Julien Wells Update: Psychic Defense

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Julien Wells Update: Psychic Defense




In this update Julian and I are joined by Andrew Bartzis to discuss a topic mentioned in his recent interviews on the Walking in Energy and The Transitioning shows, that the PTW are aggressively using telepaths operating as remote observers and influencers to reinforce the disruption and disinformation campaigns they are running and are also using entities called etheric fleas and etheric parasites to negatively effect and control individuals in conjunction with the “troll” program.

Andrew states that a plan exists to flood the Internet with these technologies on June 21st 2013. Forums and Skype rooms could be badly affected and disrupted. Defending yourself against these attacks is relatively straight forward and is explained in detail by Andrew.

Please pass this link on to anyone who will resonate. These psychic technologies and programs are truly disgusting and have been used against us for decades. The more people who have this information and act on it, the less effect these disgusting programs will have on The One People from this point forward.



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  1. Dear Hearts: this update is confirming many things that I had discerned on my own. Part of me is horrified at the depth of the attacks we have had to endure and part of me is so thank-full that there are concrete ways to deal with this.

    I wanted to ask if anybody has ever seen faces in their computer/laptop screens. Twice, I have seen an Oriental woman in a white lab coat and she wears glasses. She and I now have unfinished business in her healing journey (for I refuse to send her anything except love and healing – no matter what she has done to me – but I will say some days are easier than others to accomplish this…). The name that came to me was Chun Kao Tsing and that is what I call her. I don’t know who she works for and its not important to me anymore….now what IS important to me is my own healing from the vicious attacks I – and all of us – have endured.

    Thank you for sharing this – the world needs it. Truly these programs are horrible and people need to be aware that they CAN protect themselves.

    All Love,
    Padme A’Tea

    • kevin says : Reply

      Greetings Padme A’Tea Though its been several months since you posted your comment i can answer your question about seeing faces. I see them most everywhere but they seem to vary from place to place. I believe that has something to do with the LAN or the local masonic network. Interesting though about the faces or entities that you saw and how they were wearing lab coats..When they first began with the full on 24/7 telepathic psychic attacks i was temporarily relocated to a small mining town in arizona where the catholic church runs a huge observatory called Mt Graham where they use a special telescope called LUCIFER. When i would close my eyes and sit quietly in a dark room i would see different things. One thing that stood out was the telepathic voice that would sometimes have a clear image in my mind of a man named LEE wearing a lab coat and before i even knew about the observatory i could tell by the surroundings this person was in an observatory..The entire town was only a few 1000 people but there were 4 pages of LDS church stakes and wards and the people there were like stepford wives in that i have never seen a coven but thats what came to mind. I would also close my eyes and it was almost as if i were able to reverse back to whoever was viewing me and i could see them through thier webcams and not distinguish facial features but definate outlines of men or women and i could feel them become very nervous. But now 9 years later i can say that the majority of my perps/stalkers seemed to be religious and Govt. oriented. They even placed websites on my laptop which admitted they were LDS and DEA and DARPA. They were using cellphones to decieve people into believing they were friend or relative and voice morphing technology with hypnosis and they scammed people for long periods of time into sending 1000s of dollars western union. I read about the same scams in the local police blotter often. They also used scientologys auditing to do what i have read about which is like christ/antichrist only clearing engrams with dyanetics and the reverse which they call Black dianetics which is to bind thetans or unclean spiirits or dybukks which i think catholic church shadow exorcists can do reverse of exorcism which is to maybe use keys of soloman (goetia) scrying and or demon or spirit binding. Actually i believe the christian bible and its prayers are the reverse of what we have been led to believe. I would almost say for certain thats the case.

  2. Shaka says : Reply

    Very glad that this is being addressed. Have understood this for many years and have used different techniques. Also have a closed area at the end of my spine …. the Qlipoth prevents the negative energy from entering the lower spine. In the recent years have had wonderful crystals to work as a protective shield. Black tourmaline, pyrite, nuummite and obsidian as well as selinite as protection for electromagnetic and geomagnetic smog….around the computer and router. Also have some orgone that is used around the emitting devices.
    Releasing the contracts is beautiful…will do.
    Thank you so much for your time and effort.

