    I believe that local currencies need to be created all over the place, issued by the local people as they “awaken” to the scam slavery system money that has been foisted on them. Similar to Ithaca Hours it is based on an hours worth of labor of an individual which we all know is where true value comes from. Being that an hour of time is the same around the globe, it provides a universal unit of measure that is independent of the “country” that the laborer lives in. Think how much more just that will be to all the peoples of the world as a unit of currency compared to the old systems’ unit of a “dollar” or “an ounce”.

    Part of the problem with the OPPT solution was not coming completely out of the old paradigm. That was evidenced by the effort to “redistribute” all the worlds gold to obtain a new equity. That continued the thinking that the gold was what still had the value or could at least continue to represent the value. When local currencies based on hours is issued by the people themselves, it circumvents the problems associated with gold and with who has it and who doesn’t.

    If you look at history and the wars fought over gold, what do you think will happen when the currencies all over the world collapse at the same time. For some reason many countries store their gold in other countries. What kind of a setup is that? Germany wants her gold back and the Fed tells her “Sure, you’ll just have to wait seven years for it”. Sounds to me like the monopoly money bankers have printed a new “Get out of jail free card” for themselves for when the SHTF. It has been disguised as “Distract them with war because THEY (the country supposedly storing your gold) actually STOLE your gold.” It wasn’t we the bankers who secretly store/hoard the gold. It wasn’t we the bankers who leased it out, never to return again, who have sold it to China for our own reasons. It wasn’t we the bankers who stole the value of your labor through the practice of USURY.

    When local currencies are used, there is no more central controlling/issuing authority which creates debt money out of your signature (mortgage, credit card use) or someone who re’presents’ your signature (gov’t created debt you are on the hook for) with the added usury attached (which is where the enslavement is created).

    All of the ability of the bankers to enslave us is based on their issuing the currency and charging interest on it. All of that ability is taken away from them when people issue their own currency locally and charge no usury. The added advantage is that a local currency starts out as a supplement to the national currency or reserve note and gradually increases alongside the existing currency. As more people realize its advantages, its usage increases and the existing currency becomes less and less relevant and will atrophy over time. This is the equivalent of a million little brake pads being gently applied to the system so it is transitioned more slowly. A more organic process, if you will, that allows people to awaken to their true spiritual nature and reclaim and re-establish their own sovereignty.

    Please don’t misunderstand me. The seeding of this idea/practice needs to be quickly implemented in a widespread manner. People need to understand both the spiritual and practical nature of local currencies before the impending dollar collapse. The catastrophic effects of that event will be mitigated to the same degree that local currencies are already widely established. For me, it is the answer to why did the OPPT secure our value and then not allow us to access it. We are allowed to access it. Promoting and establishing usury free local currencies is how we do that.

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