Julien Wells update 2 May 2013

by / Thursday, 02 May 2013 / Published in Friends in 'High' Places

Here we accept the invitation of our steadfast and sincere Galactic friends who have been ‘waiting in the wings’ for millennia, to reveal themselves to us and gently guide us through the next phase of our evolution as human BE’ings.
Come visit the Friends in ‘High’ Places section of the site to play and join in the conversation.

Julien Wells update 2 May 2013

This update has some great information about our friends in ‘High’ places. They have worked out an overall strategy and are about to ramp up sightings of craft progressively over the next 4-6 weeks to the point where no-one is in doubt that someone is trying to attract our attention!


Click the player button to listen to the conversation that also discusses geopolitical probabilities including Swissindo over the same time period.


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