  3. Bosse says : Reply

    I don’t really see why June 21 is the crucial date. If this is already public knowledge I would just change date … if I was a member of the Dark crowd. ….

    • Blacko says : Reply

      Study more. There are many aspects to the nature of the forces that have been unleashed against us. Nam Myoho Renge Kyou!!

    • GGK says : Reply

      it is a key satanic holiday everything they do coincides with the full moons….

      • Son says : Reply

        heh, not a satanist, but it’s weird during a full moon I mentally sharp, physically stronger, my mind feel really clear too. Anyway, great interview! I think I was/am a victim of etheric parasites. Got some orgone it seems to be working nicely to change the energy near my wifi router and smartmeter.

  4. c says : Reply

    I was thinking the same thing. The 21st has some special significance, though, so perhaps it’s being done on that date for maximum effectiveness. In addition to being the summer solstice, it’s the end date of the prime creator mandated “time out” for all high energy light/dark power players that Andrew Bartzis has mentioned in his interviews. Perhaps they could put their plans off, but it would make their effort far less energetically effective. And looking at the big picture, only an extremely small percentage of the world population will ever read this notice, listen to this interview or seriously take heed of this warning if they hear about it. Many, many millions will be on the internet and phones just like any other day, unprotected, and it’s those people for whom the programming is intended.

    • Bosse says : Reply

      Yes, you are probably right on that. We won’t be that many to be aware …. so much for public he he
      I’m thankful for the information and pretty shaken too. This is new to me.

      • Terri of Christos says : Reply

        NO FEAR is absolute key here. Awareness is your first line of defense and “they” are aware of the celestial power of the time period between solstice and the full supermoon. You noW have some tools so there is no need to fear these things. It will be going on for some time yet as their power centre collapses over the summer.. Although the contrasting energy is lashing out at its peak now, it’s also losing connection with every one who knows what is happening, like you. The fear energy is their lifeline and once you cut that off, they cannot sustain. I’ve been dealing in awareness with these contrasting energies in some disgusting manifestations since 1999 and I’ve never been more confident they are on the way out. 🙂

        • Bronny NZ says : Reply

          Hi Terri,
          Thank you for speaking some peace and sense into this matter. THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR. This is yet another “construct” within Manifest Reality for the Ego to have “fun” with. WE don’t even vibrate at this level of attack… So I don’t know what the furore is about :-/ To be honest, I am mystified why people are ‘buying’ into this low Energy story *shrugs* Oh well ~ People play with want they want to, I guess :-/

  5. vanessa says : Reply

    Of course that date means something. They have used planetary positions and numerology etc since always. There is always reasons they do things when they do them. They wait until..unless they are backed in a corner. I suggested on another site that we stay in nature and DOing our own work from the 21st till the supermoon passes. We make the much talked about 3 days of darkness turn to them. Keep their many many many hours of hard work trying to decieve us stay in the darkness where it belongs. We just don’t tune in to the net for those 3 days. They will be pissed off and weakened and careless. Its our move on the chessboard

    • Viki says : Reply

      Yep. That’s a really good plan. I thought of not tuning in and turning off my mobile(s) as well. It’s the 3 days leading up to the 21st as well, yeah? Remember last year when they did that internet check, we turned off all our electronic devices that day as well. The use of salt and crystals is very important too. I might have to put my son and his computer on a giant pile of salt and dangle crystals all around them with intentions of the revocation of the etheric entities of psychic mischief. The mental environment is where the PTW demonstrate their finest skills of manipulation and control. Interestingly, these fine skills need to be covert because once disclosed their enforcement becomes a matter of choice by the individual. Free Will. Ah, a level playing field….let the games begin!

    • Terri of Christos says : Reply

      yup, and as always, where you focus your energy is where it will manifest. that’s the biggest clue as to what to do/think about all this,

  6. stephen malczewski says : Reply

    Is there a way of reflecting or deflecting these etheric fleas or parasites back to their source.

    • Sharon says : Reply

      Yes, tourmaline with mica in it. Also (and this is huge) not responding with any negative thoughts. Let go of your hostility and give your trust to God or the universe to deliver whatever major karmic lesson is coming to them so they are able to learn from their mistakes.

