Julien Wells:Oneness Space session 7.18.13

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friends in high places

Julien Wells – Oneness Space session 7.18.13





This is the recording of the Oneness Space session from 18 July. About 8 Cosmic Room participants spent around two hours talking to a group of 13 Pleadians on many topics. A good time had by All… .


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  1. jenn says : Reply

    hi julian. id like to hear more about the idea of clothing to promote root essence instead of hiding or subverting. My experience is that I feel differently every day and enjoy creating the expression outwardly in my clothing choices. I can’t imagine expressing my root essence since I don’t image my root essence to have a body or a gender. never the less on on some level choosing clothing always feels like a costume/mask or a persona. So, hmmmm, how does one think about this?

  2. kona says : Reply

    Greetings & gratitudes, Julien & crew, It is gloriousness, we are singing & dancing in our Hearts & energetically. A great success & addition to our gambit of opportunities, Bless you all.

  3. Sabrina Simon says : Reply

    I felt the so much love through this interview, my hair stood straight up and I got shivers down my spine and a warmness in my heart. But I do have some questions. How were you able to have contact with the Pleadians? And can anybody have contact with them? If so, how?

  4. valarie says : Reply

    Hi julian how can i get on one of these Skype calls, and ask some questions, and get myself organised to receive info and talk with Pleadians. and become friends.

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