Julien Wells update: 06 May 2013

by / Tuesday, 07 May 2013 / Published in Friends in 'High' Places

Here we accept the invitation of our steadfast and sincere Galactic friends who have been ‘waiting in the wings’ for millennia, to reveal themselves to us and gently guide us through the next phase of our evolution as human BE’ings.
Come visit the Friends in ‘High’ Places section of the site to play and join in the conversation.

Julien Wells update:  06 May 2013

This update covers a wide range of topics as usual and ends with a discussion on the difficulty of changing the perspective of 7 billion people in a short period of time…it starts with an announcement of Julien’s upcoming radio show.



5 Responses to “Julien Wells update: 06 May 2013”

  1. Alexander R. :Dickson says : Reply

    is there another way of comunicating these ideas other than facebook. I do not believe it to be a true people run social networking site. From what info I have come acrosst it is a NSA intel site.

  2. Kami says : Reply

    I used to b able to play these on iphone when it was the oppt-in site but now the link doesnt connect to quicktime player or do anything but light up wen I press play???

  3. Jean says : Reply

    I love it. And I finally got the way to download it. Was so easy I didnt see it at first 🙂
    Thanks to both of you.

  4. Scot says : Reply

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