    • D says : Reply

      Did you listen to the whole thing? Listen again not surfing at the same time. Imagine and manifest a mirror around your aura. There is more to it than that but I suggest you hear it again from the expert. Also you need to break your contracts.

  7. June 21st is the Solstice – June 23 is the full moon – and many are calling this a ‘Super Moon’. There will be plenty of other ‘distruptive’ lunar energies so that these types of attacks may go unnoticed – or will be associated with the moon.

  8. Bosse says : Reply

    What about radio transmissions. Are they also polluted ? Should I turn radio off June 21 ?

  9. Bosse says : Reply

    What is the range for these etheric fleas or parasites in connection to my mobile phone.
    Would it help to place my phone some meters away from my bed or in another room ?
    The scenario of this affecting my dreams is very upsetting.

  10. Shakti says : Reply

    There is no evidence for any activity except that from the brains of humans. Everything that we experience is simply that. I can safely offer a challenge for anyone to prove these claims. When someone is claiming that this activity is coming from somewhere other that the brain activity of a human they are trying to over-complicate something that we really need to address in some form of rational action. Is it not important to address the issues we really face that affect our lives, rather than invent things that cannot be substantiated? Lets deal with the things that we can instead of applying fantasy to reality. We need to discuss what it means to be sane.

    • Bronny NZ says : Reply

      Thank you Shakti ~ The voice of reason. Completely my sentiments also… Here some Comments from the Aotearoa-NZ Facebook Group in response to the first half of this radio interview about “etheric parasites”

      “I think (very unfortunately) that Andrew & Chris are giving FAR TOO MUCH kudos to “the powers that were”. Tptw are seriously not THAT clever (maybe the high priest) **. The rest of these clowns are idiots, eg: George Bush Jnr., Charles & Camilla, Evelyn Rothschild… These guys (and anyone else we can SEE) is just being used by the high priest ** (an eternal being, hidden) to carry out his agenda. Think of Gollum (LOTR) who has simply become addicted to the ‘power’.

      “btw. The high priest ** uses ‘imagery’, mental pictures ~ which is the highest form of co-creativity. It’s a game. That’s why i’m always harping on about creating ‘bright thoughts’ and putting out ‘positive imagery’ here on this Group. I undoubtedly use different words than those above, such as “How can OPPT be applied to this?” … which has the same effect/ outcome of elevating our thought-processes to a vehicle of VERY HIGH vibration, the OPPT vehicle.

      “Most of what tptw do (on an energetic level) is nothing more than fumbling over themselves and taking “credit” for what the New Agers attribute to them. Most of us, with even a limited knowledge of spiritual energetics, could blow those puppets out with just one glance. Why glorify the ‘so-called’ power of tptw ?? It’s NOT this… (referring to the first 1/2 of the video). Yes…. “Stuff” IS out there… but a lot of what’s being discussed here is a total side-track !! btw. I sure don’t know it all… but I sure KNOW what’s NOT. Humans are not THIS in relation to tptw. WE are MUCH MORE powerful than this !! ”

      http://co-creatingournewearth.blogspot.co.nz/2012/05/history-of-priesthood-in-books.html ** info for high priest here


    • Carol Mickelsen says : Reply

      What makes us insane? Do we trust ONLY our five physical senses? This is making complete sense to me and I have sensed this stuff for years. This is just confirming it to me. I used to think I was crazy. Now I know I am saner than most. These parasites ARE what makes us insane. 😀

  11. Philipp-Emanuel says : Reply

    We are all creating our own experiences by ourselves. So why should I deal with those things when I want to experience freedom. By feeling a need of protection I give space for the things I want myself protected from. So I give them a chance to appear in my experience. I do not want to play this game anymore. I prefer focussing on an experience as eternal essence in service to the highest good of all there is.
    I do not mean that we should stop talking about those topics in general, but spreading so much details in public radio shows is also a strong manifestation. That’s why I love to listen to the One People & The Collective Imagination Show: It is a collective way of manifesting (manyfesting 😀 ) all the good things 🙂

    What you focus on expands!



  12. Diana / Germany says : Reply

    In my view it is not constructive to focus on these issues in such an extent. We are all able to feel low vibrations. We don’t need to explore the dynamics of ‘negativity being spread’ and analyse it over more than one hour in details and details and details. Especially not in a radio show, surfing on the vibrant TOP – wave, which is ALWAYS collective imagination IN ACTION. Far too much energy flows into this crap by our attention. We have already ‘times’ of instant manifestation and the more of the One People drink a one hour tea contemplation of ‘parasites and how they are spread’, the more powerful the manifestation is.

    I agree on what this guy (sorry, forgot his name) said in his letter to Julien, though I do not see a conscious bad intention of Andrew. But after I saw what was empowered by the extent of this show, I decided to not join his words anymore. What has been transmitted was, excuse me, a pile of ‘shit into the mind’.

    Nevertheless I agree with Julien, that it is up to us what we listen to or ‘take in’. It is a matter of resonance, and when I look back into the minutes before I started listening, I see clearly that there wasn’t a strong impulse to ‘check in’. I just trusted what might come in (- to my ears) can only be constructively informative because it is on THIS webpage HERE. Oops! Haha.

    This show inspires me to make another point here: I see people getting impressed by the intelligence and certain abilities of others/beings/ET’s who are technically advanced and/or full of ‘fascinating knowledge’. It is good to LOOK THROUGH even THAT with our HEART. Only the heart, which can not be im – pressed by anything, can see CLEARLY.

    Looking forward to enjoy THE ONE PEOPLE Show 🙂

    • Bronny NZ says : Reply

      Hello Dianna, The first half of your letter expresses my thoughts perfectly !! Thank you for stating this so eloquently here : ) Here some Comments from the Aotearoa-NZ Facebook Group in response to the first half of this radio interview about “etheric parasites”. The comment is in reply to ‘Michelle’ on the Group saying that there is nothing to “fear”.

      Bronny NZ: I never said I ‘feared’ it. What I was saying was,”This first 1/2 of Andrew’s video is BS !!” There is NO SUCH THING as ‘manufactured’ etheric parasites. How can there be ?? Uh?? “Material Form made into Ethic Form” and manufactured and distributed by people engaging in the Porn Industry ??? Come on… That’s just pushing the SciFi envelope right off the edge of the table. Therefore, Andrew is ‘programming’ US to be afraid of OUR OWN THOUGHTS that WE manufacture as we listen to this, by giving credence to his drivel. This is what I am really strongly objecting to. Sorry… I can make it no clearer than that.


      • mark says : Reply

        “There is NO SUCH THING as ‘manufactured’ etheric parasites. How can there be ??”

        of course there are – its called evocation magic – evoke an astral being – order and command it to send an army of its lower level crud to do as you command. electricity and the net are pefect channels for these things to move around.


  13. Gloria says : Reply

    HI everyone,
    I have listened with interest to the shows with Andrew. I’ll admit that Andrew’s info is presented in a very “mental” format, and I find myself “zoning out” during some of his presentation. 🙂
    I have released attachment to much of “what was” in order to make room for something new, but don’t mind listening as part of Absolute Data. I would also encourage anyone who missed Julien and Bob’s show, the Transitioning on Saturday June 16 to take a listen. Julien specifically addresses the concerns expressed by some who feel that focus on negative invites more of the same. It was a great and informative with a lot of focus on IMpowerment and much sharing from Bob.

    For those who have not consciously experienced a psychic energy attack, be glad of that, for they can indeed be nasty and unsettling. However, after my last one, I began to feel more like a super hero. With love and gratitude for my experiences, I would like to offer my own perspective on this subject.

    When Julien speaks of being neutral, some may not understand what that means. It is to observe whatever happens from a neutral perspective. The recognition that everything is a part of self, even the yucky, dark stuff, is the place one must get to in order to be a neutral observer. Not easy, but it is the work of the energy master, and we are all energy masters on different places on the path of remembrance. No matter where we are on the path, we all end up in the same place. We simply take different “routes” to get there.

    It is paradoxical, but to resist any experience, creates more of it. I have certainly re-created many undesirable experiences for myself. Along the way, I am remembering/learning that to deny or resist any situation that plays out or swings into focus, is to deny part of self. To accept the negative/unwanted does not mean you like it, want more of it, or will act on it in any way. It is simply to accept that which is.

    If one chooses to employ the techniques that Andrew speaks of to “fend off” psychic energy attacks, such as salt, crystals, etc. remember where the power or energy comes from. It comes from You/Us. Andrew acknowledges that YOU place YOUR intent into the salt/crystals. If one becomes IMpowered by choosing to utilize these tools then these tools are just that….tools, and can be helpful. The catch is to not believe/accept that the power/energy is in the tool.

    On the path to remembering IMpowerment we ultimately take all of our power/energy back, one bit/byte at a time. Ultimately, one does not give power/energy away to situations, “things” or “other people”. It is easy to accept/embrace the “positive”. Who doesn’t love rainbows and lollipops? Everyone can do that, and that requires no mastery To accept the good, the bad and the ugly is the work of the energy master.

    One ultimately comes to the place of fearless acceptance of ALL THAT IS.
    Can we recognize these parasites, spooks, and muckity-mucks as part of self? Can we see them as part of our old stuff, no longer relevant, and pack them into boxes in the basement, along with the rest of our crap?

    Thanks for allowing my to have this very public chat with myself. IAM personally pouring my energy and focus into Project xiii and the UV exchange, MY VALUE, and all the new creations to come. However, when the old system crumbles, I will make popcorn and watch! I love a good finale and this one promises to be a great one!

    In deep love and gratitude for very bit/byte of us,

  14. Bosse says : Reply

    Well spoken all of you just before this. I totally get it. 🙂
    Thank you so much

  15. Kai says : Reply

    Where are the documents Julian is reading from located? I do not remember seeing this posted in relation to OPPT or I-UV and cannot find them on the sites. I would like to print them so I can read them myself out loud.

  16. Kai says : Reply

    As Andrew was talking about the etheric fleas and parasites, the first thing that came to mind were some of the strange flying creatures that many people have photographed over the years.

  17. Kate says : Reply

    TY…just what I needed at just the “right” time…really appreciate it…

  18. Gloria says : Reply

    Dearest, beautiful ONES,

    The way I see it, here is where we are.

    We can look back at our past experiences and see many things that we created when we were “unconscious” of ourselves as co-creators. Some of it is really messy. The question before us, now that we are waking/conscious, is “What do we/I choose to create NOW?”

    We can focus on and battle things outside of ourselves, or we can focus on our own inherent “technology” to discover and create something new and wonderful.

    For anyone who hasn’t read it, you may want to spend some time with “DNA and the Dance of Darkness and Light” Human Omnipotence in Harmony, from G.W. Hardin. It is available at

    So beautifully written and succinct, it feels like the “Cliff Notes” for the last 25 (million?) years of my experience. If one is “on the fence” about where to put one’s focus, this should clear it all up.

    I offer this suggestion in absolute love and gratitude for each and every ONE,


    • Bronny NZ says : Reply

      Hi Gloria, Thank you for pointing us in the right direction. D’s GW Hardin article here, originally posted on American Kabuki: http://removingtheshackles.blogspot.co.nz/2013/06/dna-dance-of-darkness-light-gw-hardin.html

      I’m interested to see that what is being discovered at the quantum level corroborates the “mystic intelligence” of Siberian recluse “Anastasia” of “The Ringing Cedars of Russia” series (9 books). At a fine cellular level, we are also ‘crystaline’ which is why the human body becomes reattuned and realigned and well when crystals are placed on the body for healing purposes. This is also the very reason why humanity MUST leave the precious metals, soil, rock, crystals in the ground unharvested, unmined, because the human body is attuned to the GROUND it stands on. We are all resonators, in vibration with the planetary and star bodies as well as the Earth, our “MOTHER” Earth on whom we have ‘suck’ and very literally, draw our daily strength and sustenance from, out of these rocks. Greg Braden is another great exponent to check out on these matters: Heart Math, quantum field stuff, “What the Bleep Do We Know” video, “Anastasia” of The Ringing Cedars for starters : ) Greg Braden videos:


      • Bosse says : Reply

        I love Anastasia books Bronny. The whole serie has such positive influence when you read it. Got me promted to go buy a little cottage in an Eco village. I just felt … “GOT TO GET BACK TO NATURE”
        I strongly recommend these books. Cheap to buy, easy to read and so much positive energy from it.

  19. Blacko says : Reply

    Chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo give thanks and ask for the Buddha’s protection, this was given to us as the correct teaching for the health of the land in the latter day of the law!!

  20. Wanda says : Reply

    It works.

  21. John says : Reply

    Awareness could be used for all dark side power. And reject it out by divine protection. This news led me remember once in my daddy’s time, a radio station open a type of music (I can’t remember the name of that type of music)… And it provoked the dark and sad side in the life of all audiences, and followed with their mass’s suicide. Such a shock news for everyone at that moment. (My dad told me about it)…

  22. Terri of Christos says : Reply

    While it’s not my business or interest to yak off unless provoked lol, I will say something that I would be glad to have heard from somebody who knew, should I find my self dealing with the ruthlessly unpleasant upfront and personal. I agree that it does no good to feed energy to the ideas and concepts and rampant fear-mongering, there is one element to dealing with consciously contrasting energies that one is wise to respect, and that is precisely it. Respect it, or don’t, at your peril.

    The overall soul lessons going on here on this planet are being played out in a sacred polarity integration game ~ a play of sorts and the curtain is about to rise on the “final act”, so to speak, where the Light wins the game and welcomes the Dark back home. The contrasting energy is serving a purpose or how would we recognize the other: It is equally valued at higher levels of our evolution. So while it is not a good idea to feed into it, it is equally unwise to underestimate its power to take advantage of our flippant arrogance and manipulate our collective vulnerability or we wouldn’t be in the collective mess we now find ourselves. Just sayin’,

    • Terri of Christos says : Reply

      “…the Light wins the game and welcomes the Dark back home.”

      by pulling off it’s blindfold and gettin’ the party started, with Gratitude, that is.

      Party time, coming right up. 😉

  23. Smith_comma_John says : Reply

    omg thank you for this you are a true humanitarian

  24. call-me-al says : Reply

    i wanted to write a book about this subject. i have many articles about it. at best, psychic defense is not necesary. that is what gives us power in the long run, attacks, even black magical ones, build our own inner strength in the long run. perhaps nothing else builds our inner strength except experience on energy field of existence

  25. Bronny NZ says : Reply

    Go to 41:00 on this Collective Imagination radio show to find out how the ‘etheric parasite’ problem got attended to already on around 20 June 2013. It was really easy… Of course !! : )



  26. c says : Reply

    Wanna hear something weird? On the 21st through the 23rd, I was literally attacked by parasites. Chiggers, to be exact. Never had them before in my life until these past several days. I have a couple of different patches of bites along my ribs and they hurt like hell! I think they might be infected but my immune system seems to be fighting it off. Hopefully, I’ll be back to normal by the end of the week. It’s just strange how this physically manifested during the exact time of this warning. I hope I can manifest something positive next!

    • Philipp-Emanuel says : Reply

      It would be interesting to know if you prepared yourself for this experience by listening to the ‘Psychic Defense’ Show.
      Then it could be a great lesson in manifestation!

      Hope you are Okay now! I recommend MMS by Jim Humble if there is any kind of infection or other stuff that does not belong into our body. (more Information here: http://jimhumble.org)

      Love & Light from Germany

      • c says : Reply

        Thanks for the link, Phil. Yes, a lesson in unconscious negative manifestation is exactly how I’m taking this. I wonder why this seems to be the only way I can manifest because this sort of thing seems to happen to me all the time. I try to maintain positivity, but I guess unconsciously I’m still quite negative and it comes out in this way.

        P.S. Can anyone tell me how to join the Cosmic Family/Cosmic Room on Skype?

  27. Dimitriy says : Reply

    thanks for great information on psychic defense, I also wanted to share an interesting set of psychic defense techniques and with a very simple explanation on how they work:

  28. Anastasia Wells says : Reply

    Spoke to a young man in Orlando today about his future Julien. We found him.

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